Sound Politics Weather Forecast

[I got such a kick out of this comment from Wyethwire, that I thought it deserved its own post.]

SoundPolitics weather forecast for tomorrow:

Seattle has on average 272 rainy days.
To date, there have been 260 rainy days in the Seattle area.

Therefore, we expect it to rain tommorrow, and every day for the rest of the year.
That still leaves eight rainy days unaccounted for.
In keeping with annual rainy days totals in Seattle it should have rained today, and every day last week.

The fact that it did not rain is an anomaly that must be accounted for before I will accept the legitimacy of this climate.

Phone call to God and Mother Nature have gone unreturned.


  1. 1

    Billy spews:

    Think that’s funny? Try this. It’s going around certain Seattle circles.

    For those of you outside the hinterlands, the dramatis personae:

    Saint Samuel – The extraordinarily honorable Sam Reed, Republican Secretary of State in Washington
    Chris Vance – The rapid pit bull Republican State Chairman
    Diane Too-bellicose – Diane Trebellius, Chief Counsel for the State Republican party and a ‘piece of work’.
    Ralpher – Ralph Munro, former Republican Secretary of State, principal advocate of a ‘do-over’ election.
    Harry and Diane – Harry Korrell counsel for the Republicans before the State Supreme Court. Diane as above.
    Mary – Mary Lane, chief of blather and bombast and spokesperson for the Rossi campaign.
    Daniel – Former governor Daniel Jackson Evans. Another fallen hero.

    ‘Twas the Night before Canvassing
    (With deep and profound apologies to literate readers)

    ‘Twas the Night before Christmas, when all through the House,
    Not a creature was stirring, except political hacks, of course;
    The elections were certified by the counties with care,
    In hopes that Saint Samuel soon would be there.

    The voters were nestled all snug in their beds,
    While nightmares of elections danced in their heads;
    And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
    Had just settled down for a single malt nightcap.

    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
    I sprang from my whiskey to see what was the matter.
    Away to the window, I flew like a (flash)
    (Ah, we don’t say ‘window and flash’ together in my neighborhood)
    Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

    The capitol dome on the gleam of fresh-fallen chad
    Gave view of Chris Vance screaming, “We’ve all been Had!”
    And, then what to my wondering eyes did appear
    But Diane of Too-bellicose in full combat gear.

    With their candidate hiding behind shock troops, livid & quick,
    I knew the election was not yet over and my stomach felt sick.
    More rabid (sic) than bats, his coursers they came,
    As he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:

    “Now, Vancer! Now, Ralpher! Now, Harry and Diane!
    On, Mary! On Daniel! Get out there – keep tryin’
    Ignore all reason including our own,
    Get out in front of the every press microphone.”

    As elephant operatives to Republican counties they fly,
    When met with legal obstacles, together in unison cry,
    “We didn’t mean it, just kidding, don’t throw out our votes.
    The Supreme Court doesn’t get it, we only meant ‘Democrat’ totes.

    Ignore all previous arguments; heed not what we said
    Our guy was in front then, we meant quit when HE’S ahead.
    It never occurred to us that the Justices might listen
    If ‘Democrats’ argued for equal position.”

    “This drama’s not ended,” they cried in a huff.
    We’re going back to the counties until our man has enough.
    And then if we fail to turn things our way,
    It’s back to the courtroom for yet one more day.

    “The election’s been fixed, it’s not what we needed.
    If only that Gregoire had just conceded,
    When we were ahead, without further counting,
    We’d be home with our families instead of out pouting.

    ‘Tis a Republican governor for which we’ve been pining,
    We’re sick of the Democrats, taxing and whining.
    For one of our own, we’re long overdue,
    And if we don’t get him, damn right! We will sue.

    The commonwealth’s health is not our first matter,
    Winning, yes, Winning is worth ANY clatter.
    We’ll huff and we’ll puff and we’ll blow the dome down
    ‘Cause to us, disaster is better than another Democrat clown.”

    Well, I’d heard quite enough to make my head ache.
    So, I slammed down the sash, gave the doorknob a shake,
    Then, returned to momma and said with a heavy sigh
    “Pour two fingers more, there’ll be no sleeping tonight!”

  2. 2

    bby spews:

    Hey, thanks you all. Humor helps heal the wounds of accusation, insinuation, name calling and vapid propaganda largely uncontested in the media.

    Lazy and sloppy pinheads.

    When is the concession? I want to focus on the amazing tsunami disaster. Keeps my perspective vis a vis relative catastrophe.

    Dino, concede. It is over. Finished.

  3. 3

    jim p spews:

    LMAO, Yes the RePUGS have studied the election in the Ukraine. Rossi is acting just like the LOSER over there after the fact. The x decided that he will not conceed even though he was defeated. LMAO at DINO ROSSINVUCH and his idiotic cohorts

  4. 5

    ProgressiveOne spews:

    All I can say about that Billy, is what “a lazy piece of neo-satire that proves once again that alliteration is no substitute for wit. What offends me most are not the lame, partisan insults, but the absolute failure to mine the rich vein of material Dr. Seuss, uh I mean Clement Clarke Moore, provides to any self-respecting parodist.”


  5. 7

    motorhomeman spews:

    The LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD goes to the first person who can find a forged signature of a convicted felon who voted twice and died more than a year ago. 3 out of 4 earns you All-American status. 2 out of 4 gets you Honorable Mention. And 1 of 4 gets you a 1 year membership to the State Democratic Party!!
    You silly Lefties still can’t understand why none of the “wrongful acts” have been disclosed yet, can you? Why would the R’s do it until they have to?? Who cares about PR besides you morons? And you still don’t understand that the R’s would be foolish to try to set aside an election that they were winning?! Things have obviously changed and judgment day is fast approaching. Hard evidence required. Put up or shut up time. Public record requests, depositions all lie ahead. How many “I don’t recall”‘s will Berendt and his comrades utter?

  6. 8

    John Slyfield spews:

    I demand a recount. I counted 300 days of rain.

    Posts a public records request to Steve Pool, Rich Marriot, and the weather person at KIRO TV for a list of the days it rained or snowed, the amounts that it rained, and the totals at each of the following locations: Sea-Tac Airport, Downtown Seattle, and Ellensburg (where I go to school). I demand it so I can contest the weather results, since I have concerns about the accuracy of the instruments.

    Come on republicans, your public records request was disgraceful. Get over it, you lost.

  7. 9

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    Oh I see now – when the dems call for a LEGAL handcount it’s just all hunky dorrie but when Republicans ask for a LEGAL public records disclosure it’s disgraceful. Nice hypocrisy – try not to choke on it.

  8. 10

    motorhomeman spews:

    JohnSly–What are you smokin’ dude? Public record requests are a key part of open transparent government you idiot. And one of the main reasons I didn’t vote for Gregoire is her horrible track record in not responding timely to Public Record Requests!!
    The reason King Co is so slow in responding is because their Voter Registration Database is so screwed up they are embarrassed to release it and working overtime to update it BEFORE they respond. They are afraid if they just turn over what they have it will prove NEGLECT and allow the election to be set aside.

    The R’s haven’t brought forth specific examples of “errors, neglect or wrongful acts” because they were ahead until now. Why would you fight to set aside an election you were winning???

    There is a clear timetable and legitimate legal issues that will be pursued despite the ranting of bby, JohnSly et al for Rossi to concede. I never asked Gregoire to concede…why would she have as long as there were legal avenues?
    JohnSly–take a copy of the King Co voter registration list and join the fun. Remember, you get a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD if you find the forged signature of a convicted felon who voted twice and died more than a year ago!!!

  9. 11

    motorhomeman spews:

    Why would Gary Locke stick his nose into this certification process? He offered to fly Reed back from Oregon on Monday so he could certify on Monday instead of Thursday?? I’ll tell you’s clearly becuase the Dems want to start the 10-day clock ASAP so KingCo can try to stonewall the R’s Public Records Request!
    It’s also interesting that Berendt is giving the R’s unsolicited political advice about the “public consequences” it they legally contest the race. If what Berendt surmises is actually true, why wouldn’t he delight in seeing it happen??
    Berendt is up to his a$$hole in alligators trying to figure how to explain “wrongful acts”. And sorry Paul, a “wrongful act” is not just fraud.

  10. 12

    Goldy spews:

    Motorhome… it’s a joke… have a little laugh. We’re just making fun of the Snark’s statistic fetish, that’s all.

    I’m all for transparency and have nothing against public records requests.

  11. 13

    bby spews:


    To add a bit – ballot enhancement is common practice in all the counties using scanners. Going back years. Some fracas in Pierce 5-6 years ago on the topic.

    Might put the practice on “trial”- won’t float to overturn this election. The two go arounds with the SUPREMES already involved is also an interesting factor.

    No virgin turf, already in the judicial web, opinions taken. Large scale concepts like finality and completion and the staus quo of seatting a Gov. and on with the business of the State.

    It seems the conspiracy stuff is really taking hold…..

    RALPH MUNRO on trial….if the new guidelines came into use in 1997…well..well..well

    The Dino death trap.

  12. 14

    Goldy spews:

    It’s also interesting that Berendt is giving the R’s unsolicited political advice about the “public consequences” it they legally contest the race. If what Berendt surmises is actually true, why wouldn’t he delight in seeing it happen??

    Motormouth… do you really not understand PR, or do you just pretend not to understand PR? Just like I have been doing, Berendt is warning the GOP about the political price of contesting this election, so that he can extract the highest political price possible after they contest this election.

    Dino has every right to contest this election, just like Gregoire had every right to pay for a hand recount. But if he goes into court and shoots blanks, there is a political price to pay for unnecessarily dragging this election further through the courts.

    And for you to believe that there must be some kind of strategic reason for the R’s not publicly showing their hand, is wishful thinking. They’ve shown every hand they’ve had thus far, and they’ve done so quite successfully from a PR perspective.

  13. 15

    bby spews:

    Mr. Motomondohomerblahermoo — – week after week after week after week —– if you had one good stong example of fraud, in any county, by anybody except the Young Republicans – y’all would have waved it high in he air — with Vance shouting and bellowing, pissing his drawers—- you know who in the background- smiling like MonaLisaRossi—you GOT nothing except a big fat mouth.

    Ralph Munro on trial. I am growing to like it. Ask Dan Evans if he thinks that is a good idea. Calling the Times in the am.

    Dead on arrival, Dino death trap. BETTER concede.

  14. 16

    motorhomeman spews:

    I can appreciate the PR aspect you point out. But I have a much different viewpoint of the consequences of “dragging this out”.
    I don’t think it will hurt the R’s at all…I really mean that. Having been in government during my career, what you say is often the case. But this time is much different. Whether the R’s win or not, they will still extract a few pounds of flesh as they go thru the “wrongful acts, errors and neglect” of KingCo and key Democratic operatives.
    And you are absolutely wrong about the R’s showing their hand publicly. This PR thing is like a marathon. However the legal challenge is more like a sprint. Think about it.

    Do you really think the R’s would publicly disclose all their cards now? It would be like warming up for the 100-meter sprint by running a fast mile first. The starters gun for the sprint goes off 10 days from certification on Thursday. This is going to drive you crazy, isn’t it?
    The marathon started well before November 2nd….and you are behind.

  15. 17

    motorhomeman spews:

    I think you need to contact Dr. Phil…soon.
    You seem to be full of ideas for the R’s like when they should release their legal case. I can assure you no one is listening. You may wear yourself out before the “big show” begins dude. You have been spinning at warp speed..accelerating in circles. Look out bby!!!
    Aaarrrggghh! Just like the rare bird, the “darkinere”, you are about to fly up your own ass!

  16. 18

    bby spews:

    Their legal case – well Bubba you me me and my friends agry enough and we are going to the cow counties and see if there was a stuff or two for MonaLisRossi — I know you might file some papers, but a case—week after week after week after week – you bin promising satisfction toooolong

    And if Ralph Munro’s policy about enhancing ballots goes on trial- becomes your flash point for a lawsuit – my, how you consume your

    Dino will be a dead rat if he sues Ralph. End of career.

  17. 19

    motorhomeman spews:

    Your hysteria is hysterical. Do you really think Ralph Munro actually cares if Rossi sues him?? You go ahead and keep tryin’ to pick flyshit outta pepper dude.

  18. 20

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    Comment by bby— 12/27/04 @ 11:14 pm: well Bubba you me me and my friends agry enough and we are going to the cow counties…

    The babblefish and his imaginary friends evidently missed the meds cart when it came around.

  19. 21

    Jim King spews:

    bby- go read the law, and then look at King County’s practices. Ralph Munro’s WAC’s clearly state “Ballots shall only be enhanced when such enhancement will not permanently obscure the original marks of the voters.” Now, King County workers completely filling in ovals, or using white-out, doesn’t seem to be in compliance with the law, does it? And King County’s apparent violation of this law was not an issue in either State Supreme Court case. And the GOP has been yelling about ballot enhancement from the start.

    The problem that Dean Logan has created for Gregoire here is that when we then proceed to the manual count, what are we counting on these ballots- the enhanced marks? Or can we somehow see the original markings of the voter through the filled in ovals or white-out?

    The problem is not the administrative rules promulgated by Ralph Munro- it is King County’s failure to follow those rules…

    Dino won’t be suing Ralph…

  20. 22

    bby spews:

    The King Co canvassing board had special processing for enhanced ballots in the TV cast of the counting— remember the 1,600 plus – 7 hr marathon—think they were covering their butts.

    Called scraping, call the county Jim…..I miss few details, NSA training.

  21. 23

    Goldy spews:

    Motorhome… I am starting from the position that the R’s will not be able to prove in a court of law, fraud, misconduct, or error sufficient to overturn or set aside the results of this election. If I were to offer you even odds, I would be offering a suckers bet.

    From that position… this is all about PR. And I admit that the R’s have done a better job of PR than the D’s thus far. And while the R’s have a ton of good PR points to twist into a public perception of misconduct — like the “enhanced” ballots — I do not believe they provide much of a case in a court of law.

    So if I am right, and the R’s really don’t have a great case, then this is really all about PR. It’s all about the ’06 and ’08 campaigns.

  22. 24

    bby spews:

    Babblefish – isn’t that the band used at MonaLisaRosi fundraisers….I know Christine used the Rabblefish, all first cousins from PeEll….

    QUESTION FOR THE DINOCLAQUE- How much money does Rossi have in the 2008 fund? There is a GOOD reason to keep all the shit floating for months and months, if’in it keeps the CASH coming in from the rubes…

  23. 25

    Jim King spews:

    bby- You seem to miss a lot- that telecast wasn’t anything to do with the enhanced ballots, and I doubt any of the enhanced ballots were in that group, because DURING THE FIRST RECOUNT these ballots had been permanently marked to be crystal clear- at least per the county employees doing the marking and then feeding them into the machine.

    The telecast was during the secound recount, and was a review of ballots that were NOT crystal clear.

    At least now we know why NSA misses so much…

  24. 26

    bby spews:

    Hey – bubba King – think again. There were a number of ballots set in a special pile on Satterbergs left– for– as I remember it- those that had been enhanced and they were going to scrape them……without wanting to challenge the self righteous tonight, I suspect it is the reason many ballots were diverted to the canvassing board so that underlings didn’t deal with them.

    You have noted the power of the canvassing board. I think Logan et al were forestalling questions….

    Watched the whole thing- kept a tally of the count by a secretary.

    See the tape, you are midnight braying at the wrong person.

  25. 27

    bby spews:

    Jim- got your wires crossed, third count on Thur or Fri prior to releasing final count – think they counted 1900-2000 ballots.

  26. 28

    motorhomeman spews:

    That’s an awfully big assumption…that the R’s don’t have a good case in a Court of Law. How would you know Goldy?
    And you need to get your head on straight about what it takes to get an election set aside…it is not proving Fraud. The Left keeps using the “F” word. It’s error, neglect or wrongful act. Now I agree that clear-cut Fraud would be the R’s delight..from both a PR & Legal standpoint. But Fraud is very hard to prove. And Fraud is just one example of a “wrongful act”…understand????
    My guess is you will see many more than 130 examples and the Court will have to sift thru and evaluate each one. Hey, the burden is now on the R’ doubt about it. Put up or shut up.
    But as I’ve said repeatedly Goldy, they would have been foolish to try to set aside an election they were leading. Right? It’s obviously different now. However, they have 10 days from certification on Thursday to produce the goods. And KingCo is woefully behind on previous Public Records Requests which will obviously help find more specific examples. Obviously the Dems want to shorten the time-frame for R research on this data. Why else would Gary Locke offer to fly Reed up from Oregon to certify today?
    And you just have to believe that Logan is scrambling to update his database before responding to these Public Records Request. He has “neglected” to do all the necessary work one would expect BEFORE a certification. He is “backfilling”.

  27. 29

    jcricket spews:

    Goldy would know because the Republicans lost the last cast they brought before the Supreme Court. The one where they accused the Democrats of handling the KC 735 in an insecure fashion, and then failed to provide any evidence to support that claim. The Supremes pointed that out, not just that the evidence was shoddy, but that the Republicans provided no evidence.

    At that point the Republicans knew they were behind (by 10), so it would have been in their best interest (as always) to keep KC from counting the 735, and to call all of KCs recount actions into question. They couldn’t bring up any evidence when they needed to, because they didn’t have any.

    The fact that the Repubs are now going on a giant fishing expidition and Vance is publicly hedging his bets as to whether or not he’ll contest the election is even more proof that the Republicans have already shown their cards. They’re off looking for more because they’re fresh out of worthless accusations.

    Only the most rabid conspiracy theorist would keep rationalizing that the Repubs are “holding back” their best evidence to bring it forward in some public “burst” later.

  28. 31

    motorhomeman spews:

    so jcricket, if you are so confident that the R’s have shot their load (so to speak), why are you wasting so much energy on this. Go on vacation like me. If I thought everything was revealed, what would I have to gain by participating here??
    jcricket–you seem like a very confident Dem “spinner”…with a nagging doubt in the back of your alleged mind. I wouldn’t want you to attack me for stating that you actually have a mind when it hasn’t been proven and you’ve certainly not provided any hard evidence on any of your postings that you actually do have a mind. Yup, for now we’ll just refer to your “alleged” mind.
    Don’t you see any humor here jcricket?

  29. 32

    Jim King spews:

    bby- to begin with, the entire state did not have the opportunity to watch King County… BUT, how do you scrape off a fully darkened oval? Bray all you want, King County has got big problems… Having further defaced ballots hardly corrects the problem, does it.

    Such glee, to be followed by Democratic wails and gnashing of teeth…

  30. 33

    motorhomeman spews:

    Jim King is right-on here. The great part is this is one of a number of legal avenues the R’s have that has legs. This one could be the most serious. In the end, the sum total of all the “errors, neglect & wrongful acts” will be overwhelming to set aside this election.
    Also, KingCo’s failure to respond timely to Public Records request is part of the Gregoire Syndrome. She repeatedly stonewalled…remember the Boeing giveaway debacle?!

  31. 34

    DCF spews:

    Motorhome, how do you know all these little insignificant details there in California?

    To everyone else, all I can say is it’s God’s will, both the election and the rain! Take it from a Demoagnostist.

  32. 35

    Jim King spews:


    Goldy- isn’t the weather’s failure to follow the Snark’s prognostications one of the signs of the apocolypse? Are we back in Hell again? Is the Snark with us?

  33. 36

    John Slyfield spews:

    Just so you know, regardless of whether Reed certifies the election today or next week, the Republicans will still have until Jan 20 to contest the election, because Jan 10 is when the legislature certifies the results.

    By the way, my earlier remark requesting a recount of the days it rained was mocking the cover page for this forum. I was expressing my personal opinion regarding the Republicans request, but not the merits of their request for the records (we all know they have that right).

  34. 37

    motorhomeman spews:

    DCF–Demoagnostic??? That explains everything.
    You are too afraid to take a stand on God’s existence (or not) and too stupid to understand that Gregoire is bad for Washington.
    Demoagnostic=Cowardly, fearful & stupid.

  35. 38

    Goldy spews:

    Goldy- isn’t the weather’s failure to follow the Snark’s prognostications one of the signs of the apocolypse?

    Actually Jim, I think it’s the other way around. When the weather, or anything else, starts to follow Snark’s predictions, we know the end of times has come.

  36. 39

    bby spews:

    Step back – You Rossi supporters are just the absolute definition of sore loser. Read your own posts.

    Sure Gregoire voters are happy. You have not shown anything. nd the bad ballot processing won’t carry anything to a Court already invloved in the proces. R’s were there twice already and did not mention it.

    But spend a lot of the stash….the rubes will send more.

  37. 40

    Jim King spews:

    Lordy, bby- I have yet to see you show an ounce of humor. Lighten up- or light up- or something, man. The stress is going to kill you!

  38. 41

    DCF spews:

    Motorhome, I say that Demoagnostic = a smart, inquisitive, non-sheep, that doesn’t believe all they see, read, or hear, including posts on this blog. And just why is Christine not good for Washington, and why do you care, you live in California! I’m not sure there is a politician anywhere that is good for the citizens of the state of Washington or for our country, at any rate I’m waiting for the proof.

  39. 42

    bby spews:

    Gee Jim— thought most of my stuff has som humor, for my side of the trail.

    Babblefish into Rabblefish- didn’t work, huh. And, Rossi does look like De Vinci self portrait aka Mona Lisa, the hooded eyes, valium induced demeanor.

    But I am happy, be assured. With some work Seattle/King Co can increase their base by 10 per cent – and that ain’t ten percent of Lewis/Skamania- go for the rubes, you smart R’s. Shrinking population centers.

    Think Paul can be convinced to spend some of the million on grass roots on I-5- gearing for 2006, really not too early.