by Lee, 11/08/2012, 11:02 PM

Tuesday’s election results in Colorado and Washington were historic. Marijuana prohibition has been dealt a serious blow, and the effects are being felt worldwide. A destructive and misguided global prohibition policy that the U.S. has aggressively used the U.N. to implement for decades is now being seriously challenged by two of its own states.

But how is this going to play out here? A lot of folks believe that the federal government will use whatever power they have at their disposal to prevent Washington from regulating the trade – and threats of action alone will stop the Liquor Control Board dead in its tracks. Others think the federal government doesn’t have the stomach for such a messy fight and will allow limited state control (as they’ve done for medical marijuana in states with regulated dispensaries, like Colorado). And others think this will end up being fought in the courts for years with regulations on hold until judges rule on it.

I don’t really know what the federal response is going to be, but the reality here in Washington is that on December 6, people aren’t going to be worried about getting arrested for buying, possessing, or using pot any more. And in Seattle, the dispensaries (which already operate outside of state law by selling directly to medical marijuana patients) probably won’t mind selling to those people for a few extra bucks. Already, there have been several stories of people going into Seattle’s dispensaries these past few days thinking that they no longer need a medical marijuana authorization to sample the wares.

So what happens then? The regulatory model won’t be implemented until the end of 2013. But no one in Seattle is likely to care that a legal marketplace is taking shape in the meantime. The city attorney was a co-sponsor of I-502. The mayor and the entire 9-member city council all strongly support it and have long felt that marijuana should be sold in regulated dispensaries. The two candidates for King County Sheriff this cycle were fighting over who supported I-502 more. And Jenny Durkan, the U.S. Attorney for Western Washington, has only shown interest in going after folks in the medical marijuana industry who engage in intra-state trafficking or who set up shop too close to schools (which is now regulated by I-502), even though Seattle’s dispensaries have technically been afoul of the state law all along. All the way up the chain, there just isn’t much of an appetite for a fight. The city will just make sure dispensaries are licensed, zoned, paying taxes, following food and safety laws, and checking customer ID’s and all will be well.

But outside of Seattle is probably a different story. The U.S. Attorney for Eastern Washington has been far more aggressive about enforcing federal law. Tacoma and Pierce County law enforcement are notoriously anti-pot and could very easily demand that no dispensaries operate before regulations are written. Other communities around the state rushed to ban collective medical marijuana gardens once the legislature allowed them, even though they technically weren’t allowed to. These same communities might even go as far as calling in the DEA in order to keep state regulated dispensaries from opening.

My best guess at what will happen is that Seattle will become an island of regulated sales for a while, and folks from around the state (and probably beyond) will drive here for their ounce and go back home. At some point, there will be an attempt by the federal drug war apparatus to shut it down, but I don’t see it succeeding. They couldn’t stop the medical marijuana trade, and they won’t be able to stop this either.

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1. Roger Rabbit spews:

Privatized liquor is so expensive everyone in this state will switch to pot. Not long after, everyone will grow their hair out and wear tie-dyed clothes and Volkswagens will enjoy a popular resurgence. It’ll be deja vu all over again! And the tight-asshole crowd won’t be able to stand it and will move to Utah and we’ll be rid of them.

2. Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:


3. Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:

Too bad Jerry is gone….

4. wharfrat spews:

@3 but he lives in our hearts forever and also on all those cassettes that we have in boxes in our storage rooms

5. Don Joe spews:


“The blood of his music runs through the veins of our guitars.” — Warren Haynes, Patchwork Quilt

6. Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:


7. Liberal Scientist is a Dirty Fucking Socialist Hippie spews:


8. wharfrat spews:

SPD blog has some initial thoughts about policies and procedures but one question/answer caught my attention. ” SPD seized my pot before 502 passed. Can I have it back? NO”. Maybe SPD could enhance its budget by opening a storefront and selling off seized pot from traffickers, etc. Or, in amore benevolent spirit, donate it to charities to sell as fundraisers.

9. fishincurt spews:

Here is the State fact sheet:

Interesting read.

10. Tea for everyone spews:

Eyman’s 2/3 to tax anymore won by 2/3′s. But it always does!

11. rhp6033 spews:

I’m guessing that unless the President intervenes, the Feds will go after that growers/distributors. They don’t care about anyonce carrying one ounce or less anyway, but those one-ounce sales can add up to big confiscations and penalties with respect to the stores, which the DEA will characterize as “major illegal drug traffikers).

I hope some wisdom prevails.