Seattle Times endorses Patty Murray

Well, no, the Seattle Times hasn’t endorsed Sen. Patty Murray, yet. But as I’ve predicted before, they will, and not just in the primary.

What makes me so confident? Well, the Times ed board is so pertinaciously ungenerous to the candidates they oppose, that if they weren’t already preparing to endorse her, they would have never gone out of their way to throw Murray a compliment like this, and so close to a contested election.

THE timing could not be better. As consumer confidence dipped again in July over worries about a sluggish job market, Washington Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell have pushed for a new small-business lending fund.

[…] The amendment is part of a larger package of legislation for small business and Main Street America that has attracted scant Republican interest or support. Nothing should be more nonpartisan than putting people back to work.

And a dig at Dino Rossi’s Republicans to boot. Talk about telegraphing your intentions. And with realtors, cops, fire fighters and the Times all endorsing his opponent, talk about yet another Rossi campaign going flat.


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    tpn spews:

    …bearing in mind that Murray is much closer to the politics of the Blethens on economic issues, than she is to HA target readers…

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    tpn @1,

    Even if one were to accept your assertion as true (and I don’t), one must bear in mind that Murray is much closer to the politics of HA readers on economic issues than Rossi is. (Or Didier, for that matter.) And that is the choice we have in this election.

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    tpn spews:

    @2: okay:

    WTO, pro or con? We’ll start with the easy stuff. Times Pro, Murray Pro, HA readers?

    NAFTA: Times pro, Murray pro, HA readers?

    Murray: wanted to use Hanford for bomb production material; (what’s her position on Iran?) What is the average HA readers’ position?

    Can anyone honestly argue that the financial mess we are reaping (no industrial base to lead an economic recovery, e.g.) is not a result of failed economic programs of the 1990s? It only makes sense: her husband works for one of the largest maritime terminal operators on the planet, SSA. Her household benefits from offshoring US production in the 1990s.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    As I mentioned before, while it is possible the Times will endorse Murray, I think they will endorse Rossi instead.

    I’m seeing a big difference between the articles written by the journalists and the headlines being written by the editors. Example: Murry brings home some badly need $44 million in funding for repairs to the Robert Hanson dam, and the Times headline is merely “Senate approves funds….”. The next week, Rossi tries to excuse his obvious inability to do the same by criticizing Murray’s ability to bring home federal money as “contributing to the federal debt.” Murray responds, unapologetically, that somebody is going to get it, it might as well be Washington. But the Times headline says that “GOP … Puts Murray on Defensive”, a headline without a smidgeon of support in the actual story.

    And the Times did Rossi’s work for him in their front-page expose of Didier’s wingnut views. That pretty much makes it sure that Didier isn’t going to get much more than the Tea Party vote (20% or less), without Rossi having to go to the trouble of attacking Didier himself. Now Rossi can go to the Tea Party people after the primary and try to get their votes, without having risked offending them in the primary by pointing out what nut cases they are.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    As I mentioned in the previous thread:

    Here is what the Seattle Times’ upcoming endorsement of Rossi SHOULD SAY, if they were being honest about it:

    We endorse Dino Rossi for Senator. He is a two-time loser in a statewide election, and he will probably lose this one as well. But we know that Patty Murray won’t sign on to any bills to make labor unions illegal, and Rossi promises he will do so if we only endorse him. He has also promised to demand an anti-trust investigation of Google, unless they agree to pay some of their money to us, and to amend the current laws so this isn’t clearly extortion. How could we say no to that offer?

    Some may point out that if he wins, Rossi will only be a freshman senator in the minority party with the other party in control of the White House. As such, his prospects for making any impact on behalf of Washington state are, well, zill. We acknowledge as much, and argue instead that it is a benefit. As a do-nothing Senator, he will be a fitting colleague of his counterpart in the House, Dave Reichart. We like members of Congress that don’t do anything except what we tell them to do, so both Riechart and Rossi get our endorsements this year.

    As for Murray, we must admit she has been an effective Senator for the state of Washington. But her interests and the interests of Washington state, and the nation as a whole, are different from the interest of the owners and publishers of the Seattle Times. For that reason, we decline to endorse Murray.

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    FricknFrack spews:

    @ 7. rhp6033 spews.

    Yes, the Times is such a Repub rag sheet – your post sounds MUCH more like the Rossi endorsement I keep expecting to read.

    Good read, but I don’t think the Times will word it nearly as well or honestly as you did.

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    Chris Stefan spews:

    Well I won’t be shocked if the Times endorses Dino, but I won’t be supprised if they go for Murray instead. It really depends on what is going to make Frank more popular at cocktail parties and at the club.