Shouldn’t a “news conference” actually generate news?

By now you’ve likely seen the TV news clips or read in the papers that Tim Eyman delivered enough signatures to the Secretary of State to qualify I-892 (Slots for Tots) for the ballot. I was present for the festivities, so I thought I’d just pass along a few first hand observations.

Apparently, nothing says widespread public support like spending half a million dollars of gambling industry money on paid signature gatherers. But the most telling indication of I-892’s popularity was the fact that Tim showed up alone.

The image of Tim in his tailored suit, lugging boxes of signatures all on his lonely, was actually rather comical. You’d think for $3100 a week Tim could at least afford a $30 hand truck, if not a friend. When he was done, he wiped his brow exclaiming “that’s something you don’t want to do more than once a year,” a comment that doesn’t bode well for I-864 (and elicits a number of inappropriate jokes regarding his marital relations.)

Tim then stood before the cameras to briefly spout lies. He even brought a chart as a visual aid — or as it is technically known in the public relations business, more lies.

Finally, he took questions from the media — a rather one-sided exchange considering he wouldn’t actually give any answers in return — before sprouting horns and wings and flying back to his fortress of evil.

Just kidding about the horns.

Anyway, it really wasn’t much of a press conference, the most interesting part being what he omitted. You know, words like “slot machines” and “gambling” and “I’m a lying, thieving, blowhard.”

In the end, the battle over I-892 will be a battle over the truth. Tim is going to try to sell this as a tax cut initiative, whereas anybody with a shred of honesty is going to explain that it is about the most massive expansion of gambling in state history.

If the truth wins, I-892 loses.


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    Josef Kunzler spews:

    Saw parts of the press conference on T.V. You did great – Eyman is not being honest with people. But you know what, with Iraq being soverign yesterday… half of what he said will be forgotten by now and the other half the day after. If I were him (and therefore had a brain), I would have deferred until today. This guy doesn\’t care about anybody or anything but himself and thinks it was \”neat\” to launch an initiative on 11 Sept. 2002 as well as okay to tell people this is about taxes when it\’s all about gambling. Yup, this is a gambling initiative… from hell.

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    Linda Mestrovich spews:

    If A Person was dealing with Fair and upright Politicians, then the average citizen wouldn\’t need a TIM EYMAN, but were NOT. The county just raised my property value by 180000- that s a hell of a jump which we\’ll feel greatly trying to make the house payment next year.. these politicians are SHARKS and I believe that they are just trying to tax people out of there houses, because that is exactly what they are doing. Everytime that someone gets a \’new value\’ on their house, that\’s going to stretch the budget to snapping point, and that\’s another person that \’s going to vote for ANYTHING Tim EYman puts out. AND to you nutty people that seem to just relish paying more taxes and larger house payments, You won\’t think it\’s so funny when your out on the street, wondering what\’s happened… Your all NUTS

  3. 3

    Goldy spews:

    Linda, so what you are suggesting is that politicians are generally evil people, intent on driving people out of their houses? Oh… except for Tim Eyman, the one, exceptional \”fair and upright\” politician.

    If that is what you really believe, then it is you, not I, who are nuts.

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    Katy spews:

    Okay Linda where do you want cuts. I bet if you really looked at what you are paying in taxes and divided by twelve you would find that you pay about $200 to @300 a month or less in property taxes. How much are roads, schools, libraries, police, fire protection and hospitals in rural areas worth to you.

    Let me suggest this. If you cannot afford the property tax on your house, then you don\’t make enough money to afford you\’re house. Put it on the market (you\’ll probably make money on it) and buy something cheaper. Tax reduction and we still get a policeman when we need one. And you might even be able to afford that trip to Hawaii too.