Republican Mike Hope Resigns from WA State House after It Is Revealed He’s Registered to Vote in Ohio

Rep. Mike Hope. Really.

Rep. Mike Hope. Really.


Republican state Rep. Mike Hope resigned Thursday after it was revealed he’s been registered to vote in two states, Washington and Ohio, since last summer.

… Hope, who last lived in Mill Creek, became a registered voter in Lake County, Ohio, in August 2013 through the state’s motor-voter law. He doesn’t recall doing it and has never voted there.

“I had no idea that I was ever registered somewhere else,” he said. “I had no clue that’s what I did.”

In terms of direct political fallout, it’s no big deal. Hope is not running for reelection this November, so barring a special session between now and then, he’ll never cast another vote. You know, in Washington. Hope, a former Seattle Police officer and Hollywood beefcake hopeful, says he plans to move back to his native Ohio.

But it is kinda amusing that the party that’s constantly pulling its own hair out (I mean, look at Hope) over alleged voter fraud*, is the party constantly being caught doing it.

* Well, in the sense that by registering in Ohio, and not having a permanent home in his own legislative district, and not being an active voter here since 2008, Hope was defrauding voters. But being registered in two places at once? As relatively common as that is, unless one actually votes in both places—which almost never happens—that’s not fraud. Representing a legislative district you don’t live in, that is.


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    Sloppy Travis Bickle spews:

    I’m tellin’ ya. We keep sayin’ there’s voter fraud in Ohio. Maybe now you’ll listen.

    What’s with the photo? Gman’s birthday today or what?

  2. 3

    Boris spews:

    Ohio? Nope I’m not buying it. I’m well acquainted with Ohio, and people out there, and in the midwest generally, have a much higher BMI than Hope. My scanner says too much UCLA and not enough Buckeye.

  3. 5

    Puddybud - The One The Only spews:

    At least Mike resigned. Good for him! Most DUMMOCRETINS never acknowledge anything.

    Being a DUMMOCRETIN means you never have to apologize!

  4. 8

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Kinda reminds me of what happened during the contested 2004 gubernatorial election here in Washington. The GOP made a big deal of ineligible felons voting. (Washington had a very confusing law on restoring voting rights; even election officials didn’t know who was eligible or ineligible.)

    Republicans contended these felon votes robbed Dino Rossi of the election. This was cheap talk, of course, because we have secret ballots in this country and nobody knows who any individual voted for, unless the voter chooses to tell us.

    Well, the Tacoma newspaper conducted an unscientific survey of 10 ineligible felons who voted in that election. Nine of those people voted for Rossi and one for Gregoire. So much for the GOP theory that Gregoire got a windfall of votes from ineligible felon voters, if you’re willing to accept those 10 voters as a representative sample.

    Of course, the GOP didn’t accept it. In their election contest lawsuit, they tried to game the issue by introducing “evidence” from other states (with very different demographic characteristics in their prison populations) to “prove” that ex-felons are more likely to vote Democratic than Republican. (They didn’t want to use Washington prison population data because, frankly, our state doesn’t have enough blacks in our population or jails to form a good solid Democratic voting base.) Even their handpicked Republican judge didn’t buy that bullshit.

    I can play the same game by positing that muscle-bound cops with shaved heads have a strong tendency to vote Republican, and that explains why Wisconsin governor Scott Walker exempted police unions from his public employee union-busting campaign. Why, here’s a muscle-bound cop with a shaved head who’s a known Republican, right here in Washington’s legislature! I’ll bet you can’t come up with a single muscle-bound cop with a shaved head who is a Democrat. While this brief informal survey obviously is not definitive proof, the available evidence strongly indicates that muscle-bound cops with shaved heads — especially those who commit voting fraud — have a strong tendency to be Republicans.

    And convicted felons and muscle-bound cops ending up in the same voting fraud basket isn’t as strange as it sounds. I’m sure they have other things in common, too.

    So, yes, we do have a voting fraud problem. But the solution is not making it harder for Democrats to vote, because it isn’t Democrats who are causing the problem. The solution is to make it illegal for all Republicans to vote. That way, they won’t have to keep track of which state(s) they’re registered to vote in (which apparently is too much of an intellectual challenge for them), and our nation and state will be a lot better off if none of them vote.

  5. 9

    tensor spews:

    Travis, the issue is that Muscle Cop claimed eligibility for a job in Washington state (not Ohio) for which he was not eligible. There’s no problem with his Ohio registration per se.

  6. 10

    Teabagger spews:

    @1 I wish. But on a scale of 1 to 10, he’s probably only an 8, and since he’s Republican, it makes him only a 7. Still getting $0.56 per kwh from you solar energy system?

  7. 11

    Teabagger spews:

    A white guy does it and it’s an accident, a black person does it and it is fraud.

  8. 12

    MikeBoyScout spews:

    Wait. What?
    This can’t be true.
    Voting registration malfeasance is the result of the actions of a Republican?

    Funny how it seems to always be the case that it is the party (Republican) that claims to be so very concerned about voting malfeasance is the party which is the problem.

  9. 13

    tensor spews:

    MikeBoyScout — you have to recall that for the GOP, having minorities, women, and liberals voting IS the “malfesance”.

    Also, you seem to believe right-wing white guys can somehow do wrong things. Doubleplus notso! Everything they do is by definition correct, good, and legal.

    This is why all of the (u)SP brain trusters who were yelling FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD at Gov. Gregoire aren’t doing so now.