Edmonds Ferguson leads

Well, I’m guessing some people are awfully disappointed by the latest round of numbers just released by King County Records & Elections in the District 1 Council race: Bob Ferguson now leads Carolyn Edmonds by 1070 votes, 13212 to 12142.

Of course, Edmonds and her supporters are disappointed. But even more disappointed are some righty provocateurs who had hoped beyond hope that this race might fall within the .5% margin that triggers an automatic recount… throwing a monkey wrench into KCRE’s operations, and creating fertile ground for rehashing old news about old elections.

Oh well. I guess we’ll all just have to settle for talking about the issues.


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    NoWonder spews:

    In order for this race to be close enough to test KCE’s bank-level accuracy, the margin would have to shrink to 0.33 votes. With a margin up around 1000 votes out of 13000 I am sure that even the dems will be satisfied that the winner exceeded the election error and that the winner actually got the most votes.


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    Richard Pope spews:

    It is about time the vote counts were consistent for two counts in a row. Every other count, the lead among votes counted has been flipping significantly between Edmonds and Ferguson. But Ferguson had a healthy margin in the votes counted Saturday, and a healthy margin in the votes counted today.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Let me remind everyone that Goldy predicted an Edmonds victory.
    Goldy is such a wonderful data analyst!
    Goldy is also an engineer after studying the WSDOT AWV reports.
    Is there any limit to what Goldy can do???

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    Richard Pope spews:

    Josef @ 4

    You may be right. It seems that the vast majority of recently received absentee ballots are coming from King County Council District One:


    They allegedly received 318 absentee ballots in the mail on Fri 09/23/2005 and all 318 were from the City of Seattle! Moreover, none of them came from the District 8 portion of Seattle. And most interestingly, 203 of them came from District 1.

    The statistical odds of this result are truly negligible. Almost looks like some sort of money business is going on here.

    It is fairly easy to vote late in Washington and have your vote counted. One way which is very easy is to sign your ballot with the election date or an earlier date, and then mail the ballot from outside the State of Washington. Under RCW 29A.40.100(3), the alleged date of signature would control over the postmark date. Just so long as the ballot was received by certification day — which happens to be Fri 09/30/2005 for the primary election.

    It wouldn’t be impossible for people who failed to timely vote in the primary to complete a ballot, backdate their signature, and send it to Portland, Oregon for mailing. Since mail only takes a couple of days to get here from Portland, this can still be done and can easily change the results.

    Also, there are ways to backdate a postmark on an envelope. This would be illegal, but they wouldn’t detect it. If someone has a postage meter, they can do this. Especially certain mailers who deposit their mail directly with the post office (such as Mailboxes Etc and similar stores).

    I am certainly not saying this is happening. But only 30,259 out of 71,979 District 1 absentee ballots have been returned to date. There is a lot of room for mischief among the other 41,000 voters who haven’t returned their absentee ballots yet.

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    K spews:

    You guys are missing the inside game on this one. See the link:

    I have one arguement with its content. A Ferguson win won’t bring a shift to the suburban/rural county. The Council size reduction leaves rural King Co with one representative- Kathy Lambert. Not exactly what a lot of folks had in mind when the advocated for it.

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    K spews:

    Sorry Josef, they did not get caught in fraud. Sloppy procedures,many accusations, but no finding of fraud.

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    Goldy spews:

    Cynical @5,

    Hey, I don’t mind admitting when I wrong, but let’s just be honest here… in the same post I said it looked like Edmonds would win, I also said that such projections tend to be full of shit. And they were.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Goldy @ 10==
    You are the Master at always throwing in a little wiggle-room in your “predictions”.
    You want to be PERFECTLY HONEST Goldy?
    Then you should have said that “it looks like Edmonds should win but GOLDY tends to be full of shit”…..not ALL PREDICTIONS.
    Goodnight Goldy.

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    Thomas Trainwinder spews:

    Mr. C @5 — it was a PREDICTION — yet you claim this has to do with data analyis. Geez…figure out some useful stuff to write on your short lines.

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    RonK, Seattle spews:

    If it’s a recounts you want, the race for (qualifying) 2nd place in the primary for King County Sheriff is only a 32 vote edge, out of nearly 300,000 votes cast.

    No ballots printed until that one is settled.

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    EvergreenRailfan spews:

    As long as the parties wanted their partisan primary, they should accept a mandate that their candidate be nominated with a majority of those who chose their ballots. Instant Runoff Voting should be used in both the Primary and the General. If the Top Two is upheld on appeal, and we adopted IRV in the interim, it could lead to saving us the need for the primary at all. The delay caused by this race, and the Non-Partisan King County Sherriff race, will delay printing the ballots for November, possibly setting us up for a mess in the General.

Edmonds Ferguson leads

Last night I projected that Carolyn Edmonds would take the lead over Bob Ferguson once today’s batch of absentee ballots were counted. Um… man am I glad I added the following caveat:

Still, in Ferguson’s favor, projections like this turned out to be a complete and utter load of crap during the first count in last November’s gubernatorial race.

As it turned out, Ferguson expanded his lead to 134 votes, taking a 9583 to 9449 advantage. Oops.


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    Richard Pope spews:

    The absentee ballots counted today showed quite different trends than those counted yesterday. And in most of the races, not just Ferguson/Edmonds. Maybe the ones counted today were mostly from the absentee ballots turned in at the polling place. I think folks who turn in their absentee ballots at the polling place tend to be more liberal than other absentee voters. Last November, there was a similar anomaly when they were mostly counting polling place absentee ballots on one of the days after the election. Those ballots were several more points pro-Gregoire than the rest of the county.

  2. 22

    dj spews:

    YO @ 5,

    “Now you know why Goldy calls it horsesass.Because of all horse shit from him and this blog.”

    But, apparently, you knowingly and willingly consume what he produces.

    Hmmmm…that doesn’t look too good for you.

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    The Notorius P.I.E. spews:

    Just out of curiousity. I was in the military and stationed not here at the time, did the horsesass.org website start before the Tim Eyman is a horsesass initiative or did the website get its name from that???

  4. 24

    Goldy spews:

    Piehole @7,

    A little known fact is that the website actually preceded the writing and filing of the initiative. I had joked about such an initiative with friends for a couple years (it actually evolved from a “free beer” initiative,) and in Nov. of 2002 built the website for the fictitious initiative as a self-tutorial in getting up to speed on Adobe GoLive. When I was done, I was so amused with the result, that I bought the domain name, took the site live, and then wrote and filed the initiative. A couple weeks later, the media discovered my initiative, and the rest is history.

    In May of 2004 I turned the website into a blog, keeping the domain name from the initiative. And the rest is, um… history too.

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    The Notorius P.I.E. spews:

    Someday Goldy;

    You maybe a Trivial Pursuit Seattle Edition question!!!

    I will now know the answer!!!

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    Richard Pope spews:

    I wonder why Stefan isn’t writing more about the primary election results? He seems focused on election errors instead.

    Stefan could be making a big deal about Ron Sims getting only about 43% of the total primary vote. Or giving his own take in the Carolyn Edmonds/Bob Ferguson race — which after all is in his own county council district.

    Unfortunately, we are learning things such as:

    Dean Logan teaches pollworkers to accept illegal votes

    More disinformation from Baghdad Bobbie (Egan, who is Dean Logan’s spokesperson)

    Sam Reed has premature ejaculation (by praising Dean Logan)

  7. 27

    Puddybud spews:

    RPope: It’s all about priorities. Goldy has a fetish on Stefan and Dino. Maybe because they are doing something else besides providing a one-sided view on life. Stefan’s priorities are on correct pre-vote lists and vote counting procedures. Dino’s priorities are his family right now!!!

  8. 29

    righton spews:

    If only we could get the Dems fighting amongst themselves over a Loganized vote…then we’d get some reform

  9. 31

    Another TJ spews:

    Goldy has a fetish on Stefan and Dino. Maybe because they are doing something else besides providing a one-sided view on life.

    Great. Now I’ve got to clean my breakfast off my computer screen.

  10. 32

    windie spews:

    geeze what is it with you righties and projection?

    You *always* take your foibles and pretend their ours, ALWAYS!

  11. 33

    The all-knowing, all-seeing, always-right (and usually Right) Mark! spews:

    Stefan’s particular crusade is exposing the weaknesses in the elections system — particularly in King County. If even a fraction of what he says is true — and the posted evidence (letters, etc.) are definitely that — there are significant flaws in the system that either have been or could be manipulated to create fraudulent results. It is his choice to talk about what he wants to talk about.

    Goldy, OTOH, rails on about all kinds of things from a Lefty perspective (I refuse to call them “progressive”) and with a clear editorial bias (note the different treatment of officials based on party).

    If you specifically want Ron Sims info (mostly MSM links), just go to AnotherDayWithRon.com.

    If you want to read lunatic rantings, just go to jbs.org, themilitant.com or MoveOn.org — pretty much the same content, with the names of the people involved switched around.

    There are blogs and websites for everyone!

  12. 34

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Someday Goldy’s gonna be famous…
    Does he have talent…..well, no.
    These days you don’t really need it.
    Thanks to blogs and bullshit.

    Cuz when Goldy’s a celbrity
    It’s adios reality.
    Goldy act just like a fool
    and LEFTIST PINHEADS think he’s cool
    Just cuz he’s on a Blog.

    Goldy throws a major fit
    When his latte isn’t just how he likes it
    They say Goldy’s gone insane
    Goldy blames it on the fame
    And pressures that go with
    Being a celebrity!
    Brad Paisley obviously had some arrogant LEFTIST PINHEAD self-absorbed clown in mind when he wrote this song.
    Do you know Brad Paisley Goldy???
    He seems to know you!

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    JDB spews:

    Why oh why do we let Republicans run this country:

    Lesbian is New Orleans native

    Hollywood – Pat Robertson on Sunday said that Hurricane Katrina was God’s way of expressing its anger at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for its selection of Ellen Degeneres to host this year’s Emmy Awards. “By choosing an avowed lesbian for this national event, these Hollywood elites have clearly invited God’s wrath,” Robertson said on “The 700 Club” on Sunday. “Is it any surprise that the Almighty chose to strike at Miss Degeneres’ hometown?”

    Robertson also noted that the last time Degeneres hosted the Emmys, in 2001, the September 11 terrorism attacks took place shortly before the ceremony.

    “This is the second time in a row that God has invoked a disaster shortly before lesbian Ellen Degeneres hosted the Emmy Awards,” Robertson explained to his approximately one million viewers. “America is waiting for her to apologize for the death and destruction that her sexual deviance has brought onto this great nation.”

    Robertson added that other tragedies of the past several years can be linked to Degeneres’ growing national prominence. September, 2003, for example, is both the month that her talk show debuted and when insurgents first gained a foothold in Iraq following the successful March invasion. “Now we know why things took a turn for the worse,” he explained.


    Personally, I like this theory for the destruction of New Orleans:


  14. 36

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    JDB @ 20 – Uhhh… cause you guys are wrong about everything?

    Yeah, that’s it…

  15. 37

    Mark spews:

    JDB @ 20

    You and Pat Robertson both have it wrong. God isn’t upset because Ellen is a lesbian, but he is ticked off. He’s more upset because her schtick is tired and her 15 minutes are up. He much prefers fresh talent like Carlos Mencia.

  16. 39

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    David – The same national enquirer link you provided also says that President Bush is actually Elvis. The article goes on to report that GWB is currently vacationing at Area 51.

  17. 40

    Mark The Redneck spews:

    As for those who refuse to leave, Gov. Kathleen Blanco advised: “Perhaps they should write their Social Security numbers on their arms with indelible ink.”

    Can you imagine what would happen if GWB said that?

  18. 41

    The all-knowing, all-seeing, always-right (and usually Right) Mark! spews:

    David @ 23

    Uh, Davey Boy, have you ever heard of Photoshop? Or all you Kool-Aid-sipping-MorOn.org Lefties just stupid & gullible??

  19. 42

    dj spews:

    Hey Mark @ 26,

    Admittedly there have been many photoshopped photos of Shrub doing all kinds of things, but this picture was not a photoshop creation. Instead, it is a vidcap from Dubya’s famous “one finger victory salute.”

    I think he was running for TX Governor at the time.

    Here’s the video: http://www.milkandcookies.com/links/21502/details/

  20. 43

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Yea, yea, we’ve heard it all before: Bush did it, Bush didn’t do it, Bush did it but he didn’t do enough, Bush was too late… blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…

    But then again, that’s President Bush’s fault, too. He has too many FBI agents prosecuting porn, he failed to meet with Cindy Sheehan, he put up a racist John Roberts to take away black peoples’ right to vote, he personally is going to put a chastity belt on every single woman in America, he will make slaves of everyone who says “nuclear,” he’s the most homophobic president who has ever served, he drove the truck that dragged James Byrd to death, he didn’t dial up Batman to swing into action, or Superman to use his X-ray vision to spot the goods, there were no weapons of mass destruction, 9-11 was really America’s fault and, last but not least, he bribed the Supreme Court in 2000 to give him the election.

    . Yes, such astounding proof pretty much settles it. .

    3 years, 4 months fringies: get used to it and please, please, please keep devolving! We love seeing/hearing/witnessing you progressives remain “STUCK ON STUPID”!

    A leader in the Democratic Party is a boss, in the Republican Party he is a leader. -Harry S. Truman, Thirty-third Pesident of the United States of America, Democrat.

  21. 44

    Aexia spews:

    The Robertson/Degeneres article is a hoax. Sheesh people. It’s bad enough when right-wingers pass around UL and hoaxes without lefties falling for the same crap too.

  22. 45

    The all-knowing, all-seeing, always-right Mark! spews:

    dj @ 27

    Hmmm… interesting. Mountain… molehill, nonetheless.

    Personally, I wish Republicans would swear a bit more in public and the Dems a bit less.

  23. 47

    Puddybud spews:

    Aexia: That’s the reason I named JDB, JustDumbBozo. Link investigations are never performed, and he sees something to post for his “look at me moment”, he immediately wastes pixels. JustDumbBozo also implements selective paragraph surgery. JustDumbBozo will take the part of the paragraph that satifies his lefty lunacy and use that as his point attack. When called upon it, his good friend the cluelessone will call people freepers. I am glad you identified stoopidy where it lands. JustDumbBozo, You are stuck on Stupid.