Run, Ed, run!

As a blogger, I’m thrilled by the possibility that Sen. Ed Murray might launch a write-in campaign for Seattle Mayor, and welcome the news that a new poll shows him right in the mix.  I mean, what a great story.

As a voter, not particularly enthralled with either Mike McGinn nor Joe Mallahan, I’m definitely intrigued.

But as a political observer, I’m still a bit dubious, especially now that Seattle Times editorial columnist Joni Balter is urging Murray to jump in. I’m already concerned about whether there might be a massive disconnect between the political establishment and the electorate in regards to the acceptability of the two mayoral finalists, and uber-establishment Balter’s endorsement, well, that can only be viewed as a giant red flag.

Still, as much as I hate to agree with Joni Balter… I agree with Joni Balter: Run, Ed, run! I’m not exactly sure if you’ll get my vote, but it would certainly make covering the race a helluva lot more fun.


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    ratcityreprobate spews:

    The times endorsed Nickels and Mallahan. Balter is urging Murray to get into the race to siphon votes away from McGinn letting Mallahan win. Balter’s deviousness is transparent.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’ll bet Ed’s massive ego is soooo swollen by all this, he can’t even get his noggin thru the door.
    Ed will lap up the publicity…but he won’t run. Running in a safe District is one thing…putting yourself out there for possible defeat is another.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Sure, why not. The worst he could do is take enough votes from McGinn to put Mallahan in, or take enough votes from Mallahan to put McGinn in. There’s no possibility he could put Nickels back in; and, who knows, he might succeed in putting himself in.

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    SJ's Sockpuppet spews:

    Murray would be a fool to do this.

    IF Murray wins

    He has a mess that likely would block him for running for McDermi’s seat when that opens up (hopefully soon). AND, McG would be a likely opponent if Ed did run.

    Moreover, the next Mayor esp will not be a position to do any of things I would hope to see Ed do. .. Ya know, the community things Damayor has neglected? Community issues are impossible to deal with while we are fighting over the crumbs of a distastrous city budget.

    BTW, since Ed has been a Tunnel supporter he better pray to Puddy’s God that the Tunnel does not turn into a boondoggle.

    If Murray loses to McGinn?

    Murray looks like a fool and has made new enemies of the McGinnic supporters, esp the enviroes.

    Worse, the moderates may blame Murray for any ef ups by McG.

    In Murray loses to Mallahan

    Murray may not lose the moderates unless he isses of Malahan. BUT, Murray will have made even worse enemies of the McGinn crowd and now have another challenger for McD’s seat .. McG to succeed McD would make sense to a lotm of folks, esp if they felt Ed had screwed McGinn outa the mayor’s job.


    I have spoken with the SJ staff political expert, Tsonokwa. Tsono is in touch with her peers in the Murray household and assures me that Seantor Murray is far too wise to make a mistake like this.

    trust in Tsonokwa!

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    Iambic Penn spews:

    I would vote for Ed Murray if his campaign gave me a pen with his name spelled out. And maybe a radio/TV jingle. Powerful subliminal messages in those TV ads – all I remember about Nickels’ ads was his voice reminding me “I’ve made a few mistakes.”

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    Jane spews:

    Yes, well, if the comments to her piece are any indication Joni Balter is out of touch with the good people of Seattle, who gave Nickels a decisive heave-ho largely I suspect because he was too much establishment and, frankly, just too much. Not getting that message, Balter is now pushing for Ed Murray, the same Murray who advocated for an expensive Husky stadium renovation when the state’s finances were in free fall?

    Yep, I’m sure voters will recognize what a godsend this is . . .

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    SJ's Sockpuppet spews:

    @9 Jane

    I think you are making my point. I understand why Ed backed the stadium (it actually would not affect the state’s finances) but this would be a,ousy time to try and educate interest groups.

  8. 11


    The anti-tunnel folks are not leaving the anti-tunnel candidate, but some portion had to be rejecting Nickels and just not drawn to Mallahan.
    The anti-anti-tunnel folks were not voting for Nickels for all reasons, real or imagined.
    The Drago folks were voting for Nickels
    The Nickels folks are not lining up behind the anti-tunnel, and the T-mobile Catbert.

    I think the Nickels and Drago numbers are plenty enough reason for Murray to get in.

    Then, there is the SEIU:
    1.Days after a last-minute donation from the Service Employees International Union’s healthcare PAC—apparently intended for KC Executive candidate Dow Constantine—last week, the 34th District Democrats’ executive board reportedly voted last night to nullify their endorsements and replace them with new endorsements. PubliCola freelancer Johnathon Fitzpatrick got the scoop.

    Members of the board reportedly want to replace a dual endorsement for Mike McGinn and Greg Nickels with a sole endorsement for Joe Mallahan; replace a dual endorsement for Sally Bagshaw and Dorsol Plants with a sole endorsement for David Bloom; and replace a dual endorsement for Jessie Israel and Nick Licata with a sole endorsement for Israel. The vote would also have the effect of nullifying endorsements for Constantine and City Attorney Tom Carr.

    Murray should be a reminder to the anti-tunnel folks that funding approval for any option for the AWV goes through Ways and Means. If Murray lost I would not count on a dime over the 2.8b the state has committed to spending, the do-over could take longer than 1 term.

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    rtm spews:

    @11 –

    oh, i get it. having ignored the Seattle vote 2 years ago against a tunnel, and having seen their torch carrier defeated at the polls, the legislature and Ed Murray should *threaten* the City of Seattle.

    good luck with that.

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    James spews:

    Ed Murray could run the city.

    Mike McGinn could not.

    Not a tough choice there.

    And if McGinn voters whine about Murray splitting off progressive votes, tough sh!t. It was McGinn who took Nickels out in classic Nader style.

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    delbert spews:

    If Ed Murray wanted to be mayor, he should have put his name in the hat back in May, like everybody else did.

    Joni Balter is wrong again. Goldy is wrong as usual. Or is it the other way ’round.

  12. 15

    passionate_jus spews:

    If Murray wanted to be mayor he should have ran in the primary against Nickels.

    If he runs I will never vote for him again for anything. And I’ve liked him up until this point.

  13. 16

    uptown spews:

    It’s nice that you all know him and like him, but really…
    Who the hell is Sen. Ed Murray?

    He just doesn’t have the name recognition he needs to win as a write-in candidate.