St. Louis Rams Make Michael Sam the NFL’s First Openly Gay Draft Pick

University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam became the first openly gay player to be taken in the NFL draft, when the St. Louis Rams selected him in the seventh round, the 249th pick out of 256.

At 6-1, 261 pounds, Sam is considered undersized for his position and not a great fit for the Rams’ 4-3 defense, so he’d have to be considered a long shot to make the team. But still, his high-profile draft selection breaks an awfully important barrier for gay athletes weighing the career implications of coming out of the closet. So kudos to the Rams for using a draft pick to make this statement.


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    seatackled spews:

    I hadn’t heard of him before he came out, but I don’t really follow college football. But isn’t he pretty good? He might be better than a long shot; in either case, good for the Rams for drafting him.

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    Puffy Butt spews:

    @4 Don’t let the religious right or any bigot shame you into thinking that you side with the intolerant gay mafia, and that you will be dammed and not go to heaven because you yourself are tolerant of the gays. They want control of your mind and body.

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    Puffy Butt spews:

    I don’t think that there is one gay person out there that feels he should be on the team just because he is gay, and that it doesn’t matter how he can play. I think the concern with any gay person is that he be excluded from playing just because he is gay, not because he is not good enough.

    No one is suggesting that he be on the team even if he can’t perform, but if he performs he shouldn’t be excluded just because he is gay.

    Why is it that the bigot is going to say well he isn’t good enough, just because he is gay?

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    Haganah spews:

    @8 Ladies and gentlemen (whoops thats probably not pc anymore)…I present to you, a prime example of the tolerance of the left.

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    Better spews:

    @9 Would you like some quotes from the Free Republic to see what REAL intolerance looks like?
    Some of us on the left are no longer tolerant of the intolerant, it gains us nothing. We will call you on your stupidity as we see fit.
    Here is a classic joke a strong conservative told me.

    A bunch of hippies were protesting the war in front of the military base.
    A real conservative went up to one of the protesters and socked him in the jaw.
    “Hey man, that’s’ not cool” said the protestor puzzled .
    The conservative slugged him again.
    “Hey man, stop that” said the protestor .
    The conservative slugged him again.
    The protestor is mad and hurt now, he’s about to hit the guy back.
    “I though you were a movement of peace” said the conservative.
    “Dang it, we are, violence never solved anything. We are better than that.”
    So the conservative slugged him again.

    My conservative friend busted out laughing, he thought that was the best joke ever!
    You remind me of him.

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    Haganah spews:

    So not caring about an openly gay football player, automatically makes one a bigot? If you liberals let your skin get any thinner, you are going to need to get to an ER quick.

    If the left wants to label me a bigot for a having a nonchalant attitude about gay people and their career choices…I’ll wear that sticker proudly.

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    Better spews:

    @12. But you took the time to write a post, dismissing it on a public message board, and then got all indignant when you are called on it for being a bigoted comment.
    You have the right to your opinions. but you don’t have the right to post any damned fool inflammatory thing you want, without consequence or comment.