Senate Republicans (surprise) lying with PDC complaint

Looks like even long-time Republican incumbents are really feeling the heat. So what should Republicans do? In the case of struggling state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, the answer is predictable. Just lie.Senate Republicans Thursday accused Democrat David Carrier of violating state campaign finance laws by receiving $40,000 more from the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee over the past two weeks than the law allows his campaign to accept.

But Carrier, who is running to unseat Republican Sen. Don Benton, denied the charge, calling it “a complete lie.”

“What they’re trying to do is create the appearance of inappropriate activity that isn’t there,” he said.

And what exactly was the heinous crime that has the senate Republicans so exorcised?

Chris Gregorich, executive director of the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, said the committee’s contributions remain well within the limit.

As of Thursday, he said, the Carrier campaign reported $31,070 in in-kind contributions and $14,000 in cash from the committee, for a total of $45,070.

Gregorich said the committee wrote a $30,000 check to the Carrier campaign on Oct. 12 that would have put the campaign over the legal limit. But he said the check was written in error by the committee’s treasurer and later destroyed.

Pass the smelling salts. Now the GOP Party is complaining about stuff that didn’t actually happen. It stretches credulity to believe that Senate Republicans actually believed their Democratic counterparts would violate contribution limits by $40,000. I mean, wisecracks aside, these are professional campaign operatives on both sides.

Besides, the voters could give a rip, especially right now. Little things like retirement funds and jobs are weighing a wee bit more on people’s minds than manufactured Republican outrage. But Republicans are always the victims, you know. It couldn’t possibly be that Republicans generally have few positive ideas and people are finally seeing through their boilerplate platitudes about taxes.

And with the PDC complaint coming on behalf of a special interest glutton like Benton, the whole kerfuffle is nothing but a last-weekend smear aimed to the GOP Party base. Like we’ve never seen this play before.

If nothing else it was good to see Carrier call them out on their lie. He’s one to watch.

Here’s hoping Carrier gets added to the list of incredibly pleasant surprises come Tuesday.


  1. 1

    McCain Palin are losers spews:

    If you consider, for a moment, the quality of the right wing commenters on this blog it’s not difficult to understand how the Republicans have been such dismal failures at governing. The incoherent arguments. The rambling bigoted nonsense that passes for their religious beliefs. The racism that they don’t have the courage to express explicitly. The unwillingness to accept empirical evidence.

    I read that Bush is making a final push to destroy existing consumer and environmental regulations as he leaves. Their de-regulation philosophy is completely discredited by reality but yet they continue the behavior as if it’s been a resounding success. One must wonder if these guys realize that they also need clean air and water to survive.

    These guys give me great hope for America. If the Democrats prove only mildly adult they will out-perform previous Republican administrations and the Republicans will be out of power for at least two generations. The
    wingnuts will pollute the airways and blogs with their idiocy while they benefit from the
    efforts of the adults, but never mind them-for they are fools.

    Mr. Cynical, PuddyPud, Marvin, Mark the Racist Redneck Republican, Delbert, etc. You have the floor. Let the idiocy flow.

  2. 2

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I notice you failed to acknowledge the illegal campaign contributions Gregoire took from out-of-state PAC’s that she has now returned.
    How convenient!!

  3. 3

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Hey KLOWNS:
    Here is your “reach across the aisle, uniter” Socialist/Marxist in action!:

    Report: Journalists From Three Newspapers Booted From Obama’s Plane
    Reporters from three newspapers that endorsed John McCain have reportedly been told that they can’t travel aboard Barack Obama’s plane in the final days leading before Election Day.

    Journalists from three major newspapers that endorsed John McCain have reportedly been booted from Barack Obama’s campaign plane for the final leg of the presidential race.

    The Washington Times reported Friday that it was notified of the Obama campaign’s decision Thursday evening — even though the paper has covered Obama from the start.

    Executive Editor John Solomon told that the Obama campaign said it didn’t have enough seats on the plane, but “I don’t think the explanation makes sense to us.”

    “We’ve been traveling since 2007 with him. … We’re a relevant newspaper — every day we break news,” Solomon said. “And to suddenly be kicked off the plane for people who haven’t covered it as aggressively or thoroughly as we are … it sort of feels unfair.”

    He said the newspaper protested but was turned down again by the campaign.

    “I can only hope that the candidate who describes himself as wanting to unite the nation doesn’t have some sort of litmus test for who he decides gets to cover the campaign,” Solomon said, noting that the Obama campaign’s decision came just two days after the paper endorsed McCain.

    The New York Post and Dallas Morning News also have been kicked off Obama’s plane

    Obama hasn’t even been elected yet and he has set himself up for a rough road BY HIS ACTIONS.
    This is really telling about what we can expect from the closed door, orchestrated Obama Administration.

    You said you wanted folks to give Obama a chance. How can you expect that with actions like this???

  4. 4

    Steve spews:

    Ranching in Montana is such easy work. It allows Cynical the time to post on a Western Washington political blog day in, day out, from morning to night. Yes, ranching is very easy work.

    There is no ranch. There are no investments. Cynical lies about everything.

  5. 5

    correctnotright spews:

    @3 Hey KLOWN AND hypocrite
    McCain already banned Joe Klein and Maureen Down from HIS plane and he has plenty of room and Obama doesn’t.

    You are such a hypocrite and you spout talking points without ANY knowledge – you have zero credibility.

  6. 7

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You KLOWNS have been DUPED by Obama!
    You must be going out of your alleged minds.
    Obama is already “lowering” your stinking vindictive, unreasonable expectations!
    I love it.

  7. 8

    correctnotright spews:

    @3: If you are really worried about the actions in a campaign and how they relate to a possible presidency – maybe you should look at the excretable campaign being run by McCain.

    Full of lies (Palin and the bridge to nowhere) , Obama will raise taxes (he will cut them except for those making over 250K – and you are lying about anything different), Obama is “associating with terrorists” – as Colin Powell said – total BS.

    Yup – that tells you what McCain will do as president – lie, be a hypocrit (he said the Bush taxes were not fair and did not vote for them – until he started pandering to the right).

    The McCain who can’t campaign on the issues like the economy so he has to bring up fake issues like “socialism”?

    Since when is the graduated income tax (used for close to 100 years) socialism? Since right wing nuts and Joe the Republican wingnut say so?

    What a sad party and what an intellectually vacant and issues- deprived group of know-nothings – you guys are going down for your cycnical view of the
    american voters – you think the scare tactics will work again – but real Americans are wise to your lies and your record of economic disaster.

    Which McCain do we believe – the one who repeated 100 times the economy was sound (like Sean (dumbass) Hannity) even into late august? Or the one who proclaimed a crisis, pronounced himself the savior and promptly screwed things up. What an egotistical fool!

  8. 9

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    you KLOWNS are totally in denial about what is currently transpiring.
    Obama has LIED to you KLOWNS about what Hope & Change actually means.
    I asked you KLOWNS repeatedly what you expected Obama to actually DO…..remember?
    You KLOWNS were fixated on what Obama said to lure you in…and now, SMACK…right in the face.
    Obama lied to you…he is lowering your expectations.

    Yet you KLOWNS are sooooooo arrogant and in denial, you stick you fingers in your ears & scream so you don’t have to acknowledge you have been duped!!


  9. 10

    correctnotright spews:

    As usual, no response and no facts – you got nothin’ cynical. How does it feel to continually be a laughingstock? You are pathetic.

  10. 11

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    YOU were the one who repeatedly told us what Obama was going to do to us rich Conservatives. And now….WHAM! The rug is pulled out from under your sorry, vindictive ass.
    You are a fool.

  11. 12

    correctnotright spews:

    Short cynical:
    You are fools.
    Obama lies.
    I have no facts to back up anything I say.


  12. 13

    correctnotright spews:

    Wham – what wham you sorry fool?
    You have nothing. You say nothing. And nothing you say makes any sense.
    You are desperate.
    Obama this and Obama that…none of it close to true or important. Loser.

  13. 14

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Check this out CHUMP!…from the London Times.

    Your Messiah has been lying to ya!!

    Obama Lays Plans to Kill Expectations After Election Victory
    Confident in an Election Day win, the campaign looks to lower supporters’ expectations on concerns their hopes of ‘change’ are unrealistic, a senior aide says

    By Tim Reid, The Times of London

    Barack Obama’s senior advisers have drawn up plans to lower expectations for his presidency if he wins next week’s election, amid concerns that many of his euphoric supporters are harboring unrealistic hopes of what he can achieve.

    The sudden financial crisis and the prospect of a deep and painful recession have increased the urgency inside the Obama team to bring people down to earth, after a campaign in which his soaring rhetoric and promises of “hope” and “change” are now confronted with the reality of a stricken economy.

    One senior adviser told The Times that the first few weeks of the transition, immediately after the election, were critical, “so there’s not a vast mood swing from exhilaration and euphoria to despair.”

    The aide said that Obama himself was the first to realize that expectations risked being inflated.

    In an interview with a Colorado radio station, Obama appeared to be engaged already in expectation lowering. Asked about his goals for the first hundred days, he said he would need more time to tackle such big and costly issues as health care reform, global warming and Iraq.

    “The first hundred days is going to be important, but it’s probably going to be the first thousand days that makes the difference,” he said. He has also been reminding crowds in recent days how “hard” it will be to achieve his goals, and that it will take time.

    “I won’t stand here and pretend that any of this will be easy — especially now,” Obama told a rally in Sarasota, Florida, yesterday, citing “the cost of this economic crisis, and the cost of the war in Iraq.” Obama’s transition team is headed by John Podesta, a Washington veteran and a former chief-of-staff to Bill Clinton. He has spent months overseeing a virtual Democratic government-in-exile to plan a smooth transition should Obama emerge victorious next week.

    The plans are so far advanced that an Obama Cabinet has been largely decided upon, with the expectation that most of his senior appointments could be announced shortly after election day.

    You KLOWNS are what is referred to Euphoric Supporters!

    All of your rhetoric about what Obama is going to do us is BULLSHIT!
    You KLOWNS have been duped!

    You are sooooooo anxious to “Win” that your expectations of what “win” actually is has been squashed….before the election!!!


    You are in total denial.
    You never answered when I asked SPECIFICALLY what will Obama do to spread the wealth.
    Answer: NOTHING!
    Obama’s speeches yesterday totally focused on growing the economic pie….sounds like me!
    No mention of tax increases to rich & corporations.
    You are a CHUMPED cnr.
    You’ve been PUNK’D!!

  14. 16

    Steve spews:

    I hate to say this, but it appears that asshole Cynical might be right. Obama is singing a disturbingly different tune the past couple of days. And now this article in the London Times. Shit. Oh well.

  15. 17

    Meester Ceeneecal the wannabe goat fucker spews:

    Mr. Cynical the Washington Times is operated by a bunch of rightwing religious wacko moonies. Same for Fox “News” minus the moonie part.

    I second the commenters above who called you a liar and pathetic.

  16. 18

    Meester Ceeneecal the wannabe goat fucker spews:

    @16 is not the real Steve. Check the IP and you’ll see it’s Mr. Cynical’s. He was doing this shit yesterday too.

  17. 19

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Steve @ 16–
    I don’t care if you consider me an asshole or not. Just knowing you are starting to see the writing on the wall that you have been PUNK’D by Obama says who the real dumbass is.

  18. 20

    Steve spews:

    @16 I see Cynical’s working his sockpuppets now. Pathetic.

    There is no ranch in Montana. There are no investments. Cynical lies about everything.

    @17 “wannabe goat fucker”

    No, Cynical’s the real thing.

  19. 21

    Steve spews:

    @19 You are insane. And you post lie after pathetic lie.

    There is no ranch in Montana. There are no investments. Being a BIAW stooge, Cynical lies about everything.

  20. 22

    correctnotright spews:

    that is your evidence cyncial?

    anonymous sources – expectations are too high….the economy is a bust…gee this is really tough stuff (what a Joke).

    Yeah – Obama will have a big mess to clean up and it will take a lot of work. so what?

    You are so desperate cynical – that you will jump on anything and call it a lie.

    In the mean time – you have no credibility.

    You are one sorry idiot. I just get tired of having to read all the crap you put up – because obviously, even you don’t believe the lies you put out.

    I know you call yourself cynical – but a better name would be “idiot fool mouthpiece of the BIAW”.
    Cynical implies that you know the crap you put out is full of lies. Have ever responded to my debunking of most of what you say – NO – cause you can’t.

    You have a bunch of sorry rhetoric and claim to not support bush while supporting all his policies – what a hypocrit.

  21. 23

    Visuals spews:

    In light of some of the above commentary, some of you will find this photo interesting. This is a blog that analyzes imagery used in politics.

    Say hallelujah if Obama scores a victory on Tuesday. But be careful not to say it too loud, because the right, abetted by the media, is already working those halos, rainbows, streaming rays and reflected beams to suggest that Obama — this vanity worshiper, this black Jesus — has bumped his pay grade to the golden realm.

    And allows comments too. It’s a thoughtful blog so I am a bit reluctant to let assholes like Cynical know it exists. Of course, unlike Goldy, this guy probably has the balls to 86 the Mr. cynicals.

  22. 24

    discouraged spews:

    I’ve already voted for Obama but am anything but encouraged. There have been plenty of red flags about him. He is a great speaker. But words are words. We are interested in action to close the gap between haves and havenots.

    What really opened my eyes wider was seeing Barrack with that pompous Bill Clinton. Clinton made us feel like he really connected with the average person, but didn’t do much in 8 years other than be in the right place at the right time for the explosion, which turned out to be a bubble just like the real estate bubble Bush took credit for. My guess is Clinton told Barrack a few of the ugly facts of life as has Warren Buffett. Hence the noticeable change in tone.

    If Barrack wants to lower expectations he doesn’t have to worry about me. Mine are already lowered. I’m tired of supporting Democrats who are great speakers, but show little action. Obama is better than McCain, but not by much I’m afraid.

  23. 25


    @ 23–

    I’ve been tempted to erase a few of cynical’s comments, but since he’s charging BIAW $0.25 per comment, I figure it will eat into how much more they can illegally funnel to Rossi.

    Plus it’s just so damn funny to watch him change the subject, like some kind of robot. Someone should put together a Mr. Cynical generator.

  24. 26

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Obviously you yearn for more of the goat-fucking comments by your buttbuddy Steve.
    Kind of turns you on, eh Jon??
    Your silence on Steve is akin to your appreciation of his considerable skill in that area.

  25. 27

    YLB spews:

    Give it up Cynical..

    All that “lowered expectations” crap you’re trying to sell IS FACING REALITY.

    And what is that REALITY?

    That CHIMPANZEE you voted for twice has DUG A BIG HOLE for this country.

    But we all know that reality is lost on you.

  26. 28

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You are typical of what happens when the cold reality hits your fantasy world. You are in SHOCK and DENIAL.

    Your guy Obama will do nothing.

    He has PUNK’D you KLOWN!

  27. 29

    Ralph Naaaadir spews:


    Cynical asshole goat fucker-Jon is right correct! You are funny. With you it is as someone once said- there is no there there.


    It is sad
    that in most elections, and particularly national elections, I find myself casting a vote against one candidate rather than a vote for the other candidate whom I check on the ballot. I was and am most unhappy over Obama’s support of FISA and telecom immunity. And that issue alone would be enough for me to not support him. He’s nowhere near where I want him to be on the two Bush wars and some other issues. But fuck! McCain and Palin would be so much worse! I’m a flaming lefty. Obama is not. He’s a moderate. But McCain is a war monger and a delusional corporate controlled anti-worker Republican. I live in the real world. Voting for Obama is my only choice.