Checking the latest election results from the Secretary of State’s website, I find that it’s not only down, but apparently has been since August 19, 2008. Huh. Maybe that’s why they call it the SOS?

Anyway, last time I saw, Patty Murray was winning with about 48% of the vote or something, which is about where I expected her to be. Meanwhile, Tea Party wunderkind Clint Didier is having trouble breaking into double digits. Ooh… I’m scared. And Dino Rossi? Whatever.

UPDATE… Color me Didier:
Apparently, not only is the SOS running their website off an old TRS-80, but due to budget cuts, they can only afford two colors on their county maps. So while you wouldn’t know it by looking at the top of the page, Didier has actually won at least two counties, Benton and Franklin. Yeah for him!

UPDATE… Gruber Wins!
Huge upset brewing in Snohomish County:



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    J. Whorfin spews:

    Hmmm…looks like the 31st Senate race may be interesting…Roach has only 40%, and her three challengers are right around 17-20% each.

  2. 4

    Chuck spews:

    Look at the whole picture, this will be a race in November… you guys need to bring out your dead voters before it is too late.

  3. 5

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    R 4

    Dead, voted early and often, ineligible to vote, too stupid to understand a ballot, incapable of reading one in English, a labrador retriever…

    Hey, what’s a stolen election in King County? Par for the course, isn’t it?

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    Nuthin’ @1,

    It’s the county breakdown and voter turnout that produces the error page. The totals really don’t tell me all that much.

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    lauramae spews:

    She’s cleaning his clock. So awesome. I knew she would. Dino’s supporters and his alleged “dinocrats” aren’t bringing it home for Mr. Rossi

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    czechsaaz spews:

    So two things to mull over…

    King County states 100% votes tallied even though ballots need to be postmarked by today to be counted so figure a percentage point or so nudge for Murray…probably.

    And then there’s this to make Cynni’s head explode.

    By these totals, Rossi will need nearly 100% of all the Republican votes cast to show up in November (no angry Diddier stay-homes) and a HUGE % of the non-Murray democrats / independents / no party preference to pull this off. With 100% of R votes shifted to Rossi, he’d be at a hair over 49%.

    And Murray has spent how much of her cash on hand on a single negative Rossi ad?

    Oh, Cyn? Hello? Feeling confident?

  7. 11

    ls spews:

    Get ready for an ass kickin in November..Murray matters not, control matters…60 not a ghost chance in hell. Bring your spendhappy defecit spenders forward for some real whoopass

  8. 13

    mike spews:

    @5 whatm stolen election a FBI task force lead by a gop us attorney said the 2004 election was fair quit whining is that all conservatives can do

  9. 15

    lostinaseaofblue spews:

    Here’s a deal Mike,

    Soon as the left stops lying about Bush stealing the presidential election, I’ll quit talking about a real stolen election in Washington.

    Fair enough?

  10. 16

    Michael spews:

    Norm Dicks 57.72 %

    Adam Smith 52.50%

    Jay Inslee 56.85 %

    Cathy McMorris Rodgers 62.51 % (holy shit!)

    Doc Hastings 58.30 %

    Yeah, big anti-incumbent year!

    Told ya’ it was going to be a status quo election.

    Looks like Rick Larsen might have a bit of a fight on his hands and Denny Heck is going to be in a real race for seat #3. Not that those are big surprises. I am a bit suprised that McMorris Rodgers is as solid as she is, but not that she’s winning easily.

  11. 17

    czechsaaz spews:


    Things bearing true so far that should bring joy to those of us on the left…

    The Tea Party is an utter flop except in states where the “D” wasn’t going to win anyway. The Tea Party is looking to make the “hated” and very vulnerable Harry Reid keep his seat. Even Kentucky could end up D thanks to the Tea Party. Charlie Christ can win and have no friends in Congress except the Dems.


    The Dems will lose some seats but probably retain control of the Senate and the sane public will see two years of batshit Rs and their agenda in the house…maybe.

    2012….Would you like peace and troop drawdown, unemployment benefits and stimulus infrastructure projects or would you like frothing anti spending of any kind, tax cuts for the top 1% and no environmental regulations for the energy industry? Would you like deficit reducing healthcare programs and public works projects or would you like deficit exploding tax cuts and huge cuts in education funding, social security privatization and more military spending deficits be damned?

    In short, would you like to have the tea-party insane take over and have a rubber stamp president back them up or would you like the adults to reamain in charge?

  12. 18

    Michael spews:


    How about this.

    Bush didn’t steal the 2000 election. It was too close to call and in the knock down-drag-out fight to decide the victor Bush and Co. wanted it more badly, fought harder for it, and won the fight. Not that they even had to fight that hard since Gore (the fucking loser) caved.

    In 2004 the Washington State Governors election was too close to call and so we went back and followed the somewhat outdated and bizarre laws we had set up for such occasions and the Democrats came out on top. The Republicans sued to overturn the results and a Republican judge listened to every argument the the Republican Party had and dismissed every argument as completely without merit.

    No election was “stolen” in either case.

  13. 21

    Michael spews:

    OK, one more happy little stat and then I really am turning in.

    Spokane County
    Patty Murray 46.04%
    Dino Rossi 39.98%

    She’s even kicking Dino’s ass in Spokane County.

  14. 22

    Alki Area spews:

    The important question to ask is…when Rossi losses this race, what will he run for next? We’ve done governor a few times and now Senate, heck maybe school board somewhere? Rossi is seriously looking like the Alan Keyes of our state, he’s just going to make his a career out of running for government year after year while criticizing “career politicians”. Funny boarding on sad.

  15. 24

    ewashcommonsense spews:

    Look at the map of the state. If it wasn’t for all the brain dead voters in King county the rest of the state voted against Murray and her rubber stampin of Obama bin Lyin and his socialist policies. Add the Diddier votes and the others and Pattys out of job come November. Thank God.

  16. 25

    slingshot spews:

    @24, Look at the map of your brain activity.

    Oh wait, nevermind. There isn’t any.

    You’d have to be functionally retarded to buy the crap sandwich the right wing is selling this time around. You nearly fall prey to the urge to feel sorry for them until you remember what a bunch of koolaid sucking assholes they are.

  17. 26

    Steve spews:

    @15 “I’ll quit talking about a real stolen election in Washington.”

    Tough shit, Lost. You guys will just have to try harder with your voter caging and suppression efforts. Of course, keep hating on everybody brown and even Diebold won’t be able to save you.

  18. 27

    MadDogm13 spews:

    @24: Ha! Dream on. Even in the unlikely event Two-Time Loser Rossi pulls out an upset in November, he’s going to be laughing at you all the way to D.C., where the first thing he’ll do will be to make it easier for his banker buddies to offer more booby-trapped mortgages to Eastern Washington families that aren’t already underwater, so that his profit-from-foreclosures real estate company can make an even bigger killing off of them. You’re going to love losing Patty’s seniority => ability to steer money to Washington State, too–without the all the subsidies you get from the Feds and all the taxes paid by those King County “wackos” you love to hate (ever check into where all that state money you get comes from? Hint: it’s NOT east of the Cascades), you’ll have a hard time affording toilet paper, let alone roads.

  19. 28

    Michael spews:


    I’m looking at the map and I’m counting 20 counties voting for Murray and 18 for Rossi. All of the top 5 counties population wise are voting for Murray. That will probably change and Rossi will probably win Spokane, but that’s it.

  20. 30

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Rossi strongly appealed to Tea Partiers.
    He will rally the Didier & Akers votes.
    You pretty much have a toss-up.

    And this will help if it is at this level in November

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 27% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-four percent (44%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -17

  21. 32

    rhp6033 spews:

    Funny story from the post office yesterday.

    My wife said that while she was standing in line to do some mailing, a lady was trying to fill out her ballot – right there at the post office. She asked for people’s opinions on every office, and as she got varied answers, she appeared more confused than ever. She asked if “prefers GOP” means Republican, and everyone assures her that is the case. She shakes her head, obviously thinking that this is a stupid way to conduct an election. “I used to always ask my neighbor before, who worked at the polls”, she explains.

    Finally she filled out the ballot, then asked everyone around to help her figure out how to put it together to mail it. A few showed her how to put her ballot in the “secrecy envelope” (which by now as a joke in and of itself), and put it in the mailing envelope, attach postage, etc.

    Then she asked, with a perfectly straight face, where she was supposed to deposit her ballot. She said she had heard she was to drop it off at the post office, but she didn’t see a ballot box anywhere. One fellow smiled and replied that if she voted Democrat, she was supposed to place it in the mail slot, but if she voted Republican, she was supposed to put it in the round depository just outside the door. General laughter all around.

    But then the lady seems satisfied, and turns around and heads out the door, and while standing outside appears confused – there are no round recepticles at the front of the post office, only square ones.

    The guy making the joke now feels bad – he abandons his place in line, goes outside, and tells the lady he was just joking, she should put her ballot in the mail slot inside the post office. The lady looks somewhat confused, and a little perturbed, but does so.

  22. 33

    Jay spews:

    22.68% turnout in King County, damn, that is sad, but if the D’s get the vote out in the fall, as they are good at it looks very good!

  23. 34

    rhp6033 spews:

    # 33: I’m hoping the turnout looks better as the final ballots arrive. I can’t tell you how many people I saw last weekend who didn’t seem to have a clue that there was an election on Tuesday.

    Speaking of which, I’m thinking that increased turnout will favor Murray, regardless of where it occurs. The Republicans (and their Tea-Party cohorts) have already done all they can to mobilize their base. If anything, Rossi might see a drop-off as disenchanted Tea Party people decide to revert back to mere grumbling, now that Rossi is their only choice.

    Murray’s supporters, on the other hand, suffered a bit of apathy because nobody seriously expected her to lose in the primary. Once the issues are framed for November, there’s got to be a bump for Murray as her supporters turn out in larger numbers than they did for the primary.

  24. 36

    Rujax! spews:

    “jesusownbutthole…mr. cynical”‘s new BFF, the Dino-Sore has already stuck those size 9-1/2’s brogans in his pie-hole.

    GOP candidate Dino Rossi clueless: Thinks 1/3 of his state is making over $200,000.

    I voted for the didier cause I thought it would be fun…but the Dino-Sore thing is already showing potential.

    I can’t wait till he “walks away” from reporters asking policy questions he is clearly not qualified to answer.

    Let the snark commence!

  25. 37

    slingshot spews:

    The R’s mantras this time around are, “We have to quit borrowing money from China and Saudi Arabia, and spending money we don’t have.” And, “Those Dem’s want to blame everything on George Bush.”

    What’s Rossi’s stance on letting the Bush tax cuts that were not paid for, expire?

    Using their logic, we’d have to raise taxes to pay for their wars, and the insane explosion of the war on “terror”.

  26. 38

    CPO spews:

    I also voted for Didier to put a thorn in Rossi’s side, but I sure am not voting for Rossi. He is a “Cheap Labor Conservative” so it is Murray that I will be voting for in November.

  27. 39

    Michael spews:


    The Tea Party is over. Dino’s going down in flames and so are most of the Tea Party candidates that made it through the primaries around the country.