by Carl, 02/01/2013, 6:45 PM

At least in Seattle, and probably in other municipalities* in Washington, there’s an election February 12. Seattle has 2 levies. They’re an operations and a capital levy. They renew levies that will expire, so it’s not new money. I suspect Seattle will pass it easily, but I’m still mailing mine in. Taking no chances and all that.

If you’re not sure how to vote (and please, vote for them) the voter’s guide is adorable. It’s so tiny, I love it. Itty bitty teeny tiny l’il voter’s guide.

If you didn’t vote in the Presidential election a couple months ago but would like to vote for an operations levy (or if you’ve moved), Monday is the last day to register. You have to do it in person at your county because we can’t adjust to the fact that people use the Internet in 2013. The Secretary of State’s blog has a link to a map of where you can go to register.

* I’m not trying to insult other municipalities. The Sec of State’s page** for the election doesn’t have a list of what’s on the ballot, and I’m too lazy to investigate further.

** That still says Sam Reed at the top, so they may have other problems than difficult for me to navigate.

4 Responses to “Special Election!!!!!!!”

1. Michael spews:

Nothing to vote on in Gig Harbor.

Spokane has 3 things on the ballot including some funding for their libraries.

2. Tree Frog Farmer spews:

While we plan to vote for the levies, we still haven’t received our voters pamphlets, adorable though they may be. Tree Frog Farmesse has been looking for the pamphlet and is quite grumpy about not receiving it yet.

3. don spews:

The voter’s pamphlet is in the envelope with the ballot. It’s more of a brochure, having only two measures in Seattle to vote on.

4. Roger Rabbit spews:

According to the Republican Times, these levies aren’t simply renewals of expiring taxes; they’re the largest levies in Seattle School District History and would raise property taxes by $160 on a $400K home. Hey, I’m not saying that’s bad, or vote no, or anything like that; I’m simply pointing out that according to the Blethen Poop Sheet, this is more money than the expiring levies.