Sounders Update

Chris Kissel at our sister station, PubliCola, mentioned [see UPDATE 2] that the three challenges the Sounders would face in Dallas were red cards, heat, and arrogance. In the end though, it was a blown offsides call that cost them a win yesterday.

UPDATE: From the comments, here’s another view of the goal that makes it look like Rocha was just barely onside. Either way, the Sounders didn’t look their best yesterday.


UPDATE 2: Chris mentions below that while he posted that up, he did not write it himself. It was written by SoundersNerd.


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    Nindid spews:

    I agree with Ben… the call was close, but likely right as Ianni kept him onsides. Le Toux will never be a great finisher and I am starting to wonder if Jaqua will ever put it all together. We simply have to finish.

  2. 3


    Yeah, it was closer than the replays they showed during the broadcast.

    They blew a lot of chances yesterday.

  3. 4

    Undercover Brother spews:

    please……IT’S SOCCER.

    though it does look AWSOME on my 60″ Plasma…but it is still just soccer

  4. 5

    Chris K. spews:

    Also, just to be clear, I didn’t actually write that post. I just posted it up for the guy who is acting as our new Sounders Nerd.

  5. 6

    Broadway Joe spews:

    Calm down, peeps. This is still an ‘expansion’ team, remember? Not getting the full three points against the worst team in the league is a bitch, but there will be rougher patches than this.

  6. 7

    Oscar spews:

    They’ve been a little sloppy lately. I think teams have adjusted to Montero and the team is still working on finding its flow.