RE-Day: D’s (or R’s) to request re-recount

Sometime later today King County will report final results from their recount in the governor’s race, just minutes before one side or the other announces that they will seek a second recount.

What… you were expecting a concession speech?

That’s what GOPolitburo chair Chris Vance would prefer, but then, his candidate is currently leading by 287 votes, so you can’t blame him for wanting to quit while he’s ahead. However, you can blame him for being such a whining, hypocrite about it:

“If Chris Gregoire is behind at the end of the day tomorrow, she should do the decent thing, the honorable thing, and concede the election,” Vance said yesterday.

Eat me.

Sorry for the strong words, but then, us D’s apparently aren’t “decent,” “honorable” people. Certainly not straight shooters like Chris Vance:

Vance did not rule out requesting a recount if Rossi falls behind. But he said Rossi is in a “fundamentally different position” than Gregoire

Yeah, that’s right… he’s winning. Watching Republicans count votes is kind of like watching Princeton play basketball… score first and they try to run out the clock.

The candidates spent $16 million on this race, and out of over 2.8 million votes counted the difference is still within the statistical margin of error. Whoever is behind at the end of the day (and I’m assuming it will be Gregoire) would be nuts not to ask for a recount.

Here’s how it works. Either side can pay for a hand recount in selected precincts, at a cost of $0.25 per ballot. If the results change the outcome of the election, the cost is refunded and a hand recount is performed statewide.

According to Chris Vance, a second recount would invite chaos:

“She’ll be dragging the state into uncharted territory,”

Actually Chris, it is charted quite thoroughly in Chapter 29A.64 RCW… a section of the law I’m sure you will be intimately familiar with in the unlikely event Rossi is trailing at the end of the day.

One other bold prediction… if today’s King County results, or those from a subsequent hand recount, do in fact reverse the outcome, we’re going to hear a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth from R’s accusing D’s of stealing the election. In fact, we’ve been hearing it for the past couple weeks, even as their candidate has steadily held the lead. And yet the vote count, recount, and re-recount will all have occurred under the bright lights of party and media observers, particularly in heavily Democratic King County.

Meanwhile, somebody like me questions discrepancies in faraway Ohio or Florida, and suddenly, we’re all wearing “aluminum hats.” But take a look at this commentary in the Philadelphia Inquirer from a mathematics professor at Temple University — “Errors in exit polls still a puzzle to many” — and tell me that we don’t deserve to be at least a little suspicious.


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    Jim King spews:

    Morning Goldy:

    From various news reports, Rossi lead at plus 287 when unofficial counts from Whitman and Kitsap factored in. Kitsap has one ballot left for county canvassing board to rule on, Whitman has three, then they are done. King County canvassing board meets at 3pm to certify, with an announcement expected at 3:30pm. Sam Reed has scheduled a press conference for 4:15pm.

    The parties can blather all they want, they CANNOT request ANY recount until after Sam certifies the results. He is expected to do so at a meeting with Gov. Locke next Tuesday. That would give the parties until Friday, December 3rd, to request recounts…

    Any additional recounts are expected to start Monday, December 6th…

    I am willing to watch additional terrible political ads if the powers that be will keep Berendt and Vance off the airways…

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    Goldy spews:

    Thanks for the update Jim. In fact, I had just updated to show the 287 figure, after researching beyond the official numbers on the Sec. of State’s site. I’ll edit my blog entry so that I’m not implying a “formal” request for a recount. But you can be sure they’ll announce their intentions.

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    Josef spews:

    Yeah, well it’s time for Gregoire to concede. It’s O-VER. What do I need to do? Find the ex-Iraqi Information Minister and teach him how to blog? It’s O-VER. You ever hear that the definition of stupidity – according to Dr. Anne Will – is to do the same thing and expect a different result? I mean a hand recount isn’t going to change a thing if conducted correctly. It’s respectfully O-VER.

    Also, read today’s Seattle Times about how apparently unqualified Dean Logan is to administer King County Elections – he doesn’t even live in King County, for one! Maybe we should send Goldy to do it. At least he’ll be as entertaining as the REAL Gov’r Dean.

    Or me. I’ll morph into Dean Logan and play Governor. As Governor, I will decree that A-L-L the Gregoire ballots and half the Rossi ballots that didn’t follow directions should be shredded… Why? Because as a Democrat, I know how much we Democrats think Republicans are “stupid” and we’re “smart” – therefore, we should know better. Now, is THAT a good idea? Of course not.

    Frankly, this is getting insane. I think we’re due for some late-night comedy routines. We’re going to be the butt of jokes… for 4 long years if this continues. Like I said, very respectfully: IT IS O-VER. As in O-VER. DONE. FINISHED.

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    Jim King spews:

    Oh, gawd, they’ll blather on ALL Thanksgiving weekend…

    Feed ‘em large amounts of turkey, let ‘em go to sleep- but Berendt and Vance eating turkey is sort of cannibalistic, isn’t it?

    Take this spin on a positive outcome for Dino- both chairs will end up eating crow, Berendt for losing, Vance for damning the process…

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    Josef spews:

    Amendment to Comment by Josef— 11/24/04 @ 8:32 am

    That is, unless Paul Berendt can cook up some credible evidence that the election was stolen. I wonder where it is?

    The CNN exit polls placed a FIFTEEN percent Democrat transfer to Dinocracy. Go figure. FIFTEEN percent in a “sky blue state” going purple?? Go figure.

    Guys, it is so respectfully over. Even SecState Reed is happy that the variance is slim. I could go on. It’s just over, UNLESS King County steals the election and UNLESS the State Dems can provide more proof than outgoing SecState Colin Powell before the UN that the election was stolen.

    In either case, fine: Bring on the hand recount.

  6. 6

    Josef spews:

    Oh, they will. They’ll fill their fat selves with more tv air time for their fat egos. But you know something: We the people have just gotta take our state back. I’ve had it, too Jim.

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    jcricket spews:

    Goldy – Your comments are spot-on. Democrats need to steal a page from the Republicans playbook. Do whatever is within your power (and then some) to get your candidate elected. Screw the other side’s whining and claims of “unfairness”. No matter what the Democrats do, the Republicans will find some way to complain about it.

    It’s like the changing of the “Delay rule” in Congress. I can only begin to imagine the Republican apoplexy if the Democrats even hinted they were going to try to change congressional rules to protect one of their own.

    So I think “eat me” is just about the right response. Either that or “bite me”. Time to start calling the Republicans out for the hypocrites that they are (and I’m not even talking about their actual policies, just their election-related antics)

    – jcricket

    And even if we lose, we shouldn’t wring our hands too much (Republican’s don’t). Just regroup and start again.

  8. 8

    Jim King spews:

    Well… Congressional Democrats require conviction, not indictment, to remove one of their own… But DeLay took the GOP members one step too far, and it is the beginning of the end for him. Again, don’t parade out standards you don’t intend to meet…

    think how different it would have been with Jennifer Dunn in DeLay’s spot…

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    Mr. Cynical-dy spews:

    Let’s get focused here as we go down the home stretch.
    Jim says the Dem’s are innocent until proven guilty. Fair enough. Jim is also a paid lobbyist that needs to work with both sides to get stauff done so his clients will pay him. Sorry Jim…it is what it is. You may have the best intentions and track record in the State (my guess is you do). But it is fair to clearly disclose how you put bread on the table.
    Josef–Dinocrat…got it together. Skeptical based on the power King Co. wields which is at risk here.
    Goldy–Keeps the discussion going. Informed but a “true believer” which somes clouds his better judgment. A worth opponent.
    Rudy–Angry Gay Male who uses his orientation repeatedly as a club all in the name of being out of the closet. Self-righteous, articulate, confused…but a “true believer”.
    ME–A bean-counter who is now more conservative than ever. Believes we should attack weaknesses in voting internal controls and create a higher standard for votes to count. NEED TO CLEAN UP DODGE!! Looks forward to Rossi as Governor cleaning house in Olympia.

    Actually I enjoy the exchange with all of you…especially you Rudy. In fact, I would never ever try to muzzle you Rudy because it is the mouthy guys like you ranting and raving that turned the middle to Bush, House, Senate and Rossi. Keep talking Rudy!!!!

  10. 12

    Jim King spews:

    Again, I am not AWB- ’nuff with the “paid lobbyist” gibe. Much of what I do is uncompensated, and some of the worst headaches for small business are REPUBLICANS- go look up Tom Campbell. On the other hand, some of the best carry a D after their name- go look up Marilyn Rasmussen, Jim Hargrove, or Mary Margaret Haugen. Do I work with people of all persuasions- yes. Do I trim my politics to do so- never. (And don’t go look at BIAW support for local liberal D’s like Ron Sims- it will turn your stomach. As bad on the local level as AWB is at the state level. And then there is SEIU- goes after Helen Sommers, but endorses Don Benton and Joe Zarelli…)

  11. 13

    Jim King spews:

    The King County website is now reporting that recount results will be posted by 3:30pm. No change in 3pm time for canvassing board to meet.

  12. 14

    Mr. Cynical-dy spews:

    OK Jim—I will lay off the “lobbyist” disclosure stuff from this point forward. Frankly, I agree that some R’s are not very stand-up once they get elected and there are some excellent, level-headed Dem
    ‘s that you have mentioned. It’s not as if all “lobbyists’ have STD’s or anything!!! In fact, our system doesn’t work without lobbyists…at least it doesn’t work well. As long as everything is above board and fully disclosed. Ultimately, any action or inaction is the responsiblity of the elected officials. If they choose to carry the water 100% of the time for those who fund be it. If they choose to say one thing to get elected and then do the opposite once be it. I’ve seen plenty of local R’s do it…pandering to the other side, trying to get everyone to love them just so they get re-elected. I love elected officials who clearly articulate what they believe in and consistently vote that way. In fact, it is a badge of honor, not criticism when people tell you “I always know how you will vote, before the vote based on your principles.
    I’ve seen local R’s pander to the Leftists…then come all excited back to their pissed off base saying “look what I did!!! They said they were going to rob me so I gave them all my money and guess what….THEY DIDN’T ROB ME!!!! As long as I do what the Leftists say, they won’t be mean to me. Aren’t you glad you helped me get elected???”

  13. 15

    rudy spews:

    Hey C- it is me. DID I MISS SOMETHING- I thought my holy State of Wa went for Kerry. I thought Dems took control of both House and Senate.

    The Dems have hardened in King/Seattle- might be some interesting post election statistics to see how Seattle youth voted, and other groups.

    I don’t want to be mean, but to win elections- a very specif craft- you rite off the hard core on the other side and activate your base and try to seing the real persuadables. Mr. C, if you keep calling voters idiots, you may have a problem wih your own base, the mainsteamers who are in hiding, and the persuadables…

    Lets talk this election again…….Rossi ohly gets one chance as a no nothing moderate. Washed up. New primary will solidify Demo control of King forever. You will have to have paid polling to find Republicans because they will never be number two on the ballot. Unsing the even stronger Democratic Fortress concept, Seattle Dems will be free to play bing time in the burbs. Thousads of savy volunteers, and millions of dollars.

    Jolly old homphibic Jim Horn from socially liberal Mercer Island is a text book case… many more to pick off…..Mr C. – I think I remember that Mercer Island voted very pro choice in that statwide YES on abortion election a few years back.

    You know I have never posted to on line stuff before, it is fun…..but even more fun to start th base line planning to take 10 more seats in the legislature in 2006…..going to use braying Vance and pictures of challenged votes, and a cabal of potentially disenfranchsed voters under the uber R’s.

    Don’t drink at all- but if Christ-ine wins, well 12 year old scotch is in the works. Thousands of drunk Queers celebrating on C. Hill.

  14. 16

    Jenny spews:

    The election is most certainly not over. The last thing Gregoire should do is concede. That would be a mistake.

    Dean Logan is a good guy – he is honest, fair, thoughtful, and a good elections manager. Since Josef does not live in King County, perhaps he would care to stop criticizing our King County elections director.

    We’ve never had a statewide election this close before. It is a mistake to call it over. And even when it finally is, it’s time to start looking at reforms to make sure that Washington doesn’t have to wait a month to find out who its governor is the next time around.

    Jcricket has the right idea. It makes sense to be sensible, and so we have to get back to work immediately, even if we lose. The Democratic Party cannot fade into obscurity: we must play the role of the loyal opposition and continue to work to regain the majority.

  15. 17

    Mr. Cynical-dy spews:

    Rudy you seem unable to help yourself. Perhaps you have already seriously dipped into that Scotch. That would explain your illogical rantings and ravings.
    Use of the word “idiot” is your choice of words not mine. Apparently you feel you can take whatever someone who disagrees with you says, twist it beyond recognition and then by adding a huge dose of “in everyone’s face homosexuality” you try to claim the high ground. BAD TRY RUDY!!!!…NO SALE HERE!!!
    But once again, as moderates read you paradin your sexuality prefence as part of every comment…you lose. So keep doing it Rudy. Maybe you will be a hero among your pals but your message gets lost. You constantly use rumors, second-hand information etc. I’d suggest that you get off your ass and do some real research but that might make you remotely effective. No, better yet, keep ranting and raving. Keep dragging your sexual preference into every comment. And above all Rudy…KEEP TALKING!!

  16. 20

    Josef spews:


    I gotta respond to this and I’m going to try to be sweet because I like you. I despised the way you were treated on by that Negro woman. And you’re one of us.

    #1. I presume you did NOT read today’s Seattle Times about your new “Governor Dean” Logan (the comparisions make me giggle EVERY time). This character doesn’t even live in King County. So I think I’m equally qualified to criticize this self-appointed Governor who is allowing things that if they happened in Skagit County, the response would be: YOU’RE FIRED! Or worse… I will very respectfully hold to the fire your “Governor Dean” Logan, PERIOD. He is in an incredible position of power and I think he should have secured those blank ballots so the Dinocrats, the GOP and of course Chris “Darth” Vance didn’t have a causus belli. That’s what started the latest litigation.

    #2. I ‘concede’ that a hand recount will happen… unless the Good Ole Police stop it and I call them “Police” for good AND bad reasons! So this is what I propose: WEBCAMS (they start at $20) to put the hand recount online. I want THE PEOPLE to assert ourselves.

    #3. “The Democratic Party cannot fade into obscurity: we must play the role of the loyal opposition and continue to work to regain the majority.” Okay, go ahead and do that – please do. Just concede and then… I’ll rejoin the club. Let’s draft GOLDY FOR GOVERNOR! Rossi’s already said he won’t run again…

    God Bless;


  17. 21

    Jenny spews:

    Yeah, but you’re not one of us. You’re on Rossi’s side, not our side.

    So what if Dean Logan doesn’t live in King County? Who cares? I don’t. I merely noted that since you live outside of King County, you are in no poisition to criticize. He’s qualified for his job. Not everyone who works for Microsoft lives in Redmond, and not everyone who works for Boeing lives in Everett or Renton. You don’t have a point here.

    The GOP isn’t going to litigate anywhere where Rossi leads, which includes Skagit County. The GOP are not a police force, they are group of hard line conservatives who have an agenda, and they are taking advantage of people like you.

    There should be no concession. That would be an awful mistake. One that I’m sure Gregoire’s campaign won’t make.

    Goldy is rooting for Gregoire. So am I. So’s my boss. So are other loyal Democrats, and not traitors like yourself.

    “Rossi’s already said he won’t run again…”

    Yeah, that’s what Nethercutt said, too. I don’t believe in that B.S.