Reichert’s new mailer

Reichert's new mailer


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    rhp6033 spews:

    I’ve been rather depressed this past few days.

    The Mariners season ended without even a whimper, and Ichiro’s contract is up for renewal, and I doubt he’ll want to come back. I couldn’t have cared less who won the World Series. The Huskies keeps losing, twice in a row in overtime. The Seahawks played without four starters, and lost again, and a return to the Superbowl is beginning to look doubtful. They may be lucky to even get in the playoffs unless things turn around considerably.

    The situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate, with over a hundred U.S. soldiers killed last month. The problems there appear to be out of control – decisions made in 2003 and early 2004 pretty much made success in creating a stable democratic government there highly unlikely. The budget deficit continues to add billions to our national debt, and the Chinese national banks are buying up our treasury certificates financing that debt. And the Bush administration still has 26 months in which to further inflict damage upon the US military, the economy, and the working people of America.

    The only saving grace is that by next week, Democrats will probably control the House, and possibly the Senate also.

    But even if the Democrats control Congress, two years from now the Republicans will predictably be blaming the Democrats for the problems the Republicans created, and also trying to take credit for their successes. Bush will be trying to blame the Democratic Congress, somehow, on the continued deterioration of the situation in Iraq. But the Democrats refusal to waste taxpayer money, the way the Republicans did, will be trumpeted as a Republican administration accomplishment – claiming that the Bush administration reduced expenses, and the Bush tax cuts are responsible for any economic improvement (regardless of any lack of real growth in federal revenue).

    So warn your friends, neighbors, and relatives that this is coming. Make sure they understand the rather complicated relationships between taxes, jobs, budget deficits, national debt, interest on debt service, and the effect on the overall economy. Make sure they know who is responsible for what actions, and who opposed them. That way when the Republicans try to take credit for Democratic success, the voters will see through it.

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    busdrivermike spews:

    Yes, Cities do vote Democratic, because Dems put cops on the street, as opposed to Republicants, who cannot even win a war in Shit Hole Iraq with the greatest military man has ever known.

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    JDB spews:

    Real Clear Politics (hardly a liberal site), has the Democrats taking five senate seats, and that doesn’t include the last burst of momentum in VA and TN for Webb and Ford.

    Democrats are running on a platform of change, reform and competency.

    Republicans are running on a campaign that they disagree with George W. Bush, disagree with the war, and have never heard of Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay, Bob New, Mark Foley, Tom Reynolds or Dennis Hastert. In fact, to listen to Republicans, they are in fact the best Democrats you can elect, except that they know that Nancy Pelosi is in reality a gay marrying communist who will eat your children.

    Is it any wonder that the Republicans are going down. Especially when people are now just laughing off their fear campaign.

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    dutch spews:

    I don’t understand your current push for Darcy and against Reichert. Aside from the fact that Darcy is completely unqualified and has no clue on what is going on (let alone her muppet-robot-like presentations skills…maybe she has earphones listening to her handler?), there is much more at stake for you. Ok, so Reichert (like almost all congresspeople ) has shortcomings, but look at the positives.

    Goldy, should the Democrats win both houses, you’d be out of a job at Kiro…face it. If the election goes the way you pretend you want it to go….KIRO will stop having the DGS on Sundays. There will be no more need for you…Is this what you want ?

    Just wondering

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    Facts Support My Positions spews:

    It is amazing how someone that thinks we invaded Iraq because of “an intelligence failure” could call Darcy unqualified…..

    Darcy’s turds have more brains than Reichert, and at 10 she was more qualified to serve in congress than liar mc harispray.

    Do you think Darcy would be stupid enough to tell people that she votes against the Democratic leadership when they tell her that she can?

    I wonder how many victims would still be alive if Darcy was the Sheriff instead of couldn’t find a clue if it bit me Reichert?

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    Jack spews:


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    Robert spews:

    I look forward to the GOP returning to its historical “whiner” role in American Politics. They’ll go back to whining about the budget deficits (which they made worse), big government (which they made bigger), and federal intrustion into our private lives (which they Rubberstamped).

    GOP: You had your six years, you failed, hang you head in shame and go away.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Katherine Harris is so bad even the crooked Diebold voting machines refuse to vote for her.

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Daddy Love ballot guide:

    Vote early and often. Elect Democrats; it drives them crazy.

    Initiative 920: Repeal of inheritance tax
    Rationale: (1) Cuts money earmarked for education; (2) extremely progessive tax that affects only the undeserving offpsring of a very few of our most well-off and conmfortable families.

    Initiative 933: So-called “poperty rights” measure
    Rationale: (1) In practice, legal and financial burdens will gut zoning and land use regualtion; (2) I disfavor developer-sponsored initiatives; (3) I do not agree with the highert-use valuations that enable property owners to imagine some use to which they would never have put their land and then charge the government for “taking” it from them.

    Initiative 937: More windmills
    Rationale: I am starting to disfavor initiatives completely unless I see some compelling public good. On the whole I prefer legislative action. However, this is a “lean no” on my part; my feeling is not that strong.

    HJR 4223: Increase personal property tax exemption
    Yes (amazingly aligned with MTR)
    Rationale: The personal property tax exemption is set at a dollar amount, which to me means that we will periodically have to raise periodically it due to inflation and rising property values. It should be set some other way.

    King County Prop 1: Give KC the power to sell or swap Duwamish and waterfront land it owns.
    Rationale: KC paid the bonds off back in the 1930s or something. Why should the county not have the power to sell land that we own outright? There’s no public debt involved.

    King County Prop 2: Transit funding.
    Rationale: We need to increase transit right now because of the major works projects about to begin.

    WA Senator: Maria Cantwell
    Not that Mike! is the lamest guy on the planet, but we don’t need more pro-no-Iraq-strategy anti-Social Security Rubber Stampers back there.

    WA-08: Darcy Burner (can’t tell you how good that one felt–I guess I just did)
    This smart little cookie is beating Gay Pride Dave like a drum, this election is important to take back the House, Dave IS one of the lamest guys on the planet, and we don’t need more pro-no-Iraq-strategy anti-Social Security Rubber Stampers back there.

    Supreme Court justice: Susan Owens (fuck the BIAW)

    District Court: Frank LaSalata

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    What did Darcy steal, Anonymous? And why are you such a fucking coward you’re even afraid to post under a screen name?

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    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Initiative 920: Repeal of inheritance tax
    Rationale: (1) Cuts money earmarked for education; (2) extremely progessive tax that affects only the undeserving offpsring of a very few of our most well-off and conmfortable families.

    Daddy Love: You forgot to mention that 920 would allow people to receive millions of dollars of unearned income TAX-FREE!!! This is money that no one has ever paid income or capital gains taxes on, and never will. Without an inheritance tax, the heirs will receive this income tax-free, on which no one has ever paid any taxes whatsoever.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    At least you darcy voters know ahead of time you are voting for a liar, a thief and an incompetant…

    Commentby Anonymous— 10/31/06@ 8:32 am

    And you guys call ME “juvenile and immature”?


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    Robert spews:

    All of Dick Cheney’s 30 years of inside Washington “experience” sure is doing us a Heckuva job. This Republican congress have made me a believer in term limits, though strangely, they don’t believe in term limits anymore. Funny – they didn’t say one thing to get elected and do another, do they?

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    Daddy Love spews:

    23 Anonymous

    Actually, we’re voting against a liar, a thief, and an incompetent. Ahd against the guy who votes with them.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    9 “Why you morons would want that twat in charge is beyond me. Good luck!” Commentby Mark1— 10/31/06@ 6:33 am

    And you called ME “juvenile and immature”?


    you’re pathetic

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    Daddy Love spews:

    Hey, whatever happened to what the GOP said they would in respoinse to what they believed would be the Democrats’ push to “nationalize” House and Senate races? They SAID they would talk about local issues and distiguish their cadidtates that way. Tom Reynolds, the chairman of the NRCC who notably has been part of the Republican Foley/page coverup, says they want to “offer voters a true choice,” saying that “this is where he or she stands on the issues that matter in your community.”

    But what are we SEEING? RNC bashes Darcy on immigration and taxes on behalf of Dave Rubberstamp. McGavick (because the RNC threw him to the sharks) self-finances his own negative ads. What he says? Bash Cantwell on immigration and Social Security.

    Where do they stand on “issues that matter to the community?” Who knows? Mike! won’t talk about his plan to privatize SS, but he IS for testing welfare mothers for drugs. A burning issue in Washington state, for sure. Dave Reichert….well, according to him, he’s for whatever those other guys say.

    Darcy Burner’s notable issues are:
    (1) Hold the Bush administration accountable and restore Congressional oversight. It’s something the Republicans seem to have never quite gotten around to. I’m sure Dave was all for it, but they told him to vote against it. So he did.
    (2) Protect Social Security. Bush has been CRYSTAL clear on this: he plans to drive AGAIN to privatize SS.
    (3) Support health care benefits for our National Guard families and reservists, oppose cuts in health care for our veterans, and insist on full body armor for all our troops in Iraq now. Another thing Republicans have just not gotten around to. For three years.
    (4) Ethics reform in Cingress: no more secret meetings, no gifts, no lobbyist funded travel, no exceptions.

    Do you care if someone does something to stop the corruption in Washington? Do you care if someone does somethign to stand up to the Bush administration, and to hold them accountable when they’re wrong? Sending Republicans back to Washington DC WON’T CHANGE ANYTHING.

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    righton spews:

    93 and 94

    I cannot tell if you guys are elitists? Are college educated criminals better, harder to catch?

    And then that whole lie you guys peddle about him taking 20 years, what a load of manure; you know full well he and others suspected Reichart, yeah, didn’t watch him 24/7, yeah, yeah. And does Reichart get credit for any other law work he did in his career? Who the heck do you think chases down the bad guys, and then we benefit from that work and its dterence effect on the other bad guys.

    Give me a break; Fat Burner can’t even hold a job, stay in grad school, or manage her neighborhood lot disputes. You really want her (along w/ other dumb fat broad Patty) representing us?

    Maria’s a mean person, but she’s qualified. Darcy just flat out isn’t meant to be a national rep.

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    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    Remember when these pig-fucking republican morons were saying Darcy had no chance? They sure spend a bunch of time attacking her, worrying about her, putting her down and mentioning her name for someone who has no chance.

    Oh the shame. Imagine if this moron who couldn’t catch a highschool dropout for 20 years were to get beaten by a girl. Oh the shame. You righties must just be peeing down your legs with fear over what’s gonna happen on election day. HE HE!

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    Anonymous spews:

  20. 25

    JCH [Pennsylvania] spews:

    GBS, Less than a week!! Soon you will require my permission to post!!! Deal with it!

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    Observer spews:

    Man Boy Love-

    strangely silent around here re: Marcy Buener’s unauthorized use of Michael Yon’s copywrighted photograph or John Kerry- the gift that keeps on giving- How did Karl Rove get him to say that?

  22. 29

    Another TJ spews:

    strangely silent around here re: Marcy Buener’s unauthorized use of Michael Yon’s copywrighted photograph or John Kerry- the gift that keeps on giving- How did Karl Rove get him to say that?


    Please don’t post drunk.

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    Rocky the Flying Squirrel spews:

    Katherine Harris (as if this was news) has gone off the deep end and she forgot her water wings.


  24. 31

    JCH [Pennsylvania] spews:

    Check out the list of the most dangerous cities in the USA. 100% Democrat!! Not a Republican within miles!!! All gang, crime, and drug infested Democrat Hillary Villiage Shit Holes!!! And all vote 115% Democrat!! [Atlas has Shrugged]

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    rhp6033 spews:

    Republicans are actually trying to turn the magnitude of their impending defeat into an asset.

    (1) They are using polls showing that the Democrats may win both houses of Congress to bring out the vote of their “base”. Sure, they have to lie to do it, creating a scary “straw man” of the consequences of the Democratic victory, but they figure that’s always worked for them in the past.

    (2) The are already writing news releases which say that the actual extent of their losses were not as great as the worst polls predicted. From that, they will argue that they have a mandate from the American people to keep on doing whatever they were doing, and that the Democrats have no right to interefere with the Bush administration’s plans.

    (3) They are preparing their “talking points” for the next two years.

    Economy: If the economy improves, they will say that Bush’s tax credits are the reason. If the economy worsens becuase of the staggering budget deficits and six years of wasteful Republican spending, then they will blame Congress.

    Iraq: If Bush stays in Iraq and it continues to decline, they will argue that the Democratic Congress was to blame for not supporting the President adequately. If Bush gives up and withdraws from Iraq, he will blame the Democratic Congress for everything that happens there for the next fifty years. If for some miraculous reason the situation in Iraq improves, Bush will take all the credit.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I think we should tax inheritances as ordinary income to the heirs with no stepped-up basis. After all, that’s how wage earners are taxed for the sweat of their brows.

  27. 40

    rhp6033 spews:

    So MTR (under a more recent screen name?) is still trying to advance the lie that Democrates hate our servicement (and servicewomen).

    God, with “friends” like the Republicans, our servicemen and women sure don’t need any more enemies.

  28. 43


    Speaking of Reichert mailers, did you see stilwell’s dKos diary on Saturday, in which he talks about still another piece of franked mail sent by Sheriff Hairspray … apparently, just a few days ago. That, of course is *way* beyond the time that sitting congressmen are supposed to stop sending franked materials.

    Unfortunately, stilwell doesn’t provide us with an image of the recent mailing.

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    ChimpPatrol spews:

    I see they let the patients at Western State Hospital play with the computer on Halloween. (note above)

  30. 46

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    There’s precedent for Republican murderers running for Congress. Low Tax Looper ran for Congress at the same time he was a candidate for state senator and 2 more offices! Looper found an obscure Tennessee law that said a candidate can’t be replaced after 30 days before an election. So he waited until 29 days before the election, then murdered his opponent! Unfortunately for Low Tax Looper, he overlooked two things:

    1) the witness
    2) the write-in law

    Looper is now serving life without parole in Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. Even worse for him, he LOST!!! That’s right, the Democrat’s widow ran as a WRITE-IN candidate and got 96% of the vote!!! (Makes you wonder about the other 4%.) Even Bible Belt Republicans couldn’t take this guy.

    Looks like Katherine Harris is having similar difficulties in the Citrus Belt. This Woo-Hoo is too much even for Jeb Bush’s gang of crooks and liars!!! Which makes you wonder about the official Florida results of the 2000 presidential “election” since guess who was running it …

  31. 47

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    “Ok, so Reichert (like almost all congresspeople ) has shortcomings, but look at the positives.”

    If I can ever think of one, I’ll post it.

  32. 48

    busdrivermike spews:


    Like IMpeaching the President, and prosecuting all his co-conspirators,

  33. 50

    rhp6033 spews:

    ERS at 22: You beat me to the post on the Katherine Harris article. She obviously really is a nutcase. The article says her former campaign manager had programmed his cell phone so when she called, the theme from the movie “The Exorcist” played. Other comments:

    Perhaps the worst blow to Harris’s campaign has been the stories that have emerged from former staffers. They describe a Jekyll-and-Hyde candidate who can be seductively charming at one moment and pitch a temper tantrum the next, throwing a cellphone at a wall or a sheaf of papers at a campaign manager. Former chief adviser Ed Rollins, who managed Ronald Reagan’s reelection to the White House in 1984, said working for Harris was like “being in insanity camp.” He likened her staff to dogs that have been kicked.

    I’m a bit troubled by her comments that she sees herself as a modern-day “Esther”. Not that I’ve got a problem with the book of Esther (my wife and I went to see “One Night With the King” last week). In the story of Esther, plotters sought to kill the Jews in Babylon and sieze their property. Esther goes before the King unbidden (a crime punishible by death) to plea for the salvation of her people, the Jews. She wins the argument and and is spared death, and her people are allowed instead to turn on their persecutors, seize their property, and kill them.

    What bothers me is that in the year 2000 she apparantly identified the 2000 election as a campaign of good vs. evil, and her role in it as the “savior” of her people, and that the stakes were high enough that any means to win were justified. So instead of just being a spoiled rich-girl Republican party hack, she is also a certified idealouge (sp?) conducting a religious civil war. That’s a bit scary, even to many of us who are evangelical protestants.

    Actually, what gets me in reading the article is the resemblence between Katherine Harris and Pam Roach.

  34. 52

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I don’t see why all the tax breaks should go to people who have never swept a floor or cleaned a toilet in their lives, while people who work for a living get fucked over! Why should anyone work when our tax code rewards laziness and punishes work? I’ll never sweep a floor or clean a toilet again!

  35. 53

    Anonymous spews:

    At least you darcy voters know ahead of time you are voting for a liar, a thief and an incompetant…

  36. 54

    Daddy Love spews:

    76 (SPAM: will be removed at some point)

    mature moms vs young boys?

    I’m betting on the moms.

  37. 55

    Mark1 spews:

    Oh yeah little miss “I have no fucking experience or credentials what-so-ever” would be much better. Why you morons would want that twat in charge is beyond me. Good luck!

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    JDB spews:

    Hot New House Polls: A new wave of 41 Majority Watch robo-polls shows Dems leading outside the margin of error in 222 seats, leading by less in 18 more–for a likely Democratic gain of 19-39 seats. … P.S.: See also Mystery Pollster’s seemingly scientific “mashup” of the two most recent Majority Watch polls, revealing a continued, if small, Democratic gain for the month of October. (Showing Burner up 49 to 47, Goldmark closing to 46/51)

  39. 59

    Daddy Love spews:

    Why did George Allen’s staff assault a young man whose only crime was to ask the Senator a question after an event?

    The question was, “Why did you spit on your first wife?”

    The TV coverage omitted the sound and thus the question. But the AP reported the question.

    Macaca Allen’s going down.

  40. 61

    Roger Rabbit spews:


    Jesus Goldy, are you violating copyright again? Commentby Aaron— 10/30/06@ 10:57 pm

    You can’t copyright fish guts.

  41. 63

    John Barelli spews:

    “Don’t forget Kitsap Voters in the 23rd, vote for Rolfe. Beverly Woods must go. If you are a Republican and vote for Woods, you are getting a Democrat anyway. Why not at least vote for the candidate who is candid about their true beliefs? At least you can say the Democrat will stick to their principles, as opposed to the faux Republican Beverly Woods.

    Commentby TheTruth2006— 10/31/06@ 5:49 am

    This is one reason that the Republican party is marching rapidly towards becoming a historical footnote. If a Republican is not completely ideologically pure, they are labeled a “RINO” and a large segment of that party simply tries to disavow them.

    I wonder what they’d do to a fiscal conservative that believed in smaller government, but approved of a pro-choice law because he felt that it was not the government’s business to interfere between a doctor and patient? They’d throw that bum out in a heartbeat, especially when they found out that he used to be a Democrat!

    But they never did really like Ronald Reagan anyway.

  42. 65

    Daddy Love spews:

    97 righton

    Then again…

    Reichert had his own preferred Green River suspect, and several of his co-workers said that he focused on himn to the exclusion of any other suspects. Did that help Ridgway get out from under their scrutiny? Some people think so.

    Darcy Burner can’t hold a job? She LEFT her job, where she had been very successful. It happens all the time in the software industry, where smart people compete for fulfilling work, and frequent change is the expectation.

    So Dave Reichert hasn’t worked at a place where intelligence was the entry requirement, has never been to law school, and had no experience in a legislative capacity before becoming a US Representative. Experience in administration? Not a qualification. By that simple standard, Dave Reichert in 2004 was NOT qualified to be a Representative.

    BTW, what deterrence effect? The deterrence effect of Dave Reichert being on the job, or the deterrence effect of police forces existing? If the latter, it’s not really to Dave Reichert’s credit that we have police forces, is it? Might as well give the credit to Ron Sims for the KC Sheriff’s Dept. existing. But I don’t think that criminals think much about who’s on the job or let it deter them. I think your comment does not hold up.

  43. 66

    Daddy Love spews:

    8 righton

    Yeah, everyone knows that Microsoft hires only the worst and stupidest, and that people who succeed there are totally lame.

  44. 67

    righton spews:

    Goldy, upload not working?

    You left out the Manchurian candidate…Darcy…

    Hmmmm… why do you on one hand laud good government, people dedicated to helping others, then on the other hand support someone so patently mediocre? I mean, look, i could see Maria or Dicks or even that McDermott guy as a mayor, or VP of some company, or running a non profit. But man, that Darcy would at most be working the counter at the planning department or something. You’d never have her working for you…

  45. 68

    ChimpPatrol spews:

    Mark1, acording to recent polls and trend lines the only honest candidate in the race won’t need luck. Down with the Gang Of Pederasts next Tuesday.

  46. 70

    Daddy Love spews:

    18 dutch

    muppet-robot-like presentations skills

    Come on. You’ve never heard Dave Reichert speak off the cuff?

  47. 72

    RightEqualsStupid spews:

    I think this was Photoshopped. In the real world, RubberStampReichert carries Rove’s bags for him.

  48. 73

    TheTruth2006 spews:

    Don’t forget Kitsap Voters in the 23rd, vote for Rolfe. Beverly Woods must go. If you are a Republican and vote for Woods, you are getting a Democrat anyway. Why not at least vote for the candidate who is candid about their true beliefs? At least you can say the Democrat will stick to their principles, as opposed to the faux Republican Beverly Woods.

  49. 74

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    With the election only 1 week away, fake-president Bush is talking about the issue that really matters to average Americans — gay marriage! Yessireebob — if we don’t put a stop to this right now our marriages will be destroyed by queers getting hitched in New Jersey! I’m not surely exactly how, but it must be true, because the commander-in-chief says so!

    “Bush Hits Hard at Gay Marriage
    “STATESBORO, Ga. (Oct. 31) – President Bush has for months cast the midterm elections as a choice about just two issues: taxes and terrorism. Now, with polls predicting bleak results for Republicans, he is trying to fire up his party by decrying gay marriage.

    “’For decades, activist judges have tried to redefine America by court order,’ Bush said Monday. ‘Just this last week in New Jersey, another activist court issued a ruling that raises doubt about the institution of marriage. We believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and should be defended.’

    “The line earned Bush by far his most sustained applause at a rally of 5,000 people aimed at boosting former GOP Rep. Max Burns’ effort to unseat a Democratic incumbent. In this conservative rural corner of eastern Georgia, even children jumped to their feet alongside their parents to cheer and clap for nearly 30 seconds _ a near-eternity in political speechmaking.

    This story is quoted under the Fair Use doctrine; for complete article and/or copyright info, see

    Speaking of activist judges, I see Richard Sanders got his ass in a wringer by getting a little too ex parte for the Judicial Conduct Commission’s sensibilities — again.

  50. 75

    Daddy Love spews:

    Who’s up for forty more years in Iraq?

    The top U.S. military commander in Iraq, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., predicted last week that Iraqi security forces would be able to take control of the country in 12 to 18 months. But several days spent with American units training the Iraqi police illustrated why those soldiers on the ground believe it may take decades longer than Casey’s assessment….

    “I wouldn’t let half of them feed my dog,” 1st Lt. Floyd D. Estes Jr., a former head of the police transition team, said of the Iraqi police. “I just don’t trust them.”….

    [Jon Moore, the deputy team chief] estimated it would take 30 to 40 years before the Iraqi police could function properly, perhaps longer if the militia infiltration and corruption continue to increase. His colleagues nodded.

    “It’s very, very slow-moving,” Estes said.

    “No,” said Sgt. 1st Class William T. King Jr., another member of the team. “It’s moving in reverse.

    Vote for Dave Reichert if you want US troops in Iraq until your kids retire.

  51. 76

    stedman spews:

    Called last night for Burner. Calling again on Sat. Convinces two undecideds to vote for Burner. A slim win is still a win.

    Instead of calling him Rubberstamp we should call him Condomstamp and the Republicans will think it’s immoral to vote for him.

    I gotta confess, Oprah came up with that one!

  52. 77

    Jim spews:

    Thank you, JCH, for your daily dose(s) of doofus-dom.

    I duly donated more dough thanks to you.

    You are an amazing example of why I thank my parents for their genetic content.

  53. 78

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Darcy Burner is far better qualified for Congress than Katherine Harris is. The only thing Harris is qualified for is guaranteed admission to a Rubber Room. Go to the head of the line Kate!

  54. 79

    For the Clueless spews:

    Wrongone – you’re slipping. A wingnut in this state is supposed to think that their vote NEVER counts. And don’t kid yourself – you ARE a wingnut.

    A lost wingnut since Dean Logan left the state but a wingnut for sure.

    Congratulations on your vote for the empty suit in the eighth who took twenty years to catch a high school dropout. Excellent taste.

  55. 80

    Daddy Love spews:

    41 RR

    Bush is lying through his teeth about Gay marriage–as usual. He endorsed (behind Times subscription) in 2004 EXACTLY what the NJ SUpreme Court just ruled:

    “Mr. Bush said, “I don’t think we should deny people rights to a civil union, a legal arrangement, if that’s what a state chooses to do so…I view the definition of marriage different from legal arrangements that enable people to have rights. And I strongly believe that marriage ought to be defined as between a union between a man and a woman. Now, having said that, states ought to be able to have the right to pass laws that enable people to be able to have rights like others.”

  56. 81

    Daddy Love spews:

    66 Anon

    Try as you might, this is bad for Republicans. Who said the Democrats were going to take the Senate? Of course, has it 49D-51R and 1 Independent, because of Lieberman’s pledge to cuacus with the Democrats if he wins, which I personally do not believe. And there IS an outside shot at Democratic Senate control, but that’s a sucker bet.

    But the House is gone Daddy gone. And quite possibly a majority of state legislatures.

    The last laugh I’ll be having with some champagne on election night.

  57. 82

    rhp6033 spews:

    Funny how the Republicans spend a lot of time calling government workers “parasites” on the taxpayer dole, but when a Democrat runs for office she is called “inexperienced” because she “never served in public office” before.

    Gee, lots of Republicans have campaigned in the past with that being listed as one of their qualifications for office.

  58. 84

    Daddy Love spews:

    I hate the troops so much I want to bring them home to keep them alive and whole instead of throwing their lives away to create more jihadists equipped with American weapons.

  59. 85

    stedman spews:

    re 31: Don’t you mean Jim WEST, and Ken Mehlman, and Denny Hastert, and Karl Rove, and Congressman what’s his face wit the e-mails.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, no pun intended.

  60. 86

    righton spews:

    Already voted. Sure hope Sims lets my vote count.

    No on the goofy faux exec (burner)
    yes on Maria

    Logic? I’m GOP, but anti war. Vote for Maria basically an anti war vote, since at heart i’m sure she’s also anti war, despite 1 earlier vote.

    Can’t though vote for the dimbulb running in the 8th. She’s just not ready for the big time.

    I got lost on the 1 person judicial races, and hope i voted correctly on all the tax issues. (no to any increases)

  61. 88

    Roger Rabbit spews:

    In other news, I see the Pentagon is setting up a new Propaganda Ministry to revamp its marketing of war, destruction, death, torture, maiming, and mayhem! Sales figures are down …

  62. 89

    GBS spews:

    JCH @ 13:

    No, No, No, No.

    Loser is banned from HA, no permission to post because there will be no posting by the loser.

    The House will be controlled by the Democrats, no doubt about it.

    “Sanatorium” PA = done.
    “DeWhiner” OH = done.
    “Burned” MT = done.
    “Chaffed” RI = done.
    “Talentless” MO = done.

    Either a Ford win in TN or Webb in VA and you are GONE!

    Polls released today show VA leaning towards Webb and a statistical tie in TN.

    I like my chances better than yours.

    See ya, and good riddance.