Rep. Curtis neither happy nor gay

It ain’t looking so good for state Rep. Richard Curtis (R-La Center) when the Columbian prints a lede like this:

State Rep. Richard Curtis had sex with a man he met in Spokane last week who subsequently tried to blackmail him for $1,000 and threatened to expose the incident, according to court records filed Tuesday morning.

castagna.jpgCurtis, who has opposed most gay rights legislation, apparently rented two gay porno movies, and went back to his hotel room with Cody M. Castagna, a man he picked up at the Hollywood Erotic Boutique. Police have warrants seeking surveillance video and other records from the porn shop and the hotel to verify Castagna’s story. Yesterday Curtis insisted that he is “not gay.” Well here’s a picture of the man he was “not gay” with. (Higher resolution, explicit photos of Castagna are available at, but I wasn’t about to spend the $29.95 to view them. I’ll leave that up to the folks at Slog.)

Honestly, I feel bad for Rep. Curtis. Either we’ve just unfairly dragged his name through the mud, or he’s been living a terrible lie. Neither one is a good place to be.

I think the headline says it all: “Cross-dressing state lawmaker blackmailed following late night tryst

State Representative Richard Curtis says he’s not gay, but police reports and court records indicate the Republican lawmaker from southwestern Washington dressed up in women’s lingerie and met a Medical Lake man in a local erotic video store which led to consensual sex at a downtown hotel and a threat to expose Curtis’ activities publicly.

[…] Curtis, according to a search warrant unsealed Tuesday, went to the Hollywood Erotic Boutique on East Sprague on October 26th at approximately 12:45 a.m. The store clerk, who had talked with Curtis, referred to him as “The Cross-Dresser” and said that during their conversations he confirmed he was gay and was married with children at home.

During his visit to the video store Curtis was observed wearing women’s lingerie while receiving oral sex from an unidentified man in one of the movie viewing booths inside the store.

I’m guessing there’s going to be an open seat next year in the 18th LD.


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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    The Columbia article also says,

    “Curtis … has denied that he had sex with the man or is gay. He told police he gave Castagna $100 for gas money.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: If he can afford to give strangers $100 for gas, we’re paying legislators too much. Also, even at today’s gas prices, you’d need a 33-gallon tank to hold $100 of gas, and the only vehicles on the road with 33-gallon tanks are Hummers and National Guard trucks, and I’m pretty sure Castagna wasn’t driving a National Guard truck (being a gay prostitute, and all).

    “However, Detective Mark Burbridge of the Spokane Police Department, in a signed affidavit, concluded that Curtis and Castagna engaged in mutual sexual activities, after which Curtis fell asleep.”

    Roger Rabbit Commentary: Curtis denies being gay, so I’d like to hear his explanation of how he mistook Castagna for his wife.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    “unfairly dragged his name through the mud”

    You’ve done no such thing, Goldy. All you did was tell link to a newspaper report. If anyone dragged Curtis’ name through the mud, the Columbian did. Heck, you didn’t even say the Columbian got the story right. You left that up to this blog’s readers.

    You report, we decide.

    The Columbian, for its part, covered its ass by attributing the allegations to court filings and police reports. And these are just that, allegations.

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    Undercover Brother spews:

    didn’t i see this Castagna ask a question at a presser last month??

    Jeff Gannon ALERT!!!!

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    and ,really, if he’s gay…so what?
    do you really mean to say that a legislator SHOULD vote for what HE WANTS PERSONALLY and not what his constituents want?
    yeah…i sure would believe the attention whore prostitute over a legislator every time…i mean , he has NOTHING to gain and no axe to grind here or anything, right?
    people voted this man in because of what he stated he would stand for FOR THEM. not his own personal wants.
    goldy…is there any low you won’t stoop to? participating in ‘outing’ people simply because they aren’t the “correct” political party for you?
    when you do this to a democrat maybe then someone would take you seriously.but, really, they would only think you were seriously waaaay too interested in gay sex.
    ahhh…useful idiots.

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    Ghost @5,

    First, I didn’t out Curtis, the Spokane media did. Second, it is the hypocrisy, not the sexual preference that is the issue here.

    People like Curtis are forced to live in the closet because of people like Curtis.

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    Particle Man spews:

    When traveling on state business legislators get a perdiem and do not need to document how it is spent. Still this is an interesting use of tax dollars.

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    proud leftist spews:

    ghost @ 5: “Do you really mean to say that a legislator SHOULD vote for what HE WANTS PERSONALLY and not what his constituents want?”
    I want a legislator who votes consistently with his or her personal principles, not one who sticks a wet finger in the air and tries to guess which way the wind blows with regard to constituents. Frame the question differently, and maybe you’d see the nonsense of your position: Do you want a legislator whose votes reflect self-loathing and a rejection of personal values because he or she wants to continue to hold office? ghost, go get an enema. Being chronicly full of shit ain’t healthy.

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    CandrewB spews:

    Why didn’t he just pay the $1000? If he tries to blackmail you again and again, THEN go to the cops. What a cheap-ass. Wonder how much that divorce and unemployment is going to cost him?

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    Right Stuff spews:

    “People like Curtis are forced to live in the closet because of people like Curtis.”

    That Goldy might be one of your finest comments to date.
    Well said.

    I think it could be the campaign slogan of whomever runs for that seat.

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    ArtFart spews:

    5 “if he’s gay…so what?”

    It’s not so much that he’s gay, Ghost. It’s that he’s a hypocrite and, worse yet, lets his hypocrisy dictate the way he legislates and influences public policy.

    Worse yet, he goes off junketing more or less with his official hat on, uses it as an opportunity to do his perverted little thing, then goes back to Olympia and advocates legislation “protecting” us all from the horrid prospect of my sister and her companion being able to call their 25 loving years together a marriage.

    Maybe that doesn’t bother you so much, since after all, he’s your hypocrite. Frankly, and admittedly it’s a cheap shot, I think that sucks.

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    Liberal Dragon spews:

    Here’s to the Republican hypocrisy!

    If gay people were not marginalized to the degree that they are – people like Sen. Larry Craig and our good friend Rep. Curtis would not have to go to the lengths they do to hide their sexuality. The marginalization we are talking about here is so intense that they have to resort to these levels to get a basic human need (sex) taken care of.

    We live in a fucking sad society. Republicans are so fucked.

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    pride fairy spews:

    Yes interesting saga, even to the jaded, and to some degree it is karma

    But, there is historic and rampant homophobia everywhere in all these tales and that is very sad

    Fucking strange to be ranting in alliance with the far right religious fanatics, that is bothersome, and that tells me Queers need to sort this stuff a bit better

    We all know, except to the sexually constipated among us that the Curtis game is repeated thousands of times every night everywhere. Guy gets to bigger city, rents room, cruises for a pickup – and so forth.

    So old news, like an all time easy to get laid format of sorts. Of course to those who have never really cruised the pick up points I guess it is sensational … ie. seemingly even “I never do that” Dan.

    It would be nice to see this guy untangle from his closet, come out and change his politics. Join the Bears in the Pride float contest.

    I fear he will kill himself instead.

  13. 22

    Dina spews:

    I think that Curtis (and Craig) votes against the gay agenda while behaving in these ways indicates that they know it is wrong in their minds, but choose to engage in said behavior anyway. One part of them says “I want to do this” while the other is saying “I don’t like what I’m doing and it really is wrong”. Thus the different actions from the same individual.