Reichert (and his lobbyist buddies) on energy

So what explains Dave Reichert’s pro-oil industry energy agenda in the face of skyrocketing fuel costs and the dire consequences of carbon-induced climate change?  Well, maybe we should just ask some of Dave’s pals who set up that lucrative K Street funder for him… you know, energy industry lobbyists like Dan Maloney (American Petroleum Institute), Brett Shogren (Exelon Corp.), Mike Chappell (Edison International) and Matt Lapinski (Frontier Oil)?

I’m just sayin’.


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    Liberal Scientist spews:

    Goldy (off topic – sorry)
    I was off with the family to the Olympics last weekend and saw a Dino Rossi sign that piqued my interest.
    It was one of his big ones – posted on a farm fence near Sequim – and instead of the “for governor/GOP” at the bottom, it said “Don’t let Seattle steal this election”
    I’m curious how widespread such signage might be, and if it’s in other non-Seattle parts of the state. It could have been a one-off by an individual Rethug, but it was very professional looking and all the colors/fonts were spot on.
    Has anyone else seen these? Might we bring a few to Seattle and sour what (little) support he has here? Isn’t he running for govenor of all the state? (I know, I know, he’s running for BIAW-sponsored leader of the yahoos)

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    Mark1 spews:

    I hear the WEA chose to support the qualified candidate; being Dave, and shooed away ditzy, I mean Darcy like the irrelevant and unqualified little fly she is. But her house burned down and brother is in Iraq, so vote for her on that!

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    correctnotright spews:

    @2: Too bad Mr. “Qualified” is rated as one of the least effective in congress. Also, if you have ever heard Reichert try to speak – you can understand what a hopeless idiot he is. Calling Burner ditzy, over and over, just makes you look stupid Mark – but that is actually what you are…so keep up the good work of making it apparent why you and your fellow republican trolls are out of touch and support corruption, budget deficits, wasting our money in Iraq and lobbyists (or big oil)and Abramoff spin-offs.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    @1 I seem to recall someone else reporting seeing one of those in eastern Washington. I don’t think you’ll find an attribution on it. IMO all anonymous signs lead to the basement of B.I.A.W.

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Of course big hair Davie needs Big Oil. Most of the “GOP” is in the same boat. They’re being bought and paid for like the two-bit whores they are. And if the 8th is stupid enough to let this bag of gas sit in office again – they deserve the pain they feel at the pump. Personally – I think he’s got no chance – no matter who we run. But Darcy is a smart woman – which is why so many of the right wing inbred turds hate her. And she’ll do a fine job.

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    Quincy spews:

    finally! instead of trying to explain house of representatives procedural votes, burner backers are just saying that dave voted against so-and so. the dems still felt a need to add the qualifier “when it counted” but i think this is progress. all those times when sandeep tries to say that dave voted against something before he voted for it — just say he voted against it and let dave try to explain the series of votes on a bill. it’s a pretty common tactic.

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    Mark1 spews:

    @3 correctnotbeingleft:

    Are you employed? A taxpayer? Let me guess-neither. She is ditzy, she is unqualified, and she deserves to be queen of something fitting for her resume: I.E. serving me or others coffee. But let’s play the sympathy card over her poor fucking house burning down and her poor lil’ helpless brother in Irag. Let her continue her endless campaign against G.W. Bush (who is not running for re-election BTW, I know-NEWSFLASH to the liberal ignoramouses), and let Goldy continue to pull his pud over The Darcy fantasy. Check yourself brother, your ignorance should be a stand-up comeday routine.