by Will, 04/25/2007, 9:01 PM

Candidate Bruce Harrell stopped by Drinking Liberally last night. He’s the second of Michael Grossman’s clients to visit our Tuesday night lift-cup sessions. Other consultant’s candidates are no shows thus far.

Big props to Grossman for reaching out to a 3rd tier political gathering. The local bloggers and activists who meet up at the Montlake Ale House have been visited by all sorts of folks- congressmen, county council folks, state reps- but the city has been mostly absent. Boo! Tim Ceis was a highlight, but Mayor Nickels has to visit us soon.

Bruce Harrell seems like a very civic-minded guy. He’s really concerned with fixing the schools. (This is a tough one, because City Hall has very little sway over the district) He sees the nine on the council as go-along, get-along types who don’t take a stand. Then again, all challengers say this. I’m curious to find out what he wants the city to look like in 40 years, not just 4 years. But he is willing to listen. I almost turned him from being anti-districts to pro-districts. (In Seattle, the council is elected at-large, which is dumb) Next time I’ll seal the deal.

One big piece of advice to anyone running for city council:

Don’t let Stefan endorse you. Don’t email him campaign updates. Hope he doesn’t write about your campaign in any way favorable. Make no mistake, Stefan is the “Kiss of Death”. Just ask Robert Rosencrantz and Casey Corr, who both got hammered (Rosencrantz twice!) in city races. I’m amazed that Seattle’s preeminent wingnut blogger doesn’t understand how radioactive he is. Republican Jim Nobles, the first “out” Republican to run for city office since the 1980′s, is too smart to embrace Stefan and his mean-spirited, petulant, race-baiting politics.

Words to the wise, candidates.

39 Responses to “Seattle City Council candidates: Beware Stefan’s “kiss of death””

1. Ann Coulter's Vagina spews:

George W. President….
Drew Barrymore…Peoples “Most Beautiful”


2. Ann Coulter's Vagina spews:

Oh yeah, still cold and dry in here

3. proud leftist's harry ass spews:

Now another segment of “liberals gone wild”

4. proud leftist's harry ass spews:


5. seattlejew spews:


I managed to spend some good time with Bruce and opresented my conbcerns for need of oversight in SLU. Not only did he listen, he asked provocative questions. I am imprssed and very pleased that DL made it possible for me to meet the guy.

If DL keeps it up, it may no longer be a 3rd level meeting lace and a second rate tavern .. it could become … well lets see!!!!

How many folks do we need to buy KIRO?

Tx again to all.

6. Roger Rabbit spews:

Now We Can All Poll Watch In Ohio

A new discount airline will begin service between Bellingham and Columbus, Ohio, next month. Seats start at 10 bucks each way. For that price, you can commute.

I’m gonna fly to Ohio in ’08; and when I see a GOP poll watcher challenge a black voter, I’ll hop up to him and plant a big fat sloppy rabbit kiss on his shin!!*

* Just kidding! See #1.

7. Roger Rabbit spews:

Seattle’s Next Affordable Suburb

Now that you can commute between Bellingham and Columbus, Ohio, for what it’s going to cost to drive across Lake Washington, the obvious thing to do is buy a cheap house in Ohio. More Democratic voters in Ohio ain’t a bad thing, either.

8. Roger Rabbit spews:

Guiliani Panders to Wingnuts, Plays Fear Card

GOP scumbag Rudy Doody claimed today the U.S. will face another major terrorist attack if a Democrat is elected president in 2008.

No comment needed; speaks for itself. Next time you see him, spit on him.

9. Roger Rabbit spews:

The port commission is so “go along – get along” they approve severance pay by telepathy. The way this works is, Pat Davis reads their minds and stamps “approved” on the memo. It’s very efficient because it saves valuable meeting time for more important issues like figuring out how to raise port taxes. It works so well she doesn’t even have to talk to the other commissioners about it.

10. Roger Rabbit spews:

Be careful, Goldy. Stefan reads your blog. (Why not? It’s so much more readable than his.) Don’t give him ideas. He might endorse Obama or something.

11. Roger Rabbit spews:

Stefan isn’t a total failure, Goldy. Dean Logan got a new job with a big raise after Stefan spent a whole year bashing him.

12. proud leftist's harry ass spews:

Roger Rabbit says:

Seattle’s Next Affordable Suburb

Now that you can commute between Bellingham and Columbus, Ohio, for what it’s going to cost to drive across Lake Washington, the obvious thing to do is buy a cheap house in Ohio. More Democratic voters in Ohio ain’t a bad thing, either.

Dont forget the crack for your fellow democrats. It may save your life.

13. proud leftist's harry ass spews:

Guiliani Panders to Wingnuts, Plays Fear Card

GOP scumbag Rudy Doody claimed today the U.S. will face another major terrorist attack if a Democrat is elected president in 2008.

Yeah, what’s so suprising about that? You dont think the dems are going to protect the American people do you…..hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhhaha

With who? Are liberals all of sudden going to join the military…hahahahahahaahhaahhahahhahahaahhahaha

14. Donnageddon spews:

Roger, what the wingnuts will never admit is that a terrorist attack is committed against America everyday.

That will change in 2009.

Every Republican vote is a vote for terrorism, and the “red Chinese”.


P.S. every vote for a Republican is a vote for more American troop death, dismemberment, and “America For Sale” signs.

Republican = Traitor

15. Donnageddon spews:

Hairy Ass @ 13 “Are liberals all of sudden going to join the military”

Actually, the Military is joining the Democratic party.

Sucks to be a Bush neocon apologist like you!

16. Tree Frog Farmer spews:

Psychotic@13 The Neoconvicts didn’t protect us the first time. . .and now CondiLiar will have to testify about that failure as well as the Niger Yellowcake fiasco.
Your talking points have an approval rating of less than nine percent. . .and are as easily as diseased as the Vampire Cheney.

17. RightEqualsStupid spews:

Remember this – 9.11 happened on Publican Pretend President GW Bush’s watch. It happened on Rompin Rudy’s watch. These Publicans had control and look what happened. We got fucked. Want more terror in the US? Elect more Publican cowards like these.

18. harry poon spews:

I’m not proud to share my first name with an ass.

19. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Moonbat!s: You can’t let the Gay Pride parade die can you? These are your peeps.

These are a major playas in the Donkocraptic Party – NorthWest Division. Give. Dig Deep. Save the Pride!

20. MtRainier spews:

TFF said “The Neoconvicts didn’t protect us the first time. . .and now CondiLiar will have to testify about that failure as well as the Niger Yellowcake fiasco.” LMAO….now wonderful condi says

“There is a constitutional principle. There is a separation of powers and advisers to the president under that constitutional principle are not generally required to go and testify in Congress.

“So, I think we have to observe and uphold the constitutional principle”

LMAO…a Republican upholding the Constitution….that is FUNNY

Condi W. Bush, what a

21. I'm in love spews:

And good morning to PuddyCrud. How are you ‘nice and tender young sons’? Will they be joining the Parade? Probably, to get as far away from you as possible.

22. RightEqualsStupid spews:


America sides with US!

23. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Mr FrogKisser@16: Keep up the mantra.

Why hasn’t the Butler Report been refuted? This report was created without access the so-called “forged documents”. The British didn’t have them in their possession or access to them. This was one of the original documents not refuted, to this day. I submitted it to Clueless to read and he shut up!

24. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Holy Cow: Harvard is admitting journalists liked Hezbollah and fixed the news against Israel last year! Who da thunk? When did they read those Tea Leaves? It only took them 8 months!

25. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

I like this cartoon:

26. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Speaking of the “Kiss of Death”

Moonbat!s, Harry Reid delivered the “Kiss of Death” to our soldiers earlier this month. Now it seems he’s backtracking and other Congressional Donks are moving away from him.

So I ask: If we lost, who won?

I’d give a PelletHead poll but all the answers would be the same?

27. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Oh MY Goodness. The WaPo got it right again!

28. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Speaking about the Kiss of Death:

Didn’t Nancy The Scarf Pelosi kiss his ass?

29. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Didn’t some Moonbat!s on this board say General Petraeus is a great soldier?

So why did the Moonbat!s ignore him?

30. headless lucy spews:

re 28: General Petraes’ book states that we need 1 soldier on the ground for every 40 adult civilians to control an insurgency.

Try readin’ ‘stead o’ bleatin’, PudWax.

31. eric spews:

two words: Marcy err… Darcy Burner.

32. ArtFart spews:

30 Lucy, he can’t read any better than his heeeeero Georgie Boy. He just knows what “CTL-C” and “CTL-V” do on his keyboard.

33. John Barelli spews:


You asked why the legislature didn’t listen to General Petraeus, and linked to a story that quoted the General as saying:

“I’m not going to get into the minefield of discussions about various legislative proposals,” General Petraeus told reporters at the end of the two briefings. “I don’t think that is something military commanders should get into.”

Yes, I think that he is a fine leader, although I think he has been given an impossible task. I presume you share my opinion of his integrity and leadership abilities, if not the rest of my thought.

So, I would have to ask, why aren’t you listening to what the man has to say?

34. Steve Zemke MajorityRulesBlog spews:

You’re wrong about district elections. What happens is that you’ll wind up with only one Councilmember representing you with district elections, not nine like you now have now.

The Washington State Legislature is the prime example of how this works. If you send an e-mail to a Legislator outside your distrct, they usually never respond. Why should they – you don’t have a vote in their district? What if the issue you’re concerned about is in a committee your Legislator isn’t on. Tough luck.

Trade my nine votes citywide for one lone district Councilmember vote? No way. What chance do you think any of the other 8 Councilmembers would come to meetings in my district or care about what happens in my district? It’ll still take 5 votes to get anything passed but I will only have one vote for one Councilmember.

35. Will spews:

@ 34

Yeah, well, since I’m represented by 9 councilmembers, I’m ignored by all of them equally. Jim Compton didn’t *have* to represent anyone, which is why no one noticed when he wandered away like a alzheimers patient. That’s bullshit.

Besides, a new district system will likely be hybrid, with 5 districts and 4 at-large positions.

36. Tree Frog Farmer spews:

They’ll have to pry those five at-large positions out of my ‘cold,dead hand’.
Speaking of Al Shimer, how’s Charlie Chong doin’. . .?

37. Puddybud's Who Left the Reservation spews:

Interesting: No one dares answer #26. So I’ll withhold commentary on other idiot questions.

38. Union Fireman spews:

Hey Goldy,

Could you and the rest of the NutROOTS endorse Darcy again too? Cause that worked out great for her last year. Saw her new videos too. Could someone forward a copy of the below link to her. It shows where the 8th District is. Oddly enough, neither of her videos are in the 8th. Maybe she thinks that campaigning outside the 8th worked so well for her last year, that it will work just as good this year.

Has NutRoots won any election yet? Or is it still just a complete waste of money and air?

39. Stefan Sharkansky spews:

Will, you crack me up. I’ll be sure to endorse whoever you endorse.

But seriously, I agree with you 100% on the need for district elections. Many of the issues that the Council deals with shouldn’t be about partisanship, but about delivering effective city services to neighborhoods. I want a Councilmember who’s sufficiently focused on my neighborhood to care about fixing potholes or mitigating dangerous intersections. A Council that is accountable by districts seems to me more likely to pay attention to that kind of stuff than the current at-large Council, which like you point out, is 9 people who can all ignore you.