Rossi sold Aquasox on election day

I’m constantly accused by my friends in the traditional media of being way too cynical when it comes to the motives of Republican politicians… you know, like my eye-rolling at Dino Rossi’s alleged civic mindedness in taking his well publicized (and well exploited) minority stake in the Everett Aquasox.  Well here’s a little election day tidbit that totally escaped my attention at the time:

The Everett AquaSox baseball team – the Class A farm team affiliated with the Seattle Mariners – has been sold to 7th Inning Stretch LLP for an undisclosed sum.

The team had been owned by the Carfagna family for the past four years and was sold to the California company headed by majority owner Thomas Volpe. 7th Inning Stretch also owns the Shorebirds, of Delmarva, Md., and the Ports, of Stockton, Calif.

Yup, that’s right… Rossi and his partners waited until Nov. 4 at 5PM—just hours before the polls closed—to announce the sale of the team to out-of-state buyers.  I guess with the election over, he no longer needed the good will or the mailing list his minority stake bought him.

Forgive me for being cynical.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Lemme guess. Rossi got a sweetheart deal (amounting to a gift) on his stake in the club and pocketed a hefty (and guaranteed) profit from his short-term “investment” in the team.

    Getting paid to run for public office even if you lose is nice work — if you can get it. But ya gotta be a Republican to cash in like that.

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    speaking of baseball, the in-game rossi ads on the mariners’ tv broadcasts on fsn last season were a deal-breaker for me as an Ms ticket purchaser. i am cool with players and coaches speaking their minds on issues (though hasselbeck and strong are forever tainted by serving as eye candy for reichert and bush’s rich donors in 8-06) but not cool with teams selling ad time for candidates of any party or subjecting us to religious music at games. no political ads and no god bless america at Ms games ever please. and then i will go back to buying tickets for me and my young, enthusiastic baseball fan children.

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    slingshot spews:

    Domini, domini, you’re forgiven (sprinkling aromatic holy water and waving smoke machine in your general direction).

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Not a lot of potential buyers for Minor League teams. It’s a lot worse to wait until after election day to announce unemployment is actually @ 6.3% and the upcoming shortfall is actually $5.1 BILLION and still no numbers on the Underfunded State Pension Fund…(probably over $7 BILLION).
    I’m just sayin’—
    Who gives a sh*t about a minor league baseball team. At least someone is trying to keep them going. I’m more concerned about the State Deficit and ultimate massive tax increases.
    Perspective has never been Goldy’s strong suit.

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    Steve spews:

    @9 Oh, didn’t you hear? Cynical is a successful rancher/investor/survivalist. He’s said so himself many times. Too bad for him that he couldn’t keep his lies straight or somebody here might actually believe that bullshit. But he’s just another lying, goatfucking troll, the rank underbelly of the foul Republican beast. It no doubt sucks for him that everything he’s ever believed in has gone to shit.

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    Joe spews:

    Thanks Again to all of you Gregoire supporters from the Indian Tribes of Washington. You will soon be paying us for all of your water, electricity and gasoline. Not to mention, the only way you will be able to satisfy your gambling addictions will be at one of our casinos. Have you noticed all of our radio ads? And to top it off we don’t pay the state one red cent on our gambling revenue nor do we pay a dime in property taxes on our off tribal land casinos. SWEET!

    Thanks Again

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    Upton spews:

    Of all the election results, I’m especially gratified that the voters of Wa. state taught this snake and his BIAW friends a lesson.

    Suddenly,I don’t see anymore of those “reelect Rossi” bumper stickers, the complaining over 2004 has stopped too… getting your ass kicked has a tendency to shut you up.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Yeah man…and your dogshit life will continue to be dogshit as Gregoire does massive layoffs that were totally avoidable had she not overspent by increasing spending 33% or $8 BILLION.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Cynical is a fan of dogshit. Dogshit fertilizes the field that feeds his goat. He knows that only healthy goats are enticing.

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    Steve spews:

    @15 Interesting. I figured that the pathetic shit was fucking his neighbor’s goat. He might be doing better than I thought if he has his own goat.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Actually, as I think about it, I may have to step back. I’m not sure Cynical owns “his” goat. That is simply how he refers to her.

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    Steve spews:

    @17 I really doubt that the poor sap could afford his own goat. An announcement of BIAW layoffs will likely coincide with the disappearance of Cynical from this blog.

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    ROTCODDAM spews:

    Hoban and Rossi arranged the sale months ago.
    Rossi and Hoban agree to delay the sale so that the campaign could leverage the Aquasux to their advantage.

    Hoban has privately admitted to all this, while spinning his paranoid tales about being under “surveillance” from “Gregoire’s people”. Delusional is too complimentary a term for the guy. Delusional is the norm for most Repubs these days. But Hoban and quite a few others from Rossi’s team make Nixon look like a calming presence.

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    Pardon my ignorance: does this mean the Aquasox are leaving?

    Mr. C- you’d be surprised how many of us love minor league games. Minor league games are great for scoping out new talent, and it’s a great place to take the kids.