Radio Goldy… tomorrow

FYI, Dave Ross is back in town today, and back on the air at 710-KIRO, but I’ll be back filling in for him Tuesday through Thursday. I’m particularly looking forward to Wednesday when I’ll have the opportunity to do some post-election coverage of tomorrow’s big primaries in Ohio and Texas. Talk to you then.


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    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Goldy, I gave you some interesting radio topic suggestions last week. Will you use them?

    Naaah, you’d have to admit intellectual honesty for once to use one of my suggestions.

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    Again – the right trembles at the notion that there are opportunities for liberals to talk on the radio. Must be very frustrating to the inbred wingers.

    Goldy – you might bring up JohnBoy’s many outbursts during his years in the Senate – or his affairs – or his flip flops on every major subject. The result – no matter who the Dems run – we win – America wins – Osama (Bush family friend) looooooses.

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    thorn spews:

    PuddyPrick, are you trying to bully Goldy into accepting your agenda?

    Typical of a reich wing puke…

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Au Contraire Pinhead–
    I am a Conservative who enjoys Goldy’s perspective.
    I disagree with Goldy on pretty much everything….but I believe Goldy’s perspective gives folks a clear idea of where the Leftist Agenda is headed.
    I am glad Goldy is back on the air.

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    Thomas Trainwinder spews:

    Practice: “The calls for Clinton to withdraw intensified after Tuesday’s primary results. Needing two resounding victories to have a reasonable chance at getting enough delegates for the nomination, Clinton’s performance in Texas and Ohio, though strong, fell far short of what she needed.”

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    I think Goldy should pull a Dori. He should do a really light, fun, listener-involved music topic. Something like… What are the most liberal songs, according to their lyrics?

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    YLB spews:

    I gave you some interesting radio topic suggestions last week. Will you use them?


    What a lame fool!

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Sure, Troll….he should play a solid hour of Billy Bragg, Midnight Oil, Chumbawumba and Pearl Jam! Actually, leave out the Chumbawumba and throw in some early Gang of Four and you might come up with a pretty decent hour of music!

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    ByeByeGOP spews:

    The thing called Cynical – or is he calling himself Pinhead? – anyway – claims he is glad that Goldy gets to be on the air because it gives people a clear idea of where the “Leftist Agenda” (sic).

    Well if that is true – and of course it isn’t since wingers can’t speak the truth – then he’ll loooooose his party calling card. Real Republicans hate it when there is a free exchange of ideas.

    Also notice how Cynical responded to my call about “inbred wingers?” At least he acknowledges that his mother and father were brother and sister, which explains his stuck on stupid attitude.

  10. 10

    Sempersimper spews:

    Jesus Christ on a crutch! Puddy shrieks about intellectual honesty. He’d recognize neither term if either bit him on the ass.

    We’re off to a hilarious Monday.

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    correctnotright spews:

    @6: Troll
    Hmm – interesting suggestion – the most liberal songs:

    Imagine, John Lennon
    Revolution – the Beatles
    What is the Bruce Springstein song about mainstreet closing down and those jobs going south?
    The Who – We don’t get fooled again
    Probably some U2 or Clash

    The problem with Dori Monson (right wingnut) is that he is a biased idiot – other than that that he is fine.

    He won’t take any callers who can actually debate him – but prefers to set up straw-men liberals that he debates himself.

    He is an intellectual coward and was convinced the GWB was a hero and that WMDs are in Iraq. That alone shows the (lack of )depth in Dori’s thinking.

    Dori thinks the busses are great – but never takes them. Hates sound transit because it is socialism. The only thing I agree with Dori on is the public schools – since his kids go to public school.

    Oh – and Dori thinks he is good at basketball – NOT.

  12. 12

    Sempersimper spews:

    “Medvedev vows to ‘preserve the course’ of Putin” – MSNBC Header.

    Probably will, with Putin on the stepladder working the strings.

  13. 13

    YLB spews:

    Anyone who voted for Dumbya twice is a Republican for life.

    No hiding, no weasling.

    Fool me once…

  14. 14

    correctnotright spews:

    Oh – of course:
    the Dixie chicks on the Iraq war
    bob dylan – times a changin and blowin in the wind
    CSNY – 4 dead in Ohio
    Jackson Browne – doctor my eyes and Lives in the balance

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    Politically Incorrect spews:

    Look, I’m not a Dem or a Rep, but I think the media has had a decidely left-leaning agenda, with the exception of AM radio where the like of Rush Limgaugh hangs out. Now, with the coming of Air America (which I actually listen to in the mornings, from time to time), the leftist media is trying to infiltrate the tiny fortress of media conservatism on AM.

    The left has pretty much sewn-up the other media sources, so to complain about conservatives on AM radio is like complaining about ants at picnic three states away. Give Bernard Goldberg’s book “Bias” a read if you disagree with me. I believe what he says about the media, particularly his comments about CBS News.

  16. 16

    correctnotright spews:

    @15: and the free pass given to GWB by the “mainstream” media and all of the corruption, hypocrisy and incompetence – that has really been covered by the corporate media.

    Bottom line: The reporters tend to be more liberal and the newspapers, editorial boards and Faux News – those tend toward the corporate, conservative point of view.

    Faux: Fair and balanced – it ain’t.

  17. 17

    Jim, (a genuine musician) spews:

    For tomorrow: “Freedom is on the march” and “Mission Accomplished,” please.

    Maybe you could repeat these every 10 minutes or so.

    The Pianist
    (not to be confused with a bagpipe operator)

  18. 18

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    Faux: Fair and balanced – it ain’t.

    And the rest of them are slanted to the opposite extreme: CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc. The traditional media is in the tank for any neo-socialist asshole and/or agenda that comes along. Would you please admit the fucking truth! For once!

    The media in this country is incredible biased towards the left.

  19. 19

    Politically Incorrect spews:

    BTW, I sure hope Hillary loses tomorrow. Obama I can live with but can’t stand Hillary. To call her a “witch” would be an insult to good witches everywhere.

  20. 21

    DustinJames spews:

    @ 19 – and vice versa, Hillary I want but Obama I can’t stand. Calling him truthful would be an insult to… well, Americans everywhere.

    Texas is shaping up to be a California all over again, the polls are really underestimating the latino vote that allowed the news media to call California so early in her favor… Remember, they went in nearly tied (and the polls actually showed him with a bit of an edge) according to all the polls, and then she blasted him out of the water with a 58%-42% victory.

    ¡Conocemos Hillary!

  21. 24

    rhp6033 spews:

    Nope – I will not agree that the mainstream media “has a liberal bias” which provides some justification for ignoring it and listening instead only to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, or some other source. Such an argument is simply an attempt to create a false dichotomy.

    1. The “mainstream media” is, with few exceptions, owned by Conservatives. Over the past decade or two, conservative purchases of radio stations have almost completely shut out anything other than right-wing talk formats, with only a few exceptions.

    2. For years, the reporters and editors of “mainstream media” have attempted to hang on to the concept of the “fairness doctrine”, even though it has been abolished as a legal requirement. Meanwhile, Republicans have been against the broadcast media being compelled to give each side an equal say on the subject, and have ignored the principle in practice. Operating under the “fairness doctrine”, as a neutral observer, works as long as there is an opportunity to fully investigate & report your findings, but the right wing has found that if they tell lies fast enough, there is insufficient time for the media to do more than give a short (he says, they deny) story. This allowed the right wing to continue to use the mainstream media to distribute their propoganda and avoid serious investigation into the real facts.

    3. In addition, the right has not been so encumbered by an attempt to be “neutral”, using all available media outlets (especially talk radio) to spread it’s propoganda and ridicule liberals, all the while lying that they are “fair and balanced”. The result is a one-sided fight. Until the arise of the blogosphere, the liberals didn’t have a partison voice in the media, (with rare exceptions). The mainstream media thought they were in the position of being the referee in the boxing ring. But with only one fighter (the right wing) and one referree (the mainstream media) in the ring, the right wing spent it’s time pummelling the referree.

    4. As someone on these boards points out frequently, “facts have a liberal bias”. We, and the mainstream media, can’t help it if the facts aren’t convenient to the propoganda put out by Roger Ailes & Fox News.

    5. If more reporters & editors in the mainstream news do turn out to be more liberal than conservative, it might have to do with (a) most of them have college degrees, (b) they have an opportunity to observe lots of conservative & right-wing politicians up close and personal, and (c) both of these may have an impact on their opinions.

  22. 25

    rhp6033 spews:

    Now, expect Puddy to chime in with his/her studies to the effect that more mainstream reporters vote for Democratic candidates than vote Republican.

    Then look at Comment # 24, Item # 5 again.

  23. 28

    rhp6033 spews:

    Gee, I didn’t realize that MSNBC is carrying a story on it’s website, now, entitled: “Media: The Myth of Ojectivity”

    (located online at

    Of course, I wouldn’t expect the local wingnuts to even read the article, since they conser MSNBC to be too biased to be worth reading. That’s a shame, because they would see that the mainstream media has some useful insights:

    “The mainstream media (the “MSM” the bloggers love to rail against) are prejudiced, but not ideologically. The press’s real bias is for conflict. Editors, even ones who marched in antiwar demonstrations during the Vietnam era, have a weakness for war, the ultimate conflict. Inveterate gossips and snoops, journalists also share a yen for scandal, preferably sexual. But mostly they are looking for narratives that reveal something of character. It is the human drama that most compels our attention.”

    They also point out, fairly I think, that if the mainstream media is so unfairly balanced towards the left, then how does the right wing explain the elections of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush? Somehow they think that the only elections which were unfairly enfluenced were the ones of Carter and Clinton.

  24. 30

    correctnotright spews:

    @26: Dustin is baaaaaack
    Hillary will be out of the race in two days – thank goodness.
    Her desperation is showing – ready to answer the phone huh? Why didn’t she even read the NIE before she parroted Dick Cheney and voted for AUMF for Iraq? She ain’t ready now and never was ready. Most of her voters cite one reason to vote for her: she is a woman – ’cause she doesn’t have the experience or the judgement to be president.

    Has anyone ever run such a poor campaign and had such lousy advisors as Penn and Ickes? All the advantagers and none of the results.

    Besides – she will probably lose to McCain whereas Obama beats McCain and doesn’t have to equivocate on a poor record on the war in Iraq.

    Is Hillary going to claim she has more experience than McCain? Her slogans are worthless now and even more worthless in the general election.

  25. 31

    DustinJames spews:

    Oh, @ 30 –

    So you are pro-Obama because he can better beat John McCain in the general election? Really?

    Latest Rasmussen poll says otherwise:

    In summary the Rasmussen report shows Hillary ahead of Obama nationally 45% to 44% and her polling
    two points better than him against McCain; 47% to Hillary’s 44% vs. 47% to Obama’s 42%.

  26. 32

    sempersimper spews:


    I don’t thinkso. Hillary’s overarching interest for thee past (at least) 7 years is the presidency. She’ll hang on to the bitter end, a la Nader.

  27. 34

    DustinJames spews:

    Popular rumors are floating around that Obama flew back to Chicago because the Chicago Sun Times was going to be doing a major piece on the Rezko thing that is damning to Obama and he’s going for spin control.

    New kind of politician, my ass.

  28. 35

    DustinJames spews:

    Obama’s Shaky Support:

    New data from Mason-Dixon have some troubling news for Obama’s campaign.

    Obama’s supporters aren’t as solid in their support as Clinton’s are in Texas. Eleven percent of voters statewide say they may still change their mind, and Obama’s supporters make up the majority of those respondents. In Ohio, both candidates have similar levels of resolute support.

    More bad news when we turn our attention to favorability ratings. Obama’s unfavorables are significantly higher than Clinton’s in both states. When voters were asked whether they had a favorable, unfavorable, or neutral opinion of Obama and Clinton, Obama “leads” Clinton on unfavorability ratings by seven points. In Texas, one-quarter of respondents have an unfavorable view of Obama. Seventeen percent say the same about Clinton. This may suggest Clinton supporters are more disillusioned with Obama than Obama supporters are of Clinton.

  29. 36

    Marvin Stamn spews:

    #28 rhp6033 says:

    Of course, I wouldn’t expect the local wingnuts to even read the article, since they conser MSNBC to be too biased to be worth reading.


    Lest there be any doubt that the cable channel believes there is ratings gold in shows that criticize the administration

    Having a prime-time lineup that tilts ever more demonstrably to the left could be risky for General Electric, MSNBC’s parent company, which is subject to legislation and regulation far afield of the cable landscape. Officials at MSNBC emphasize that they never set out to create a liberal version of Fox News.
    “It happened naturally,” Phil Griffin, a senior vice president of NBC News who is the executive in charge of MSNBC, said Friday, referring specifically to the channel’s passion and point of view from 7 to 10 p.m.
    The executive in charge of msnbc says they tilt left.
    But rhp6033 said,

    wingnuts conser msnbc to be too biased.

    Who to believe. The man that is the executive in charge of msnbc or some guy posting on a blog.

  30. 37

    Rob & Rabbit/ Scratching Their Fleas/ K-I-S-S-I-N-G spews:

    It’s post #36. Do you know where your Rabbit is? 36 pellets, and not one’s from Rabbit? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! On a normal day he’d have excreted 30+. Or he’d have inflated us to 130+. Or 230+, which gets us to Rabbit’s weight. The poor little bugger really IS sick. Or he’s larding on more lard … Flabio Rabbit, indeed.

    And, having been away for a bit, it’s a bit disconcerting to not inhale my minimum daily dose of Piper. Is it possible that our favorite craigslist entrepreneur got tired of using Goldstein as a middleman?

  31. 38

    Rob & Rabbit/ Scratching Their Fleas/ K-I-S-S-I-N-G spews:

    And don’t forget to vote early & often in today’s Rob&Rabbit Kwik Kwiz … latest open thread.

    (Hint: ‘David Goldstein’ is NOT the right answer. Not even the left answer.)

  32. 39

    Rob & Rabbit/ Scratching Their Fleas/ K-I-S-S-I-N-G spews:

    @14: Or how about the Shiksa Chix cover of ‘Pretty Fly for a Rabbi’

  33. 40

    Farley Mowat spews:

    Good to hear you back on the air Goldy, it is music to our ears while exterminating republicans.

  34. 41

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    ByeBye@Whereever: It is not us calling for the Fairness Doctrine. Go back and get your liberal-blubbering decoder ring fixed.

    Contact Henry Large Nostrils Waxman.

  35. 44

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:


    Today, friends of the 16%ers struck the Street of Dreams.

    You know the po morons (insert clueless idiots) who can’t afford these homes cuz dey don’t have a yob!

    Maybe Goldy to talk about the CO2 emissions from (everyone sing now (Burning Down The House).

  36. 45

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    ELF: Did they liberate the Earth – No. They polluted the air. Where is the call for an investigation? People could be out of a job if a builder goes bankrupt.

    Doesn’t matter to the 16%ers. They are making a statement.

    Goldy: Ask what was this month’s ELF statement.

  37. 47

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Goldy: Why not interview Roger Rabbit (Pelletizer) tomorrow as he knows why Boeing didn’t get the tanker deal. Maybe he can talk some sense into Patty Where’s My Sneakers Murray.

  38. 48

    Hannah spews:

    Puddy-thanks for the links!!!! It was amazing what Angelina Jolie said, makes my heart warm that there obviously is change happening in Iraq. Also from a non-political, non-military point of view as hers, to point out the need to not give up. Finish the job, and help the refugees get back home. Sounds like the US soldiers she interviewed all want this also. Eye opening! Thanks!

    And regarding the nursing home article…THAT is why I take care of my Grandmother! No way in hell I would put her in a unionized nursing home. Many of my grandparents friends have ended up in those places, and I have seen first hand how horribly they are treated! It is sick! And the amount of money they charge! Those that abuse our elderly should be put in jail! And same goes for those who treat the senior care employees who do care, with such little respect.

    As long as I am around, Grandma stays put, I even have set up a Life Insurance policy to protect her from ending up in one of those places if something were to happen to me!

  39. 49

    PuddyPrick, The Fact Finding Prognosticator... spews:

    Hannah, I ‘m glad you took time to evaluate those stories ignored by the 16%ER crowd. There is no right-wing attack political angle so they want it ignored.

    That was a scary nursing home article.