Seattle Suburban Times endorses suburban candidates

Staying true to their suburban sensibilities, the Seattle Times endorsed State Sen. Fred Jarrett for King County Executive today, just as I had predicted way back on June 25th:

Well, no, the Seattle Times hasn’t officially endorsed Fred Jarrett for King County Executive yet, but this morning’s editorial lauding him pretty much telegraphs that they will.

[…] The only question remaining is whether the Times endorses one or two candidates in the August primary, and if the latter, whether they’re crazy enough to endorse Susan Hutchison?

Well, they did do a dual endorsement, and no, they’re not crazy enough to endorse Susan Hutchison. State Rep. Ross Hunter gets the second, equally enthusiastic nod. No surprise there.

I suppose I could fisk the editorial; after all, there are plenty of passages with amusingly twisted logic such as:

King County has had just one executive from the Eastside, who served briefly as interim exec in the early 1980s. It isn’t so important where an executive hails from except it is a good idea to occasionally mix it up to offer different perspectives.

Get it? It isn’t so important where an executive hails from, except that we’d rather he’d hail from the Eastside. Fair enough. Stupid logic, but fair enough.

But you know what? It’s too nice a day to waste much time reading a Seattle Times editorial endorsement, let alone writing about one. What’s really important here is that it keeps my batting average predicting their endorsements near perfect.

And now that I know they’re doing dual endorsements in the primary, I’m ready to go out on a limb and make my next prediction: Joe Mallahan and (surprise!) Mayor Greg Nickels in the mayors race!


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    ArtFart spews:

    Speaking of….uhhh, “suburban”-ness, two days ago, the Times ran a lead front-page story about how the religious right’s supposedly in a state of confusion, that the Revs. Fuiten and Hutcherson both have health problems (sorry to hear that…no, really!) and other pastors have turned away from political activism. Evidently, the reader was supposed to come away with the impression that Referendum 71 was as good as dead, so don’t anybody worry about it.

  2. 2

    Elizabeth Paige Koch spews:

    Whatever one might think of the Times, they got it right this time. As a 48th district constituent of Ross Hunter, I believe he is the right person for the job at this time. He has worked harder than any other candidate in the race, raised a lot of money, offers a fresh outsider’s perspective and financially reasonable approach, and is an all-around honorable man! Though I hate to lose him as my representative, I highly recommend him to the voters in King County.

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    sarah68 spews:

    Does anybody edit their blog posts? “I suppose I could fisk the editorial” — ???