Sen. Honeyford is a perfect zero

I admit I don’t really know much about Senator Jim Honeyford (R-Sunnyside) other than his obstructionist role in the failed effort to fund problem gambling treatment and prevention during the past legislative session. He is just a state senator after all… so I feel a touch embarrassed piling on him so much.

But not so embarrassed that it prevents me from passing on the following little tidbit:

The Washington Conservation Voters recently came out with their 2003-2004 legislative scorecard, and Sen. Honeyford was the only one of 147 legislators to score 0%.

That’s zero. Zip. Zilch. A donut hole of a voting record on environmental legislation.

This is truly impressive, especially considering Sen. Honeyford’s preoccupation with shilling for the gambling industry. Legislation can be confusing, and one would expect that he might occasionally slip up and accidentally cast a mildly pro-environment vote.

At least Sen. Honeyford is a man of principles: gambling good, conservation bad.


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    Josef spews:

    I think it\’s good you\’re focusing on him. Check out for the latest on Democrat contenders for the State Senate.

    In fact, according to,

    \”Republican political action committee C-FARM, chaired by Senator Jim Honeyford (R-Sunnyside), fined $5,000 by the PDC for failure to adhere to finance disclosure laws. Yakima Herald-Republic 5/25/04, Tri-City Herald, 5/24/04\”

    Food for thought and yes, there\’s hyperlinks at the website.