Running Again

It’s no surprise, but Patty Murray will be running for reelection in 2016 (Seattle Times Link). Good to know. Patty Murray has been a voice of reason in an increasingly dysfunctional Congress. She has brought decency and class to the Senate. While I don’t like a lot of the compromises she has had to make — most recently with the budget deal — I have no doubt but that they would have been worse without her there.

I suppose, this also dashes my hope that she would run for president. There was no reason to think she would run, but I had always sort of hoped that she might. I suppose with Hillary Clinton pretty close to a lock on the Democratic nomination if she wants it, that wouldn’t make much sense.


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    Carl spews:

    Patti .. run for President????????

    Be real!

    She has a poor speaking voice, no national organization, a safe seat, a real chance of taking Harry Ried’s job …………..

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    Lynn spews:

    she lies about obamacare on video. If you like your plan you can keep it. She’s another socialist getting elected with the help of illegals going door to door.

    she is disgusting in her support of everything Agenda 21. vote the liar out.

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    czechsaaz spews:

    Oh joy. Is this a new troll? Agenda 21? Sweet. We’ve been lacking a certifiably insane troll for a while.

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    The RCW doesn’t allow anyone to run simultaneously for two different offices, so Patty couldn’t do it. (Well, technically, you can run for PCO and an office.)

    Some states do permit it. In fact, in 2012 we learned that it’s OK to do so in Wisconsin … Paul Ryan was re-elected to his House seat while losing his VP run. Ryan can thank Lyndon Johnson for that law. So too could Lloyd Bentsen 1988 (in LBJ’s own state, of course), Joe Lieberman 2000, and Joe Biden 2008.

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    Patty Murray replace Harry Reid? Never thought of that… Don’t you have to be some kind of ruthless bulldog to do that kind of thing? Patty seems more the wonk-y type…

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    Dr. Hilarius spews:

    The bar for being a well-regarded democrat keeps getting lower. Patty has morphed from the Mom in Tennis Shoes to Pork-barrel Patty. Considering she has a safe seat with little chance of either a primary challenge or more than token Republican opposition, she’s been a lukewarm liberal at best.

    She has a lot of clout when it comes to defense contracts but failed to advocate for Boeing workers, instead standing on the sidelines. Nary a word on economic or social justice. Murphy is just another corporatist democrat whose supporters bring out Republican bogymen to deflect attention from her mediocre performance. Washington deserves better.