Reichert nearly torpedoed defense bill to save his own skin

If the current House Page Scandal isn’t enough to convince you that the GOP leadership values its own political fortunes over the welfare of the nation (let alone the youth placed directly in their charge,) take a look at this article in today’s Washington Post about how our legislative agenda was gerrymandered in the interests of vulnerable incumbents just weeks before the November election.

The effort to achieve such successes went to extraordinary lengths last week, even almost bringing down a major defense policy bill. House and Senate negotiators nearly failed to reach agreement on the defense bill, not because of issues such as the prohibition on torture that held up the bill last year, but because of an issue that had nothing to do with national defense — a measure to clamp down on illegal immigrant gangs.

During a rare news conference, House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) publicly challenged Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John W. Warner (R-Va.), saying he would not bring the defense policy bill to the House floor without the gang provision. Asked why Hastert had singled out the gang measure for his stand, one senior House leadership aide pointed to the person standing next to the speaker: freshman Rep. David G. Reichert (R-Wash.), the provision’s author, who is running neck-and-neck with Microsoft executive Darcy Burner.

In the end, Hastert relented, but he offered Reichert a promise to be used on the campaign trail. The gang measure will be one of the first revisited when Congress returns after the election.

Yeah, that’s right. Reichert is so vulnerable that he and Hastert were willing to hold hostage a major defense policy bill in a cynical effort to throw Reichert a campaign bone. Nice priorities.

Of course, the uncomfortably well-biceped Reichert didn’t even have the political muscle to get the bone he so desperately needed, and Hastert doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of delivering on his promise. Regardless of Reichert’s reelection prospects (getting dimmer every day,) Hastert will be out of the Speaker’s chair by the start of the new session, if not the end of the month… and that’s a prediction I invite the folks at (u)SP to tease me about come January.


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    treasonous pickle spews:

    JCH, it’s about taking advantage of a minor and then the House Republicans covering it up you dense bag of petrified crap

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    Doctor JCH Kennedy spews:

    I don’t get this. I thought Democrats loved queers, homos, and fags. Besides, if this is about sex, shouldn’t we just “move on”?? hehe, JCH

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    Yer Killin Me spews:


    Goldy, I would encourage you to do some more of this. Ever since I became aware of this weblog several months ago I have been routinely skipping any posts by JCH or his troll friends. In fact to make this easier I wrote myself a little filter (being an eggheaded computer programmer and all) that scans through the threads and when it finds a trollish comment, replaces it with the words, “Irrelevant comment.” It makes my experience on this site much more pleasant.

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    GBS spews:


    You have no idea what a “BT” missile is do you??

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    I knew you’d surf the web for days trying to find the info. What a Jack Off you are, you wannabe military man.

    Stay with what you conservatives do best: covering up for pedophiles and your incompetent Liar in Chief. L

    eave the military stuff to the men. You stay to the kitchen holding your Mommy’s apron strings.

    What a dick! I knew you wouldn’t know what a BT missile is. Like I said, it’s jargon that only a real sailor would know. I even told you wouldn’t find in on a Google search. And, yet, you looked around the web, even on Jane’s and posted what you found, which was still incorrect. Dumb ASS!

    Every Surface Warfare Officer would KNOW what you’re talking about when you’re referring to a BT missile.

    In the same way an “AFFF nozzle” (Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam) is referred to in the fleet as a “Donkey Dick,” a BT missile is jargon for a specific type of missile.

    And, you have no fucking idea what I’m talking about.

    Why is that?
    Because you never spent any time in the Navy, let alone the fleet!

    You punk!

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    One of the questions I’d like Reichert to answer at one of the debates/forums is given the Foley scandal would he vote for Hastert as House speaker were he to win re-election in November?

    Any Hastert promise made to Reichert justs makes the question all the more interesting.

    If Democrats win the House then Hastert is out anyway and the question is moot.

    Expect Hastert to not step down until after the election outcome is known.

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    Wells spews:

    Prominently placed in the WP article is a picture of a boner, er, a boner with TWO eyes, er, a human boner, er, oh BOEHNER John representative. Tell me the WP isn’t making a joke here.

    ha ha, ver funi, WP. Could the WP be ‘fingering’ John Boehner?

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    Daddy Love spews:


    You’re a dickhead.

    Clinton’s relationship with your laughably spun “barely legal intern” was a consensual relationship between consenting adults which was SOLICITED BY THE INTERN, not a furtive e-mail exchange with a teenager asking for details on his masturbation habits and penis size, or probing e-mails that the teenager in question would characterize as “sick.”

    Foley’s homosexuality is totally beside the point. It’s the usual Republican “change the subject” to claim that really, it’s the party that supports gay marriage rights, anti-dicrimination, and partner rights is somehow anti-homosexual. JCH, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. Although Congressman Foley was certainly engaging in inappropriate behavior, those who found out about it were covering it up, since 2001 as it turns out. The coverup is going to blow up in their faces, to quote Dickless Cheney, “big-time.”

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    DaddyLove @3,

    Just to be clear, when I say I don’t censor comments, I of course make one exception. I occasionally delete comments posted by JCH if I happen to catch them, entirely off topic at the top of a thread or pasting in whole copyrighted articles or threads from other blogs. In this case, JCH posted a couple of those, and so I hit the delete button.

    In fact, at some point I may just delete JCH entirely. Every comment he’s ever posted. It amuses me to think that the man has retired to lovely Hawaii, yet spends hours each day posting non sequitors to HA… and I could delete all that effort with a single keystroke.

    Oh… and I should add, that really isn’t “censoring” as he never actually posts any content.

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    Michael Markman spews:

    Speaking of Reichart and Hastert…

    Has anyone asked Reichart if he still has confidence in Hastert’s leadership in wake of the coverup of Mark Foley’s inappropriate sex talk with underage members of the congressional page program? (or does this strike you as off topic?)

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    And notice the Post called Burner an “executive.”

    I just had to laugh considering (u)SP’s only framing success of the season was to get the local media to replace the word “executive” with “manager.” Of course, their real goal was to frame Burner as a liar, and while they failed at that, at least they had the “executive” thing to hang their hat on. Until now.

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    Daddy Love spews:


    [Dennis] Hastert (R-Ill.) acknowledged that some of Foley’s most sexually explicit instant messages were sent to former House pages in 2003. That was two years before lawmakers say they learned of a more ambiguous 2005 e-mail that led only to a quiet warning to Foley to leave pages alone.

    Yeah, Hastert won’t be in a position to do anyone any favors pretty soon.

  12. 16

    Daddy Love spews:

    Although I am sure that Denny sat on this for one, three, or five years because of his terrible drinking problem, poor man.

  13. 17

    Daddy Love spews:


    JCH is the worst kind of homphobic, genocidal troll. I don’t have a problem with not being subjected to his lengthy, intemperate, nearly always objectionable rants.

    In other, brighter news, MSNBC has Maria Cantwell leading Mike? 50-40%.

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    GBS spews:


    It’s been 2 1/2 hours and youi still haven’t found out what to do with a “hot” missle stuck on the rails yet?!?!

    What’s up, “LT”?

    Why doncha call your “XO” buddy?

    Maybe your imaginery “XO” friend can help you!

    C’mon JCH, what’s it called when a missle won’t launch and what is the immediate procedure that every Officer Of the Deck MUST know to be OOD qualified?

    What if you were standing watch and a missle failed to launch, what would you do to save your crew and ship?!?!?

    Besides wetting your pants, that is.

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    GBS spews:

    Like I said JCH, you would’ve had to servce to know the naval jargon;

    Like an “A triple F” nozzle is a called a Donkey Dick by sailors,
    a nuclear missle is called a BT or Big Time.

    Leaving the rail means the weapon launched successfully.

    Bonus question for you: What’s the term used if the missle doesn’t leave the rail successfully and what is the next immediate procedure for a “hot” weapon stuck on the rail.

    C’mon, JCH, this is basic “Surface Warfare Officer” stuff. Anyone who stood OOD Officer Of the Deck watch MUST know this information to be qualified to stand OOD watch.

    Tick, Tock Pedophile. How long will it take you to surf the web for this answer, since you don’t know from your own military experience.

    GO! Times a wastin’!!