Sarah Palin endorses Clint Didier

Or so she says on her Twitter feed:

Go to to be inspired by patriot running for U.S.Senate to serve his state & our country for all the right reasons!Go #86

Again, I don’t give the teabaggers much of a chance of denying Dino Rossi one of the top two spots in our top-two primary, but they sure could make life uncomfortable for him should he choose to run, and earn him some lifelong enemies should he later choose to face off against Rob McKenna in the 2012 gubernatorial race.

Yet more gristle for Rossi to chew on.


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    Nindid spews:

    Do we really need to care about the Palin self-promotion tour/Twitter/Facebook bit? I know it is fun to pile on Rossi – heck, it is easy to beat up on a two-time loser. But really, Palin’s Twitter?

    At the risk of Lee’s wrath – Just say no Goldy.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Did you say “choke on?”

    I think the primary will be intersting on the GOP side no matter who is in the race (and I personally don’t think Dino will be).

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    headless lucy spews:

    Many Republicans will not vote for a man whose name they cannot pronounce — especially one as close to ‘Diddler’ as Didier is.

    ………………Bumper Sticker……………
    …………….Didier = Diddler……………

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Didier’s a head case.

    He’d abolish the Department of Education, apparently because other countries have begun to achieve better results in the last few decades than previously.

    He wants to repeal the health care reform law (ACA), so that small business will lose the tax credit that allows them to afford employee plans and to allow recissions and discrumination for pre-existing conditions again.

    He is a climate change denier and wants to drill, baby, drill.

    He claims, on the way to a “government bad, private charity good” conclusion, that “the latest figures show individual Americans and companies have given over 307 billion dollars so far for relief in Haiti.” That’s just hard to believe, Clint. The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University reported that by May 12, 2010 American aid had totaled $1.13 billion. Did we raise an additional $306 billion in the last eight days?

    That came from his campaign site. So he’s a liar who just says stuff that he has pulled out of his ass.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Okay, we are all having fun with the name game.

    You could make an interesting bumper sticker/yard sign by using fonts to de-emphasize certain letters. make the “n” smaller and a different clor than rest of the type (so it partially blends in with the background color), and make the small “i” in the last name larger (perhaps using a differnt font which makes it longer and leaner). You aren’t really misspelling the name, you are just being artistic.

    Actually, I feel a bit sorry for him – you would have though his parents would have foreseen this problem. I bet he had some grief about it in school.

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    rhp6033 spews:


    Rand Paul continues to much about in an attempt to rescue himself from trying to engage in a philosophical discussion about the wisdom of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Paul indicated that although he personally abhors discrimination, he thought the law was Constitutional only if it came with a grant of money from the federal government. When it was pointed out that the law prohibited discrimination by private businesses in lodging, restaurants, employment, sale of property, etc., (without any federal money tied to it), Rand indicated he philosophically was opposed to such intereference in private affairs. When given an opportunity to correct himself, he dug his whole deeper, claiming it was only a “abstract, obscure issue”.

    Of course, it’s not particularly abstract or obscure to the tens of millions of minorities in the U.S. who rely upon the protections of the law to ensure they are treated fairly in employment, travel, etc. He’s certainly too young to remember the days of forced segregation in the South, where it was illegal to give your seat on the bus to an elderly black lady even if you wanted to. But surely he’s not led such a sheltered life that he hasn’t seen movies, TV shows, historical references to those situations?

    Today he tried to dig himself out of the hole by insisting that he supported the 1964 Civil Rights Act. But when you have to rely upon a howl of criticism before a Congressional candidate will do the right thing, you have to ask whether you can trust their first instincts.

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    Zotz spews:

    Actually, I feel a bit sorry for him – you would have though his parents would have foreseen this problem. I bet he had some grief about it in school.

    I bet his parents didn’t have a clue what clit or diddle means.

    Can’t wait to educate them!

  8. 9


    government bad, private charity good

    Wow exactly the philosophy of Herbert Hoover.

    How’d that work out for this country?

    I’ll tell you – 30 percent drop in Gross National Product and 25 percent unemployment.

    Teabaggers: Clint’s your man!

  9. 10


    And remember,

    $273,000 of government largesse for his operation?

    Some fancy potatoes must have come out of that “socialist” moolah..

    Will he end farm “welfare”? Pffffft… What a hypocrite.

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    Jacob spews:

    Could you tell me where the word, “Endorse” or “Endorsement” show up on any of her tweets/FB page?

  11. 18

    Susan spews:

    Ya know, guys, he did just find in the NFL even with his name. (He has two Superbowl rings.) As a local fan back then, I can tell you his name wasn’t an issue.

    But you do have a point: the people in politics are a lot less mature than those in football. woo hoo, let’s freak out because his ancestors came from France.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Mike @ 15
    Damn, that Sarah Palin is articulate, isn’t she? If she is the future of the Republican Party, then Republicans need to research what happened to the Whig Party.

  13. 20


    Imagine if the Tea Baggers actually got mad at Wall Street, or the pigs that are really looting our country, and wanted “guvviment” to regulate, and prosecute them.

    Sure buddy…

    They all izza mad, but they izza too stoopid to know who to blame. Tea Baggin iz fer morans!

    Sarah Palin Endorsement = Kiss of Death (in reality land)

    Good luck with your campaign Did. The number of certifiably insane who vote Republican in this state won’t quite carry you over the top… But you just keep trying. And keep smoking that government (we the people) is bad and letting corporations control everything is good philosophy. Er… Fascism. Today’s GOP.

  14. 21


    Jacob @ 13,

    “Could you tell me where the word, “Endorse” or “Endorsement” show up on any of her tweets/FB page?”

    Do you think she even knows how to spell these words?!?

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    headless lucy spews:

    re 18: You don’t seem to realize that we are mocking traditional right wing attacks on France by applying them to the Diddler.

    Didier = Frenchmen

    Frenchmen = Effete Socialists

    Therefore, Didier is an effete socialist who solicits government funds to keep his potato growing business alive.

    I’ll believe that the Diddler is not a socialist the minute he repudites the welfare he gets from the government.

    He can hock his superbowl rings for all I care.