Rossi stonewalling deposition

Word coming out of the Dino Rossi deposition during the lunch break was that Rossi and his attorney have been totally obstructionist throughout the first half of the proceedings, refusing to answer many of attorney Knoll Lowney’s questions.  I assume that if this behavior continues through the afternoon, Lowney will ask Judge Kallas to impose sanctions, which may include additional hours of deposition.  We’ll see.


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    So we won spews:

    Maybe Rossi can join Ted Stevens in the Republican pre-election walk of shame. :)

    So far the only real honest hit against Gregoire is that the economy sucks (unemployment, revenue, etc). Uh true. But that’s true in every state. It’s a country wide issue. If the REST of the states were swimming in money and it was ONLY Washington that had job losses and revenue drop off…it would be fair to blame the current Gov. But as it is, we’re weathering things fairly well. Washington state hasn’t had to go begging the Feds for billions in loans to operate like other states. Gee, I bet Dino(saur) Rossi thinks Gregoire is responsible for the 40% drop in my 401k value too!

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    The Spectator spews:

    Plaintiff Faith Ireland contributed to the election committee of Judge Paris Kallas in 2001, according to a document at the PDC Doesn’t that appear to be a conflict of interest? Shouldn’t Judge Kallas have recused herself in this highly-charged political matter?

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    rhp6033 spews:

    That’s one of the problems with depositions when you have a time crunch. Compelling proper performance in a timely manner is difficult. You can go before the judge right away, but without a transcript it becomes a “he says – she says” pissing match. Waiting for the transcript could take until mid-day tomorrow, so the lawyers could be in court on Thursday afternoon arguing about whether Rossi has to appear on Friday to answer the questions. If Rossi stonewalls on Friday, then they are back in court on Monday, which is too late to do much good for this election.

    We really need a better method so that election financial laws can be enforced in a more efficient fashion, within days of the violation occuring, and the penalty should match the crime so that there’s no profit in violating the law.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    If Rossi was refusing to answer any questions all morning long, Lowney should have spent the lunch hour in the judges chambers moving to compel them to answer. Even if he continues to be obstructionist in the afternoon, Lowney would have prepared the judge for a follow-up motion late this afternoon, and asked the judge to schedule a hearing around 1:00 p.m. tomorrow to monitor compliance and/or for Rossi to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of court.

    It would be fun to see the judge order Rossi taken into immediate custody and held until such time as he demonstrates to the court’s satisfaction that he is prepared to obey the court’s orders.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    The Judge should have disclosed the Campaign Contribution from the Bench. Failing to do so is a travesty!!

    All the Gregoire aka TEAM HORSESASS pinheads want to do is create a diversion (once again) from Gregoire’s overspending and Budget trainwreck.

    Lowney is a dickhead.

    HIS opinion of Rossi’s answers is irrelevant.

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    Not a good first half spews:

    I just read the first half depo Politics Northwest blog posted. Lowney and Withey are not very good at this, their focus is so scattered, they are playing into the public perception this is a Gregoire witch hunt.