Seattle Times to endorse Kerry?

The Times has a reputation for endorsing early and often, so reading between the lines of their latest editorial, it looks to me like Kerry is going to eventually get the official nod from the Times’ editorial board.
[Kerry’s right to slam the president on Iraq]

Never shy about chiming in with the right-wing media echo chamber when it suits their agenda (ie, Collin Levey), the dissonant tone of this editorial was striking. On the issue of Iraq, it strongly defends Kerry against the charge of flip-flopping, an always easy laugh line for lazy comedians and lazier columnists (ie, Collin Levey.) And it is unequivocal in its criticism of President Bush’s performance.

I often disagree with the Times’ rather conservative stance on many issues, but it is encouraging to see them reject Bush’s neo-conservative warmongering.


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    matt spews:

    i think in an earlier article that did in fact endorse Kerry for president. I can not find it but i am pretty sure that that did in fact endorsed kerry for president.

  2. 3

    Goldy spews:

    Yeah, well… how can I spin this? I was absolutely correct to assert that they would not be endorsing Bush.

    Endorsed Kerry on August 27. Who’d a thunk it would be that early?