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    notaboomer spews:

    here’s the debate:

    dr: green river killer

    sd: i iz biz wiz

    dr: sheriff of your hard-earned monies

    sd: jump start the conomy

    dr: homeland skyeritee

    sd: i iz woman watch me grow

    dr: i loves me some trees

    sd: me 2. got nearly 100 of ‘em at my comp–err yard

    dr: tax cuts rool

    sd: fair enough but my main man passed healthcare bill effective 2019

    dr: can i have a sammich nao?

    sd: god bless

    now you can decide, swingers.

  2. 3

    Clinging to my guns and religion spews:

    Del Benzene is doing what any unknown challenger does – challenge the incumbent to lots of debates, then rag on him in the media when he doesn’t immediately respond. Geezzz – I thought Camp Wellstone taught more sophisticated campaign techniques than that.

    She gambled that she could could spend her millions buying name recognition during the last few weeks before ballot drop. It’s already backfired. There are so many ads out there, especially Murray/Rossi, that most TV viewers block them out. Or they record shows and then FF through the ads.

    Let’s face it – Reichert’s already won this race and even Goldy’s scummy attempt to paint a good man with a medical condition he doesn’t have won’t change the outcome.

    Nothing to see here folks…….move on

  3. 4

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Norm Dicks just dodged a debate in his District. Had to go back to DC to cast the deciding vote (209-208) to not extend the tax cuts. What a guy.

  4. 5

    Daddy Love spews:

    Reichert’s schedule must be crushing. There are the hair appointments (cut and color!), the tanning bed sessions, the gym workouts, trying on tight shirt after tight shirt before buying, and then determining which preliminary votes he can use to burnish his “moderate” credentials until he votes with the Republican caucus in the final vote. A lesser man would crumble.

    Debates? Who’s got that kind of time?

  5. 6

    Daddy Love spews:

    In a way, one must admire Dave Reichert. He has succcessfully cultivated his moderate image while avoiding confirming any embarrassing truths about his extreme right-wing views in public and keeping the private utterances of his extreme right-wing views out of the public eye almost completely. Dino aspires to be the deceitful stealth extremist that Dave has become.

    But too bad Dave didn’t garner a teabagger opponent like Dino did; we’d probably see him (again like Dino did) stumble into statement after statement exposing his true extreme right-wing colors that he can’t take back. It would just make things way more fun. As it is he’s just sitting back and saying nothing; which is probably smart for a guy with half a brain.

  6. 8

    rhp6033 spews:

    It would be nice if he would just admit it, rather than issuing meaningless ramblings. I wouldn’t blame him a bit if he just said “Hey, are you crazy! I’m well ahead in the polls! Why in the world would I enter into a debate when the the best that could happen is I remain ahead, and the worse that could happen is I slip up big time, and suddenly find myself in a close race! Anybody who makes a rookie mistake like that isn’t smart enough to be elected to Congress!”

  7. 10

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    31% say the country is headed in the right direction under ImamObaMao’s misleadership.
    That ain’t too good…and explains why all you have to do is be against ImamObaMao’s POLICIES and you have a shot at winning elections this time around. I know how it feels. You KLOWNS are not handling it well…in fact, you are making it worse. Thanks!

  8. 11

    Blue John spews:

    69% don’t like the direction = 20% think he too progressive and 49% who wished he’d be more progressive.

  9. 12

    rhp6033 spews:

    Actually, # 1 is pretty funny, and scarily accurate in that these debates turn into rather meaningless sound-bites, unless someone makes a big mistake.

  10. 13

    The Duke spews:

    I’m not a big Dave fan myself, but as rhp6033 @8 said, he really would be a fool to debate someone.

    DelBene has not caught fire, her add about not taking a paycheck screams “I am really rich and can make pointless gestures!!”. Too bad, I kind of like her.

    But let’s all take an honest moment and look at both D and R incumbents who won’t debate their opponents. Shame on all of them (Jay are you listening?), we need more debates; we need further dialogue about the mess we are in and how to get out of it. We need less sound bites.

    So in fairness, the next time you criticize Reichert for not debating, add the name of an incumbent D to that discussion who is also dodging debates, otherwise you are not being truthful and (quite frankly) you embarrass yourself.

  11. 14

    slingshot spews:

    Read the post again, Duke. The point is pretty clear; He says he WON’T debate Delbene because his schedule is filled up, and then he says that he HAS NOT ruled out debates.

    So since Delbene is his only opponent this cycle, just who’s he going to debate? The mailman, belly button lint or a spot on the wall?

  12. 16

    sarge spews:

    From the Newcastle Chamber of Commerce website:

    Upcoming Events:

    October 16th – 9am-Noon – Eastside Candidate Forum. The Newcastle Chamber of Commerce will again partner with the Municipal League of King County. The event is sponsored by and will be held at The Golf Club at Newcastle. All 41st District State Legislature candidates, Congressman Dave Reichert and challenger Suzan DelBene, will be present. In addition meet Sheriff Sue Rahr and County Councilmembers Reagan Dunn and Larry Philips to learn more about amendments to our County Charter and State Constitution. There is no charge for the event.

  13. 18

    Righton spews:

    If you think three terms of Dave is bad…shudder thinking about extending dumbest senator to24yrs in senate

  14. 19

    sarge spews:

    @19: She was smart enough to vote against the Iraq war and the 2001 Bush tax cuts. Something tells me that the $2 trillion those added to our debt is included in the “doubling” of the debt Rossi’s ad claims she voted for.

  15. 20

    righton spews:

    only in the alice in wonderland world of seattle progressives can a decrease in taxes be considered adding to the debt. The debt comes from excessive spending.