Radio Goldy: Ben Shapiro and I Talk Minimum Wage

I’m busy today desperately trying to meet a deadline on a freelance piece (damn, I write slowly), so if you’re jonesing for more Goldy just head on over to the KTTH website to listen to me “debate” conservative host Ben Shapiro yesterday shortly after passage of Seattle’s $15 minimum wage. At least, they’re calling it a debate. I was calling in via cell phone from a noisy hallway outside council chambers, so to me it was just a difficult to hear phone call.

But whatever. I haven’t had time to listen to it yet, but I’m sure I did fine. If you can bear to listen to 20 minutes of the Ben Shapiro Show, let me know how you think I did.


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    MattockMan spews:

    I thought you did well. Heard it live. I especially liked that you contrasted Demand Side Economics with the clearly failed Supply Side Economics. Of course Ben did not really debate you but rather just spewed his assertions as facts that could not possibly be doubted. He made sure to get the last word in as well.

  2. 5


    Did good Goldy.

    Shapiro just peddled his shopworn right wing BS and you stayed calm and came out the voice of reason in my view..

    Shapiro ranted a lot about poop and vomit and folks who are paid to clean that up. I’d like to see him do a nurse’s job (probably thinks they’re overpaid) or nurse tech’s job (whose starting salary may increase because of what happened here in Seattle).

    The fight goes on!

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    Norah spews:

    The one thing I wonder about is small businesses. I read a neighborhood blog and there were some small business people on there who feel like this will put them out of business. Of course there was the usual hyperbole like “we’ll be Detroit in 5 years” and all that kind of stuff. I thought Seattle was a liberal city?

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    Jack spews:

    Hey, whatever…just as long as I get my raise to $25+ per hour. I deserve it, and my friends at work are looking for a raise, too.

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    you gotta be kidding spews:

    Washington Restaurant Association is already advocating for “service charge” in full service restaurants, meaning tipped employees make less while kitchen employees never see raises beyond $15-$16/hr because so much labor goes to servers/bartenders. And I wonder where King Countys is going to get the extra $100 million needed to maintain the same level of social services to the poor, elderly, and addicited without costing schools, roads, or infrastructure? People that say this won’t have significant negative consequences are either ignorant or lying.