Radio Goldy

I’ll be on KUOW’s The Conversation this afternoon, sometime during the 1PM hour.  I believe they’ll be questioning my patriotism.


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    proud leftist spews:

    If you loved this nation and had the nation’s best interests at heart, you’d leave. We must rid the nation of the plague of wingnuttia.

  2. 5

    rhp6033 spews:

    I’m a Democrat because I love this country. If a Republican wants to question my patriotism, they should be warned that I consider those to be fighting words and slanderous.

  3. 6

    Steve spews:

    @5 They’ll never say it to your face. They’re just too damned cowardly to ever do something like that.

  4. 8

    michael spews:

    I’m joking in post #7, of course. Ms. Simone was being a Patriot by calling out the creepy/crazy/church bombers and standing up to haters when she wrote that.

    We need more people like Nina Simone in America today.

  5. 9

    GBS spews:

    The whole art of government is the art of being honest. Only aim to do your best and mankind will give you credit where you fail.”
    ~ Thomas Jefferson.

    In this spirit I give props to Scott McLellan for trying to be honest where he failed in government.

  6. 10

    michael spews:

    McLellan knows he has to distance himself from his past if he wants to stay important and in the loop.

  7. 11

    SeattleJew spews: :

    “Murdoch staunchly defended the Fox News Channel’s “Fair and Balanced” motto as accurate, adding that even Bill O’Reilly “gives both sides all the time” — a remark that prompted laughs from the audience.

    So why aren’t there more liberal voices on Fox News, Kara Swisher asked? Murdoch replied that he would hire a liberal voice if he could find one that was strong enough.

    “Would you hire Keith Olbermann?” Swisher asked.”

    “No, I fired him five years ago… He’s crazy.”

    opportunity for Goldy?

  8. 12

    Rick D. spews:

    So KUOW is willing to give up their listening audience for that segment to hear Goldy’s screeching, high pitched whine drone on about Rossi? WHY?

    Then again, I don’t know anyone old enough or bored enough to listen to KUOW, so I could care less.

  9. 13

    Reformed republican spews:

    Poor Rick D. – you must have been listening otherwise you would not have commented.
    You are on goldy’s blog and listening to Goldy on the radio – he has you by the b####.