Righties Rejoice!

710-KIRO has canceled my show “for budgetary reasons.” I’m not exactly sure about all the changes to the weekend schedule (I just talked to Bryan Styble, and he too got the ax,) but apparently syndication and reruns better fit the station’s current business model than live, local talk. Ah well.

Coming off a fall book where 710-KIRO weekends placed number three in the market, and a several month streak of jam-packed spot loads, I’d say the weekend shakeup was a bit of a surprise… that is, if Frank Shiers recent fate hadn’t been the handwriting on the wall. Over the past 14 months 710-KIRO has now shed itself of at least 38 44 hours a week of live local programming, and the salaries that go with it. It’s a trend that has been repeated at radio stations throughout the state, and I can’t say it’s one that ultimately better serves the community. For example, I had Gov. Chris Gregoire booked for a half hour this coming Saturday night — where are weekend listeners going to find local programming like that?

Obviously I’m deeply disappointed. I really enjoyed doing the show, and the sudden loss of it leaves me in pretty deep financial doo-doo. It would have been nice to have the opportunity to say goodbye to my audience and thank them for listening, but apparently, that’s not how it works in this business. That said, I remain thankful to 710-KIRO for giving me an opportunity I should have had no expectation of receiving. Special thanks go to former Programming Director Tom Clendening for taking a gamble on me, and to my board operator Chris Powell, who has so generously given of his time to serve as an unpaid, acting producer. It was really great working with (almost) everybody at station. And of course, thanks to everybody for listening.

So go ahead trolls… have at it. You’ve been waiting for the day to rub my face in it, and that day is finally here. Just remember that as you gloat, you’re also talking about a real person with a mortgage to pay and a child to feed, who has sacrificed the better part of the past four years to trying to make a difference, however much you disagree with me on the issues. And, remember that we didn’t just lose a local liberal show… we lost another local show, and that can’t be a positive thing for anybody but the most vindictive amongst you.

As for my readers and listeners, I’m not giving up on the dream of local liberal talk, and neither should you. So if you ever thought about lobbying AM-1090 to put a local host on the air, now might not be a bad time to start.

Word is that they’ve snuffed Carl Jeffers as well, though I’m no longer privy to company emails, so I can’t confirm. (UPDATE: confirmed.)


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    goldy..i am truly sorry. you made quite a go of it and considering who owns the station you really had a good run.i knew that as the presidential race came closer that the mormons would pull your teeth if romney was still in the race….so it’s not you, it’s them.
    very gracious sign off of you too.
    once again…i am really sorry.

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    As someone who listened every Sunday night, I am sad to hear this. How do we lobby for a local show on 1090? Besides the obvious emails and letters…Would the folks at BlatherWatch have ideas?

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    Chris on The David Goldstein Show spews:

    It is sad to see you go and has been a great honor and a great time working with you David. I know you will land somewhere because you offer a product that not to many out there offer?

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    I-Burn spews:

    Very sorry to hear that. Local programming is one of the bulwarks against the homogenization of America. Even though you’re a lefty, I do hope you’re able to secure another position, quickly…

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    My Goldy Itches spews:

    At least you never committed insurance fraud and had better sense than to bring home drug addicted gay lovers with homicidal tendencies. As much as I think you are 100% full of crap, I’m sorry your show was cancelled. I would have though that in a Marxist city like Seattle, you would be a natural fit.

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    ArtFart spews:

    3 Hmm…does that mean Goldy might get the gig back if McCain wins the GOP nomination?

    What’s probably really going on here is the fact that it’s not the number of people listening that pays the bills, it’s the advertising bucks. Terrestrial radio in general has seen some erosion of time sales as some advertisers have decided to get their feet wet with the Webcasters. At the same time, it’s quite possible that the station brass are getting some rumblings about further decreases in sales as times get tougher. Just as an example, betcha WaMu isn’t going to be buying as much time as they have in the past.

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    What’s probably really going on here is the fact that it’s not the number of people listening that pays the bills, it’s the advertising bucks.

    Especially when folks like me listen to the commercial free podcasts of his shows during the week. Sorry about that, Goldy. I agree with Will. We need to get the podcasting crew back together.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Gee Goldy, I’m sorry, but not surprised. I read in the business press just a few days ago that businesses are cutting their advertising spending as the economy sinks into recession, and I’m sure that’s what’s behind the decision and not anything you did.

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    YLB spews:

    Goldy, I’m sorry to hear this. You had a great run and I hope another station gives you a shot.

    And yes, get the podcast going again!

    As for all you gloating wingnuts – what’s that light in the distance?

    It getting brighter!

    It’s called – November!

    Wooooooooooooo! Hooooooooooooo!

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    Stay tuned for Orbusmax’ first orgasm in a year. (Orgasmax? Orbiclimax?)

    Sorry to hear about this Goldy.
    Your large fanbase of Sikh cabbys are sad right now.

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    RonK, Seattle spews:

    Apparently you were not robotic enough. KIRO’s loss is somebody’s gain … hope we don’t have to wait too long to find out who.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    I’m dissapointed, but not surprised. Lots of radio folks have been commenting over the past couple of years about the trend towards syndication, which is substantially reducing the number of voices/viewpoints heard on the air, and also cutting off a learning ground for new talent.

    It is even worse in the rural areas, where fresh-faced students were traditionally told to go to learn the ropes. Now, I’ve heard, its hard to even find a radio station with production offices and a station manager with whom you can speak. The station is just serving as a relay for syndicated programs.

    So, best of luck to you. Remember, in radio (as in coaching), there are only two types of employers. The first are the ones who have already fired you. The second are the ones who are going to fire you in the future. So no need to take it personally, you are in very good company.

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    ah goldy, sorry to learn of this. you gave it a good go and i congratulate you. i cannot even imagine what listeners kiro thinks it’ll get with non local shows on a weekend…but those radio execs are sure geniuses, so what do we know?

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    sparky spews:

    KPTK 1090 is a wasteland in the weekend evenings. To have someone live and local would be awesome. You would be a great fit there at your old scheduled time, just further up the dial.

  15. 20


    Maybe you could go CB?

    Breaker, breaker, one-niner, this is Ol’Good Time Goldy lookin’ at ya from south o’ Sodo, good buddy, knockin’ ‘em back on channel 22, back at ya! Traffic report has Smokie with his microwave spottin’ ‘em southbound on 519’er as yer comin’ off the hill. Be cool, or he’ll rule!

    Worked for Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields in Smokey and the Bandit. Maybe Goldy and the Hooligans?

    Who would play you in the screen version? I vote for Paul Giamatti. Me? I’m ALWAYS played by Jack Nicholson…

    Rabbit would be played by whatever congealed piece of goo is left over at the butcher shop.

    H-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-R-R-R-R-E’S GOLDY!!!

    Send me your resume; I can give you some pointers!

    And don’t forget…file for unemployment now because there’s a one-week waiting period from the time you file.

    The Piper

  16. 22

    klake spews:

    Goldy sorry about hearing of the great lost of your show, but at least Lee doesn’t sensor your comments that pertained to the subject matter. Don’t feel bad I’m also canceling the two Seattle fish wrappers to save money with the crashing stock market. I’m going to be force to vote for Hillary Clinton in order to improve the economy next year. The Socialist Democrats can’t do anything right in the belt way. Sigh; what next Bagdad McDermott will have to pay off his debts to the Republicans. Yep life is going down the shitter and no one to save the day. Maybe you will have better luck when Air America comes back on the air and replace Rush Limbaugh with you new and improve programming. Maybe Lee can help keep all the right wings from crashing you new program on Air America. Oh; Lee how was that LSD party over at your place the other night? Did the Rabbit and you make it to your therapy appointment yesterday?

  17. 23


    BTW, Goldy, had you organized as some of the HA Happy Hooligans urged you to do to collectively bargain over wages, hours, and conditions, this might not have happened!

    I’m sure IAFF Fireman would agree with me!

    Labor solidarity forever!

    The Piper

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    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Goldy, I too am sorry you lost your job. Unlike Clueless, I am not a heartless fool.

  19. 27

    bluetaco spews:

    Very sorry to hear about you losing your radio gig. Like others have said, I hope you will be picked up right away by AM 1090. Got to keep local voices on the air, especially ones that are not insane. Best wishes.

  20. 28

    klake spews:

    Goldy maybe you can apply for onr of these jobs. Better Luck next time.

    Online Content Producer New Media KIRO 02/17/2008

    PT Board Operator KTTH KTTH 01/11/2008 or until filled

    KBSG Part-Time/Fill-In On-Air Host KBSG Programming KSBG 12/31/2007 or until filled

    PT Street Team MembersPromotions KIRO 08/29/2007 or until filled

    KIRO Newsroom InternshipProgramming KIRO 05/17/2007 or until filled

    Account ExecutiveSales KIRO 03/28/2007 or until filled

  21. 29


    Sorry to hear about you losing your job. While not much, I did send a donation your way. Hope your able to find something to replace the lost income.

  22. 30

    hotfootharp spews:

    It seems like all great things come to an end, eventually.

    Your demise, Goldy, came much too soon. Your show has been interesting and entertaining. I like your spirit. And you’re KOOL.

    This is a real loss to the culture of the Seattle area.

    Please resume Podcasting Liberally and look into getting a slot on KPTK 1090.

    You are a good man!

  23. 31

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @14 Typical wingnut racist crap. This country needs a Republican Party to stuff these people into. We sure as hell don’t want them in our party.

  24. 32

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @20 Sounds like you have experience at that sort of thing. So … how long did you drive a truck after getting out of law school?

  25. 33

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @22 You? In the stock market? I wondered what fool was lining my pockets. (I made a 50% gain last year.) Now I know. Thanks for your money, sucker! Trust me, I’ll make better use of it than you ever did.

  26. 35


    ArtFart says:

    3 Hmm…does that mean Goldy might get the gig back if McCain wins the GOP nomination?

    you just never know, art.it sure won’t hurt will it?

    i notice there aren’t any “righties gloating”….but i guess that doesn’t stop YLB from being an idiot “As for all you gloating wingnuts – what’s that light in the distance?”
    YLB…if i had “lost” my job would you be compassionate about it? how about any other conservative? no? didn’t think so…….
    this is about goldy…not you. get a clue.shut up and send him some money.

  27. 36

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The economy’s going to be shit for the next 2 years and we’ll have to listen to 1940s reruns until the Bush Depression is over.

  28. 37

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The Bush Economy never did produce real jobs, although it sent plenty of them overseas. Most of the net job growth since 2004 (there wasn’t any from 2001 – 2003) was in housing, and we now know housing was a bubble fueled by fraudulent appraisals, shoddy lending, and virtual money. According to Barron’s, the conservative investor’s weekly, 89% of the “job growth” in 2007 was a statistical adjustment, not real people working in actual jobs — and if you subtract out these imaginary jobs, the economy lost jobs in 2007. Bush turns out to be the most jobless president since Hoover, even compared to the sorry records of other Republican presidents. Republicans just don’t give a shit about whether workers have jobs and can support themselves, in fact, they like high unemployment because it drives down wages and forces people to accept bad working conditions.

  29. 38

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Jobs Records of Presidents
    (new jobs as percentage of workforce)

    Democrat Roosevelt 5.3%
    Democrat Johnson 3.8%
    Democrat Carter 3.1%
    Democrat Truman 2.5%
    Democrat Clinton 2.4%
    Democrat Kennedy 2.3%
    Republican Nixon 2.2%
    Republican Reagan 2.1%
    Republican Coolidge 1.1%
    Republican Ford 1.1%
    Republican Eisenhower 0.9%
    Republican Bush Sr. 0.6%
    Republican Bush Jr. (0.7%)
    Republican Hoover (9.0%)

    See a pattern here? Do you see the pattern?

  30. 39

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I’m sure glad I don’t work or produce anything. Workers get screwed coming and going! They pay 3 times the tax rate paid by the Owners. Owning beats the hell out of working for other reasons, too. First off, you don’t have to work! You can sleep until noon if you want to, and your property goes right on making money for you. You can be shitfaced drunk and your property will still make money for you! You can’t get run over by a forklift, and Owners don’t get laid off from owning! Screw work, I’m an Owner now. Like Republicans, I get paid for not doing anything and not producing anything. Sure beats working.

  31. 41


    roger@39……..have you snapped your hat on too tightly or something? what are you complaining about? remember you made 50% last year on stocks, right? and if you did, how on earth could you do this with such a “bad economy”? IF you are invested in the stock market as heavily as you say….haven’t you been paying attention to the economy?
    really “roger” you are just getting ridiculous. so you want to be an owner now, huh? of what? a business? and you think you could sleep till noon huh?
    this whole “two americas” thing didn’t work for john edwards either….didn’t you get the memo?
    don’t you realize that this isn’t the 90’s and none of this crap is going to fly anymore?
    it isn’t the 60’s and it isn’t the 90’s. geez…you and bill clinton. you just don’t get it at all.

  32. 42

    kait spews:

    Something is totally screwed up when a fool like Dory gets ratings year after year . . . the guy is so unctuous and creepy he literally makes my skin crawl.

    Somebody tell me what it is about him that people like.

  33. 43

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    ChristmasGhost: I am glad you too saw the Clueless commentary. No one with a working brain gloats over a someone losing their job.

    Clueless continues to show the world what a fool he is!

  34. 44

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Keep up the good work Clueless. You make my comments about you so easy to create. I just use your words as a foil!

    Oh BTW… how is that tin-foil hat working out for you?

  35. 45


    Sorry to hear the bad news. I actually liked your show and thought you did a good job. Don’t take the firing personally, though. Most talk and music radio hosts have been fired at least a few times. I’m actually surprised they let you go. I thought you were smart about your show. You mixed the topics up. But I’m positive you’ll find work on talk radio soon. Good luck!

  36. 46


    Fortunately Goldy got a lot of experience and on air exposure and did a great job. It’s KIRO’s loss and the communities loss of local programing that matched the communities mindset and politics.

    Now he’s a marketable radio talk show host that has shown he can handle the job and converse with people of all viewpoints. No more give me a chance. He’s shown his stuff and held his own.

    Best wishes in your new endeavors Goldy! I’m sure new opportunities will come your way. Maybe you’ll even get a full time job – not a part time weekend job.

  37. 47

    YLB spews:

    Gloating over Goldy losing his job?

    Fuck you three times PIdiot and XmasFool!

    What a bunch of braindead losers you are!

    There’s nothing genuine about your crocodile tears!! You really think people buy ANY of your bullshit?

    PSilly who bragged about NEVER listening to Goldy’s show!!

    XmasCrankFiend who mocked Goldy on dozens of posts to make up for her useless empty life.. This is at least the SECOND time she’s bleated “Sorry Goldy..I really wish you the best, blah, blah, blah…”

    You losers fool NO ONE!!!

  38. 48

    YLB spews:

    As for heartless right wingers, see the silly and ridiculous Pooper @ 20 who mocks Goldy on the day he’s laid off.

    That is true nature of the right wing.

  39. 50

    IAFF Fireman spews:


    That’s to bad about losing your job. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody and I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

    Also, I hate to tell you I TOLD YOU SO, but if you were in a Union, you would at least have some protections.

  40. 51

    YLB spews:

    how is that tin-foil hat working out for you?

    PStupid you wear a tin foil suit. They call you the tin foil man.

    You need it to protect the brain farts in your skull from George Soros, Rosie O’Donnell and the View gals, Code Pink and of course Hillary.

    You have some extra strengthened steel around your crotch to protect the shrinking family jewels – can’t have those liberal gals snatch your precious shrinking manhood – the brain fart smoke says they’re in dire peril!!!


  41. 52

    YLB spews:

    49 – Like Roger says, the theme of this website is REPUBLICANS SUCK.

    If you don’t like it – leave!

    Condemn the hate in 20, 35, 43, and 44.

    But you won’t because – you’re a Republican and YOU SUCK!

  42. 53


    YLB, you are not welcome here. This is a place to wish Goldy well. Stop trying to start a flame war. Take your hate and anger elsewhere.

  43. 54

    YLB spews:

    But I wish to thank XmasCrankFiend and PuddySilly for their silliness, their foolishness and delusional thinking.

    It shows everyone lurking what’s at stake in November.

    Thank you for showing everyone how much Republicans suck.

  44. 55



    Sorry to hear that. What a loss. Yes, let’s see about getting you on AM 1090. As Ron K. says, you’ll land well. It’s just not fun in the meanwhile.

  45. 57

    31st District Voter spews:


    Sorry to hear about your layoff. The lack of local programming both on TV and radio is sad, and your show did fill a niche.

    The decline in radio (especially on the FM side) is directly due to cost-cutting moves like this one…

  46. 58


    YLB, I apologize.

    Hey Goldy, just be glad you aren’t Robin and Maynard. They found out they were fired during the commercial, when the station switched formats on them.

  47. 59



    At least he had honest work. What do you do? Pull wings off flies?

    Besides…in 25-years of executive search work, I’ve learned that the last thing you do to someone in Goldy’s position is allow him to put on the victim mantle and stew in his juices (whether that’s Kosher or not is irrelevent to the central point).

    Since, however, you a clueless sap and wouldn’t recognize genuine encouragement and compassion if it hit you in the nose, I won’t waste my good advice to Goldy in a response to you, but I’ll save it for a post to him directly.

    Let me guess…you get fired lots, right? And it’s always “their” fault? Politics? Jealous co-worker? Unfair boss? Trust me…I’ve heard them all from malcontents like you…

    I hear the French Foreign Legion is hiring.

    The Piper

  48. 60


    YLB…..no human being would wish that another lose his job etc. i am very sincere when i say that it is a shame that goldy lost this job BUT i’m sure he will find something even better. as one poster put it, he is now a real talk show host and hopefully he can get a full time radio gig. only you, YLB, with your limited brain pan would try and turn a sad day for goldy into a special NUTBAG moment for yourself.
    once again…this is about goldy…so why don’t you put your money where your big mouth is YLB?

  49. 61


    piper..classic shot! right on the mark…and i’ve heard it all too and it always is someone else’s fault.
    YLB could learn some class from goldy who went out with style and with his class act intact.

  50. 62

    Gidge spews:

    Goldy, I’m so sorry to hear about this. I make it a point to listen every Saturday night. It’s pretty much the only thing I ever tuned in to Kiro for. I really hope that you find a new station soon. Your voice will be missed.

  51. 63

    Tommy Thompson spews:

    Sorry Goldy. Keep you head up. Just keep thinking how things could be worse if you were a fake conservative Republican.

  52. 64



    Here’s the deal…You’ve achieved a singular distinction, and you’ve joined a prestigious group: The Royal Order of the Boot (some of us have it with oak leaf clusters).

    If you haven’t been fired at least once in your life, you don’t stand for anything. To put it out there, lay it on the line, refuse to compromise, and have yours cut off isn’t something to mourn but it is something to celebrate.

    Getting fired in post-industrial, 21st Century America is a badge of honor akin to the old Prussion duelling scar. In those times, a man wasn’t a man until he’d put his honor on the line and shed blood in its defense with a scar, usually on this cheek, to prove the mettle of the man.

    Whether you wish to add the honorific “von” to your name is up to you, though David von Goldstein has a certain…Well, let’s just not go there, shall we?

    And in media and radio, everyone has been fired more times than you’ve unsuccessfully opposed a Tim Eyman initiative! Why, look at Rush Limbaugh and where he is today! He’s been fired several times. Maybe this is one step on the road to you being the left’s answer to Rush…except the left tried that with Air America, only someone deflated that flat tire.

    Still, you now can proudly respond in a job interview when asked, “Mr. Goldstein, you are applying for our opening because…???”

    “Because,” you proudly and with head back and nostrils flared, “I was PHARDDD! And I make no bones about it!”

    Personnel types love the macho thing because they’re insecure by nature and adore being dominated. Just don’t wear black leather to the interview; it has the touch of rubbing it in.

    So…where are you in your looking? You need to get paper out on the street ASAP; the job that’s there today is gone tomorrow, and he who hesitates is lost…irretrievably, irreconcilably, and inconsolably lost and cast into the pit where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Consider…you might have simply been a pair of brown shoes on the KIRO tuxedo; all we need to do is find you a nice tweed suit!

    So, send me your resume, and I’ll get in you the system! Of course I don’t generally search for DJ’s, but I did a school principal search last year for the first time every, so why not placing Goldy with a client in, say, Harlingen, TX?

    Are you relocatable? What were your last $$$? You can legally work in the United States, correct? Just checking…

    I’ll wait for the resume…

    The Piper

  53. 65

    Luigi Giovanni spews:

    David, I’m sorry to hear your bad news. While I frequently disagree with you, I occasionally listened to your show on Sundays.

    In regard to your comments, you have on occasion taken delight at the misfortune of others. I hope you learn from your personal circumstance that schadenfreude is an ugly emotion.

  54. 66

    Tommy Thompson spews:

    And don’t forget, at least you were not responsible for plunging America into a depression – as our Republican friends are doing so proudly.

  55. 67

    drool spews:

    Bummer, Goldy

    I may not agree with you a lot of the time, I really liked your show. You used to have some good stuff on.

    Big mistake on KIRO’s part. They will turn into a robot station with no local feeling. I’ll be tuning out.

  56. 68

    YellowPup spews:

    Aaarg!! Ack!!! Say it ain’t so.

    Can Geov get you on KEXP or can you go on KBCS?

    Sorry for your job loss, Goldy. My AM listening days are officially over.

  57. 69

    joe blow spews:

    You’re a smart guy but your show was too much a promotional outlet for the Stranger. Try again, and build your own identity.

  58. 71

    FricknFrack spews:

    I’m so sorry Goldy!
    Truthfully, I haven’t listened to radio in the past EVER, not even in the car.

    UNTIL I started listening to YOUR show, after learning of it at HA. You were great and interesting. With the recession lurking, I imagine a whole slew more people are going to be losing their jobs. At least this gives you an earlier opportunity to get ‘beating the pavement’ before the field gets even more crowded. But this time around you have the experience and a following of fans to offer the next station! Much bigger Network of Folks to help you land a new job. Good Luck!

  59. 73

    Right Stuff spews:

    Sad to hear the news. I have never been one for silencing the other side of the debate. I hope this was about budget and not about politics. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks the all out advocacy for Darcy Burner may have killed the show. Ditto what Joe Blow said….

    The Burner ought to hire you. Lord knows you gave her enough free airplay….

  60. 74

    Justin spews:

    David – I have listened to your show for a while, I am sorry to see you go bro – you had the best thing in this town going

  61. 75

    Beverly in Bothell spews:

    I am sorry to see you go as well. You were the o nly reason that I ever listened to Kiro. (except for a few sporting events) You always had great guests, and were a host who could get the most out of them. That is a skill that some of your conterparts could learn. When you have an interesting guest, you let them entertain. A skill that made Johnny Carson so great.

    Good Luck

  62. 76

    YLB spews:

    Oh my gosh! Add the Poopster to the list of delusionals in my comment at 55. Thank you so much Pooper for showing everyone lurking here what results from years of blind faith in countless volumes of warmongering, fearmongering right wing bullshit talking points.

    The glee you showed in giving Goldy career counseling advice at 20 also demonstrates to everyone (totally lost on PuddySilly and XmasIdiot) the unavoidable fallout from the slowly dawning realization of one’s intellectual bankruptcy – to wit, a boundless rage directed at a convenient object outside oneself to assuage unbearable pangs of self loathing.

    The title of the post was “Righties Rejoice” and you did exactly that @ 20 – right on cue.

    Thanks for playing Poopster!!!

  63. 77

    YLB spews:

    XmasFool @ 60

    We who have been here a while know your antics Xmas. You bear grudges and keep them a long, long time. I know for a fact you backstab. It comes to you naturally. How do I know this? I won’t say but believe me I do know it.

    This behavior goes hand in hand with the emptiness of your so-called perfect life.

    My comment @ 12 wished Goldy well. It was optimistic. Goldy is smart and talented and I’m confident he’ll land on his feet.

    However, the title of the post was “Righties Rejoice”. Many on the right wing will indeed do exactly that. I believe you do as well – in private.

    However, like Barry Corbin said in “No Country for Old Men” – You can’t stop what’s comin’.

    It has an appointed date and time in November. Shrug it off all you wish – it’s pretty much all you can do.

    Thanks for playing.

  64. 81

    proud leftist spews:

    What a sad day for Seattle radio. Media consolidation slays another. All of you righties out there who claim the media is “liberal,” perhaps you might acknowledge the corporatist trend of our media. On another note, Piper, Puddy, Right Stuff, and (remarkably) christmasghost have extended what appear to be sincere expressions of sympathy on this occasion. Might I extend an olive branch across the aisle, and say, kudos.

  65. 82


    YLB@77……obviously you can think whatever you want to. and you can make yourself look as stupid as you want to also…and you are doing a great job of it. does it make you feel better to pretend that someone else has a “bad life”? is that what gets you through the day?
    i am the last person to bear grudges, i have no idea why you would even think that of me. you don’t know me, you don’t know anything about me [trust me…you don’t] and for you to pretend that you do is transparent and sad….really.
    is this all you have? to try and make other people feel bad? you are projecting again. after all, i don’t think it takes einstein to figure out who is the grudge holder and who wishes others harm. it’s you, my friend. i have never understood why people are the way you are…but then, i am not a therapist.
    as i have said many times, my life is not perfect. no one’s is after all. we all have sadness and just plain bad luck sometimes. for you to take glee in the mere thought of that says nothing about me and everything about you carl…….
    but, carl, if it makes you feel better to wish ill on others then i guess that’s what you do. it’s your thing. interesting that you chose this particular thread to do it in…..very telling. you morph names ala third grade, you can’t discuss anything without going to the personal attack, and then you pretend to know things that you don’t. if you think you are fooling anyone…..you have another “think” coming.
    i am truly saddened by goldy’s job loss. what human being wouldn’t be saddened by the misfortune of others? i guess we all have the answer to that now don’t we? carl……

  66. 83

    Left Behind By The New Democratic Party spews:


    I too must offer my condolences. While I was able to only listen once in a while, the loss of another local live show is a travesty.

    Ya know, after the mudslide in Oregon clears, Amtrak will be hiring again. Just thought you would like to know. (Don’t know if you would want me as a reference or not, but it couldn’t hurt…)

  67. 84


    thank you proud leftist….i am truly sad at goldy’s loss of this job. but i have great faith that he will get another, better one soon, don’t you?
    olive branch right back at you……. :)

  68. 85


    I just want to generally thank you all for your kind words and support. I was a touch dreading reading the comment thread, but it was really heartening.

  69. 86

    seattlejew spews:

    The best words I can come up with are:

    How can we help?

    Barb and I, along with many others, owe you
    more than you can imagine. DL and “radio Goldy”
    have become central elements in our lives.

    Mike Hood may have insight here. I asked him about
    the wired new thing Burbank is doing. To my surprise
    Mike defended the thing as some sort of experiment KIRO
    is doing to capture 30 somethings. His view of the future
    of any local radio is pretty dismal!

    Aside from keeping chez Goldy warm and fed, how else can
    we help? Is there any chance of moving to Public Radio? Is this a time
    To launch Bloid? FWIW I certainly would volunteer to help
    in such an effort and I suspect there is a lot of volunteer effort out

    Any how … You are the Boss!

  70. 87



    I came in late on the news. This is a sad deal. Even for us in Eastern Washington… liberal talk radio simply doesn’t exist around here.

    Geez, I hope it wasn’t my poor performances as a guest!

    With that said, I agree with the “bring back the podcast” vote. In many respects, I think that is what got you on the radio in the first place. Now that you found your radio voice and skills in the field, those podcasts will only be better and I can imagine a new round quickly attracting a new radio show. And I hope it is with a station that has the balls that allow you to provide a more sharp edge program. Frankly, KIRO was a far to contained environment for your style.


  71. 88

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Proud Leftist: Yes, I am sincere. I know what it was like getting a pink slip so I went to work for myself… Getting the surprise sucks…

    Yanking Little Bubba Clueless One is such an idiot.

    Clueless, WTF is wrong with you? No don’t answer we know what the problem is, Koro disease. Even taking two Fukitols won’t work for you.

    Clueless why you are so fucking dumb? Even though I don’t like Carl My Left Foot Grossman’s politics, when I heard he’s got a bad ticker me wife and I have him in our prayers. You on the other hand don’t even know what intercessory prayer is.

    Even though I dislike rhp6033 and correctnotright’s politics I’d sit down with them and break bread just like I did with GBS. Why, they can admit they are wrong. Something you’ll never learn to do.

    So in closing Goldy, I feel for you. Even though I never listened to your show, you had every right to be politically wrong and I had every right to be doing something else. It’s America and Goldy’s views are allowed… Clueless on the other hand needs muzzling when his idiot gene appears… The idiot gene is strong in this one Obi-Wan.

    Dismissed by his own stupidity. Nuff said.

  72. 89

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @41 “roger@39……..have you snapped your hat on too tightly or something?”

    How the hell can I wear a hat, with my ears?

    “what are you complaining about?”

    Who’s complaining? Do I sound like I’m complaining? Why would I complain about having the same deal Republicans have — i.e., getting paid for sitting on my fat rabbit ass doing nothing? I love it!

    “remember you made 50% last year on stocks, right? and if you did, how on earth could you do this with such a ‘bad economy’?”

    Actually, ghost, you can make more money in an unsettled market than you can in a stable market. That’s when people sell stocks too cheap, buy them for too much, and volatility enables you to buy on dips and sell on highs — sometimes trading in and out of the same stocks repeatedly.

    “IF you are invested in the stock market as heavily as you say….haven’t you been paying attention to the economy?”

    Cripes, ghost, I’ve been posting on the economy almost daily for weeks now. It’s you who isn’t paying attention.

    “really ‘roger’ you are just getting ridiculous. so you want to be an owner now, huh? of what? a business? and you think you could sleep till noon huh?”

    Of course not a business! Shares of numerous businesses, you dope! In fact, if you work for a publicly trade company, I might even own a piece of YOUR company. Let me tell you, owning the company sure beats working for the company! Shareholders don’t have to get up at 5:00 a.m. The only thing shareholders have to do is set up electronic deposit of the dividend checks.

    “this whole ‘two americas’ thing didn’t work for john edwards either….didn’t you get the memo?”

    It works great for me! You get the work and I get the dividends.

    “don’t you realize that this isn’t the 90’s and none of this crap is going to fly anymore?”

    It’s been flying pretty good for 150 years now, and probably is good for another 50 to 75 years, and by the time it stops working I’ll be dead.

    Here’s the straight skinny, ghost. The stock market is a sure thing because, despite short-term volatility, it always trends upward over time. That’s because the economy grows over time, which is due in part to a growing population — you sell more bathtubs to a country with 300 million people in it (U.S. population today) than to one with 150 million people (U.S. population when I was a kid). But the planet can support only so many people (see, e.g., Haiti) and if you don’t take care of the environment it eventually will support fewer (see, e.g., Easter Island, which went from a population of 30,000 to 110). Even a dope can see that human population can’t expand forever. And when it begins to contract, then instead of a growing economy you’ll have a contracting economy, and instead of a stock market trending up, you’ll have a stock market trending down. Then you won’t be able to make money by owning shares of companies anymore. But the good news is housing will be a lot cheaper because there’ll be a lot of vacant houses on the market.

    “it isn’t the 60’s and it isn’t the 90’s.”

    12 months ago is enough for my purposes, but I’m mostly interested in what assorted stocks were worth at 4 p.m. today.

    “geez…you and bill clinton.”

    Who’s he?

    “you just don’t get it at all.”

    Sure I get it. If I work, I pay a 32.65% marginal tax rate. If I sit on my fat rabbit ass in front of a computer flipping stocks, my marginal tax rate is 10%. The math is straightforward — under the GOP tax system, people get rewarded for owning shares of companies, and punished for working for companies. That’s immoral, but I’m just one little bunny and can’t fight it, so I go with the flow.

    I understand you have a job and work. If so, it’s you who doesn’t get it. Not only are you getting reamed by the Republicans for working, but you even vote for the selfish greedy bastards who did it to you. Pretty clueless, I’d say.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to check some after-hours trading quotes.

  73. 91

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @73 Of course it’s about budget. All over the country, advertising budgets are tanking as the economy goes down the toilet.

  74. 92

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Advertisers are smart enough to not waste money pitching products to people who can’t afford to buy them. The Great American Credit Gusher has dried up and suddenly consumers have to live within their incomes. What a shock! This could cause a depression.

    Me, I’ve prospered despite working in a low-paying public service job because I’ve hoarded my nickels, paid off my debts, and know how to live on almost nothing. Consequently, a very high percentage of my income is saved — and then is multiplied by the magic combination of capitalism and compound interest. (And the goatfuckers think I’m a communist!???) Grass tastes okay after you get used to it, and I never liked meat anyway — being an herbivore came naturally to me.

  75. 93

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @82 “my life is not perfect”

    You can say that again! What made you turn Republican? Did you fall out of a window when you were a baby?

  76. 94

    ByeByeGOP spews:

    I think the only reaction I can come up with is that I am not surprised. The Mormon idiots who bought the station do this in every market they infest. They and people like them are ruining or have ruined radio forever. 30 years ago I was a simple DJ in a rock station and saw the writing on the wall.

    As for reaction? Simple. Boycott anything Mormon owned. Give the bird to every Mormon missionary riding a bike in my neighborhood. Make sure that the Mormon liar in chief Mitt (as in bend over and be my catcher’s mitt) doesn’t get a chance to steal the White House. And lastly, donate to Goldy’s cause.

    He was a long shot that should have (on paper) never had a chance and he had a much longer run than anyone (including him) would have expected.

  77. 95

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Notice Yelling Libby Boy and Pelletizer makes the thread all about themselves when everyone else is felling sorry about Goldy.

    Typical typical small minded “men”.

  78. 96

    Brian spews:

    David Iam sorry about your Show , I really liked it , we laughed at you more than with you but it was all in fun and I thought good radio , I can see Why Herr” Styblehead got Fired ( That was more than just bad radio it was plan wrong!!) I still think that Lethargic Luke Burbank is Bryan Styblehead little brother . Still and always your new best friend Brian

  79. 98

    E. Murrow spews:

    You made it easy for KIRO by devolving the show into the Stranger bragging hour – it came off like someone reading Slog out loud. Boriiing. I turned away after a few self-serving shows.

  80. 99



    “DL and ‘radio Goldy’ have become central elements in our lives.”

    Dude, you need to get out more often! Take up square dancing or compulsive gambling or S&M…anything! You’re starting to remind me of the bar owner in Blast From the Past who created an entire religion over Brendan Fraser emerging from an underground freight elevator.

    Next thing you know, Goldy will get himself some vestments, declare himself tax exempt, and go on public access and preach to the masses.

    This is all getting too strange!

    The Piper

  81. 100

    correctnotright spews:

    @88: Thanks Puddy – you do have a good heart.
    You are right – we disagree on some politics – but we agree that people are important and that people who are hurting, like goldy, get our support.

    Goldy: My heart goes out to you – I hope you get another job soon and KIRO will hear from me about firing you. I think you really have put yourself out there for your beliefs and I appreciate that. good luck and keep up the good fight.

  82. 101

    Jim spews:

    You are a good man and did a good job.

    Let the trolls rejoice about the number 9,207,775,844,006.23.

  83. 102

    YLB spews:

    PSilly – Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me if I don’t join in the chorus of gladhanding with you.

    I respect all my compatriots here on this side of the aisle many of whom haven’t been here since the tail end of 2004 like I have. They’re free to do what they want. I have no problem with that.

    As for me…

    I don’t want to be your friend


    I don’t want to be your enemy.

    I want NOTHING to do with you.

    Here comes the November express…

  84. 103

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #39 Roger Rabbit says:

    I’m sure glad I don’t work or produce anything. Workers get screwed coming and going! They pay 3 times the tax rate paid by the Owners. Owning beats the hell out of working for other reasons, too. First off, you don’t have to work! You can sleep until noon if you want to, and your property goes right on making money for you. You can be shitfaced drunk and your property will still make money for you! You can’t get run over by a forklift, and Owners don’t get laid off from owning! Screw work, I’m an Owner now. Like Republicans, I get paid for not doing anything and not producing anything. Sure beats working.

    How would you know anything about being an owner. Being an owner means taking risks, believing in yourself, hard work.
    Your life is an example of someone taking the safe government job way of life.
    It’s evident when you post your bitterness about working and not being recognized, the low pay, the lack of respect. All proof that you didn’t take any risks, you stayed in a job you didn’t like.
    You played it safe.
    Owners don’t.

  85. 104


    November this, November that. In the big picture, this means nothing, and will solve nothing. If the number 1 is one end of the political spectrum, and 100 is the other, the Democratic party is number 49, and the Republican party is number 50. There’s not much of a difference. One example, The United States dominates the globe through the use of its military might. We have over 750 military bases permanently planted on foreign soil. Tell me, why, if Democrats are so altruistic, do the number of oversees military bases not decrease when Democrats are in power? That’s right. Democrats are just as evil and corrupt as Republicans.

  86. 105

    BeerNotWar spews:

    I recently added KIRO back into the mix of pre-programmed stations on my car radio. It’ll be gone by nightfall. I’ll also send them a nasty-gram and a recommendation to KPTK for you.

  87. 106

    correctnotright spews:

    @104: troll with simplistic reasoning:

    Here is why Republicans and Democrats are different – it is HOW we in the US use our military power that is important.
    Clinton intervened in Bosnia and should have intervened in Rwanda for human rights.

    Bush invaded Iraq for oil and scammed the intelligence.

    If you don’t see any difference in that – then throw away your vote for that idiot Nader who told us that Gore was not an environmentalist and that the democrats and the republicans were the same.

    It ain’t so – and it has never been so —the republicans have made lying, corruption and the dismantling of government an art form.

    If you want a supreme court that OKs torture and unlimited executive power, OKS illegal spying on Americans, votes for corporate interests and outlaws abortion – then don’t vote or vote Nader for a de facto Republican advantage.

  88. 107



    I believe the U.S. has no right to have even one of its military bases on foreign soil. I believe it makes it easier for the U.S. to throw its weight around, and start wars.

    That’s one of my main issues, but I never hear anyone talking about it. So yeah, on this one issue, which I think is a big issue, I don’t see much of a difference between D’s and R’s.

  89. 108

    Rick D. spews:

    Goldy can now improve his vocabulary that doesn’t include bodily function humor. Sorry Goldy, you’re no Howard Stern and you can’t pull it off so quit trying. If a liberal like Goldstein can’t make it in uber-liberal Seattle radio market, i’d have to say you aren’t cut out to be on the radio at all. Maybe it’s the high pitched voice, maybe it’s the delivery, or better yet, it’s the message.

  90. 109

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    CluelessIdiot@102: You just don’t get it do you.

    The world doesn’t revolve around you. This is a thread about the travails of Goldy. But when the toilet flushes and the swilling water appears, we see your leetle teeny brain in action.

  91. 110

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Come on Correctnotright: Stop rejecting the truth.

    WMDs – Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Britian, IRAN, US & Germany all thought Saddam had them.

    Clinton and Gore thought so too.

  92. 112

    The Guy With No Car spews:

    Here’s a possibility . . . KSER is always looking for people to do shows. Granted they’re in Everett, your electric bagel slicer has more power than their signal, and they don’t pay . . . well it’s all volunteer stuff so it doesn’t pay anything, but it’s radio, and they’re pretty liberal. I mean how much more liberal than a station that hosts Democracy Now can you get? (They have some kind of call-in ability, since they have a medical show that accepts callers, but I don’t know the extent of its capabilities.)

    Just an idea to keep you on the air until someone is willing to pay for what you have to offer. I hope someone has the good sense to pick up your show.

    Hang in there, kid.

  93. 113

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Why don’t the libs pool their money and buy massive quantities of lottery tickets for Goldy? If he hits, he can work pro-bone-o and redo his show… Just make sure the contract drawn over the lottery ticket use is not by Pelletizer.

  94. 114

    YLB spews:

    You just don’t get it do you.

    You project much again Stupes. The title of the post is “Righties Rejoice”. You have rejoiced in your own way by bragging about never listening to Goldy’s show, calling Goldy “Assie Voice” and barking orders at him to dance to your silly tune.

    I’ve met Goldy. Goldy is a clever guy. He’ll land on his feet. He doesn’t need my tears.

    The subject of this post is almost as much about you silly, bankrupt, hateful, corruption excusing crazies on the right as it is about Goldy’s travails. You assholes have come here calling Goldy all kinds of names. You’ve cut his tags off his car. You’ve called in accusations of pedophilia to the police. You’ve tried sabotaging his blog.




    There’s that light in the distance…

  95. 115

    YLB spews:

    113 – What a laugh, Stupes recommends something that mathematically is bound to fail.

    With “compassionate” wingnuts like this, you don’t need enemies.

  96. 116



    And don’t forget all Saddam’s generals did too, and he kept up the story to persuade the Iranians he had them.

    An absolutely stunning 60 Minutes interview of Arabic-speaking FBI agent George Piro revealed that Saddam deliberately kept alive the notion he had WMD’s in order to fool Iran and the world. Read the transcript here: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories.....9494.shtml

    Selected excerpts, albeit lengthy but necessarily so for context and full understanding:

    “Saddam began to boast that he wrote all his own speeches too. That was Piro’s chance.

    ‘And I said, absolutely. I saw that. Except there was a couple of speeches that I really didn’t see the same writing style. That same passion, emotion that I had seen in his poetry. So I figured those speeches must have been written by someone else. By a speechwriter. And he was kind of surprised. And he asked me what speeches. And I said, ‘Well, funny you should ask. And in June 2000 you gave a speech in where you said Iraq would not disarm until others in the region did. A rifle for a rifle, a stick for a stick, a stone for a stone,” Piro recalls.

    That June 2000 speech was about weapons of mass destruction. In talking casually about that speech, Saddam began to tell the story of his weapons. It was a breakthrough that had taken five months.

    ‘Oh, you couldn’t imagine the excitement that I was feeling at that point,’ Piro remembers.

    ‘And what did he tell you about how his weapons of mass destruction had been destroyed?’ Pelley asks.

    ‘He told me that most of the WMD had been destroyed by the U.N. inspectors in the ’90s. And those that hadn’t been destroyed by the inspectors were unilaterally destroyed by Iraq,’ Piro says.

    ‘So why keep the secret? Why put your nation at risk, why put your own life at risk to maintain this charade?’ Pelley asks.

    ‘It was very important for him to project that because that was what kept him, in his mind, in power. That capability kept the Iranians away. It kept them from reinvading Iraq,’ Piro says.

    Before his wars with America, Saddam had fought a ruinous eight year war with Iran and it was Iran he still feared the most.

    ‘He believed that he couldn’t survive without the perception that he had weapons of mass destruction?’ Pelley asks.

    ‘Absolutely,’ Piro says.

    ‘As the U.S. marched toward war and we began massing troops on his border, why didn’t he stop it then? And say, ‘Look, I have no weapons of mass destruction.’ I mean, how could he have wanted his country to be invaded?’ Pelley asks.

    ‘He didn’t. But he told me he initially miscalculated President Bush. And President Bush’s intentions. He thought the United States would retaliate with the same type of attack as we did in 1998 under Operation Desert Fox. Which was a four-day aerial attack. So you expected that initially,’ Piro says.

    Piro says Saddam expected some kind of an air campaign and that he could he survive that. ‘He survived that once. And then he was willing to accept that type of attack. That type of damage,’ he says.

    ‘Saddam didn’t believe that the United States would invade,’ Pelley remarks.

    ‘Not initially, no,’ Piro says.


    “The Piro interviews with Saddam turned up other revelations about one of the most notorious war crimes of his regime: the use of chemical weapons on Kurdish civilians in 1988. Iraq gassed its own people in something called the Anfal campaign to counter Iranian incursions and Kurdish resistance to his rule.

    Piro says Saddam told him he himself gave the orders to use chemical weapons against the Kurds in the North. When shown the graphic pictures of the aftermath, Piro says Saddam reacted by saying, ‘Necessary.’

    In fact, Piro says Saddam intended to produce weapons of mass destruction again, some day. ‘The folks that he needed to reconstitute his program are still there,’ Piro says.

    ‘And that was his intention?’ Pelley asks.

    ‘Yes,’ Piro says.

    ‘What weapons of mass destruction did he intend to pursue again once he had the opportunity?’ Pelley asks.

    ‘He wanted to pursue all of WMD. So he wanted to reconstitute his entire WMD program,’ says Piro.

    ‘Chemical, biological, even nuclear,’ Pelley asks.

    ‘Yes,’ Piro says.”

    Saddam once had WMD’s, he’d used them on his own people, he ditched them only under duress while maintaining the illusion he hadn’t, and he fully intended to get the full array of them again…AND HE WOULD HAVE USED THEM AGAIN!

    Yet there are those who say he posed no threat? Ostriches, all!

    The Piper

  97. 117

    YLB spews:

    116 – Bullshit. By agreeing to inspections and monitoring dual-use facilities coupled with economic sanctions it’s highly unlikely Saddam could have reconstituted any WMD program.

    A lot cheaper than 2 trillion at playing and fumbling at nation building.

    Does any right winger ever think that all these other countries may have WANTED the U.S. to get bogged down in a hopeless money pit like Iraq?

  98. 118



    And you support your opinions and farfetched speculation with what authoritative sources? Saddam had the intent, and where there’s a will, there’s a way. George Piro’s own words give the lie to your assertions.

    Your apology, full retraction of your stupid denials, and your copious penance are expected forthwith.

    But since denial is your modus operandi, I won’t hold my breath!

    The Piper

  99. 120

    YLB spews:

    My apology? What kind of a fucking planet do you live on?

    November can’t get here soon enough.

  100. 121

    YLB spews:

    118 – Oh I’m glad to hear that you approve of the FBI’s interrogations methods there Pooper. A lot more humane (and effective) than waterboarding, sleep-deprivation, loud noise, stress positions, beatings, stripping, cold water, dogs etc?

    There may be a glimmer of hope for that pitiful, neo-con trained excuse for a mind you’ve got. Slim to none but better than nothing I guess.

  101. 122



    You sure trusted Saddam a lot didn’t you? Uday and Qsay personal friends of yours? Your homeboys?

    Inspections? Sure! Look through all save door #3!

    Listen, stupid, the whole point was agree to just enough while throwing in all kinds of other stuff to keep everone off balance.

    The only reason you cite this and other things is that anything that supports your cause is MAH-VA-LUSS, while any facts or data to the contrary are to be dismissed out of hand as inconvenient.

    Just like leftists in the 30’s who refused to believe Stalin murdered the Kulaks and persecuted Jews, you toe the party line like the good lil’ orthodox MoveOn mind slave you are.

    In the meantime, you’re increasingly made to like like a moron!

    The Piper

  102. 123

    TX Scotia spews:

    Thanks Goldy for educating me on the great Pacific NW politics. Moved here in Feb 2007 and found you on the air. I have greatly enjoyed your radio show and your blog. I’m a DailyKoser and once worked for KLBJ in Austin, TX.

    Wow, some of these posters are postal, aren’t they?

    Good luck on future adventures. I know you will land on your feet!

  103. 124

    Arthur Thomas spews:

    Dory is douche and should go too. Goldy is a cancer and KIRO just helped the world with a little surgical removal.

    Don’t worry about your kid/mortgage problems. There are plenty of liberal leaching programs out there to save you.

    Go Bush… go away.

    Don’t vote for the same old criminals (Clinton, Obama).

    Vote Nader!

  104. 125


    roger@89……….roger, of all the posters on here you have to be the most amusing. really.
    “Actually, ghost, you can make more money in an unsettled market than you can in a stable market. That’s when people sell stocks too cheap, buy them for too much, and volatility enables you to buy on dips and sell on highs — sometimes trading in and out of the same stocks repeatedly.”

    and this classic :”Of course not a business! Shares of numerous businesses, you dope! In fact, if you work for a publicly trade company, I might even own a piece of YOUR company. Let me tell you, owning the company sure beats working for the company! Shareholders don’t have to get up at 5:00 a.m. The only thing shareholders have to do is set up electronic deposit of the dividend checks.”
    no kidding rog…really????

    roger…i have good and bad news for you. the bad news is you are a republican capitalist. the good news is you are a republican capitalist.heh heh heh

    roger…you are too much. first of all….thanks for your advice about the market, but i already was aware of it. so if you KNOW this then why exactly are you always screaming about the nasty republicans getting rich off the “people” while you didn’t? but you did roger…you took ADVANTAGE of a downturn in the market to make money…the very thing you accuse republicans of doing all the time. what? it’s okay for you because you think the “right” things?
    to sum it up…you are making money at other people’s expense rather than actually producing something yourself. interesting. maybe you should be called “bobby buzzard” instead of roger rabbit.hmmm???

    since i own a privately held corporation you do not have shares in my company…and i plan to keep it that way. i can do that.and when i make my money, i make it by producing things that make people’s lives better everyday.not by preying on others. oh, don’t get me wrong, i have nothing against the stock market at all, i just find it a little hypocritical of you to be crowing about your superior mindset while all the time making your money off the stupidity and failings of others. that’s all.
    and sweetie, you don’t “own” any company. having less than one tenth of one percent stock makes you …..um…nothing.
    but since you have done so well for yourself in the market [and good for you] then you will be able to support goldy until he gets back on his feet, right? i mean, otherwise you wouldn’t be walking all that talk now would you?
    i won’t be holding my breath…and goldy, you shouldn’t either.

  105. 126

    YLB spews:

    122 – Inspections are all about trust right?

    UNMOVIC and UNSCOM were highly professional and thorough inspection regimes. You can read about them, what they did and how they did it but it might cause too much cognitive dissonance in your NRO-addled excuse for a brain.

    You’re so silly it’s pathetic.

  106. 127

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Piper: The telling comment was when Pelley’s voice-over told us George Piro’s comments were cross-checked by 60 Minutes with other captured Saddam regime members and they admitted George was telling the truth.

    Shows you that Clueless bathes in the warm white sticky kool-aid. He’s gone beyond drinking it.

  107. 128

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    TX Scotia – Sometimes posting the truth here makes us seem postal. That’s okay I understand your position, being a KOS lover.

  108. 129

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Clueless: Being a history buff and you are a history idiot, you can use Google.

    Why did Saddam agree to inspections again?

    Tick tock tick tock …

  109. 130

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    ChristmasGhost: Yes, it’s called shorting. With Pelletizer he looks between his legs and gets the idea again after he forgets it the day before…

  110. 131

    crunchy con spews:

    Don’t need to rejoice; wasn’t listening, anyway.

    But take heart; Nancy Pelosi is sending you $600. Even you thought that was a hot idea (I didn’t, but she didn’t ask me; just took the $$ from me) . But I hear it won’t be arriving in your mailbox until spring or summer. Bravo, boys.

  111. 132

    YLB spews:

    129 – It doesn’t matter. He agreed and inspections are a lot cheaper than nation building.

    I suppose you’re so stupid to believe that Saddam Hussein was worth the blood and treasure.

    Read the Pooper’s Piro quotes PSilly – it blows your love for torture right out of the water!!!


  112. 133

    YLB spews:

    Kaddafi could give it up after blowing up airplanes and discos. Bush was only too happy to welcome him (and his oil) back.

    But Saddam? No!! Must have been the mustache and firing the gun into the air.

  113. 134



    Interesting the Muammar gave it up and laid it down AFTER Saddam got toppled.

    Unlike you, some Kaddafi’s can be taught!

    The Piper

  114. 135



    Tell us, Puddy, tell us!!! Preach the truth to the heathen that they might receive the enlightment and be lifted out of the stupor of their ignorance and woeful state!

    The Piper

  115. 136

    YLB spews:

    134 – Gaddafi was negotiating a rapprochement with the West long before Saddam’s fall. Your assertion is a total myth. But we all know your fondness for right wing myths.

    Gaddafi also appeared to be attempting to improve his image in the West. Two years prior to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Libya pledged its commitment to fighting Al-Qaeda and offered to open up its weapons program to international inspection. The Clinton administration did not pursue the offer at the time since Libya’s weapons program was not then regarded as a threat, and the matter of handing over the Lockerbie bombing suspects took priority. Following the attacks of September 11, Gaddafi made one of the first, and firmest, denunciations of the Al-Qaeda bombers by any Muslim leader. Gaddafi also appeared on ABC for an open interview with George Stephanopoulos, a move that would have seemed unthinkable less than a decade earlier.


  116. 138

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Piper@135: I am amazed these heathen history husks have no clue of history…

    You failed again Clueless. Now more people recognize you are an American History imbecile…

    History for $200 Alex

    Why did Saddam agree to inspections again?

    Answer: UN Resolution 1441 Clueless.

  117. 139

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Goldy: You need to improve your leftist clientèle. It’s a shame your supporters are just cupless jockstraps.

  118. 140

    THE Puddybud The Prognosticator... spews:

    Piper: Still waiting for any lefty to tell me what happened with the Omnibus Tax and Reconciliation Act of 1982? Who zuumed who?

    Personally I think some of the more sharper knives know where I am going with this one and know their historical view of facts will be kablammed.

  119. 141

    YLB spews:

    Right Wing Jerkoff @ 138

    As I said before it doesn’t matter if it came from the U.N. or your palsied hand on your shriveled dick.


  120. 142

    Upton spews:

    I’ll miss you on the weekends. You’ll be alright, it’s KIRO I wonder about. Outside of Ross, who else is worth listening to?

  121. 143

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #117 YLB says:

    Does any right winger ever think that all these other countries may have WANTED the U.S. to get bogged down in a hopeless money pit like Iraq?

    I thought the hatred of America didn’t start until bush lied us into war.
    But you seem to be saying that America was hated before the war. Hhmmm, are you confusing your extreme-left talking points?

  122. 144

    YLB spews:

    143 – Realpolitik is the proper name for it. Hatred is just a chimera in twisted right wing minds.

  123. 145

    Dallas spews:

    Sorry to see you loose your job but it doesn’t surprise me. Like any product it is market driven and the market is saturated with the Socialist emotionalism that you find on most major networks and broad cast programming. So your program was just one more in a seemingly endless sea. The left always act perplexed by the phenomena of conservative broadcasting and look at the listeners of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or locally, Kirby Wilber as “mind-numbed-robots” when in reality it is just the opposite. Their popularity is driven by the fact their numbers are few (a market the size of Seattle has only 2 stations carrying conservative talk and they’re not 24/7), These guys are just saying what many of us have been saying for years, and (contrary to popular belief) they treat the left or the opposition as miss-informed or misguided while you on the left view conservatives as the enemy. If you on the left want to see people like Rush Limbaugh diminished instead of pushing the “Fairness Doctrine” flood the market with conservative talk. I don’t mean liberal Republicans like Mr. Medved but people who believe in the whole constitution and not just the first amendment. If there were 10 articulate constitutionalists competing with Mr. Limbaugh I suspect his listener ship would drop from 24,000,000 / day to less than 5. He might still be number 1 because he is a great showman but he wouldn’t have near the impact.

  124. 146

    Truthie spews:

    Rabbit says:

    “Shareholders don’t have to get up at 5:00 a.m. The only thing shareholders have to do is set up electronic deposit of the dividend checks.

    Tha is true unless the CEO is a corrput SOB that bankrupts the company in which case you get screwed.

  125. 150


    puddy…gawd….he is a clueless idiot.
    sheesh…he has to be the poster child for inane meaningless comments on here. he even makes roger look smart ‘sometimes’…….

    but this has to be my all time YLB “comment”……
    “Realpolitik is the proper name for it. Hatred is just a chimera in twisted right wing minds.”
    how original! what a great thinker! i wonder who he stole it from????…….it’s a thinker alright.
    wouldn’t you pay good money to have that fool YLB sitting right in front of you so you could ask him to pronounce chimera????
    i would………

  126. 151

    Fired from radio spews:

    Welcome to our club!

    Seriously, it’s a dying industry anyways, regardless of what crazy schemes the suits throw at it. For a small amount of money you can buy your own equipment and host your own show at home over your blog and reach as many people, if not more.

  127. 152

    Mike in Pioneer Square spews:

    I’m late posting on this, but I just wanted to say that I listened to your show almost every weekend and will sorely miss it. I hope you can find your way back to the airwaves at some point!