Stefan is an arrogant prick

Stefan Sharkansky is an arrogant prick.

Now, I don’t say that because I think it somehow raises the level of political discourse, or out of an attempt to refute his arguments, or even as a gesture meant to personally offend him. I say it, because it makes me feel good.

And, because it is true.

Take for example his prickishly arrogant attack on Rep. Jeannie Darneille (D-27) for an email she sent to constituents. In his typically measured, analytical style, Stefan opines:

I don’t say it lightly that her reasons for opposing a revote would have to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen come out of the office of any elected official. If Rep. Darneille is not an imbecile herself, then she would have to believe that her constituents are all imbeciles if she thinks this e-mail is not going to cause severe and permanent damage to her reputation in the district.

This in response to Rep. Darneille writing about the recent death of her father.

Wow. What a prick!

And it’s not just Stefan’s stunning lack of empathy that bothers me, it’s his arrogantly prickish dismissal of Rep. Darneille’s reasonable and well-thought-out opposition to a “re-vote.” While she backs up her rationale with personal anecdotes, her logic is sound:

It will be impossible to recreate the confluence of situations that existed on November 2nd. A re-vote could, in fact, never exist… it would be a new vote. The premise that “every vote should be counted and every vote should count” will never exist again.

That is exactly the point I made a couple weeks ago. We’re talking about an entirely new election… new year, new campaign, new voters, new issues… and as has been pointed out to me, possibly… new candidates.

Annulling the election will merely vacate the governor’s office, putting Lt. Gov. Brad Owen in charge until a special election is held, possibly not until next November, or even, November of 2006. At that time, Owen might choose to run for governor, as might any number of major and third party candidates. In the meanwhile, tens of thousands of voters will be added and stricken from the rolls. There will be absolutely nothing “re” about this vote.

But does Stefan bother to address these issues or refute Rep. Darneille’s own arguments? Nah… he just calls her an imbecile, and arrogantly threatens electoral retribution. You know why? Because… he’s a prick!

Yes, Stefan’s the kind of arrogant prick who’s not above a shamelessly racist smear (“ King County Executive Ron Sims, the Robert Mugabe of Washington politics“)… or of repeatedly referring to our governor as “Christine Fraudoire” without ever once alleging a single act of fraud on the part of her or her campaign.

This is a guy who gloats about getting a protester arrested after provoking him into smashing his $10.00 disposable camera.

Stefan is a mean-spirited, intellectually dishonest, rhetorical-schoolyard bully… kind of like a short, ugly Tim Eyman. Only smart. And that is what is most unforgivable, for unlike Tim, every statistic he distorts, every lie he tells, every reputation he disparages… Stefan knows exactly what he is doing.

He is, in short… a prick.

Now some of you may find the tone and content of this essay a bit shocking, for I have recently made an effort to shift some of the focus of this blog from partisan invective to a more thoughtful — if equally partisan — discussion of the issues. I can be pretty damn devious, and I certainly could choose to engage the other side in their fanciful number crunching and vicious slander… but when I look in the mirror, I don’t want to see Stefan Sharkansky staring back out at me.

The truth is, the sort of personal name-calling I choose to match Stefan with today, achieves absolutely nothing except riling up those who already agree with you. I want to change minds, not pander to them.

But hell if I’m going to shy away from calling a prick, “a prick” — and when you arrogantly ridicule an elected official for talking about her dead father — that’s exactly what you are.

So call me arrogant, if that’s what you want. Or call me a prick, or even a horse’s ass.

Just don’t call me a Stefan.


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    jpgee spews:

    AMEN Goldy. I always remember ‘what goes around comes around’ and wonder just what situation the unsound one will be in several years from now. hmmmm probably a politician because he is in the same class as many of them (lying, dishonest and shameful)

  2. 5

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Goldy, Goldy, Goldy–
    Like the poor pathetic drug addict, you are nearing rock-bottom thankfully. It appears your jealousy of the National attention Stefan has received has finally burbled up to the point where you couldn’t restrain it anymore. It’s actually good to get it out Goldy.

    Now that you have purged yourself of anger, the next step in your healing revolves around coming to grips with the fact that you and your comrades have wasted the past 2 months playing amateur lawyers, trying to decide what the definition of “is”, is and other entirely entertaining but non-productive stuff.
    While you were trying to wow us with your intellect and cleverness, Sharkansky was digging into the bowels of this election…doing the spade work. Stefan is talented…no doubt. You can minimize his relentless efforts if it makes you feel good. You had your 15 minutes of fame. I applaud you Goldy for stepping out into the public limelight. I believe you are very well intended. However, you are not a researcher. Stefan is. You are jealous. He was productive. You wasted your time. Tell me one solid piece of evidence you have created relative to the Court case on Friday Goldy. ONE THING??? Nothing! I think you realize it. Your choice is to admit it like a real man…or shoot the messenger of truth. Predictably, you choose the latter. WHY?? Because you are jealous. PERIOD!

  3. 6

    eagle spews:

    There is something very noble in calling a spade a spade or, in this case, a prick a prick. I too think Snark has stepped over the line — moving from respectable analyst to cheap political provacetuer.

    Honestly, I used to think he provided a valuable service to the active, political conservative community in Puget Sound. But the taste of fame or power has driven him (like so many pundits before him) past constructive discussion and analysis straight into irrational prickness. It appears Snark and O’Reilly are cut from the same clothe.

  4. 7

    Dave M spews:

    Repubs have learned that the louder and more obnoxious you are (we’ll sort out the facts AFTER the smearing!) the more attention you get. It’s too bad that Stefan has gone that route-he’s done a lot of admirable research on the election.

  5. 8

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Have you ever watched O’Reilly???
    You have actually complemented Stefan as O’Reilly is one to call a spade a spade…he goes after R’s just like D’s.
    Before you toss out names in a weak attempt to criticize someone, you might actually watch O’Reilly’s show.
    Is someone a prick for asking tough questions or stepping out into the public??
    Actually “Prick” has many meanings:
    1) To become directed upward
    2) To pierce SLIGHTLY with a sharp point.

    Stefan has definitely directed this Election contest UPWARD and yeah, I suppose he has pierced a few folks slightly by making a SHARP POINT. But if anyone finds much redeeming value in that e-mail by Rep. Darneille, they are a true Leftist Partisan!
    PRICK??? Perhaps Shark ought to thank you. It could be interpreted as a compliment!

  6. 9

    jim spews:

    What you write may be true…but it serves to only cast doubt upon your analysis as a whole. Usually measured, you have let him get under your skin. That’s probably want he wants…get ready for another set of name callings.

    You haven’t done your side or arguments any favor here…actually, the opposite.

  7. 10

    Don spews:

    Cyn @ 5 – Why do you assume Goldy is “jealous” of the “national attention” accruing to Snark, axe murderers, locust swarms, and other plagues upon humanity?

  8. 11

    Don spews:

    Let the word go forth, from this time and place, that Democrats are getting a backbone and henceforth will dish it back!

  9. 12

    eagle spews:


    I’m glad you’re here (it would be less entertaining without you), but I can’t for the life of me understand why you’re here.

  10. 13

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    jim makes a good point. Your jealousy casts an ugly pall over your good intentions. Face it..your past 2 months have been an entertaining total waste of time. It now comes down to hard evidence. Goldy, you have produced ZERO!
    Sharkansky has produced mountains!
    Now perhaps you are not trained to do the research and analysis Stefan has. Nothing to be ashamed of. But you ought to be aware there are other talented folks analyzing data and producing useful evidence too. You aren’t one of them! Accept it. It’s too late now…the Court Date is Friday.
    The Dems waited until late last Friday to blanket all 39 County Auditors with a huge public record request that included asking for whatever the R’s got. The Dems are in trouble. Jst like the R’s hesitated to send out an Army of partisans to go get affadavits from provisional voters, the Dems have foolishly hesitated to do their own election analysis. Instead they are focusing on the legal definition of the word APPEARS. Appear means to have an outward aspect or SEEMS. SEEM means to give the impression of being. Appear does not mean PROVE. How close to the word PROVE will the Court interpret APPEARS??? That will matter…immensely. Nothing folks like us can do other than debate it for GRINS! However we can try to put together hard evidence and build a case toward the highest standard of APPEARS possible….right? That’s what Sharkansky has done. Admirably.
    The Lefty’s get all excited about the “sideshows” like Rep. Darneille’s e-mail. WHO CARES!!

  11. 15

    jim spews:

    No, Mr. Cynical. Goldy has lowered himself to Stefan’s level this once. Stefan lives in that area continously. His big brother approach to his points of view, combined with his vicious namecalling, have always left the higher ground for all others.

    This once, Goldy has gone down to his level. I understand it (it’s hard to be attacked unfairly for so long).

    It’s hard to be sucker punched with innuendo, false statements and big brother blovations so long while maintaining the high road.

    Here’s hoping it was a temporary knee-jerk response…and Goldy will return to the high ground. For Stefan, we can only hope he seeks the high ground out. Instead, he seems intent on spreading venom, encouraging disrespect for holders of public office whom he didn’t vote for and calling people names. Most reasonable people see through that.

  12. 16

    Don spews:

    Cyn @ 13

    “The Dems are in trouble.” This is empirically measurable. Let’s talk about this again in a couple days. N.B.: Don’t take a ruling by the judge that the superior court has jurisdiction over the election contest as a “win.” That’s going to happen, it’s a given. The real question is whether the R’s have to prove that “illegal votes” would have changed the election outcome. We may not get that ruling right away, but from what I know of the law, the R’s are in trouble.

  13. 17

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You are right. Goldy has never, ever posted any trash before.
    However I do appreciate both Goldy and Stefan very much.
    It’s just that Stefan actually accomplishes something of tangible value relative to this Court case.
    Intellectualizing vs. Digging out the Dirt

    It’s easier to talk than dig…right?
    Plus, some guys just don’t have the training to dig like Stefan.
    jim–you seem like a reasonable person. How has Goldy been “sucker-punched” with innuendo, false statements and big brother blovations??? Give me some examples jim.
    Goldy can dish it out…thankfully he has the character to take it to. I truly admire that. But so does Sharkansky. He has had plenty of intellectual battles. It’s just that Shark knows the battle is to be won with hard data…not gasbagging like Goldy and the rest of the Lefty’s. Understand?

  14. 18

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Don @ 16

    You mean that illegal votes would APPEAR to change the results….as opposed to PROVE. PROVE is your word!

  15. 19

    Erik spews:

    Goldy needed this rant. Let’s face it.

    He needed because his lasr post was purely intellectual, so he doubled the rant factor.

    I liked Rep. Darneille’s letter for a number reasons:

    1) It had some real content to it. Most representatives have their staff write out this general drivel that could apply to any bill at any time : “Thank you for your concern with the legislative process.” Here Darneill spoke of the specific issue and how it affected her.

    2) Her response made substantive sense. The letter wasn’t just a personal story. She spoke of the specifics of why there will never be a a real re-vote, only a possible new vote.

    Tens of thousands of people will have turned 18 years old in the interim and thousands will have died before any new election, especially since a new election cannot be held until 11/2006.

    Thus, Darnell’s letter in my view was well above average.

    To Stefan credit though, you can’t run a blog or AM radio for that matter without ranting. He is playing to the Limbaugh crowd and trying to form tight relationship with KVI.

    News in general needs to be a splash but a blog posting needs to be sensational or people will spend all of their time surfing CNN. Bloggers generally don’t post to think much, they post to rant, by God, even use all caps if they must.

    Goldy, just remember, although you got snubbed on Saturday night at the blogger party, Stefan and the gang had to hang out with the BIAW in the rain when you partied with Gregoire and the gang at the capital.

  16. 20

    RDC spews:

    Cynical @ 13

    It remains to be seen if Sharansky has produced any hard evidence, or any evidence acceptable to a court at all (he may have, but we don’t know that yet). Also, he is on the, thus far, losing side; the side that has to prove something. There has been no reason for Goldy to spend his time getting evidence to prove that the candidate he favors won. We know that already.

  17. 21

    Janet S spews:

    What’s fun about this is the Dems are finally getting a challenge to their lock on this state. Dems control the state gov’t, the media, King County. Having the rabble be able to seize an issue and keep it alive must be galling!

    If you doubt the left leaning tendency of the media, did anyone catch the editorial in Sunday’s PI calling the US soldiers in Iraq a bunch of rapists? Now that’s timely reporting on the important day of voting! (Too bad the woman undermined her otherwise good argument.)

  18. 22

    Goldy spews:

    Goldy, just remember, although you got snubbed on Saturday night at the blogger party, Stefan and the gang had to hang out with the BIAW in the rain when you partied with Gregoire and the gang at the capital.

    Actually, this past Saturday, during their (conservative) blogger party, I was attending a reception for RFK Jr., where I was fortunate to have interesting conversations with influential journalists and politicians.

    There is something quite masturbatory about blogging, and while it can be very gratifying on its own, getting out and having some real social intercourse is much more satisfying.

    Oh… and Cynical… do you really have no idea whatsoever what I am playing at here? How many clues do I need to leave you?

  19. 23

    jpgee spews:

    Mr. C. I admire both Goldy and Shark (a little) for their committment to their causes. What I cannot respect in Shark is that the firt time you say something at his sight that he does not like, he bans you. If that were the case here, you, zip, et al would have been banned months ago. Think about it.

  20. 24


    PRICK??? Perhaps Shark ought to thank you. It could be interpreted as a compliment!

    How Republican of you. Repeat it enough and you may convince yourself and other mindless sycophants. Just like to lose is to win, to lie is to tell the truth, to invade is to liberate, a minority is a mandate.

  21. 25

    Erik spews:

    Actually, this past Saturday, during their (conservative) blogger party, I was attending a reception for RFK Jr., where I was fortunate to have interesting conversations with influential journalists and politicians.

    Hmm. Ok so let’s compare. You were hanging out with relatives of presidents and world leaders, and they were hanging out at the vacated headquarters of Wizards of the Coast on the University Ave gaming center trying out their new wireless blogging software.

    Hmm. Well. Lets just call it a wash.

  22. 26

    Richard Pope spews:

    Goldy, are you going to spend $5.00 and file an initiative to declare Stefan Sharkansky an arrogrant prick? That could be a lot of fun. Rob McKenna’s office will have to write a ballot summary. Perhaps “would declare a certain person to be a male sexual organ”. Then you can go to court for a more accurate ballot description. Maybe Rob McKenna’s office can also sue to say that it is not the proper subject matter for an initiative. And you can start a new website: Or perhaps have your existing posterior of a horse website accessed through the new website name also.

  23. 28

    jaybo spews:

    Do I sense just a little envy in your tone?

    I know that the Shark has gotten more publicity lately but I’m sure that it is not personal so relax! Maybe someday you’ll have a chance to break something big enough to bring you some public attention. (chuckle, ya…right)

  24. 29

    zip spews:


    Hey, what did I ever say that merits banning me? I’m a reasonable guy but occasionally get fed up with the nonsense I read on both wings of the issues.

    Goldy, some of the positions you and your regulars take seem prickish to me but more subtly phrased than the SP mob. Spending an evening with RFK Jr. is something that even I would enjoy, but repeating his outrageous statements on environmental matters is over the line.

  25. 30

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You were banned by Sharkansky??
    He only bans perverts and stalkers..
    Which are you?

  26. 31

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I have a few ideas about what you are doing…
    I’m certainly not foolish enough to leave you anything too helpful….or am I???
    Anyway, I appreciate the give and take..pokes & jabs.
    How can anyone take anything personally on a blog?!!!

    But I will tell you Goldy that many weeks ago, one of your posters left us a very important bit of information that was followed up on and is now part of the R’s case. It relates to provisional ballot affadavits. Do you remember those exchanges??

  27. 32

    Don spews:

    Cyn @ 18

    First you have to prove there were illegal votes, then it has to appear that the illegal votes changed the outcome. Does that help?

    Janet @ 21

    The reason the Dems have a lock on this state is because the voters like their candidates better than the GOP candidates. Maybe there’s something wrong with the GOP candidates.

  28. 33

    paul daniel spews:

    “Stefan is a prick.”

    Wow! A whole new level of political discourse. The fact is Goldy, you can’t stand it because in a liberal city like Seattle a conservative blogger is dominating the blogosphere! Hell, let him be a “prick” all he wants as long as we have a revote and the 38% popular “Governor” is thrown out of office. No kidding, 38% think she won, and that in blue state where patty Murray gets 58% approval ratings!

    paul daniel

  29. 35

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Don @ 32–
    That’s much, much better. We are now on the same page. There is a huge difference between what you just said and what you said previously.

    Felons, dead people, people voting more than once, forged signatures etc. ARE clearly illegal votes. There are plenty of them. It is also illegal to find ballots directly into the machine without validating signatures.

    It may or may not be illegal to not reconcile votes with voters…but it certainly is an error or neglect to not do so. It is clear it can be done because some County’s did it. KingCo’s claim that it is IMPOSSIBLE is ludicrous.

    Do these illegal votes APPEAR to change the outcome?? Let’s wait and see how many of them there are on Friday. The list is growing quickly now that County’s have finally complied with record requests.

    The Lefty’s want us to believe they have nothing to prove which is why they are providing no proof of Illegal votes that may appear to benefit their candidate.

    Don–this will be very interesting indeed. No slam-dunk either way. The only slam-dunk is that Rossi will easily win a new election. Why??
    Because Gregoire foolishly uttered the words-
    “This election is a model to the nation and the world at large”.
    I don’t think she will ever explain that away…expecially if the Court ses the Election aside.

  30. 36

    smart guy spews:

    I take back what I said about you being ignorant.

    You are just plain stupid.

    You sound like one very jealous person. You rant and rave, but your arguments have no SUBSTANCE. You must be a Democrat.

  31. 37

    Don spews:

    Cyn @ 35

    Man, you really lost it in this post, and the farther you went, the worse it got — the capper being your assertion that “Rossi will easily win a new election” because of something Gregoire said. This is a completely novel theory of legal relevance, utterly fascinating, please explain it because I don’t get how what Gregoire said is even admissible let alone relevant.

    But as for the serious legal issue, let me help you out by quoting ALL of the applicable statutory sections, so that you may better understand the context of the word “appears”:

    RCW 29A.68.090
    Illegal votes — Allegation of.
    When the reception of illegal votes is alleged as a cause of contest, it is sufficient to state generally that illegal votes were cast, that, if given to the person whose election is contested in the specified precinct or precincts, will, if taken from that person, reduce the number of the person’s legal votes below the number of legal votes given to some other person for the same office.

    RCW 29A.68.100
    Illegal votes — List required for testimony.
    No testimony may be received as to any illegal votes unless the party contesting the election delivers to the opposite party, at least three days before trial, a written list of the number of illegal votes and by whom given, that the contesting party intends to prove at the trial. No testimony may be received as to any illegal votes, except as to such as are specified in the list.

    Appear. To be properly before a court; as a fact or matter of which it can take notice. To be in evidence; to be proved. …

    — Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Ed., p. 97

    Does this help?

    RCW 29A.68.110
    Illegal votes — Number of votes affected — Enough to change result.
    No election may be set aside on account of illegal votes, unless it appears that an amount of illegal votes has been given to the person whose right is being contested, that, if taken from that person, would reduce the number of the person’s legal votes below the number of votes given to some other person for the same office, after deducting therefrom the illegal votes that may be shown to have been given to the other person.

  32. 39

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Don @ 37
    HUH?? You must be suffering from sleep deprivation.
    I said Gregoire would lose a new election.
    I never said her comment would be used in the Court Case!!!!!!
    Her comment was perfect political fodder for the R’s!!!
    If the Court finds enough to set aside the election, her comment will be used effectively against her.
    Unfortunately, when you post on these blogs you can’t speak S-L-O-W-L-Y so folks like you can understand.
    Try again Don!

    And the RCW’s that you quote have been posted hundreds of times and dissected ad infinitum. You are new to this game, so I’ll cut you some slack. When you get bored, go back and look at Goldy’s archives. I did that before I ever posted anything. You get a flavor for the personalities and the issues.

    Bottom-line Don
    You are clearly a Rookie and it shows!

  33. 40

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    M O H–
    Another dose…I took the maximum!
    You don’t take all this seriously…do you?
    I’m grateful to live in a Country where you can express yourself freely (for better or worse) and not worry about some goofballs cutting your head off or worse!

  34. 41

    M spews:

    Well, you have really raised the political discourse. Of THIS blog.

    Why are you letting Stefan get your underwear in a bunch? Why don’t you do like the radio stations? They just never mention the competition. Frankly, it works.

    And just sinking into calling him a p____. Makes people think you’ve run out of steam. You can do better.

    It sounds to me like Stefan has got the best of you, if you’ve gone off on this tangent.


  35. 42

    M spews:

    OH, Okay. I should’ve read the above first. It probably DOES have something to do with the fact that Stefan is getting national ‘pub’ and you’re not. Well, keep trying. Maybe they’ll recognize your genious someday. Especially after a headline like this.

  36. 43

    Erik spews:

    And just sinking into calling him a p____. Makes people think you’ve run out of steam. You can do better.
    It sounds to me like Stefan has got the best of you, if you’ve gone off on this tangent.

    This is mostly true, and everyone knows it who has been watching HA for awhile.

    However, this posting could be entitled :”Goldy’s turn to rant.”

    I think, but do not know, that he wanted to take a break from rational discourse that he normally presents and just #@@$ing rant like his competition does daily.

    He has a tougher job of it. Its simpy more difficult to get angry when your candidate won the governor’s election and invites you parties and then get to hang out the famous, successful and well connected and be asked to testify before the legislature.

    It would be much easier to get mad if you lost, you find yourself in the rain protesting and yelling alot, and no one invited you to parties but people who wear orange and blog and all your car gets is AM radio.

    Tomorrow, I am going to guess he will be taking on normal subjects again like bike trails, the tax system and we can discuss the merits of Forbes flat tax, the regressive tax, the dreaded B&O tax.

  37. 44

    Erik spews:

    I should’ve read the above first. It probably DOES have something to do with the fact that Stefan is getting national ‘pub’ and you’re not.

    I think what would help Goldy alot is if the governor’s election was overturned and Rossi was put in by the court.

    He could then make a post Title “Election Stolen” in 24 pt font.

    Thousands would post to HA stating how angry they were and how they were going to protest in Olympia. Then much of the media would look for his input as the protest blogger.

  38. 45

    Chuck spews:

    Rep. Jeannie Darneille (D-27) is the one that chose to bring her dead Daddy out of the coffin and talk about him, dont blame it on Stefan Sharkansky. If you dont want to talk of someone dont bring him out in public…that said her dead dad and other dead ones in the state are gone…worm food. They no longer have any reason or concearn in this government, Damn Goldy you reach farther and farther as you rage on…now the dead have a vote, WOW!

  39. 46

    Chuck spews:

    I think what would help Goldy alot is if the governor’s election was overturned and Rossi was put in by the court.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Rossi wouldnt take the office if appointed…

  40. 47

    Erik spews:

    Rossi wouldnt take the office if appointed…

    Yeah. Right. Just like he would never bring a legal action to contest the election. Now he is costing the taxpayers tens of thousands and millions if there is another vote in 2006.

  41. 48

    Dave spews:

    Have at ‘em, Goldy. The Republicans don’t deserve to have a monopoly on making personal attacks.

  42. 50

    Son Of Liberty spews:

    Gee, this site sucks, too angry, too stupid, too many pricks. After reading this crap I need a shower. If your going to play the game, at least show some results of your own. What with you guys?

  43. 51

    Josef the Dinocrat spews:

    You may want to gang up on Stefan. Believe me, it’s tempting.

    But this is too far ON BOTH YOUR PARTS.

    Goldy: This Rep’s tone was farcical. BUT I agree w/ you and the Representative that what we Rossifarians seek is a new gubernatorial general election – revote for short.

    Stefan: Respectfully, you need to cool it (and your ego, too). I would have just let the e-mail speak for itself (using the Latin phrase res ipsa loquitor) and said, ‘I feel your pain, but… do dead people pay taxes? I didn’t think so. So what the Representative is advocating for is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION…

  44. 52

    Rex spews:

    Comparing Ron Sims to Robert Mugabe is a “shameless racist smear”?

    Why is that? Because he compared a black man to another black man? Or because he compared a wannabe Commie to a has-been commie? Perhaps one should try to compare analagous ethnicities back to a white-skinned counterpart in order to avoid these potentially racist conundrums.

    Before you indict for intellectual duplicity, check the bottoms of your shoes, Goldy. Because something smells like shit and the smell came in with you.

  45. 53

    D Huygens spews:

    Goldy, I read snark’s post yesterday and it left the same horrible taste in my mouth. It was beyond the pale. You have hit the nail on its head, my friend, and sometimes, these plain truths just need to be said out loud.

    As to the content embedded in the post – absolutely correct. There can be no “re-vote” – people have died, moved, turned 18, grown apathetic or more motivated, etc. etc. Duh!

    The gears of the legal system will keep turning at their stately pace and we will have a legal decision, exactly as we should. The alternative, legislation by internet poll or the decibel level on hate radio, is chaos.

  46. 54

    Dr. S. Freud spews:


    You have an obvious case of “prick envy.” Get over it. MOOOOOve on.

    That letter from Rep. Jeannie Darneille (D-27) was truly insipid.

    She probably suffers from the same malady as you do. She whines about Washington State elections because she knows that if only LEGAL voters are allowed to vote the Democrats would lose most, if not all, of the time.

    You all are truly afraid.
    You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the ass.

    Desperate Democrats disseminating despicable dispatches. Shame on you!

    Now, if you want some help with all that guilt and angst you are carrying around…

  47. 55

    Goldy spews:

    To my critics:

    The truth is, the sort of personal name-calling I choose to match Stefan with today, achieves absolutely nothing except riling up those who already agree with you.

    Man, are you all thick.

  48. 56

    Don spews:

    Cyn @ 39

    As you’ve seen the statutes hundreds of times and still don’t understand, I can be of no further assistance.

  49. 57

    Don spews:

    Chuck @ 45

    You lack … ummm … tact and sensitivity. Democrats were wrong about one thing, though. We shouldn’t have assumed GOPers were Upper Class. They’ve proven time and again they have No Class.

  50. 58

    Don spews:

    Idiot of Liberty @ 50

    Another vitriolic winger who can’t take a dollop of the wingers’ own medicine. Just what we need here. :(

  51. 59

    Don spews:

    Josef @ 51

    If you get your revote, plan on having every close election won by a Republican in the future being contested by Democrats. Two can play this game.

  52. 60

    Don spews:

    Rex @ 52

    Why do right-wing creeps call anyone who doesn’t fall into lockstep with their ideology “commies”? Why don’t Democrats and liberals take more offense at this, and go after these obnoxious flapjaws with pitchforks? The “commies” are the guys who built gulags, murdered millions, built fences to keep people in, etc. We’re not them, and we’re getting tired of hearing this slander-babble from effing pricks like you. So stow it or somebody’s gonna have to wash your mouth out with soap.

  53. 61

    Chuck spews:

    Said it before, Ill say it again if you want sensitivity buy a Trojan Condom, they claim to have greater sensitivity.

  54. 62

    Don spews:

    D Huygens @ 53

    I couldn’t agree with you more. We had an election. Those guys lost. It’s time for them to get lost.

  55. 63

    Don spews:

    If You’re Freud I’m the Easter Bunny @ 54

    Speaking of insipid posts, yours takes the Easter eggs (or cake, or whatever). What you like to offer some (your choice) (a) facts, (b) evidence, (c) proof in support of your rant that Democrats win elections in this state only because of illegal votes? Let’s start with Patty Murray’s 58% and see if you can prove Nethercutt was robbed by illegal votes. At this stage, you might not want to rule out alternative explanations, e.g. (1) a majority of voters preferred Murray, (2) Murray was a better candidate than he of the broken term limits promise, or (3) Nethercutt was a shitty candidate.

  56. 65

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    There can be creative criticism, and even name-calling, that will achieve the diminishment of the recipient of it… and then there’s that which will only diminish the speaker of it.

  57. 66

    Rex spews:

    Don @ 60

    Mugabe is a confirmed Marxist who stripped the land from all the descendents of the white settlers. In his time as leader, Zimbabwe has gone from being a net food exporter to having millions reliant on government food aid.

    A lot of people would call that communism, not just right-wingers. You, on the other hand, probably call that progress.

    Ron Sims, with his CAO, comes very close to land-seizure. While it may only be a seizure of associated rights, it is a seizure without any sort of public process. That isn’t democracy or market function. It is autocracy, which is one of the hallmarks of “commies”.

    “Commies” are not limited by the former limits of the USSR. Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Jong Il, Mao Tsetong, Robert Mugabe are all practitioners of “communism” as I understand it. The reason that right-wingers call lefties “commies” is because we know that, given the power and commensurate authority, the american left wing would be no different than those enumerated above.

  58. 67

    Rex spews:

    and by the way, Don…

    …imploring people to go after others with pitchforks for perceived transgressions is usually how it starts. Again, that’s progress, right?

  59. 68

    Jill spews:

    Goldy, it’s your blog and you have every right to call Stefan a prick if you want to. I read HorsesAss for commentary that is often more detailed and interesting than newspapers or cable news. I also read it because you’re not afraid to call someone a prick, or, for that matter, a fucking prick. I don’t get that from the newspaper or cable news, either. And that’s why I like blogs and yours in particular. Jill

  60. 69

    bmvaughn spews:

    yawn… i forgot about this website… maybe it’s because it constantly turns into bomb throwing and childish naivety.

  61. 70

    Don spews:

    Rex @ 66

    I know what’s happening in Zimbabwe, you patronizing ass.

    We’ve seen the results of uncontrolled urban sprawl in other places. Is that what you want? There has never been any such thing as private property rights that are absolute. All real property ownership is subject to reasonable regulation for the common good. I’m getting sick and tired of people who label as “communist” anyone who tries to keep them from pigging up our state.

    As for your beyond-lame excuse for associating your neighbors and fellow Americans with the likes of Pol Pot, et al., I’m too angry to reply. It’s beyond words. It’s beyond the pale. It’s beyond all boundaries of decency. It’s intellectually dishonest. It’s incredibly offensive. If you call someone a “communist” expect him to hate your guts, because he will, and you’ll deserve.

  62. 71

    Dave spews:

    and then there’s that which will only diminish the speaker of it.

    Yeah, like this: HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS

  63. 73

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    and then there’s that which will only diminish the speaker of it.

    Yeah, like this: HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS -Comment by Dave— 2/2/05 @ 4:25 pm

    Sticks and stones baby, sticks and stones.

    I’m still waiting for the answer, ANY answer, to the question, How Can You Be PROUD to be An ASS? but still haven’t had any lib heroes (oxymoron??) jump forth with one.

    Imagine that.

  64. 74

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    For once Goldy, I’m prepared to take your word for something and side with you. Can you believe it?
    Goldy, I’m going to take your word for it that Rep. Darnielle was 100% SINCERE and Honest in that e-mail she sent out to her constituents.

    Now I’m not going to agree that Stefan is a prick just because he questions Darnielle’s honesty & sincerity. She’s a public figure and it’s his right to do so. But even though the e-mail was a bit schmaltsy….I suppose the poor woman was grieving and loved her father. I remember clearly how I felt when my Dad died…although I don’t remember concerning myself with whether or not his vote counted. Certainly she would have no reason to lie in that e-mail. I mean, if she did lie….that would be el sicko! I can’t imagine a Democrat would lie about something like that.

    So Goldy, out of all due respect to you, I would like to send my condolences to Rep. Darnielle. I pray the Lord is with her during her time of grief.

  65. 75

    Goldy spews:

    Cynical @ 74

    And you know what… I accept that you are being sincere in your statement.

    And yes, Stefan is not a prick “just because he questions Darnielle’s honesty & sincerity.” That was only the latest example.

  66. 76

    ivan spews:


    I don’t really care if Sharkansky is a prick or not, or whether you call him one or not, or whether he thinks Jeannie Darneille is stupid or not.

    But I went to his blog and read his post, and also all the comments that followed. It was just a bunch of hate-filled bullshit against Rep. Darneille, with all Stefan’s commenters seeing who could outdo the previous one in spewing hate and venom.

    I know Jeannie Darneille and her whole family. She is anything but stupid. Her positions have been stated over and over, and there is nothing there either smarter than anyone else’s, or more stupid.

    All Stefan did was incite hate speech. Jeannie has more brains in her little finger than all those wingnut haters put together anyway.

    Jeannie will have the last laugh on them anyway. She won re-election in the 27th District with 70 percent of the vote, and hardly broke a sweat doing it. The GOP didn’t even recruit anyone to run; some no-hoper filed as a Republican who no one had ever heard of. Jeannie’s House seatmate, Dennis Flannigan, ran unopposed.

    They have as much chance of capturing Jeannie’s seat as they have of flapping their arms and flying to the moon. Let Stefan have his little circle-jerk. The voters in Jeannie’s district will send him a bigger “fuck you” than we will on a blog.

  67. 78

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    Ass @ 73You’re the best qualified person here to answer your own question. -Comment by Don— 2/2/05 @ 10:35 pm

    Actually, in that I DON’T call myself an ASS and in no way associate myself with the party of the ASS, I’m not.

    YOU dear, darling, sweet folks, who so proudly fly THAT banner, so grandly wear, and so masterfully represent that name of ASS which you hold in such high esteem, have lovingly knighted me with that very same name you love best.

    Thanks! I’ll try to live down to it. See ya there!

  68. 79


    I won’t call you names, David, but you appear to be unable to recognize or apply sound logic. You said: “While she backs up her rationale with personal anecdotes, her logic is sound….”

    Her argument isn’t logically sound. She begs the question.

    The question is whether Gregoire is rightfully in office as the duly elected governor.

    Rep. Darneille assumes that Gregoire is rightfully in office, then argues that another election isn’t the right thing to do because some people who voted in 2004 cannot participate in 2005.

    She assumes the very thing she needs to prove, i.e., that Gregoire is the duly elected governor who is rightfully in office.

    The term for that kind of logical fallacy is “begging the question.”

  69. 80

    jcricket spews:

    Micajah – I’m not sure you’re correct there. If anything Republicans are guilty of the same thing.

    Gregoire is rightfully in office until the courts prove otherwise. The election has been certified by the legislature, which has the final say in this matter, unless an election contest is filed and won (which is currently underway). Right now all we have is Republican speculation and BIAW spin. The burden of proof has not been met in the proper place for an election contest (i.e. in court, not in public opinion/blogs).

    So Gregoire is the Governor. It is “begging the question” to assert that our election was flawed enough to overturn it without proving that through an election contest statues. So you can’t argue that we “need” a re-vote unless you believe that something has already been proven when it hasn’t.

    Rep. Darneille is also addressing the faulty premise of calling for a “re-vote” in general. Even if the courts were to decide to annul this election and hold another vote, it wouldn’t be a re-vote because it wouldn’t be a re-run of what happened in the last election. It would be a different year, with different issues and probably different candidates (in addition to Gregoire and Rossi). That’s usually referred to as “another election” or a “special election”. It’s Republican spin to attempt to describe it as a “do-over”.

    If it’s a “re-vote” (similar to what you might do if you had a tie vote in a committee at work and decided to table the issue until tomorrow) you need to at least guarantee the same people and same issues are involved.

  70. 81


    Having researched at length at least some of the allegations made by Sound Politics and specifically Sharkansky…I can say without hesitation that rarely have I seen such sloppy, uneven, unfounded and unsound (no pun intended) work in my life.

    Beginning with the grossly inaccurate posts on the military ballots to the latest charges of illegal voters, the Sharkansky juggernaut is doing nothing but looking under rocks…trying to find something that sticks.

    The bottom line is that the Washington Gubernatorial election, while likely flawed, was an even playing field for both candidates. That’s the reason we have election law in the first place…so that all sides have an even field from which to campaign and attempt to win.

    None of the allegations by Sharkansky come close to showing that somehow Gregiore was favored. And from my research, the vast majority of the allegations are irrelevant and/or false.

  71. 82

    HowCanYouBePROUDtobeAnASS spews:

    I guess we’ll ALL know tomorrow.

    Gosh, I wonder if the nervous Chrissy is STILL taking her sleeping pills.

  72. 83

    Christine G spews:

    Stefan IS a prick, for no other reason than he bans posters who disagree with him.

    I don’t think Goldy has banned anyone.

    But, Stefan is from the party that excluded Democrats from Bush speeches during the campaign, and that put out a list of people not to be admitted to Bush’s SS speeches, people like high school kids, librarians, and city council members.

    You know, the anti-American party.

  73. 84

    Don spews:

    Micajah @ 79

    Yes, she’s rightfully in office, because we held an election and she won. Before you come back with, “but the election was flawed,” well guess what Dubya got into office via a flawed election too — both times.

  74. 85

    Don spews:

    Carla @ 81

    I don’t know what Shark said about military votes but from listening to Pubbies generally, they believe thousands of military folks were disenfranchised.

    They can try this one little fact on for size: Of more than 14,000 military/overseas absentee ballots received by King County, only 16 weren’t counted because they arrived too late. Of course, those probably aren’t all military votes, they’re a mix of military and civilians living/working overseas. And they probably aren’t all Rossi votes either — most likely some undervotes and Gregoire votes in there. For that matter, why do Republicans assume that all military voters voted for Rossi? That’s probably not true. And why did these 16 ballots arrive late? King County mailed ALL of its military/overseas ballots by the federal Oct. 8 deadline. Out of 14 thousand voters do you think there might be a couple of proscratinators? At least a couple? So what are we really looking at here? Rossi may have lost somewhere between 0 and 1 net votes because of mail problems affecting military votes in King County. 2 at the most.

  75. 86

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    carla @ 81–
    Please tell us more about your “research” on SoundPolitics.
    Sharkansky is brilliant. PERIOD!
    A lot of the information being presented in Court is a result of his work. Was he wrong about there being thousands more votes than voters in KingCo carla?
    Your Dem. cronies have said it is “IMPOSSIBLE” to reconcile.
    So why does Jefferson County have 18,769 Voter names + 3 ACP(Address Confidentiality Program) Voters= 18,772 Voters
    18,772 Ballots Counted.
    And Jefferson County did it with only 2 Election Staff.
    And, by the way, Jefferson County is a highly Democratic County.
    Did your “research” reveal that Carla?? I didn’t think so.
    carla, your idea of research is to outline your conclusion and then look only for evidence that will support your conclusion. That ain’t “research” honey…that’s propaganda!

  76. 87

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I got ahold of Sharkansky to find out his perspective on why you think he is such a “prick”.
    Geez Goldy, as a Libertarian, I would never judge what you do in your private life but is it actually legal to do those kind of things with farm animals????

    I can understand you are upset that Sharkansky had his brand-new digital camera at that hog farm in Carnation and happened upon you in that hog pen. You can only imagine how startled Shark was to see a grown man doing those kinky things with a pig. And a Jewish man at that!!!! It was merely a reflex reaction to take those pictures Goldy!! And when he got home, he was still in such shock, he showed his buddy the photos on his computer. SHARK did not know his wife would forward them to her mom without looking at them GOLDY!!!!!!!!

    Rather than harbor a grudge, I think it would help your psychy to chalk it up to an unfortunate coincidence and poor communication.

    PS–Are you sure what you were doing is legal???

  77. 88

    Christine G spews:

    Hi Mr. Cynical –

    Your post is absolutely disgusting.

    It shows you to be a vile, hateful troll, with absolutely no regard for the rules of common decency or civilized discussion.

    However, if I check back tomorrow, I will see more of your posts. Goldy won’t ban you.

    I suggest that you try to reverse the names and post at soundpolitics. You will be banned. I got banned for a small jab at shark about ocd.

    Your side of the argument doesnt understand respect. We respect your right to make an absolutely raving idiot of yourself, on our turf if you please. Your side admits of no dissent, no matter how minor or reasoned.

    I know who’s America I want to live in.

  78. 89

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Chrstine G—
    In all due respect….which is NONE!
    Eat shit and die!!
    That’s my America!
    You Lefty’s are good at acting offended.
    Go back thru the past 3 months and look at your brethren and tell me your side is 100% “civil” and “respectful”. I mean Goldy is obviously jealous of Stefan for all the national attention Stefan is getting. Goldy finally has enough, blows up and calls Stefan a “prick”. Is that the kind of “respect” you are touting??
    Christine G–let she who lives in glass houses cast the first stone. Whenever Lefty’s feel cornered in a debate, the cry ‘incivility”. If this is too much for you, go curl up in a corner and suck your thumb and clutch your “blankie”.

    And what Goldy wants to do in his personal life is fine with me–

  79. 90

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Oh and Christine G–
    Have you NO sense of humor?
    I’ll bet Goldy got a good chuckle out of this one.
    Besides, a little controversy is good for the blog….
    I like Goldy and appreciate him.
    What I can’t stomach are cretians like you that constantly feign personal offense and then hurl yourself in a heap on the floor like somebody stabbed you or something. Pathetic.

    Christine G–“Queen of the Perpetually Offended”
    Oh and you double-parked your broom!

  80. 91

    Christine G spews:

    Hi Mr. Cynical –

    I don’t think that having sex with farm animals is funny. Must be my Catholic school upbringing.

    You are right that I have “cried” incivility. But you still can post on this board.

    I cannot post on soundpolitics, and it isn’t because I went anywhere near the line you have, accusing people of sick sex acts.

    I will be here tomorrow, whether you think I’m a baby or not. You will be here tomorrow, with your crude insults and sex “jokes.”

    I won’t be on soundpolitics. I can find the post that got me banned, if you’d like to see it.

    Think of these blogs as countries.

    Where, my friend, is the Cuba of the internet?

    Then ask yourself who should be running America.

  81. 92

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Christine G–You are a “SICK” woman!!
    Where did I say Goldy was having sex with farm animals???
    I said “kinky things”. According to your hero, Bill Clinton, that isn’t sex. I can just see Goldy now pointing his finget at the camera telling us, “I did not have sex with that pig, Porky”!
    You have allowed your perverted mind to drift. You need to go to confession…immdeiately!

  82. 93

    sf spews:

    I really think that these posts are all made by just one or two people using different names. Kinda of like voting more than once.

    BTW Rossi! Rossi! Rossi! Rossi! Rossi! Rossi! Rossi! Rossi!

  83. 94

    Mister X spews:

    Sorry if I sound new to this blog (which I am), but the funniest thing about the hubub around the BIAW/Vance/Sharkowsky “revelations” regarding dead felons or overvotes or undervotes or registration disparities or whatvever is that this stuff has happened in every recent Washington State election – and no one has ever noticed because this is the first time an election has come down to so few votes.

    Of course, this “fatally flawed” election process didn’t concern Republicans until they lost the recount.

    I guess that’s what makes me a Democrat – I’m more offended by any rightful voter being disenfranchised by government action (Florida or Ohio, anyone?) than I am by having my legitimate vote watered down (however infinitesimally) by individuals who cast improper or illegal ballots.

    This is why the revote is going nowhere – a few thousand miscast ballots by individuals acting on their own accord out of a total of 2.9 million total does not systemic election fraud make (on the other hand, given the close vote, I bet the Dems would be in court for one reason or another too if things went the other way)

    And if Goldy wants to break a few glass Republican jaws after putting up with an ocean of name calling, fine by me. After the last 12 years of dishing it out, it’s time wingers learned to take it.

  84. 95

    Christine G spews:

    Stef says today:

    “Christine Gregoire has received a death threat. The death threat was inexcusable. But then so was Gregoire’s reaction:

    She said blamed “the level of discussion on some of these talk radio shows” for whipping up people.
    Oh, please. I’ve heard a lot of discussion about Gregoire and the governor’s race on talk radio. Yes, a lot of people are angry about the tainted election and the illegitimacy of Gregoire’s governorship. But I’ve never heard any appeals to violence on any talk radio show that I listen to, nor would any of the hosts that I know permit such talk on their programs.

    For Gregoire to equate public outrage over serious failures of government with death threats, is not merely a ridiculous mischaracterization, it’s an attempt to delegitimize and stifle dissent. Appalling.”

    What amazing hypocrisy. I’m banned from the prick’s board for using the phrase OCD in reference to one of his postings. He accuses Gregoire of fraud, talks about a revolution, calls Dean Logan names, spreads allegations of criminal conduct…and then when one loose nut gets a little too excited by all the passion he’s help stir up, he dissavows all responsibility.

    I listen to talk radio. They’ve been stirring up anger for months, which is their right. They do it with irresponsible rhetoric and false allegations, which is also their right, but not moral or admirable. The right does nothing but “stifle dissent” by calling Democrats terrorist sympathizers, communists, or worse.

    I think Stef is really unhinged. I’m not stiffling dissent – I think he needs help.

  85. 96


    Mr. Cynical:

    I have written a series of posts having to do with my research on the Washington Gubernatorial Election. You can read them all at my blog, All of the research I’ve written about to date is there.

    Second, I’m not your “honey”, so please refrain from addressing me that way.

    Third, if the Republicans are using Sharkansky’s “research” to prove their case in court, they’re in trouble. Even if everything Sharkansky has written is true (and I’ve already proved several of those things false), it doesn’t change the fact that the election was held on a level playing field. There is no evidence of fraud by election officials or by voters, nor is there evidence of misconduct, as meets the legal definition.

    The Republicans in Washington State are trying to change the rules AFTER the election, in order to get a new election.

  86. 97

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Sorry about calling you my “honey”. I should have referred to you as my little “fuzzy-legged broad”.

    I have seen your research. I’m a CPA and I have many friends who are actuaries. In the Actuarial World, they call folks like you “KOOKS”!!

    And hey carla, congratulations on your big win in Court today!! You must be thrilled. Darn, you Lefty’s really know how to wow the Judge.

  87. 98

    jcricket spews:

    So Cynical – the Republicans were going to “show their hand” and reveal some magical secret evidence in court? They were just holding back to “wow” us?

    Turns out they (like you) were bluffing.

    Sore losers.

  88. 99


    Mr Cynical:

    Have you always been an asshole or is this just a dry run for you to get a guest shot as a hack for SoundPolitics?

    I’m quite pleased with the court ruling, since you asked. It’s looking like a slam dunk with for the Dems..even without the total dismissal (yet)

  89. 100

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’ve pretty much always been an asshole! Thank you for asking!

    By the way, when was the last time you took a bath??
    Unemployed Hippy’s usually scam money off desperate folks who are lonely or have serious health problems….so what kind of New-Age, Spiritual Healing is your schtick Carla??

  90. 101

    ERNurse spews:

    Just checking out the digs… gosh.

    Let’s see… maybe over here…nope.

    How about over there…? Aw, shucks. Nope.

    Oh, wait! Over there…!

    Nope. Just a dust bunny.

    No brains here.

  91. 102

    ERNurse spews:

    Oh, and by the way…

    You also have a very, very poor functional knowledge of the English language. Must have been that public school education.

    So this is the future of liberal America… it smells like feces. I hope you’re happy here.

    I guess if you can do it to Broadway, you can do it to your own website.