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    FricknFrack spews:

    Hey, Roger Rabbit (& a couple of other people mentioned wanting to read) the whole Vanity Fair piece.

    Maybe someone posted already, but it’s such a profound & interesting piece I want to make sure everyone has a chance to read the whole enchilada. I tried to buy hard copy at Safeway yesterday, but they don’t seem to sell VF. So, I believe this is the whole thing.

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    manoftruth spews:

    lol, you have a hissy fit over a plumber, but bernake and paulson are using the federal reserve to rape this country and send the money to tel aviv, this country is economically thru in 09. if you dont have dual citizenship like rahm emanuel i hope you like the fare at soup kitchens.

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    FricknFrack spews:

    Yay for Joe the Plumber! Between Joe and Sarah Palin, they couldn’t have worked harder to show what an over-the-hill McCain would do for/to the country.

    Jon, that was a fun read article down memory’s lane re: Joe. Do you suppose he’s crawled under a rock somewhere by now?

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    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    Joe the Plumber is now my bitch. He, like the rest of the GOP got bent over and fucked on Nov 4.

    I was just reflecting on what a glorious year it was. The right wing fools got laughed at, run out of down, degraded, demoted, rejected and outed as the traitors and idiots they really are.

    They lied, cheated and they taught their children to steal – but America was smarter then they were. Fraud’s like Joe the Plumber were nothing but marketing slogans. And that’s all the GOP has left. Fortunately, nobody is buying it, except for a few cowardly trolls left on this blog and a few others.

    It’s cute how they opine as if someone gave a fuck about their pathetic little lives. They were beaten like a drum on Nov 4 for a reason. It’s called S U C K!

    So bend over righties – for the next little while, the BEST you can hope for is to not be made more irrelevant than you already are.

    Now sit back and relax and prepare to watch us TAKE our place in the White House while you get to eat shit and die.

    LIFE IS GOOD! As long as you’re not a right wing fool that is. Happy New Year to the brave Democrats. Hope you have a terrible year to the fools on the right!

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    manoftruth spews:

    @4, They lied, cheated and they taught their children to steal

    hey webent, are you talking about bernie madoffs kids, or most of new york and palm beach.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Roger Rabbit Quiz

    Okay, all you former UFO abductees who think Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, here’s a brain teaser for you:

    According to an AP news story, a female passenger on a Northwest Airlines flight originating in Amsterdam gave birth to a baby girl over the Atlantic Ocean this morning.

    The plane landed at Logan Airport in Boston, and mother and baby were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital.

    An airline spokesman said he didn’t know the mother’s nationality, but said for customs purposes the baby was considered a Canadian citizen by customs officials because she was born in Canadian airspace.

    Today’s question is: Could this baby girl grow up to be the President of the United States?

    [ ] 1. Nah, the kid is obviously Dutch because the plane took off from Dutch territory.
    [ ] 2. Nah, the kid is Canadian because she was born in Canadian territory.
    [ ] 3. Sure, the kid is American because the plane landed in American territory.
    [ ] 4. Sure, the kid is American because her birth certificate will be filled out by an American hospital.
    [ ] 5. It depends on the mother’s nationality.
    [ ] 6. It depends on the father’s nationality.
    [ ] 7. Who the hell knows? You’re supposed to hire a lawyer to figure it out.

    (Answer below.)

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Answer to Roger Rabbit Quiz

    The correct answer, of course, is [7] because me and my lawyer pals are entitled to make a living just as much as you are! So don’t be a fucking cheapskate! Given the weightiness and public importance of this question, guessing or copping out are not acceptable alternatives. For only $450 an hour, we’ll provide you with a legal memorandum discussing all of the possible outcomes, the last sentence of which will say, “Due to the inherent uncertainty of all legal process, no one really knows, and it will be impossible to definitively answer this question unless and until the subject person is actually elected President and the Supreme Court actually addresses the question.”

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 Hey thanks, I printed it out so I’ll have something to read while waiting for 12:00.01 to roll around.

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    Michael spews:


    Still think there weren’t any gangs in the 50’s and that the teen pregnancy rate was lower back then?

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    Michael spews:


    Of course, if 5 or 6 are true the kid’s American, but these days it might take a boat load of lawyers to prove that the parents are Americans. All hell broke loose when my mother, born on a farm sans birth certificate and issued a social security # @18 applied for her passport.

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    manoftruth spews:

    @10, you supplied links to show teen pregnancy was higher in the 50’s. i’m not one of those people who, even after you show the proof, still argue. the gangs? if you think kids in the fifties controled entire neighborhoods, had illegal automatic weapons, would shoot a cop, nevermind you, in two seconds, and had a life expectancy of about 28, then you’re not getting my point.

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    Puddybud, Very Sad Today... spews:

    ByeByeGoober@4: Still smarting over Cindy McCain huh?

    Maybe you should look into “Don’t “hang or lynch” the black man chosen by Rod Blagojevich” and report back to us how Senate Donkey are acting…

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    Puddybud, Very Sad Today... spews:

    Michael Newdow is making the HA Atheists proud. He has filed a Dec. 30 lawsuit in U.S. District Court to strip prayer and any mention of God from the inaugural ceremony of President-elect Barack Obama. Are you Donk libtard atheists joining his lawsuit? American Humanist Association (AHA), the Freedom From Religion Foundation are parties to da cause!

    Just axking…

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    Michael spews:

    Your statement was:

    you’re right roger, i cant get my head out of the fifties. no inner city crime, no gangs, no illegal immigrants…

    I think we can say that there were, in fact, gangs, crime and illegal immigrants in the 50’s.

    So, I schooled ya’ the other day and now your back slinging more hyperbolic crap??? What’s up with that?

    Murders of black teens are up 39% Since 2000-01. So, what ever you folks on the right want to claim about “fixing the gang problem” isn’t going to fly.

    From the WSJ:

    Homicides in which blacks ages 14 to 17 years old were the victims rose to 927 over the two-year period of 2006-07

    In a country with 301,621,157 people I think it’s safe to say that it’s still safe to walk the streets. We’re not living in Kingstown yet. Had we given your boys a chance to get that murder rate up to 78% maybe that wouldn’t be the case.

    I couldn’t find data on how many crimes are committed with machine guns, but I bet it’s fairly low. I did find that

    Incidents involving a firearm represented 9% of the 4.7 million violent crimes of rape and sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated and simple assault in 2005.

    I think it’s safe to say that your chances of staring down the barrel of any form of firearm are slim.

    PS. I get your point, but you might want to tone it down a bit.

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    manoftruth spews:

    @13, well, i prefer the 50’s, you the present, but let me ask you this. would you feel safer walking the streets in 1950 or 2008?

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    Michael spews:


    Depends on who you are and where you’re at. I’m betting most minorities, outside of a few sketchy neighborhoods (many of which were sketchy back in the day too) would pick today over back in the day.

    I’m a big white guy in very low crime suburb, other than petty theft (and that hasn’t even happened in my neighborhood in years) I’ve got no worries crime wise.

    Btw. Checkout the stats. The world aint’ such a scary place and crime, overall, is headed downward.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Sam the leap second
    by Jon DeVore, 12/31/2008, 8:53 PM

    God bless 2009.

    To which God are you referring Jon?
    The God as revealed in the Bible?
    Or the God based on your vivid imagination.

    I’m just askin’!

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Happy New Year KLOWNS….and of course, Happy, Happy New Year to my friends who are always RIGHT!

    Great New Years Party last night.
    Elk Tenderloins, Lobster Tails……..
    My neighbor knows how to throw a party.
    Also pulled out a bottle of Patron Tequila Gran Burdeos…a couple of Smoooooooooooooth shots. Nice. No hangover.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @15 “Are you Donk libtard atheists joining his lawsuit?”

    No, because first of all most of us aren’t atheists, and secondly, this lawsuit lacks merits. Rest assured it isn’t going anywhere, for the same reason the Ten Commandments carved into the facade of the Supreme Court Building aren’t going anywhere — it’s not purely religious, there’s a cultural component to it, which makes it constitutionally acceptable. Of course, pudrat, I don’t expect an idiot like you to understand complex nuances of constitutional law, let alone finely drawn distinctions. To a simpleton like you, everything is either black or white, or you don’t understand it.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    There were gangs (and teen pregnancies to boot) in the 1950s.

    There were gangs in the 1940s, though fewer young unemployed men.

    There were gangs in the 1930s. Nothing like a great depression to spike crime rates.

    There were gangs in the 1920s. Nothing lke a drug prohibition to finance organizesd crime (Al Capone, anyone?).

    There were gangs in the 1910s.

    There were gangs in the 1890s.

    There were gangs in the 1880s.

    There were gangs in the 1850s (Bloody Kansas, anyone?).

    The USA has always had a bloody and lawless past.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    24 RR

    Still, I tend to agree that it should be removed from both the oath of office and from the Pledge of Allegiance.

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    Susan spews:

    2008 was a wonderful year! The year that we (the tribes of Washington State) were able to take even more control away from Whitey.

    We don’t have to collect or pay the state portion of the gas tax which is currently 37.5 cents a gallon. We can now undercut our competitors by 10 cents a gallon and still make an extra 26 cents a gallon in profit.
    We are now able to open stations throughout the state – Not just on indian land. Thank you so much Gov Gregoire and the rest of the democrat party.

    Have you noticed who has the money to advertise on radio and television?
    Everytime you turn around you will here one of our casino ads. This advertising does 2 things. First it entices whitey to come and gamble. Second and more important it keeps the media from writing anything critical.
    Did you know that casinos don’t have to pay property taxes? Thanks again Governor.

    Energy and water rights
    We now control a very large portion of the water rights in this state. You don’t think this is a big deal, just wait.

    You guys are going to crap your pants when you find out that we are building coal and nuclear plants located on Indian land to produce electricity. You will pay us for that energy.

    Bend over Whitey! Thanks again Governor Gregoire!

  23. 28

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Well said…and the cold hard truth.
    Great to be a Sovereign Nation…whenever it’s convenient or profitable!

  24. 29

    Piper Scott spews:


    Sheesh…the amount of American constitutional history you do not know is enormous. You display that ignorance routinely and rapaciously.

    There is no “…so help me God” in the presidential oath – never has been. Newly inagurated presidents include the phrase by custom and personal conviction. Some say George Washington was the first to do so, after which he lowered his head and kissed the Bible.

    Most Americans then, and most Americans now, find such an affirmation reassuring – they believe that a divine hand guides us, and they are glad to see that their president does too.

    Interesting and symbolic in a very welcome sort of way that Barack Obama will take the oath of office with his hand on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible.

    Would you do away with the use of the Bible during a swearing-in?

    As for the Pledge of Allegiance – go ahead, make my day. Try to get “Under God” eliminated, then watch yourself get abandoned by every Senator and Member of Congress who wants to be re-elected.

    How about, “In God we trust,” which is the statutorily designated national motto of the United States? It has appeared on U.S. money since 1864. Want to dump that, too?

    How shallow must be your life…

    The Piper

  25. 30

    correctnotright spews:

    Piper says:

    Sheesh…the amount of American constitutional history you do not know is enormous


    And then goes on to say that the oath of office does not have a so help me g-d part in it – yup, that is for swearing in at trials BUT it sure ain’t in the constitution either….

    Of coursew the pledge of allegiance was written by a socialist and the
    under g-d” phrase was ADDED in – something Piper either did not know or deliberately neglected to mention.

    Since when is Piper a defender of the constitution?

    I suppose Piper is now calling for:

    Impeachment of Bush for violating the clasue on illegal search and seizure, violating the treaties signed by the US (Geneva copnvention on torture) and violating habeus corpus legal protections (not in the constitution – but the executive branch must follow the law too).

    I commend Piper for advocating for the constitution in these areas.

  26. 31

    Piper Scott spews:


    I would have thought better of you, of all people…

    I am fully aware that “under God” was added by Congress to the Pledge of Allegiance in the 1950’s. So? The Constitution has been amended from time to time as well – you logic has it that those amedments, not being a part of the original, should be repealed.

    The constitutional presidential oath of office doesn’t, as I said, mandate “so help me God.” I also said, but you apparently missed it, that the phrase has been added by newly sworn-in and inagurated presidents as a matter of historic custom and individual conviction. You got a problem with that?

    As far as your foam-at-the-mouth accusations against President Bush, show me a court of competent jurisdiction that has so held that he has violated the law such that he has commited impeachable offenses. I can show you similar actions by every president since the founding of the Republic that are as bad or worse.

    FDR and the Japanese internment, JFK and the Bay of Pigs together with brother Bobby’s shakedown of the Teamsters, Harry Truman’s extra-legal nationalization of the steel industry, Jimmy Carter on general principles (failed to adequately protect and defend the Constitution of the United States), and we already know the high crimes and misdeamenors for which Bill Clinton was impeached.

    Did you know that during WW II, FDR forced through the hanging of 6 German sabatoeurs by denying them habeas corpus, which SCOTUS upheld? See Ex parte Quirin, 317 U.S. 1 (1942).

    And also, how about when Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus in Maryland, a border state then not in rebellion against the United States?

    Then also show me any mention of the word “abortion” in the Constitution. Then, when you can’t, show me the textual commitment and sound Constitutional analysis that got it in there, which is also an impossibility.

    Face it…you just seek to criminalize policy differences.

    The Piper

  27. 32

    Rick D. spews:

    Potty mouth Jon spewed:
    …an uninformed, hypocritical right wing douche and he can eat me.

    Grow up, Jonboy.

  28. 33

    correctnotright spews:

    @31: The German saboteurs got trials – those held at Guantoanom have not and the Supreme Court has ruled AGAINST the actions of Bush. In addition, Bush claimed an American citizen was a foreign combatant – clearly that was illegal and against the constitution.

    The argument that in the past the constitution was violated, so it is OK now is not just a bad argument – it is downright stupid. Either you believe in the constitution or you do not. It is like pregnancy – either you are pregnant or you aren’t, there is no in-between.

  29. 34

    Piper Scott spews:


    Trials before military tribunals with death sentences handed down and implemented within a matter of six weeks.

    SCOTUS rules against presidential and congressional actions all the time – big deal. We have three branchs of government.

    One of the Germans who went to the electric chair in Ex parte Quirin was an American citizen. Traitors are traitors and deserve to be executed. American citizens fought for Germany during WW II in uniform, yet weren’t accorded constitutional protections at all.

    If you take up arms against your country, why should you expect the best of both worlds? Geneva Accord protections and the benefit of the criminal law and its presumption of innocence, etc.?

    Why not be content with a blindfold and a last cigarette?

    The Piper