Right-wing extremists have no sense of humor

Back in my 710-KIRO radio days (widely remembered as the glory days of Seattle news/talk), one of my favorite schticks was to have Gen. JC Christian (a.k.a. Jesus’ General) on the show, and then wait for the inevitable barrage of bewildered and often offended callers. The General never broke character, and I always played it straight, but while most of the audience seemed to get the joke, it always amused me how many didn’t.

I was reminded of that this morning while listening to the recording above of a telephone conversation between the General and Prince Shannon of the Right Wing Extreme Militia. Very funny. And kinda terrifying.


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    The contractor is always right, the engineer is always wrong spews:

    but if you had a character of a lisping fag who frequents bath houses and male nude hot yoga, you would be called a bigot and a hater.

    double standards…its its whats for lunch…

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    Alki Postings spews:

    @4 While mostly incoherent and a poorly worded analogy, I get what you’re trying to say. Yes, “extremists” on all sides don’t have a sense of humor. That’s WHY they’re extremists. These guys are easy to make fun of, because they’re extremists.

    I do have to admit I’m tired of “white power” groups like this, tired of angry dumb people who are given everything and have 99% of the power complaining about how they’re under attack. Oh grow up and get a set of balls. Gays or blacks CAN be under attack BECAUSE they’re a minority, and don’t have all the power. If 95% of Congress or Presidents had been black, or gay, then it would be weird to hear them complaining. But that’s why it’s SO funny to hear illiterate angry dumb white people (Glen Beck) go on endlessly about how they “want their country back” or something vague about being under attack. Yes, you have all the power and control….so sad to be in your shoes.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    4 contractor/engineer

    Not sure what you’re getting at. In your first sentence, who is the “you” to whom you refer? Do you mean it in the general sense of “one?” Or do you mean if Goldy had a parodist on his show who affected to be a “a lisping fag who frequents bath houses and male nude hot yoga?” Because that’s the sort of homophobic character one would hear on a Republican radio broadcast.

    But when a parodist is taken dead seriously by the target of his parody, it’s high comedy, not bigotry.

    It’s like the conservatives who think Stephen Colbert is one of them. It’s a hoot.

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    Alki Postings spews:

    @7 ROTFLMAO.

    Every sentence starts with a course insult. Typical Republican. Just insult, make shit up, and reject science reality and fact. FUNNY! Speaking of Reagan and anti-reality Republicanism…

    I mentioned in another post that Obama is more popular than Ronald Reagan was at this EXACT same point (4th week of Aug in 2nd year) and has been more popular than Reagan was for the majority of his 1st term to this point. And Reagan went on to sweep an easy 2nd term. In both cases (now and Reagan) they had just won over an extremely unpopular former President (Carter/Bush). So far Obama is on track to sweep whatever brain dead Sarah Palin rip off candidate dares to run against him. ROTFLMAO.

    Now like Reagan (and Bush, and Clinton) the Congress will always turn slightly from the party of the President to the “other” party after an election, that’s historic trend and anything different would be odd as hell.

    P.S. Keep in mind Saint Reagan is at the SAME TIME the official “Saint” and all knowing god of the Republican party, and an example of what they hate. He bailed out industries with tax money. He raised taxes. He gave amnesty for illegal immigrants. Conservatives Republicans at “the time” really had issues with his policies. But only in hazy mystical retrospective has he become this “legendary” figure. Funny.

    It’s always easy to win when you lie…promise to give me EVERYTHING (keep medicare, social security, larger military) AND give me money back AT THE SAME TIME. It’s bullshit, impossible, a lie…and it will get you elected. Being honest, factual and truthful will get you trounced in the primaries much less general election.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Dumbfuck @ 4
    There is a huge difference between rightwingers who threaten an armed insurrection against our nation and someone who hangs out in bathhouses. One of them threatens civil peace. The other doesn’t threaten anyone. Are you too dense to see that? Do you know that you’re supposed to wipe your ass after you shit, not before? Just asking, as you seem bereft of some fundamental understandings.

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    the contractor is always right and the engineer is always wrong spews:


    I think where you are mistaken is that everyday Joe Whitebread is “given” anything. He is in the same boat as everyday Joe Blackpudding..neither has any “power”, because neither is a member of the elite club.
    Its not about race, or gender, or sexual orientation – as those are just tools used by the elites to keep everyone divided….its about economics and who is a member of “the club” and who isnt.

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    the contractor is always right and the engineer is always wrong spews:

    @ post #10

    should have said “everyday joe ISNT “given” anything”….

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    the contractor is always right and the engineer is always wrong spews:


    oh shut the fuck up proud communist. How easily you forget the last election, when the far left loons threatened violence and rioting if the Republicans won.

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    Alki Postings spews:

    That ad on the Levin site is HYSTERICAL! What a load of made up crap! Just meaningless speech that was the opposite of what Reagan ACTUALLY did…LOL.

    In “reality” Ronald Reagan TOOK my money (taxes) to bail out the S&L industry. He gave amnesty to illegal immigrants. He failed to secure our borders (if he had we wouldn’t HAVE an immigrant problem today). He spent money like a drunken sailor and ran up our national debt by over $3 trillion, never ONCE signing a balanced budget (or even close).

    THIS IS THE GUY YOU MISS? Holy @#$%!

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    Alki Postings spews:

    @12 Once again, just making shit up, the anti-evolution, anti-science, anti-fact Republican party at work. There was no “violence threatened” if Republicans won by any organized party. But if you want to believe that, or the earth is 6,000 years old, an invisible man in the sky cares who I marry, or reject science for opinion…or think Fox News is “fair and balanced” you can, but you’d be dumb.

    I’m so TIRED of dumb winning over smart. I’m tired of “opinions” being the same thing as “fact” in our media. I’m tired of people just making shit up to get elected (both parties). I wish someone would start a NEW 3rd party….a party of “sanity” where logic and reason and truth ruled. That ain’t gonna happen.

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    Myrtle Mopup spews:

    I’m on his side and all, and I really want to laugh, but General Christian isn’t very funny. Listening him read while looking at a naked Dick Cheney is like being waterboarded.

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    I’m on his side and all, and I really want to laugh, but General Christian isn’t very funny. Listening him read while looking at a naked Dick Cheney is like being waterboarded.

    What’s funny* about The General is that the wacko on the other end of the phone believed the phone call was a serious discussion between potential colleagues.

    * That’s “funny” as in extremely disturbing that there’s some nut out there who believes such craziness and professes to be preparing for armed insurrection.

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    The contractor is always right and the engineer is always wrong spews:




    you either dont have a very good memory or you have your blinders on. which is it?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Several pieces of heavy equipment were deliberately set ablaze at a Tennessee mosque construction site, according to news sources, as further evidence that rightwing hate talk is morphing into actual violence.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Republicans Oppose Small Business Tax Cuts

    In other news, President Obama today demanded that Republican Senators stop filibustering a bill that would provide tax cuts and loans to small businesses. However, Republicans oppose anything that will help the economy, because they think a lousy economy will help Republicans get elected in November. What a bunch of assholes! Why would anyone vote for those people?


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The radical Islamist jihad is small potatoes compared to the Republican jihad against the economy. GOPers are against unemployment benefits, small business tax relief, bank bailouts (which have cost the taxpayers nothing) and any kind of stimulus. They like depressions because depressions concentrate wealth.

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    proud leftist @ 4

    The trogs don’t get it.

    I recently took exception to the hate speech of two trogs I know. One advocated punishing those who voted for healthcare reform by boiling them in oil. It’s a joke. Don’t you get it? Haha. Real funny.

    Interestingly, both trogs did the false equivalency (for the win) bit. I blogged a non-violent civil disobedient idea to stop the illegal killing of whales. (In defense of the trogs, Roger Rabbit also thought it was a stupid idea.)

    To the trogs, preventing someone from illegally and immorally raping and pillaging and polluting for profit is the same as advocating a violent end for your political opponents.

    The trogs place their notions of property rights ahead of human rights. Weird.

    (PS, David Niewert (Orcinus) has done the yeoman’s work about radical right wing hate speech.)

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    YellowPup spews:

    Nothing wrong with a group of God-fearing men oiling themselves up, having a firm wrestle like their Classical forebears, and reveling in their manhood.

    It’s time to reclaim the gender equality movement, men invented it after all.

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    proud leftist spews:

    Jason @ 23
    They just ain’t right. I’m not sure what to do about it at the moment, however. I thought with Obama’s election that this nation was returning to its original values. Then, we see this Tea Party nonsense. Anti-freedom, anti-democracy, anti-reason. Scary, really scary.

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    YellowPup spews:

    @23: A few minutes of video from 1999 of anarchists stealing Nikes has been used to paint all liberals as anarchist malcontents, and has been used to rationalize everything from racially nasty right-wing rave-ups to the odd church shooting.

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    glort spews:


    so a super-duper nanny state is returning to our original values? huh?

    all things being equal, you can take your “great collective” hive mentaliy and shove it up your ass.

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    proud @ 25

    Even as an optimist, I think things will continue to get worse before they get better.

    Have you seen Kevin Phillip’s Wealth And Democracy in American? It’s a tough read.

    Phillips’ explains how the American experiment has always been capitalism vs democracy. The trick is to balance the two. Without progressive taxation to keep the rich in check, democracy suffers. Just like today.

    My take away point from the book: Three times our nation has chosen to create a middle class. Progressive reform. To create balance between the rich (capitalism) and everyone else (democracy).

    These progressive reforms happen every 40-60 years. Phillips was at Town Hall. I asked “Seeing how we’re overdue, do you think it’ll happen soon?”

    Phillips was pessimistic. He said so long as the money people were still in charge, progressive reform can’t happen.

    But see. In that pessimism is reason for optimism. The money people can’t stay in charge forever. They’re breaking the nation. And they’ve pulled out all the stops. The longer they postpone the inevitable reform, the greater the backlash will be.

    That the money cultists hold on so tightly is no mystery. No one gives up power willingly. And denial is a powerful factor.

    I’d almost feel sorry for Murdoch, the Koch brothers, Limbaugh, etc if I didn’t despise them so much.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Jason Says-

    These progressive reforms happen every 40-60 years. Phillips was at Town Hall. I asked “Seeing how we’re overdue, do you think it’ll happen soon?”

    Phillips was pessimistic. He said so long as the money people were still in charge, progressive reform can’t happen.

    So you seem to be saying the Democrats are beholding to the money people since they have control over both Houses of Congress and the Presidency. And you are right. The money people put ImamObaMao in office. Look at the massive contributions from Wall Street. He throws you Progressives a few bones..like Health Care, which he has got to know will not stand up to judicial scrutiny. When it is overturned, he will blame R’s and try to keep you guys fired up and on his side.

    And how is massive Deficit Spending “progressive”?? It’s not. Just kickin’ the can to future generations to throw our kids & grandkids money around by using the credit card.

    If you think ImamObaMao and the Democrats are “progressive”, you are misinformed.
    Like I said before, ImamObaMao lured you in to be his useful idiots. He will leave you with a weak country, desimated by unsustainably Big Government and Debt. That is what is happening.

  24. 33

    Blue John spews:

    @32 I agree with you. “If you think Obama and the Democrats are “progressive”, you are misinformed.”

    Tom Hartman described Obama as a national Rorschach test, we see what we wanted to see.
    During the election
    Progressives saw a progressive
    Conservatives saw a scary black man who is a Muslim socialist.

    Now that he’s been in power for a while
    Progressives see he’s a middle of the road corporatist, a republican lite. Still infinitely better than Clinton or any republican (IE mccain/plalin/huckabee/romney) but not the guy who was going to restore for the middle class.
    Conservatives see a scary black man who is a Muslim socialist.

  25. 34

    Blue John spews:

    Obama was still the best choice of the options available. I do not have buyer’s remorse.

  26. 36


    Blue John @ 32

    Progressives see he’s a middle of the road corporatist, a republican lite.


    People focus too much on Obama, Congress, etc.

    To get progressives at the national level tomorrow, we first need to elect progressives locally today. When I contribute to politcal campaigns, I solely give to progressives. It’s my investment in our future. (I’m still learning how to give effectively. I’m 2 for 4 this primary, pretty good I thought.)

    Just like baseball’s farm system for grooming their talent.

    These things take a generation. The corporate funded right wing populist movement took 40+ years. It’s now near its zenith.

    Personally, I’m optimistic. We have been building our farm team. Bottom up, ad hoc, organic. More work needs to be done, of course.

    And we shouldn’t be waiting for the party to show up and help out. (I’ve met some of them; ain’t gonna happen.)

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    Blue John spews:

    I cannot speak for cyn, but as I understand a libertarian utopia, user fees pays for the administration of our courts and elections.
    You want to vote, pay for it. Go back to the old days where only the moneyed classes could afford to vote.
    You want your day in court, pay the user fees. And shop around. I’m sure you can find a judge who’s running a sale!
    “If you act now, the court of the Honorable Judge Cyn is running a 20% off his hourly rate on divorce cases for men. Note: Courtroom and document fees are extra.”

  28. 38



    I’m just amused that given Mr Cynical’s strength of conviction, he can’t bring himself to say “poll tax”.

    You want your day in court, pay the user fees.

    Reminds me of Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. A lot of teenage boy geeks flirt with libertarian worldviews. Most of us grow up.

  29. 39

    Blue John spews:

    Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress? Great book, I read that many times. Probably where I got the idea from.
    Also in that book, the society had no problem throwing people who didn’t pay their air taxes out the air lock.