Prop 1 Will Wynn

The Stranger’s ECB hates Prop 1. ECB’s favorite mayor, Austin’s Will Wynn, speaks out in support of it.


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    Problems are all the same... spews:

    Regardless of where you live, the problems are the same…but in this region our direct democracy allows the minority to lead.

    Nice to hear someone from Texas is more progressive than a bunch of hipsters on Cap Hill.

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    michael spews:

    Dude, he said he supports transit, not he supports road building. There ‘s sorta, kinda, some road building in prop 1.

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    K-Full spews:

    ECB began as a Prop 1 supporter, spent time analyzing what the package actually does, and became an opponent. I’d say Mayor Wynn is still on the other side of the learning curve. He does however manage to sum up the pro side argument pretty well after spending one day here: Transit! Yea!

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    please pay attention spews:

    Don’t lie K-Full–Erica was never really a Prop. 1 supporter. She always bought the Sierra Club line. She doesn’t even cover Sound Transit and didn’t follow the politics involved in this package.

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    eugene spews:

    Erica also did not investigate the matter of whether there will be enough affordable oil to fuel the cars projected to spew greenhouse gases on these new lanes. With $100/bbl oil just days (if not hours) away and long-term supply problems, it seems highly unlikely that the feared traffic will actually materialize.

    The light rail is orders of magnitude more important than the new road lanes. I am still saddened and surprised that Erica, who was so good on the Viaduct, has completely abandoned her senses on Prop 1.

    @6, Josh is much more knowledgable about Olympia politics, and yet he too opposed Prop 1. Along with his deeply uninformed comments on park and rides, it suggests that neither he nor Erica have approached this from an informed perspective. Here’s hoping Puget Sound voters have more sense than those two.

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    Union Machinist spews:

    Do not post video like this. Folks at some of the other blog sites get all confused and drool and get mad and kick the dog and stuff.
    After all, the MITM** is going to fix all that crap.

    *** Man In The Moon

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    soNotRight spews:

    Along with his deeply uninformed comments on park and rides, it suggests that neither he nor Erica have approached this from an informed perspective. Here’s hoping Puget Sound voters have more sense than those two.

    We are very fortunate that Eugene IS informed . . .

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    K-Full spews:

    @6 My mistake, pleasepayattention — I guess all the times ECB told me that the pro arguments were more compelling than the Sierra Club’s position last summer was just her secret way of telling me she was going to come out against Prop. 1. Thanks for straightening that out — you’ve obviously got more information than me.

    Didn’t follow the politics? The pro side has talked ad nauseum to reporters about the “political reality.” She called bull**** on it, same as she did the know-it-alls who were sure we couldn’t do without a new highway downtown.

    As for investigating whether we’d have enough “affordable oil,” eugene, why would you want her to if you’re a Prop 1 supporter? If driving becomes intolerably expensive, programming $7 billion for highway expansion looks all the more silly. And don’t bother arguing back that these road projects will simply wilt away — that theory shows a lack of political understanding far deeper than what you attribute to ECB or the Sierra Club.

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    I’m taking a lunch break from my pollworker duties and the only thing I’ll say is people have been coming in steadily all morning so it looks like a good turnout.

    I might mosey down to Montlake around 10 PM to watch the election returns with the DL crowd if I’m not too tired, but I’ve been up since 4 AM and it’ll be a long day, so don’t count on me showing up.

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    please pay attention spews:

    I know she found the pro arguments compelling, but to suggest that Erica was ever a Prop. 1 supporter is revisionist history.

    The Stranger has never been a friend of transit in this region. They spent the first five years of Sound Transit’s existence trying to kill it. They even went as far as endorsing Tim Eyman’s death to ST initiative 776 in 2002. Then they shamelessly boosted the Monorail for several years, when some tough questions earlier on might have helped those incompetents keep it on track. The Stranger didn’t follow the process that led up to Roads and Transit and hasn’t followed ST at all since they stopped trying to kill the only rail in the region.

    As for your argument about cars going away–you express your own ignorance. The internal combustion engine may go away, but personal vehicles aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon. And Mike O’Brien will continue to drive his Pathfinder SUV for quite some time.

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    K-Full spews:

    @13 Oh, you mean she didn’t publicly come out for Prop 1 before coming out against it? Of course, not — that would be stupid.

    Like many others, Erica wanted to support Prop 1 because she didn’t want to delay transit construction. Then, unlike many others, she stopped to think about how much we’d be sacrificing to get it and whether this package was perhaps more politics than good policy.

    I can’t decipher a grain of logic in your last paragraph. I’m supposed to vote for a highway subsidy so that people can drive their vehicles, electric, PHEV, or otherwise, for free? Whether those vehicles are clean or not, they can pay their own way through tolls, not through my taxes.

    Everyone knows when Mike O’Brien is at meetings because his faded yellow Cannondale mountain bike is always parked at the rack outside. I’m guessing people don’t assume the same about you.

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    please pay attention spews:

    Tolls are coming whether Prop 1 passes or not. And yes, Mike does ride his bike a lot, as do I.

    My point remains, the Stranger has never been a supporter of Sound Transit. For this, I hope that if Prop. 1 loses, Erica and Josh are sentenced to a lifetime of riding the stinky crowded buses ECB hates so much.

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    Odyssey spews:

    Prop one will go down in flames. A deserved death for sure. T’was an insult to the taxpayers!