Seattle Follies

Come join me tonight; tickets $13 to $15.

Seattle Follies: The Jeopardy Edition
Thursday, September 21 , 7:30 PM

Seattle Follies opens its fourth season with special guest Ken Jennings, the record holder of the longest winning streak on the TV quiz show Jeopardy. He faces off against Nicole Brodeur, columnist for the Seattle Times; Steve Scher, host of KUOW’s Weekday; and The Stranger’s associate editor and Police Beat columnist Charles Mudede. Channeling Alex Trebek is David Goldstein, KIRO radio host and the Seattle Weekly Readers’ Pick Best Political Blogger. Fifth Avenue Theatre stars Billie Wildrick and Candice Donehoo, with David Armstrong, producing artistic director, provide musical entertainment, accompanied by Seattle’s favorite cabaret performer and composer Rich Gray. Beer, wine, and copies of Brainiac, Jennings’ personal tour through the seamy underside of television trivia, will be available for purchase. Presented with University Book Store. Downstairs at Town Hall, enter on Seneca Street.

It’ll be fun. I hope.


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    anser spews:

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    Beat the Brainiac Audience spews:

    Oh yeah, I also would like for the Governor and a few State Representatives to spend time riding on a motorcycle, if it’ll help pass a law similar to what the Harley-riding Governator of CA passed last week regarding cell phones and drivers.

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    Beat the Brainiac Audience spews:

    I went. It was fun. Vaguest hint of Groucho Marx, but maybe the ad lib skills will be honed with the radio show. Sad Charles Mudede didn’t talk more: we love reading his Police Beat.

    I tell you this: I will check out Rich Gray’s productions in future. Even if he is Just a piano player to some.

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    Doctor JCH Kennedy spews:

    No ID: No vote! [Sorry, illegals!]

    One citizen, one vote! [Sorry, Detroit, Gary, Philly, and Cleveland!]

    Voter fraud: capital punishment [Sorry, Democrats in Milwaukee!]

    Not a citizen? No Vote! [Sorry, South Central LA!]

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    Doctor JCH Kennedy spews:

    how is it the poor, the homeless, the aged, the whatever can manage to have ID for welfare, meals on wheels, medicare, booze and cigarettes but can’t manage it for voting?

    im sick and tired of MY country passing out its “rights” to those who have NO RIGHT to them. If you want to participate step up and prove yourself eligible. If you can’t or refuse to the stay the hell home.

    you are wrong about the courts. GA voter ID is going to go to appeals and the court will overturn it.
    GA offered to go to the homes of ANYONE that called to process their FREE id cards.

    A state ID cost $6 fucking dollars in California… how much is a damned pack of cigarettes.

    It’s the lousy, cowardly, cheating liberals that run whining and screaming “UNFAIR” and “RACISM” to the most basic common sense things. It’s the damned bastard liberals that perpetuate class and race warfare pitting one against the other. Its the bastard liberals that keep citizens from succeeding. It’s the bastard liberals that kiss the ass of other bastards like chavez and castro.

    I want voter ID

    I want airport screening and I sure as hell want police profiling and INS deportation of the thieving fucks that are stealing my votes and stealing from my country.

    Commentby Anonymous— 9/22/06@ 12:05 am

    Anonymous Outstanding post. Just outstanding. JCH

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