Shameless Plug of the Day

Some of my uber-techy co-workers have been impatiently waiting to get their hands on a new iPhone 4. I’m sticking with my Blackberry for now (I don’t know how I ever lived without that thing), but regardless of what phone you use, a good friend of mine has been working with a startup company that created a web app that reads your cell phone bill and lets you know if you’re getting ripped off by your cell phone company.


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    I know. I’m constantly on it throughout the day. All my email goes straight there and I can even edit my HA posts through it.

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    One does not need an app to know if one is getting ripped off by one’s cell company. Hint: the largest portion of the capital property of a local wireline telephone company is in the wires that run to each and every house and business. A cell network doesn’t have those.

    In other words, if you have a cell phone in the USA, you are being ripped off.


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    rhp6033 spews:

    How to tell if you are being ripped off by your telephone company:

    (1) Get bill in mail.

    (2) Open bill.

    (3) Look at bill.


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    Michael spews:


    Liberals are like lemmings for any Apple product.

    Lee must be a fake liberal then.

    I’m sticking with my Blackberry for now

    I have an iPhone. The decision making that I used in picking up my iPhone went like this:
    1. I needed a new phone.
    2. I wanted a smart phone.
    3. I wanted a touch screen.
    3. I had a contract with AT&T.
    4. At the time, iPhones were the cheapest touch screen smart phone that AT&T had.

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    Broadway Joe spews:

    Not if you had my phone. Sure, Straight Talk isn’t fancy, really not much more than a prepaid phone, but I’m paying $30/month for more phone minutes and texts than I need (1,000 of each), and that’s their basic plan. I don’t use a phone for anything else, and have no need for my phone to do anything else.

    Dumber than usual, Junior Troll Crusader. Let me introduce to friend of mine. I won’t give you too many details, but his name is Jeremy. He’s a mailman by day, death-metal drummer by night, and a wingnut if there ever was one, though he’s already jumped off the Teeper bandwagon. Got his iPhone 3Gs the first day it was available, and he loves it. I’ve called him an iDork ever since (a term I’ve also used for Goldy occasionally).

    EPIC FAIL!!!!