by Carl, 11/19/2012, 6:12 PM

Downtown it’s down to a drizzle for now, but there’s still a ton of standing water, and everyone has forgotten how to drive worse than the usual rush hour. Much of the rest of the city isn’t faring as well.

So are you soaked to the bone, or have you managed to keep dry? Did you lose power? Is it back or are you using your dwindling battery in your cell phone to leave a comment?

9 Responses to “Storm Thread”

1. Michael spews:

The rain has really been pouring down in Gig Harbor. No power outages here.

2. wharfrat spews:

Heavy rain and windy here in Keller but snow level is supposed to be 5000ft+ so we’ll miss that. Thanksgiving with the kids/grandkids in West Seattle so I hope the pass stays clear.

3. Roger Rabbit spews:

Get yourself one of these and you won’t have any phone problems.

4. Geoduck spews:

Lots of rain, some wind, no power outages in Olympia. Right now as I write this, you can even see some stars outside.

5. Proud To Be An Ass spews:

Warm and comfy here in Medina. Teh house servants got to work OK. Cable still works. Gourmet meal served for dinner. The market is up. The wife hasn’t left me yet. Oregon lost to Stanford. The Cougars will be slaughtered in the Apple Cup. Obama will go for a “Grand Bargain”. Puddy will be appointed as Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare.

What more could a rich asshole ask for?

6. Michael spews:

That was crazy, we’ve just had wind gusts so hard and hail so big that I thought my windows were going to break. It seems to be over now. It woke me up and scared the shit out of me.

7. ArtFart spews:

@5 Hey…you aren’t the guy who used to post stuff on as “Bay Aryan”, are you?

8. ArtFart spews:

–Really– disappointing news from the East Coast about how the big mobile carriers pretty much sat on their thumbs after Sandy. I was contracting at AT&T Wireless when Katrina happened (as it turned out not long after completion of “The Big Deal” i. e. the merger of what had once been McCaw Communications with Cingular). The response was fast and dramatic–a huge fleet of trucks was mobilized and headed for Louisiana, with then-CEO Stan Sigman driving the lead rig. They set up dozens of “COWS” (“central offices on wheels”) and set crews to work as fast as possible patching up the incumbent infrastructure. A number of the emergency generators they brought along were loaned to other facilities that were in need–I think one was the New Orleans airport.

Well, Stan’s long gone, Cingular got melded into the reconstituted “big Ma Bell”, and bringing such resources to bear in time of need apparently doesn’t fall under the current business plan.

9. Rujax! spews:

MAAAAN…it’s fucking raining HARD!!!