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    rhp6033 spews:

    A bit off topic, except that it goes along with the whole “sinking ship” thing:

    From Sports by Brooks, a national sports blog:

    “In the waning days before the Presidential election, most pundits agee that John McCain’s election strategy necessarily depends on winning Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. The McCain camp is spending most of its time and resources in the state, even though they have less than a week to make up a, let’s say, 7-10% deficit. McCain and his VP nominee, Sarah Palin, need to be absolutely perfect in their efforts in Pennsylvania between now and Tuesday, as any failure would be disastrous.

    I think you can figure out exactly where this story’s going. Sarah Palin was at a campaign rally in Erie, PA, which (as you can imagine) is on Lake Erie, in the northwestern corner of the state. So while it’s technically in the same state as Philadelphia, it’s about 7 hours by car and 419 miles away. By way of comparison, Phoenix is “only” 373 miles away from Los Angeles. As Chris Mottram at THE SPORTING BLOG puts it (emphasis ours), “Western PA; most root for the Pirates, some root for the Indians, none root for the Philles.“

    The exact wrong thing to say, then, just so happened to be what came out Palin’s mouth Thursday: “I am thrilled to be here in the home state of the world-champion Philadelphia Phillies.” The crowd, still bitter, showered the governor from Alaska with boos, jeers,…

    Of course, if this actually switches anybody’s vote, they’re morons of the highest order. But the McCain campaign doesn’t have time for anything but brilliance if they want to ascend to the White House, and despite what the outgoing President has spent 8 years trying to prove, you can’t fail your way to the top.

    A video clip of the incident is imbeded in the story:

    Caribou Barbie Mentions Phillies, Gets Booed

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    Michael spews:

    Great catch Jon.

    @1 See, that’s why you do research. ‘Course if you do too much research you might find out that evolution is real and that you 16 year old daughter might need to know how babies are really made.

    Considering recent events, it seems fitting that most of the people in the Know Nothing party of the 1850’s became Republicans.

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    rhp6033 spews:

    I’d agree that the entire McCain campaign seems to be lacking in research skills. Otherwise, you would think they would know that the so-called “terrorist” McCain and Palin cry that Obama was palling around with in Chicago is the same one whom runs a foundation which a McCain-run committee gave thousands of dollars of support. Or that “Carribou Barbie” had some defects as a potential runing mate.