Road rage: Rossi may lose state chauffeur

An article by Kenneth Vogel in The Tacoma News Tribune, suggests that Dino Rossi may soon have to give up the perks of office he’s been enjoying since being certified governor-elect after the first recount. [Rossi may have to give up perks of being Gov.-elect]

Since he won the first recount by 42 votes, Rossi has taken four trips on the state plane, he and his family have been chauffeured by a state trooper in a state car, they had state police protection stationed outside their home in Sammamish and his transition team has maintained a taxpayer-funded office in Olympia.


It’s not clear if he’ll be cut off entirely while he contests the election, but once Christine Gregoire is certified the real governor-elect on Dec. 30, Rossi may have to sharpen up his driving skills. Don’t worry Dino… an elephant never forgets.

According to Vogel, Rossi took his family on a tour of the living quarters at the governor’s mansion last Tuesday, which perhaps explains his determination to fight on until the bitter end. Rumor has it his eldest daughter already picked out her bedroom… disappoint a 13-year-old girl, and he may really need the police protection.


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    Jim King spews:

    Careful, Goldy- many a “commentator” has been taken to the woodshed for poking fun at the family… The candidate is fair game- 13 year old girls- be they Clinton or Rossi- are not… even as a joke.

  2. 4

    Goldy spews:

    Understood Jim… that is why I was careful to phrase it in such a way that I was generalizing about 13-year-old girls in general. Just the musings of a father looking forward to his own daughter’s teen years.

    But perhaps I’ll refine the line by adding the word “may” in there (as in “he may really need police protection”) just to further set aside the generalization.

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    Josef spews:

    Good morning. Bad news to all Gregovych supporters: We know about the whited-out ballots, we know about the obstruction of party observers and we know about the lack of ballot security!

    Don’t worry – the state plane will be replaced by an F-15E Strike Eagle. We’re outlawing Dropping bombs in five minutes!

    (Obviously, I copycatted President Reagan’s joke about the USSR. Considering all the Ukraine comparisions – I figured it was long overdue…)

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    jim p spews:

    Dearest Josef, once again you forgot to take your medications today. Christine is YOUR governor whether you like it or not. You should always follow your doctors instructions. Love my BLUE state

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    jcricket spews:

    once again Josef – good luck proving any of your accusations. Everything the Republicans seem to have touted as “proof” of KC misdeeds has evaporated when it came time to present in front of anyone other than the media or sympathetic audiences (i.e. the courts).

    Christine Gregoire is Governor-elect of the state of WA, now only two days from certification.

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    motorhomeman spews:

    Gee, I’m surprised you have time to do any posting. Dean Logan needs all your help “backfilling” his database so he can respond to various public records requests. It will be interesting to see exactly what data has been purged or altered in the database since the BIAW Public Records Request back on Dec 3rd that still hasn’t been responded to.
    The data requested should be in the database and reconciled BEFORE certification. If I were the R’s, I would not only want whatever Logan produces now but what was in the database at the time of certification.
    Whenever you are backfilling a big pile of poop like the KingCo voter registration database, more than likely you will get some of the poop on you!

  7. 11

    jcricket spews:

    I always enjoy your conspiracy theories motorhomeman. They seem to change every time you’re proven wrong publicly, and then you just move on to the next one. Keep it up, very entertaining.

  8. 12

    motorhomeman spews:

    It’s raining like a SOB down here in Southern California this AM. The pool is almost overflowing.
    I addressed some of your previous comments in your prior comment section. Check it out.
    When this is all said and done, I would like to meet you and buy you a brew. You’ll need it! Remember, sense of humor Goldy!!

    By the way Goldy, do you know bby, jimp or jcricket?

  9. 13

    motorhomeman spews:

    Thank you for expressing your enjoyment of my conspiracy theories so much. I am only doing this for entertainment value and it appears I am succeeding, at least with you.
    Perhaps we should all take the time to be complimentary of each other every time we post something. I’ll try:
    jcricket, I appreciate your shallow, spinning, twisting diatribes. You too jimp & bby? I can only hope the Dem Party attorneys are just like you all. That would make me very happy.

    WOW..that felt great!!!

    jcricket–your ability to “spin” just the littlest issues into something that totally misrepresents the posters comment must make your parents very proud of you.

    WOW–this is awesome!! I do feel better if I’m a little more positive. Maybe we ought to all get together for a “group hug” before we start and end each day.

  10. 14

    jim p spews:

    I do not know Goldy, bby or jcricket. But I did have the courtesy of hitting the button on Goldy’s webpage to buy him a couple of beers. You should do that also. He does a tremendous and time consuming job keeping us up to date on the happenings in Washingto State.

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    bby spews:

    Motomooooooo—- you continue an important R’s value, insulting, intensely personal over the top remarks, and dumb as a rock. —–Of Corse well all know each othe, Called THE COVEN
    of Political Commentators…….get real, go clean up Jefferson County.
    You post not for discourse but to avenge you total inadequacy as a cring, thouhtful human being.

    Very tired of you stuff , You sound like that old blowhard Mr. C — the Clone Machine for RoboWingers is working.

    You have NO case, quit fishing in the little plastic pond, Tell MonaLisaBosie to conceded…..TAKE the mega slush fund, 300,000 and counting- and kick back…the rubes will send more another day…..

    PREDICTION – look for Eyeman and Roie to work together on an inititative. Think about it. They are a natural, and I mean natural,

    Please don’t come to the Gregoire Victory Party, too many rabblefish dancing to Babblefish.

    (He need to Concede, his political future is evaporating).

  12. 16

    bby spews:

    jim p – How dare you disavow me in public — have you forgotten those long late night meeings where we planned the demise of the robo nutwingers? Shame, I remember vividly every detail.

    Well, when it comes to the $$$$, I agree. And I bet Goldy drinks good stuff.

  13. 17

    Jim King spews:

    jcricket- regarding your comment #8- do you mean King County did NOT permanently enhance ballots by fully filling in ovals or using white out on the original ballots, or that these ballots will evaporate before being produced per the public information request?

    And technical correction, she won’t be Governor-elect until AFTER Reed amends the abstract on Thursday, and she won’t be certified until after the Legislature accepts that abstract on January 10th.

    Then she dets sworn in on January 12th, and after the courts get done looking at King County’s defacement of ballots, gets booted out sometime this spring… Oh, we will know such joy as did the Red Sox Nation after letting the Yankees think they had won… Then crushed their spirits…

  14. 18

    bby spews:

    And on a very serious note- candidate welfare is not the responsibiliy of the taxpayers. Those of you who have some say with Rossi – please explain he has been connected to a realestate person who was convicted of fraud and his do gooder, political virgin act will not hold up if there is more fraud.

    He is NOT the Gov. elect. Get off the dole Dino, pay for your own jet. You might have to pay it all back – greed is not a virture among voters – hey don’t want to fund social programs for rich political DeadDogs……Give up the limo and the jet…..bad phot op

  15. 19

    motorhomeman spews:

    bby (aka rudy)–I enjoyed you more when you were the “angry Gay Male” personna. It’s always humorous when Lefty’s accuse someone else of being mean-spirited and uncivil while foaming at the mouth like you bby. You seem very angry today bby. I feel your pain dude. I really think the angst of not knowing what the R’s have and what they will be doing 10 days from Thursday has pushed you off the deep-end.
    I hear there are “support groups” for nearly everything in Ukraine County. Dementia among them.
    Unfortunately bby, folks like you who want to silence the opposition are the most dangerous. I encourage you to keep frothing at the mouth. The Michael Moore mentality gave Bush this election and your anger will help push others to the Right. Keep it up bby!!

  16. 20

    Josef spews:

    Comment by Jim King— 12/28/04 @ 8:40 am

    Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth. jcricket might want to be as quiet as the Gregocrat observers in King County…

    Comment by bby— 12/28/04 @ 8:41 am

    Considering the Ukrainian election we are having, I don’t blame Dino. But I too wish he’d stay home and conduct the war effort. I mean I too hate thieves. And you all: Rossi can’t be held liable for his boss’ behavior unless you want to hold Bob From Boeing liable for his…

    The only fraud here is in Ukraine County. We patriots must seize the day, defend our liberty and ensure that in the fighting words of Dr. Anne Will: “The republic will survive!”

  17. 21

    bby spews:

    Josefichev- If you like Ukranians, quit insulting them by defacing their good Slavic names. Bad foreign policy and doubt they would get the joke

  18. 22

    DCF spews:

    Jim King–If there are ballots with white out on them, how do you prove that the voter didn’t do it? You, know most “average voters” are a little light on the number of bricks the own, they aren’t as BRILLIANT as you.

  19. 23

    Jim King spews:

    bby- so mean-spirited, and slanderous. The bullshit over the fraud stuff didn’t sell then, doesn’t sell now. And until Thursday, Rossi is still Governor-elect. All the percs he was enjoying, he is both legally entitled to, and are necessary for security in this day and age. Vogel travelled with them at a time when the election tide had yet to shift. Are you so afraid it is going to shift again, that you must stay in such a rabid mode. Loosen up, take a chill pill…

  20. 24

    Jim King spews:

    DCF- Is that the defense now- although King County was using white out on ballots, how do we know that the voter didn’t do it? And how do we know it wasn’t the voter, not the King County employee, who fully filled in the oval? Those are really good questions, especially if King County didn’t follow the rest of the rules-

    When enhancing ballots, the county shall take the following steps to create and maintain an audit trail of the actions taken with respect to those enhanced ballots:
    (1) Each ballot to be enhanced must be assigned a unique control number, with such number being marked on the face of the enhanced ballot;
    (2) A log shall be kept of the ballots enhanced and shall include at least the following information:
    (a) The control number of each ballot enhanced;
    (b) The initials of at least two people who participated in enhancing each ballot; and
    (c) The total number of ballots enhanced;
    (3) Enhanced ballots and ballots to be enhanced shall be sealed into secure storage at all times, except when said ballots are in the process of being enhanced, are being tabulated, or are being inspected by the canvassing board.

    Will be interesting to see just how far King County deviated from the rules…

  21. 25

    bby spews:

    motomooooo- week afer week after week after week after week, NOTHING -some little credibility gap.

    Too much mouth and too liitle facts.

    Just to be sharing and caring- I received a Christmas card from Geo Bush- yes the White House card. Talk aout funny. They must have used the old Jimmy Carter list. Putting it on E-Bay.

  22. 26

    bby spews:

    Jim King – I think I read the press acounts of the
    Rossi association with real estate pals convicted of fraud in the Times or P I…..getting touchy…. Jim.

    The Tacoma Tribune- is that the same paper who endorsed him? His press is evaporting rapidly, except for KVI

    I predicted a win in the Supreme court….and predict the election will stand…

    Does he not now have a nice slush fund? And of course he is keeping Vance, the state party gave him the money….just hoping Vance runs against Maria.

  23. 27

    motorhomeman spews:

    Jim King–
    It appears the Left-wing bloggers have all gone mad at precisely the same time, The last one by DCF really takes the cake. I think they are all deeply worried not only about the results of this Governor’s race but also the long-range implications to the Dem Party–
    They have actually convinced themselves that the R’s have uncovered no monkey business re: illegitimate votes too.
    I suppose they will soon be bleating the chorus that “convicted felons have feelings too!!”. And multiple voters, well they are merely victims of identity depravation or some idiotic new sydrome they will develop to rationalize wrongful acts. I mean bby strikes me as the type of deranged personality that could vote multiple times. They just can’t handle the suspense.

  24. 28

    Josef spews:

    Comment by bby— 12/28/04 @ 9:18 am

    Maybe you should realize that if and when we prove our case, the mainstream media will have to turn around and support us – or lose credibility. They just don’t have the smoking gun they want… yet. It’s just a matter of time before they get it.

    Josef out.

  25. 29

    motorhomeman spews:

    How do you know they don’t have the smoking gun(s)yet??
    Timing is everything my friend. You can see how fearful the Gregoirians have become. Let them rant & rave all they want.
    This just might be about much more than the Governor’s race. In fact, I’m sure it is.
    Has anyone found a KingCo voter who has a forged signature, convicted felon who voted once and been dead for more than a year?? I suppose it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But 3 out of 4 or 2 out of 4 or even 1 out of 4 are pretty damning too.

  26. 30

    motorhomeman spews:

    I meant to say KingCo convicted felon with forged signature who voted MORE THAN ONCE and has been dead over a year.

  27. 31

    bby spews:

    Did I mistake some facts over the past months?

    The Dems have control of both Houses of the Legislature…..and the Gov. elect….and the Senator elect…..and a nice refund coming back….you have Chris Vance and Linda Tripp…..

  28. 32

    bby spews:

    Motomooooer- that sounds like a MonLisaRosie voter in the rube counties….check a bit more in Skamania and Ferry and Grant.

  29. 33

    Goldy spews:

    Et tu, Jim…? Buying into the propaganda? White-Out?

    Hate to burst any bubbles, but I didn’t get my first computer until my senior year in college, and so I had plenty experience with White-Out. One of its down sides, is that it scrapes off! And depending on the card stock, it can scrape off rather easily.

    I’m guessing (and this is just off the top of my head) that perhaps they specifically used White-Out because it doesn’t permanently obscure what is underneath?

  30. 34

    Jim King spews:

    And depending on the card stock… Goldy- I’ve had plenty of experience with white out, too, and I have yet to get a perfect scrape-off… Nor have I ever been able to unfully darken an oval, leaving the original mark… Sloppy procedures lead to new elections… Don’t let the swell of panic overtake you, you still have the Eagles… :)

  31. 35

    Jim King spews:

    Besides, you really DON’T want to disappoint the little Rossi children, do you… This is for the children… Just a vote a day for the next four and one-half months can move a poor little family from the Sammamish Plateau to the home by the Dome… (well, it works on the TV ads…)

  32. 36

    bby spews:

    Your buddy, and ours, we all like Ralph — Ralph Munro will kill the R’s case…..there is a planet Earth, after all the blogs in the world

  33. 37

    Josef spews:

    Comment by motorhomeman— 12/28/04 @ 9:33 am

    Oh, we will… and you know, if I were Paul Berendt, I would call for a free-for-all press conference of the Gregocrat observers in the event the Rossifarian observers were lying. Silence is its own unique volume.

    Besides, I too have used whiteout – and it’s rather effective.

  34. 38

    Jim King spews:

    bby- you keep bringing up Ralph, as if it is HIS fault Dean Logan cannot follow law or rules. Ralph only wrote the rules- it was Logan who broke them…

  35. 39

    Josef spews:

    Comment by Jim King — 12/28/04 @ 10:38 am

    I thought Gregovych/Gregovich itself had a hand in them, too?

  36. 40

    Nelson spews:

    I just read this story out of Ohio, and if anything shows how silly Stefan and his Unsound cronies are in Washington, this story does. Despite Bush winning Ohio by some 119,000 votes, or about 3%, when the statewide hand recount was finished, John Kerry ended up gaining over 300 votes. If Stefan’s silly little Excel program was employed, Bush should have gained 3% more than Kerry, right? But Kerry gained 734 votes to Bus 449, proving, once and for all — and without King County votes, no less (lol) — that recounts are supposed to find anomalies and have no logical basis or presumption of following the original vote total.

    Here’s the AP story on Ohio for those interested:

  37. 41

    bmvaughn spews:

    in light of the news this morning about baghdad jim, perhaps rossi should concede and then run for the office which will be vacated once jim joins trafficant.

  38. 42

    Josef spews:

    Comment by Nelson— 12/28/04 @ 12:27 pm

    Rest assured, my arguments are not based on statistics. I tend to dismiss them when elections are w/in 5%.

  39. 43

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    Did I mistake some facts over the past months?
    The Dems have control of both Houses of the Legislature…..and the Gov. elect….and the Senator elect…..and a nice refund coming back….you have Chris Vance and Linda Tripp…..” -Comment by bby— 12/28/04 @ 9:35 am

    US Senate
    US Congress
    Twenty-eight states, (soon to be 29) including the four biggest – California, Texas, New York and Florida – now have Republican governors.
    For the first time in 50 years, there will be more Republicans than Democrats in state legislatures across the United States next year.

    And control of 12 of the nation’s 98 partisan legislative houses will change hands

    Square mile of counties won:
    Republican: 2.5 million
    Democrat 592,000
    November 11, 2003
    Most Americans Identify as Either Conservative or Moderate
    by Frank Newport, Editor in Chief, The Gallup Poll: “The American public is significantly more likely to identify as conservative or moderate than as liberal, leaving a situation in which about 4 in 10 Americans call themselves conservative, 4 in 10 call themselves moderates, and only about 2 in 10 call themselves liberal. (Gosh, can we say going the way of the dinosaurs??)

    Given those monumental Republican wins, it’s no wonder you are so desperately and shrilly trying to hang on to your last gasp of liberal hope.

    Wakey wakey bby – time to get up from your drug induced euphoric dream and smell the Starbucks.!

  40. 44

    bby spews:

    What a biased piece of propoaganda rot – poll on the word Democrat, not liberal.

    After the R’s spend 25 years tainting the word liberal, then they put it in their polling as invective. I have heard that Gallup is at the bottom because of sampling problems…..but, fits with your comments.

    What you are good at is lying and deceiving and putting on masks…..oh, us moderates instead of the far right authoitarians and theocrats.

    And– all this only took 50 years to cement.-

  41. 45

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    Facts are facts are facts and your denial of them won’t make them less true
    US Senate
    US Congress
    Twenty-eight states, (soon to be 29) including the four biggest – California, Texas, New York and Florida – now have Republican governors.
    For the first time in 50 years, there will be more Republicans than Democrats in state legislatures across the United States next year.
    And control of 12 of the nation’s 98 partisan legislative houses will change hands
    Square mile of counties won:
    Republican: 2.5 million
    Democrat 592,000

    Given those monumental Republican wins, it’s no wonder you are so desperately and shrilly trying to hang on to your last gasp of liberal hope.

  42. 46

    Jim King spews:

    Revisiting old battles- “Look at those ‘L’s…”

    Elsewhere on the Matrices, Richard Pope posted a little something regarding what is, or is not, public information regarding voter registration. As you can see from the statute he cited, original voter registration cards are NOT public information, nor is any facsimile of the voter’s signature. Only “name, gender, voting record, date of registration, and registration number”, and, subject to the exceptions in Chapter 40.24 RCW, address and political jurisdiction are considered public information.

    So how did anyone legally view Larry Phillips signature? Methinks a crime was committed…

    RCW 29A.08.710
    Originals and automated files. (Effective until January 1, 2006.)

    (1) The county auditor shall have custody of the voter registration records for each county. The original voter registration form must be filed without regard to precinct and is considered confidential and unavailable for public inspection and copying. An automated file of all registered voters must be maintained pursuant to RCW 29A.08.125. An auditor may maintain the automated file in lieu of filing or maintaining the original voter registration forms if the automated file includes all of the information from the original voter registration forms including, but not limited to, a retrievable facsimile of each voter’s signature.

    (2) The following information contained in voter registration records or files regarding a voter or a group of voters is available for public inspection and copying: The voter’s name, gender, voting record, date of registration, and registration number. The address and political jurisdiction of a registered voter are available for public inspection and copying except as provided by chapter 40.24 RCW. No other information from voter registration records or files is available for public inspection or copying.

  43. 47

    Goldy spews:

    A crime Jim? You say a crime may have been committed? Well, good thing for Motormouth and Cynical that I would never reveal their IP logging, so that the sheriff could track them down. Unless of course I was given a subpoena, in which case I would have to wouldn’t I? Gosh… I sure hope some prosecutor reading this blog doesn’t get a judge to issue me a SUBPOENA. No, a subpoena would be terrible.

  44. 48

    jcricket spews:

    Hey Ass (mind if I call you that?) – Hidden in your misuse of statistics is some real data that shows us to be a nation evenly split across party lines. Square miles of country is just about the least useful measure of political strength ever.

    Yes, Bush won the presidential election (including the popular vote), but certainly not by some massive margin. There’s no mandate, and it looks like Dems have an increasing lock on both coasts. Add to that that New Mexico, Iowa and Ohio were 1% away (or less) from changing to Democratic hands.

    I’m not arguing the Republicans didn’t achieve some success in this election. But despite all the bleating from the Republicans, the truth is that a small change in the voting in Ohio and Kerry would have won.

  45. 49

    bby spews:

    NEWS FLASH – getting details, per King 5 – Counry convassing boards turn down the Repups.

    As my house mate said, “you missed it, these old Republican white guys told them no.”

    Day by day by day by day by day by day by day —week after week after week after week….blah, blah, blah, blah

    End the defeats, take it like ladies and gentlemen, not big mouthed creeps. ….tell Dino to keep all the CASH…take another vacation, who cares?….and CONCEDE…..for the good of the Great State of Wahington.

  46. 50

    David spews:

    Aw, ProudASS is back. He quotes a Gallup pollster saying that most Americans identify as either conservative (40%) or moderate (40%) rather than liberal (20%). “Gosh,” he says, “can we say going the way of the dinosaurs??

    If that comforts you, ProudASS, fine. But most Americans identify as either liberal or moderate, as opposed to conservative. And as bby pointed out, even that’s misleading, because the Republicans have done such a good job turning ‘liberal’ into an epithet — folks who might have called themselves ‘liberals’ in the past might refer to themselves as ‘progressives’ now. I’d bet a larger majority of Americans consider themselves progressives or moderates as opposed to conservatives. or as opposed to reactionary right-wingers. or as opposed to libertarians. It’s all in how you phrase it.

    And as the Republican party is lurching toward the right wing, the Democratic party now has an opportunity to align itself with the center and become the party of all those moderates. Keep gloating, ProudASS, and you’ll miss the next political shift.

    P.S.: acreage doesn’t vote. square miles are meaningless when they’re empty.

  47. 51

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    Oh that’s right – when you don’t like the honest word for something you change it liberal = “progressive”; baby killers = “pro- choice”; homosexual = “gay”. Is there just no end to your self imposed delusion?

  48. 52

    bby spews:

    We have a great example here on Mercer Island….for the uninformed…old mega money, mixed with new mega money, and vey upscale, prim and proper, very white. I shop there, the stores are immpecable, the service great, they bow at you in the Albertson’s.

    VOTES pro choice, dumpted an old guard R” for a younger Dem. who is “fiscally conservative and socailly progressive”—the new trend in the burbs.

    Weep all you wailing, venting, nutwingers. Bellevue, Kirkland and Lynwood, Bothell are next.

  49. 53

    jcricket spews:

    I think most gay people are fine with the clinical use of the term heterosexual. Perhaps if you have a problem with the word you might spend more time examining your own homophobia and self-hatred (see your “name” on your comments).

  50. 54

    David spews:

    No, no, homosexual = “queer”. Get with it, ProudASS. And I’d certainly claim that ‘progressive’ is more accurate than ‘liberal’ for most of the folks you want to tar with that label — if ‘liberal’ means weak-kneed, wishy-washy, elitist, head-in-the-clouds, etc., there sure aren’t many liberals around.

  51. 55

    jcricket spews:

    bby’s right. Closer in (older) suburbs are trending Democratic in Washington (and all around the country). Looks like the Dems are having good success at pushing the Republicans farther and farther away from the good land, good entertainment, good jobs, etc. Let’s keep it up.

  52. 56

    DavidH spews:

    the democratic inertia in the close-in Eastside suburbs is already to potent to stop… anything west of Issaquah is, or soon will be, democratic.

  53. 57

    DavidH spews:

    that Mercer Island seat is a glaring example of how radically the political landscape is changing in the suburbs… and West wasn’t even a scary republican.

  54. 58

    Jim King spews:

    Uh, guys and gals- Jim Horn losing his Senate seat on Mercer Island may have been more the result of his being a crotchety old fart who wouldn’t meet with constituents and wouldn’t get out and campaign…

  55. 59

    DavidH spews:

    now, as for those cardboard crap-divisions in the exburbs, I have less confidence in their political leanings…. but hopefully the King County sensitive habitat rules will keep their numbers down.

  56. 60

    bby spews:

    NEWS UPDATE – The R’s turned down in Grays Harbor, Lewis and Kittitas. Clark co. considering this pm.

    When will they learn? According to KOMO TV, sent 9 ballots to Lewis – AND- can you believe how sloppy this is, five had already been counted !!!! Really sloppy!!! Lewis co. rejected the other four……the old white guy Republicans. Impeachment possible?

    Can’t they use the phone well? Some genetic thing I guess- Like Rummy can’t pick up the phone and make it clear you need armored Humvees NOW with the War Powers Act as your authority—-sorry, spinning here.

    But last week they went to Thruston with 13 ballots, and three had already been counted. God, what sloppy work…..need to hire Motomooooo as field director.

    FLASH, reported Chris Vance is running again for GOP “leader”….what a toad, who begs to be goaded.

  57. 61

    DavidH spews:

    Jim Horn, arguably, ran a lack-luster campaign…. but, traditionally rebuplicans in those districts DIDN’T have to run a campaign.

  58. 62

    David spews:

    ProudASS, “pro-choice” to you means “baby killers”? I guess people who consider eating hamburgers are “cattle murderers”. And companies that produce condoms are “sex predators”. And “HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS” is just code for “I am a small, insecure person who prefers puerile labels to critical thought”.

    Well, I guess I agree with that last one.

  59. 63

    Goldy spews:

    Uh, guys and gals- Jim Horn losing his Senate seat on Mercer Island may have been more the result of his being a crotchety old fart who wouldn’t meet with constituents and wouldn’t get out and campaign…

    Having a contrarian day, Jim?

    Jim’s right in that candidate tends to trump party or ideology… look at how well Rossi did. But he also knows full well that Seattle and its first-ring suburbs have been trending blue over the past couple decades, just like urban centers throughout the nation. Mercer Island hadn’t had a Democratic legislator in 40 years, until Judy Clibborn won in ’02. And now they have two out of three, with Jarret being about as close to a D as an R can get in this state.

    The defining difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats believe in government and Republicans don’t. That is why the close in suburbs present such a great opportunity for Dems… these people share the core values of our urban base. After all, people move to Mercer Island for top-notch government services, and then tax themselves to pay for it.

  60. 64

    bby spews:

    Hey – all you great campaigners – the best campaign is the silent word of mouth- low key realization of just how out of touch the pol. really is —and as the R’s go far right, they get scary to a lot of nice people.

    I know a couple of people with no money and not part of any campaign who helped work an opinion shift about how Horn no longer represented the district. And the newbie Dem, is Five Star material…great alternative….sweet victory, great formula

  61. 65

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    Dear David, how interesting that you would call me “ProudAss”.
    Let’s try to clear your little head full of jello and try to follow me here:

    *You are proud to be a liberal and as such have identified yourself as a Democrat.

    *Democrats proudly identify themselves with the mascot of a Donkey.

    *Goldy has admitted morphing donkey into a ‘horses ass’. (Yes, he explained his reason but at the moment I can’t remember what it was – Sorry Goldy)
    As such, unwittingly (which is surely not at all surprising) you pay me the highest compliment by calling ME that which you hold in the highest esteem.
    Compliment accepted

  62. 66

    David spews:

    Silly, silly ProudASS. You like the “compliment” so much, change your byline.

    A few notes on your most recent missive. (By the way, I have noticed that you don’t bother defending previous posts; as soon as you’re corrected or challenged on anything, you run away from the issue and turn to ad hominem attacks.)

    * Re: “jello” — mmm, Jello. How mature of you. Did I say puerile? Yes… yes I did.

    * I am proud to be a moderate, and although I am not formally registered with the Party, I tend to agree with the Democrats more often than the GOP. Boy, your childish attempts to insult people here are certainly doing a good job defending the Republican position and attracting moderates. Oh, yeah.

    * Goldy’s blog gets its name from his 2003 initiative to declare Tim Eyman a horse’s ass. My, your memory is short; I corrected you on that just the other day.

    Keep it up, ProudASS; this is fun.

  63. 67

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    yes Dear Jello, er David, Pro-“choice” is probort which are indeed baby killers as those who pro-life choose not to kill their children or even thier fetuses. I suppose dear jello, hamburger eaters are indeed cattle killers – so be it. Condom makers and the schools that shove them at kids are indeed not sex predators (that would be NAMBLA) but are indeed sex purveyors.

    In referring to how liberals bastardize the language to suit (and publicly appear to soften) their agenda I refer you to:

  64. 68

    Goldy spews:

    *Goldy has admitted morphing donkey into a ‘horses ass’.

    Nooooo, ProudAss… I admitted no such thing. The domain name “HorsesAss.Org” is a whimsical vestige of the “Tim Eyman is a Horse’s Ass” initiative. There is a performance art element to this blog, so like all art, you are free to read into it anything you want. But please don’t misattribute your inference to my implication.

    And by the way… I kinda like “ProudAss” as a pseudonym. It has a kind of noble ring to it.

  65. 69

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    Thank you Goldy! I will indeed wear it proudly here. And hells bells I sure am sorry to have confused you with D’jello.

  66. 70

    Jim King spews:

    Goldy- all politics aside, Jim Horn deserved to lose.

    And there is no legislative district in the state that an incumbant cannot lose in if they mistreat their constituents when visited in Olympia, refuse to campaign, and have a bright, energetic, hard-working challenger take them on. I have seen it happen time and again over thirty-plus years, and hope to continue to see it when it is time for an incumbant to be retired…

  67. 71

    David spews:

    Goldy agrees, “I kinda like “ProudAss” as a pseudonym. It has a kind of noble ring to it.” I thought so, too . . . glad he’s shown the cojones to take it as his own. There is still a little bit of good left in him! Waiting for it to show in his byline.

  68. 72

    David spews:

    Thanks, ProudASS, for bothering to follow up on an argument (even if it’s the anti-abortion/pro-choice labeling debate…not very topical or fresh). The link to the Sacramento Bee article didn’t work, but the WorldNetDaily screed says enough. I see where you’re coming from. Sadly, like most of your posts here (and the Republicans’ current allegations of election wrongdoing), it’s heavy on rhetoric and light on supporting facts.

    You say “Pro-“choice” is probort which are indeed baby killers

    Well, this spat was fought to a stalemate years ago. The result was that each side got to define its own term. Anti-abortionists called themselves pro-lifers (as if anyone else was against ‘life’), and abortion rights advocates (note: abortion rights advocates, not abortion advocates) called themselves pro-choice (which is a bit euphemistic, but still wholly accurate).

    Pro-choice is not pro-abortion. I doubt you can find many people who are “pro-abortion” (as in promoting and encouraging abortion), even among the doctors who perform it. Pro-choice means supporting a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have a baby (take her pregnancy to term) or have an abortion well before the fetus becomes a baby. It’s not an easy choice, even in the worst of circumstances (e.g., incest, rape) and plenty of women choose ‘life’ — but it’s not your choice.

    So you say you’re defending the unborn? Well, when do the unborn fetus’s rights trump the mother’s? At fertilization? before? 1 week after? 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? when the fetus is capable of surviving outside the womb? As a nation we’ve compromised to allow the choice of aborting a pregnancy in the first trimester, and in rare instances in the second trimester; essentially never in the third. That’s a compromise—doesn’t outlaw abortion like some wanted, but doesn’t leave it unrestricted, either. Your arguments have already been heard.

    Call abortion docs and women who go to them “fetus killers” if you must yell something. At least that’s more correct. Otherwise you’d be just as right calling people who use contraceptives “baby killers” (or maybe “attempted baby killers” or “potential baby killers”). But before you re-commence screaming, check your statistics—and notice that we blue staters (who are predominantly pro-choice) have a much lower abortion rate than the red states (who are supposedly pro-life). And countries where abortion is illegal (e.g., Argentina) have some of the highest abortion rates. Evidently banning it doesn’t work.

    Moral: Maybe the best way to be pro-life is to stop trying to ban abortions and start working on economic, educational, and social development so red states become more like blue states. That, and encourage contraception so that fewer women have to choose whether to get an abortion.

    My $0.02.

    P.S., re: NAMBLA – yeccch. And I thought it was just a laugh line for Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

  69. 75

    DCF spews:

    >Motorhome, you can’t vote at all here! If like you say the dead are still on voter rolls, and felons are on the voter rolls, then these are just more evidence of the incompetence of our state election system. Is that why you quit your job for the state and moved to Califphonia? Who did the Repubs pay off in Grays Harbor county to count a block of ballots twice the first go around?

    >Proudass, here’s my definition of liberal (I’ve combined several of the many definitions given): One who is open-minded in the observance of orthodox or traditional forms, marked by generosity and openhandedness, broad-minded and tolerant; syn GENEROUS, BOUNTIFUL, MUNIFICENT. So I am proud to call myself a LIBERAL. I believe in an America with a heart, this is why I wear a pin of an American flag in the shape of a heart, everywhere I go. I love my flag, I love my country, I love my fellow Americans, and I love working for change! And as to your statistics showing that the “reds” have a lot of real estate and seats to sit in, you don’t show who has the MONEY, for some reason you left that statistic out, why? The Repubs are champs at changing the tags for things, just read a newspaper. Pro-lifers choose not to kill the children or fetuses, but are willing to do it once they reach maturity and are convicted of murder.

  70. 76

    bby spews:

    So what is the horror about to overtake us if we do not follow the fertility cultists to produce more teeming billions?

    The biggest panic in Europe is from the militarists who can not depend on million of youg soliders to kill off every thirty years or so. They are in a real dilema – since killing people in war is one of heri jollies.

    And, linking abortion and political population theory – just how fucking srange can you get….perhaps cloning is the solution and then they will be uniformly intelligent and without deformities…….

  71. 77

    DCF spews:

    >Oh, Proudass, I forgot about bby’s great point, Pro-lifers also don’t object to killing their children or fetuses when they reach age 18 and march off to bogus wars.

  72. 78

    Goldy spews:

    BTW I was in at the beginning, requested a petition for “Tim Eyman is a Horse’s Ass” initiative, and got lots of people to sign it before you were stopped in your tracks by an unfeeling court decision!

    Thanks DCF. And just to prove I’m not a sycophantic whore for the Gregoire campaign… who was the humorless Attorney General who sued me?

  73. 79

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    Excuse me, when a person VOLUNTEERS to join the military service they are presumed to have the intellect to know they may indeed be ordered to actually fight. And you are right – I have no compunction saying ‘fry the murderers’ (and start with the lib darling Mumia Abu Jamal) because a rational person can actually distinquish the difference between an innocent life (that never had the opportunity to be anything but innocent) and a cold blooded killer convicted by his peers. AND please don’t give me that line about the very few that may actually BE innocent until you can explain the 40 million aborted babies that actually were innocent.

  74. 80

    Goldy spews:

    Oh ProudAss… please don’t get into the Abortion v. Capital Punishment debate. It is a misleading analogy because there are very real scientific and moral disagreements over when human life begins (birth, viability, first trimester, implantation, conception… even development of individual sperm and egg cells), whereas I think we’re all pretty much in agreement that grown men and women, convicted murderers or not, are indeed alive.

  75. 81

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    8 and a half ounces Goldy.

    THAT baby just went home yesterday. Tell Mom and Dad you don’t think she’s alive

  76. 82

    Goldy spews:

    ProudAss… don’t argue with me about when life begins. I am a doting father who can’t imagine ever choosing an abortion. But that doesn’t mean I should impose my morality on others.

    My point is, there are those that argue the Pill is murder… a belief not shared by the vast majority of Americans. Yet we would all agree that executing a prisoner most definitely ends a human life. The two issues are just not analogous, in any moral or practical way.

  77. 84

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    Ack! Gotta C& P to read it evidently – but worth the effort for those on both sides of abortion on demand debate.

  78. 85

    HowCanYouBeProudtobeAnASS spews:

    “Fetus Don’t Fail Me Now
    Our item yesterday ( in which we expressed puzzlement about the difference between a fetus and a baby brought this thoughtful response from reader Andrew Coulson, who blogs as The Gantelope (

    When you write about abortion, it isn’t clear whether you really fail to understand the abortion rights position, or you are simply feigning ignorance as a rhetorical device. If it’s the former, I’d like to answer your question on the difference between a fetus and an infant.

    Many supporters of abortion rights consider self-ownership to be the most elementary and inviolable right of all: We are all the owners of our own bodies. The difference between a fetus and an infant is that a fetus is a part of a pregnant woman’s body whereas an infant is not. Libertarians do not want the very visible hand of government rooting around in women’s uteruses, telling them what they can or can’t do with any fetuses that happen to reside there. Any rights of a fetus are secondary because its existence is secondary to (and until late in the pregnancy, entirely dependent on) the woman in whose womb it is located.”

    The fact that abortion is a sad business is moot.

    This is pretty interesting, but it does seem to us that there are some flaws in the argument. First of all, this concept of “self-ownership” is archaic at best. The notion that human beings are property that can be owned has been pretty much universally discredited since the 19th century.

    More to the point, what if a pregnant woman is carrying a baby? This happens more often than you might think; indeed, we don’t recall ever meeting a woman who said she was carrying a fetus. As we noted yesterday, pro-lifers say that a baby and a fetus are the same thing, but we are given to understand that this view is based on religious superstition. Perhaps science will one day solve this problem by developing a test to distinguish between a fetus and a baby. Until then, sad to say, journalists are apt to remain very confused.