by Goldy, 05/26/2010, 9:15 AM

Since Dino Rossi had already pre-announced that his official announcement would go live on his website at 7 AM this morning, I just post-dated a piece of snark for the same time, turned off the alarm clock and decided to sleep in. Well apparently, so did Rossi’s webmaster:

It’s still early in Seattle, but also a bit strange that with the Seattle Times previewing Dino Rossi’s campaign launch via web video on … remains devoted to a plain text letter, apparently from 2008, to supporters and potential business partners.

Oops. According to Publicola, Rossi still had his old website up as late as 7:25 AM.

You know, wants to run government more like a business, and all that.

Then again, in the same way that Rossi touts his business experience as one of his main political qualifications, he’s also been quite savvy at leveraging his political prominence into lucrative business opportunities. So it’s kinda fitting.

4 Responses to “Rossi kicks off campaign with a glitch”

1. sarge spews:

I watched as much as I could stomach. This man is an idiot. The low housing values, high unemployment, stimulus spending and wall street bailout are all the fault of the Democrats.

I suppose we’d be better off with a closed GM, full on bank collapse, and world wide depression…which was the path we were on when Obama took over.

Republicans have absolutely nothing to offer but more of the same that is ruining this country. Deregulation of everything, pure capitalism, low taxes for the rich. Screw the middle class. Screw the environment.

The best part of Dino’s “announcement” is that he is a really sore loser. Can’t wait to see him lose again!

2. rhp6033 spews:

The continuation of the Reagan/Bush dream society, to which Rossi is dedicated:

Does Your Boat Float?

3. tpn spews:

OTOH, the Democratic Party has fostered a situation where progressives have to endure a Republican for one term, in order to replace a crappy Democrat with a better one.

4. tpn spews:

Truth: the ultimate thread-killer.