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Yesterday I had a little fun goofing on the idea that the people running for mayor was boring. I don’t think it’s boring. I love civics. Yay for civics. Maybe it’s because it’s a year out and I’m more freaking out about how much Christmas shopping I have ahead of me instead of politics. This time though it’s a well known quantity running, so I’ll be on my best behavior when writing about Peter Steinbrueck’s bid for mayor.

Former city council member Peter Steinbrueck is (though not yet officially) running for mayor.

Justin Simmons, the head of the Metropolitan Democratic Club, wrote a letter to Steinbrueck supporters today announcing that he will head up the Steinbrueck for Mayor campaign.

Zzzzzzzz. No! I’m awake. I’m staying awake through this. I think I have a Peter Steinbrueck shirt somewhere. I think about him for like half a second every time I go shopping at Pike Place and I pass a picture of his father, or a park named after his father. Basically, yay for the fact that his father saved Pike Place in the 1960′s. There’s a lovely Richard Hugo poem about it that I can’t find online.

But I’m not writing about Victor. Peter. He was generally considered a good lefty when he was on the council but hasn’t been in elected office in 5 years (it’ll be 6 by the time the election comes around). Now he has insiders and people who hate transit supporting him.

“We have already signed on an impressive number of leaders in these communities in and around Seattle, including Nick Licata, Tim Harris, Dorry Elias-Garcia, David Bloom, Kay Bullitt, John Fox, Yusuf Cabdi, Brita Butler-Wall, Paul Benz, Vivan Lee, Sarajane Siegfriedt, and many others.”

Jesus, it’s a Ted Van Dyk away from a list of people who were vaguely movers and shakers in 1975. Really should be relevant to peopzzzzzzzzzzzz. I didn’t fall asleep! It should be relevant to people who stopped paying attenzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I’m awake! It will be a relevant run to people who stopped paying attention to Seattle before grunge (that’s not totally fair, and I even like a couple of them). Zzzzzzzzzzz


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    Geov spews:

    Um…Licata, first elected 1997. Tim Harris, started Real Change in 1995 but didn’t really become a “player” until he allied himself with McGinn; he’s always been an outsider. David Bloom, ran for city council four years ago. John Fox, longtime activist, yeah, but he’s helping lead the 2013 initiative effort for district elections 7/2 split) for council. Butler-Wall, first elected in 2003. Siegfriedt ran for office this year. Yusuf Cabdi, first elected to SHA board in 2009, also in the district initiative effort. Elias-Garcia, Exec. Director of Minority Exec. Directors’ Coalition. Don’t know Vivian Lee or Paul Benz.

    Yeah, Bullitt’s been around forever, but her name is still coveted as an ally locally. And Bloom and Fox have been around a long time, but they’re both still plenty active and pretty much the antithesis of “insider.” But none of the others were known quantities (save an abortive 1979 council run by Licata, after which he was out of the public eye for years) until well after grunge.

    I’m sorry, Carl, if you don’t like John Fox or whatever. But your description and that list of names simply doesn’t match up. More importantly, with the exception of Bullitt, I don’t see anyone on that list who’s an “insider” in the downtown club that makes most of Seattle’s decisions. And while I know a couple of people on that list who wanted more buses rather than light rail, that’s not “anti-transit” in the Kemper Freeman sense.

    I just don’t think your description of that group of people is remotely accurate.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Carl, this is absolutely one of the most entertaining pieces you’ve written for this scruffy little blog! Really, I mean it! Um … who was it again you’re writing about? I missed that part.

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    Chris Stefan spews:

    Having John Fox on his early endorsement list is enough to make me oppose him strongly. The others tarnish their names by being in the same company as Fox.

    Yes John Fox poisons the well that much with his pro-car and pro-sprawl positions. Might as well have Kemper Freeman on your endorsement list.

    On the other hand I’m willing to at least give Burgess a chance as he’s impressed me as someone who is both thoughtful and willing to change his mind.

    Though at this stage of the race I’m still supporting the re-election of McGinn.