Spokane man accused of threatening family of Colorado doctor

The Spokesman-Review reports that prosecutors allege a Spokane man threatened a Colorado doctor’s family not long after the murder of Dr. George Tiller.

A man said people from Utah were going to travel to Colorado to kill the family of William Hern, founder of the clinic and one of the few doctors in the country known to perform late-term abortions.

Authorities traced the June 23 phone call to Spokane.

Two days earlier, The Spokesman-Review had published a front-page story detailing Hern’s practice, Boulder Abortion Clinic, and the increase in business he’d seen since Tiller’s murder.

Prosecutors say Donald Hertz, 70, made the threat after he read that story, said Hertz’s lawyer in Spokane, Russell Van Camp.

And before anyone excuses this as just the rash bluster of some old coot, let’s remember that the asshole who walked into the Holocaust Museum with guns blazing was 88 years old.

What we are witnessing in this country is the sad end result of decades of right-wing lunacy. Here’s a little factoid from the S-R story that leaves you shaking your head. (emphasis mine)

A retired real estate developer and insurance salesman with no criminal record, Hertz was taken into federal custody Wednesday morning and appeared in U.S. District Court in Spokane that afternoon.

He’s not in custody now but is scheduled to appear in federal court in Denver next month. Van Camp said he’ll try to move the case to Spokane.

Good thing he wasn’t wearing a pro-Constitution t-shirt at a Republican rally, they might have locked him up while he awaits further legal proceedings. I mean, did this guy even have to post bail? Wouldn’t want to trouble the old gent too much.


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    Another crime that John could have written about, Monday night a man was beaten, kicked, then robbed in downtown Seattle, by four males.


    Sort of reminds me of what happened to Tubaman, except this time the guy didn’t die.

    We live in a city run by a Democrat, within a county run by a Democrat, within a district run by a Democrat, within a state run by a Democrat, with two Democratic senators and a Democratic president.

    Fuck you, John.

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    Deathfrogg spews:

    The wingnut at work, is 62 years old. He’s a rabid right wing lunatic John Bircher type who will swear up and down that Obama is going to round up all the white christians and put them in FEMA run camps, built by Bill Clinton in the rural parts of the country. He’ll go on for hours if you let him. The railroad boxcars, built airtight, with built in shackles, the fumigation centers in the midwest, that can hold 20 boxcars at a time. The mass gravesites in eastern Washington, in Okanogan county, Ferry County. the 5 million prefabricated plastic tupperware type coffins that are being stockpiled in Air Force bases around the country. The 100,000 guillotines the DHS ordered in Feburary of ’09. I’ve heard it all from this guy.

    On and on and on etc etc etc ad fucking nauseaum.

    I don’t know where this comes from. It is sheer madness. It is becoming more and more mainstream, and I’m hearing it from more and more people that I once considered to be quite rational, at least a majority of the time. This radio jock on Coast to Coast AM spreads this crap far and wide. It is re-enforced by inferences from the likes of Beck and O’reilly and Malkin. It is strongly re-enforced in the churches they go to.

    The rationale, Hilter was a popular socialist, and Obama is a socialist, so Obama is planning to do what Hitler did, only to the property owners this time. After all, Hitler was elected too.

    The paranoia and other general psychotic weirdness runs so thick you couldn’t cut it with a chainsaw. These people are dead serious about being the next holocaust. They really fucking believe it.

    Ya’know what I think it is?

    Psychologists have a word for this. It’s called projection. Methinks, they doth protesteth too much. Self-imposed, deliberately self inflicted psychotic paranoia. Rabidising themselves on purpose. Getting ready to DEFEND themselves from this new socialist threat to their lives and property rights.

    I don’t think it is even conscious. It’s like the lemmings legend. They just gotta be the next “first with the worst”. They take turns making up crazier and crazier bullshit, then insist that they couldn’t possibly be wrong, it is IN THE BIBLE. The next horrible even in history is all about them.

    Its just insane.

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    Me spews:


    Your anecdotal evidence of what you believe Republicans and Conservatives are is totally out the window. The vast majority of both Democrats and Republicans are totally sane and law abiding.

    Both sides on Blogs try to intimidate each other exactly as you are trying to do but your post only shows your lack of understanding.

    Have a good day!!

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    correctnotright spews:

    And the batshit insane will inherit the earth…ain’t that in the bible too?

    The meek? They ain’t republicans and they sure as heck aren’t for health care for all.

  5. 5

    correctnotright spews:

    @2 Oh, Dear me:

    Here are the results of a poll (not anectdotal information):

    Only 62% of respondents reported believing that Obama was born in the United States.
    10% thought he was born in Indonesia, 7% thought he was born in Kenya, 1% thought he
    was born in the Philippines, and 20% weren’t sure. Among Republicans 44% think he
    was not born here while just 36% believe that he was

    The bottom line is that a majority of republicans believe something that is patently false – not only that but they can’t even get the country right (supposedly Kenya, not Indonesia) – so they are stupid as well, because they can’t even get their non-facts straight.

    Does the health care reform plan being considered by President Obama and Congress require elderly patients to meet with government officials to discuss “end of life” options including euthanasia?
    Yes 19
    No 58
    Not sure 23

    Yes No Not sure
    Dem 9 74 17
    Rep 37 31 32

    Ind 17 61 22

    Let’s see…republicans are the group with 69% either not sure or yes on death panels.

    Yup, they ARE THAT stupid.

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    headless: Rat City Runcible Spoon spews:

    This is why it’s OK to call Republicans Brownshirts — because they are.

    Like all bullies, they’ll cry hard when people have had enough and start striking back. You watch. One more murder of a physician just doing his job and someone is going to lay into some demonstrators at an abortion clinic.

    You guys can’t win. We got the numbers.

  7. 7

    headless: Rat City Runcible Spoon spews:

    re 3: “Your anecdotal evidence of what you believe Republicans and Conservatives are is totally out the window. The vast majority of both Democrats and Republicans are totally sane and law abiding.”

    Put down your crack pipe. Give me an example of a Democratic senator who goes to his home state and woos the crazies with talk of ‘death panels’?

  8. 9

    proud leftist spews:

    We’re fucked. Facts and reasoning seem to have gone out of style on the conservative side of the aisle. That is not a healthy development. They only care about what they believe, and what they believe is impervious to what is.

  9. 10

    Broadway Joe spews:

    You almost have to feel sorry for a bastard like Hertz. After all, he’s probably been continually brainwashed since the 70’s. Meet the full poisonous flower of the Southern Strategy, folks.

  10. 11

    Chris spews:

    This guy is a terrorist. Lock him up without charge for years. Waterboard him and make him confess.

  11. 12

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    From Idaho comes reports today that a GOP candidate told a rightwing audience he’d be glad to buy hunting tags to hunt President Obama, and that after last fall’s election schoolchildren chanted “Assassinate Obama!” on a school bus. Maybe that whole fucking state should be put under a mental health quarantine.

  12. 13

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 Troll, I know you’re an intelligent and well-educated and sensitive human being, so I’m interested in what your opinion is of that Spokane guy who threatened the abortion doctor. Do you think he committed a crime? Do you believe he should be prosecuted for this? If your answer to both questions is “yes,” do you think his actions deserve jail time?

  13. 14

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @2 It’s not hard to see what all this ranting and paranoia will lead to, is it? A young Adolf Hitler told the world exactly what he planned to do in Mein Kampf. Too bad nobody believed he was serious while it was still possible to stop him. Anyone who thinks the Far Right aren’t psyching themselves up to commit mass murder of liberals doesn’t hear what they’re saying. We liberals had damn well better arm ourselves for our own protection!

  14. 15

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @3 Oh, so now you’re trying to imply there are Democrats as threatening, violent, and crazy as these batshit-insane Republicans?

    You’re full of shit.

    And you’re also trying to imply that only a tiny number of marginalized fringe Republicans behave like this?

    Full of shit again. This is the ugly new face of the mainstream Republican Party.

  15. 16

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @6 “someone is going to lay into some demonstrators”

    I hope not. Like the townhall protesters, these people are entitled to their say. Unlike Republicans, we don’t believe in arresting people for expressing opinions.

    But criminal violence is an altogether different matter; law-abiding people are entitled, both legally and morally, to shoot back at someone who is trying to kill them.

  16. 17

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @10 “You almost have to feel sorry for a bastard like Hertz.”

    That would be a mistake. The law must deal with people like him as the cold-hearted, merciless bastards with murder in their hearts that they actually are.

  17. 18

    Zotz spews:

    Every problem has its solution.

    The last few doctors who perform late term abortions are actively training at least a dozen “second career” doctors who have stood up because of the Tiller murder.

    It’s time to call these people what they are — terrorists — and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the Patriot Act. These people call themselves “patriots” after all. Now there’s some delicious irony, huh?

  18. 19

    spyder spews:

    If we were to apply Dick logic, a la Cheney and his praise for all things torture, we need to be putting good old Mr Hertz under the most advanced enhanced torture just to make sure he doesn’t have any accomplices and knowledge of others who might engage in acts that are, by law, terrorist. Do you suppose he might offer names of innocent people who would then themselves need to be tortured