Seattle Times, the arbiter of populism

When 5,000 teabaggers rallied in Olympia, the Seattle Times editorial board warned legislators against even thinking about talking about thinking about raising taxes in the face of such a populist uprising.  But with 5,000 marchers expected to hit downtown streets this Friday in support of immigration reform, what is the Times’ editors’ biggest concern?

May Day march set for rush hour.”

Oh no… the protesters might disrupt the afternoon commute!

(Hat-tip WSLC Reports.)


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    And if the tea party protesters marched in the streets of downtown of Seattle during rush hour, instead of being on the state capital grounds in Olympia, the Times would have said the same thing.

    Hat-tip to myself.

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    This is why we need two major newspapers in Seattle to check and balance each other. I miss the P-I. And print journalism in general, for that matter.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Nothing disrupts the afternoon commute like a presidential visit. When Clinton came to town for a S.E. Asia confab, the organizers thoughtlessly scheduled his appearance at the Westin for the Friday afternoon rush hour, and of course all the traffic and buses were shut down for hours. Tens of thousands of office workers, who were not prepared for the weather, were stranded in a cold rain. But we all know that workers don’t count for shit, right? That’s why I don’t work anymore! I’d rather be a president than a worker. Well, I’m not a president, but I’m a stock flipper now, which is the next best thing, so I don’t work and I live like a Republican and pay Republican taxes now. I made $1,200 in the stock market today and didn’t do a fucking thing to earn it.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    To show you how irrational Republicans are, the Democratic governor and legislature just passed a no-taxes budget containing 20% across-the-board cuts for most agencies, and state taxes are at their lowest level in decades on a per capital basis and as a percentage of personal income — so what do the crazy Republicans do? They wave teabags and loudly complain they’re being taxed to death! It’s not surprising they have no credibility and the majority of citizens have turned their backs on the GOP’s professional whiners.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    America used to have 2 major political parties, but now has 1 political party + a social club for misanthropes, motherbeaters, bigots, thieves, torturers, and public records golddiggers.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    This whole teabagging thing is nothing but mindless partisan grandstanding. They should find something constructive to do like planting lettuce and carrot gardens.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I think chosing to protest in a fashion that disrupts innocent people is Headline worthy.
    Think about it this way…by CHOOSING to march in Rush Hour, it undoubtedly hurts the protesors cause. That’s why the “tea-baggers” consciously and considerately organized so as to not disrupt innocent people.

    Shows a stark difference in tactics, doesn’t it.
    I’m just sayin’!

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    Troll & Clinical,

    Um… the teabaggers rallied at Westlake too, during afternoon rush hour. They just didn’t get a big enough crowd to be noticed.

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    Crusader spews:

    Goldy – the difference is that tea partiers don’t block traffic, throw rocks and engage in terrorism against commuters like your side does!

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Yeah Goldy.
    Tea-baggers are mature.
    This rally to be is obstructive on purpose.
    That’s the difference.

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    If all the undocumented workers didn’t show up for work for a week, it would shut down a large portion of the restaurant and hotel/motel business.

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    Tyler spews:

    and of course the seattle times commenters just spew more ignorance. “exercising a 1st amendment right? NOT ON MY WATCH!”

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Look, we all know that about 45% of the country is conservative, and there are a few — damned few, but a few — conservatives who can carry on a coherent conversation about issues like foreign policy, taxation, regulation, etc.

    But most of these “teabaggers” don’t even know what the hell they’re protesting. Up in Vermont, conservatives turned out to protest illegal immigration, even though that state has virtually no illegal immigrants! These people get their entire worldview from listening to Rush and Fox — they never read newspapers or magazines, they’re incapable of critical analysis — most of them can’t even handle basic grammar or spelling!

    Why on earth should we, or anyone else, let alone legislators or policymakers, listen to these morons?

  14. 17

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @9 Maybe if some rocks bounced off their heads they’d be able to think more clearly. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating rock throwing, all I’m sayin’ is some of you humans are dumber than a box of rocks …

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    Michael spews:

    @7,8 If the rush hour timing was going to be a huge issue, wouldn’t the city refuse to give them a permit for the rally?

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    Mark1 spews:

    ‘1. Troll spews:
    And if the tea party protesters marched in the streets of downtown of Seattle during rush hour, instead of being on the state capital grounds in Olympia, the Times would have said the same thing.’

    Well said Troll. Funny how people who don’t have jobs to go to like Goldy and Rodent are the ones making fun of the rush hour statement. Another example of HA Happy Hooligans extreme jealousy of The Times.

  17. 20

    Mark1 spews:

    @16 Rodent spews:
    ‘all I’m sayin’ is some of you humans are dumber than a box of rocks’ …

    That nickname “dumb as a box of rocks” is reserved for Patty Murray thank you. Voted yet again in the top ten of America’s dumbest Senators.

    BTW, hows that other foot doing towards your grave old man? I mean Rodent? Obviously your new pills aren’t working. O.C.D. alive and well. Good luck.

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    Steve spews:

    18. Mark1 spews:

    Well said Troll.

    Hey, Mark, was this well said too?

    26. Troll spews:


    You’re right. Tubaman’s death at the hands of those niggers was no accident.

    04/30/2009 at 2:03 pm

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    WatchmanOnTheWall spews:

    @5 Do you really think librul dems are that bad Mr. Bunny.

    You know what, your the whiner, always whining because you can’t convince others to follow your leader,or maybe yourself,Your nothing, you came into this world with nothing and from this world you will leave with nothinggggggggggggggg, so tell us all how important YOU ARE AGAIN.

    You are name calling hypocrite, If anyone diagrees with you, you have all the answers, You are a control freak, and become very angry when you lose control.

    Illegal imigration effects every person in this country, if Vermont wants to protest it who are you to judge them.I am sure that you think that only republicans were there protesting,but i wouldn’t bet on it.

    Undocumented workers = illegal immagrants,and to be honest, i have no problem with them, but a problem with those that take advantage of them.
    I am sure you have statistics on that issue as well.I will say, that using someone elses studies or statistics doesn’t make you the political wizzard that you think you are.

    Now that i have said what i think, let the name calling commence.

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    ug bootz spews:

    Oh so now we’re equivocating expectations against actual numbers. We all know that the immigration rally will only consist of the same three illegals that are a rent a mob for union protesters that stand around behind a banner that says “(insert biz name here)is bad for our community, unfair labor practices”

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    proud leftist spews:

    Watchman @ 21
    Most immigrants to this nation can express themselves better in English than you can. I need an interpreter who speaks Incoherence to have a chance at understanding your post. You do not have the slightest acquaintance with basic rules of grammar, punctuation, or spelling. You are, of course, manoftruth, sockpuppeting. Way to go, manoftruth. Your inability to express yourself in the language that I’m sure you believe should be constitutionally identified as our national language reveals your idiocy. And, hypocrisy.

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    John spews:

    Why are there any businesses even still located in Seattle? I know that when our office lease ends we will be gone. Between the City B and O tax, the parking tax, the employee tax, and whatever new tax they think up this year, enough is enough! And then if it happens to snow, the entire city is closed. The May Day protesters can have this city. Maybe they will pay the taxes that our evil corporation won’t be paying.

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    Marvin Stamn spews:

    5. Roger Rabbit spews:
    a social club for misanthropes, motherbeaters, bigots, thieves, torturers, and public records golddiggers.

    Don’t be so hard on the democrats. That democrat that used public records to violate the rights of joe the plumber was just trying to help your party win. She didn’t care that she was breaking the law, all that mattered to her was your party.

  24. 29

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    23. N in Seattle spews:
    Not only will they be disrupting rush hour, all those Mexicans brown people marchers in close proximity will spread the swine flu.

    Not often do liberals feel safe enough to be honest. Maybe it was headless lucy and steve posting the words of troll that made n feel safe.