by Goldy, 08/31/2007, 10:53 AM

The Seattle Times calls for Idaho Sen. Larry Craig to resign, and I couldn’t disagree more:

Craig could stand for election next year, and be slaughtered at the polls. That would be grossly unfair to his Republican Party.

Actually, a doomed Craig campaign is exactly what his Republican Party deserves. Craig’s sexuality has long been Idaho’s worst kept political secret, and yet he and his party continued to present him as a “family values” candidate, a champion of the divisive, anti-gay, uniquely Republican jihad that actually perpetuates the restroom cruising culture that ultimately brought him down. As Dan Savage points out over on Slog, “The overwhelming majority of men cruising toilets .. are desperate, pathetic closet cases.” You know, desperate, pathetic closet cases like Sen. Craig.

Think about it. I find it a little gross to even pee in the typical mens room, let alone have sex in one. Regardless of sexual preference, how much shame and self-loathing must a man have to sit down in the filthy, stinking stall of a public restroom, and get turned on by the thought of the stranger taking a dump in the stall next to you?

So hang in there Sen. Craig. By firmly standing your ground and refusing to resign, you will finally give Idaho the kind of US Senator it deserves. A Democrat.

Just listen to Craig get all hot for that “naughty, naughty” Bill Clinton:

35 Responses to “Stand by your man”

1. OneMan spews:

Dude, if you think Idaho will EVER elect a Democratic senator, you have your head ‘way in the clouds.

Even if Craig stays on (unlikely), he won’t run again or if he does he’ll get creamed in the primary. There is no scenario I can see where he runs in the general election.

Idaho is very much like eastern Washington…Dems don’t have a chance.


2. chadt spews:

Yeah, OneMan, but a late acquaintance of my youth there, Frank Church, might disagree with you.

3. OneMan spews:

Frank Church is from an Idaho of a different era. E. WA used to elect Dems too.

I’d be happy to be proven wrong but that’s the way I see it.


4. ArtFart spews:

C’mon, Goldy…there’s no shortage of Republicans to throw rocks at. There are plenty of ‘em in Congress, not to mention this excuse for an administration, who’ve done far, far worse than try to fellate a cop in a men’s room.

5. michael spews:

Frank Church wasn’t all that long ago and he was shoved out by the the ugly practices of people like Larry Craig. Now that the family values hate mongers have run their course the fields safe for another Frank Church. The Dems gave the R’s a good run for their money in CD’s 05 & 08 i n Washington and we’ve got Max Baucus, John Tester & Brian Schweitzer over in Montana. Larry LaRocco in the Senate would be a natural extension of the growth taking place in the Democratic party.

6. delbert spews:

“I’m not gay. The guy sucking my dick? He’s gay.”

L. Craig

Hypocrisy in all its forms bothers me. Craig should resign, and now that all the Haditha marines have been cleared, John Murtha should resign. After being kicked hard in the nuts. Twice.

7. robin spews:

I’m with Goldy on this one! But I think he’s gone by the end of the day. Too bad as it would be fun to see this ah stand for re-election with the bathroom tapes playing in the background. I’ve been wondering if the cops have video as well!

The guy just gives me the CREEPS! yuk

8. Milo spews:


Last I heard, 3 officers and two Marines are still facing charges in that case – the officers for failing to investigate.

9. Lee spews:

Delbert doesn’t get his news from “the filter”. :)

10. Roger Rabbit spews:

1,3 – “Idaho of a different era. E. WA used to elect Dems too”

What makes you think the wingnut era will last forever? I predict that Idaho and e. Washington will elect Democrats again someday. And maybe in the not-so-distant future.

11. Roger Rabbit spews:

The GOP is imploding fast and soon there’ll be nothing left of it except a smoking shell.

12. Roger Rabbit spews:

The Republican Party is like the Chernobyl reactor caving in on itself — radioactive, toxic, and unable to stand.

13. Roger Rabbit spews:

@6 “now that all the Haditha marines have been cleared”

… uh, I don’t think this is accurate.

14. Roger Rabbit spews:

@6 But let’s suppose everyone involved in the Haditha atrocity got away with it. Would that make you feel proud? Yeah, it would, you sick fuck.

15. Right Stuff spews:

Good Riddance Larry Craig. I hope you get the help you need.
The citizens of Idaho, and the United States deserve better.

16. SeattleJew spews:

Is there anyone out there NOT taking speed?

There are lotsa reasons pollytishuns otta fall, hypocrisy is among them, but exploring the space between one BR stall and another seems ..well, a bit extreme.

If it was well known that Craig was a hypocrite were were the blogs? Where were the fucking MTM? If all the reportets knew that this man was what he now appears to be howsit they neva said it?

Nuther isssue is th Reprican party. If Craig wa suspected of being False Family Fagella, why did the Party not gently move him aside long ago??

This seems to me to be the same issue as lil Bush. It is now clear that he is dimwitted. It is beyond belief that this was not known to folks like Woodward and James Baker. Howsit they never spoke up until lil Bush had waisted a trillion $$ and 4000 American lives?

17. Right Stuff spews:


He’s only mad becuase Clinton did it with a female intern…. although they both apparently prefer a bathroom….

Can he resign fast enough?

18. hotfootharp spews:

Yes, Goldy is right.
We should all take a wide stance and stand by our man.

19. Mark1 spews:

@1: Agreed. Typical for naive Goldy to make assumptions of something that will never happen. Idahoians might want Craig out, but they’re not dumb enough to replace him with a whiney liberal.

20. chadt spews:

he Righters want him gone, and I certainly can’t blame them, but it certainly indicates how much damage they seem to think he might do. Let’s long for his longevity.

Actually, he’s said to be such a contrarian sob that even the RNC is afraid to publicly call for his resignation out of fear that he won’t, just to spite them.

21. robin spews:

msnbc just reported that Craig will issue a statement resigning Saturday. Chickenshit can’t even stand before the cameras!!! Gee big difference from the ah on MTP calling Clinton a bad boy! AH a fucking coward to boot!

Larry will be free to troll the world’s airport restrooms.

The wife was a staffer in his office and they got hitched shortly after the 1982 page scandal, kids were hers. Instant family man!

22. Roger Rabbit spews:

@15 Why do you hate queers?

23. My Left Foot spews:

Craig is hypocrite. He is gay as my neighbor Jayson. Why doesn’t the right wing understand that is fucking wrong to talk and vote one way, while living your life another? Why do they continually accept and promote anyone who will agree with the party line, regardless of their personal life?

God dammit, Left Foot, you know why.

Maintaining power at all costs. Problem is:


Good bye Larry. I feel sorry for your wife who you trotted out like the prop she is. Her face said it all. She did not look at you once during your “I AM NOT GAY” speech. At the least you are a closeted bi-sexual. At worst, well, you are a disingenuous lying sack of shit.

I am inclined to the latter thought.

24. chadt spews:

From the PI Web site:

BOISE, Idaho — Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig will resign from the Senate amid a furor over his arrest and guilty plea in a police sex sting in an airport men’s room, Republican officials said Friday

25. michael spews:

@ 1&19

Idaho already has an openly gay state Rep: Nicole LeFavour. LeFavour is a liberal from Boise, which bugs the good old boys. But, if you look where the money, power and population are shifting, it’s towards the liberals in Boise. The Tech. Sector in Boise is worth more than mining is in the whole state, that’s where the job growth is as well.

Idaho has a history of liberalism Big Bill Hayward and the IWW folks hung out in Idaho (hehehe…), there’s Frank Church of course, and Cecil D. Andrus (D) is much loved.

Dem’s can win in ID!

26. chadt spews:

Cecil came to dinner at our house (he had been a Navy buddy of my stepdad) on the night Richard M Nixon was elected. You can imagine the festive atmosphere. Of course, things looked up considerably for him upon the election of Jimmy Carter.

27. Right Stuff spews:


Why would you say that?

The help he needs is not that he is or isn’t gay, it’s the fact that appearantly he is so ashamed of himself, he can’t be or do what he wants to do….

He needs help with honesty…

28. Lee spews:

The help he needs is not that he is or isn’t gay, it’s the fact that appearantly he is so ashamed of himself, he can’t be or do what he wants to do….

He needs help with honesty…

Exactly. Careful, Roger. You pulled a Stamn there. :)

29. eridani spews:

If the homophobic righty wingnuts want to kick Craig out, they ought to be consistent and kick Vitter the Shitter out too.

30. Roger Rabbit spews:

@27 “Right Stuff says: … He needs help with honesty…”

No shit, Sherlock!! That’s pretty endemic with Republicans these days. It seems to be a genetic disorder with them.

31. Roger Rabbit spews:

@28 “You pulled a Stamn there.”

No, I didn’t. I merely asked RS a question in his native tongue.

Larry Craig doesn’t need help for being gay, but he could use a better attorney than himself, if he’s going to hit up cops for sex.

This, of course, is not what RS meant by suggesting Craig seek “help.” What RS means is that Craig should seek help for his, er, affliction. That is, his gayness.

I challenged RS on this point in his native lingo so he would understand what I’m asking him. “Queer” is a pejorative RS can grasp. If you want to argue with a Russkie, speak Russian. The same principle applies here.

Why is that difficult to understand?

32. Broadway Joe spews:

Here’s an interesting take on it all, from a cultural aspect….

Though oddly enough, Andrew didn’t write it, since he’s on his honeymoon

33. Right Stuff spews:

Rabbit, please drop the shovel, your only getting that hole deeper..

You couldn’t be more wrong….in any language

34. Lee spews:

This, of course, is not what RS meant by suggesting Craig seek “help.” What RS means is that Craig should seek help for his, er, affliction. That is, his gayness.

I must have missed that because I don’t see it anywhere. Is there something from another thread where he said something like that?

35. Marvin Stamn spews:

#23 My Left Foot says:

Maintaining power at all costs. Problem is:
Good bye Larry. I feel sorry for your wife who you trotted out like the prop she is.

We know how you feel about larry, did you feel the same way about James McGreevey having a gay affair behind his wifes’ back.