A lawmaker from Wenatchee says he’ll introduce legislation to name Aplets & Cotlets the official candy of Washington.

Rep. Mike Armstrong says the powdered-sugar-covered cubes of nuts and apple and apricot gelatin made by Liberty Orchards in Cashmere since 1920 identify the state to confection lovers worldwide.

The bill is likely to revive the battle with backers of Almond Roca. In 2001 a state candy bill was introduced to crown the crunchy chocolate-almond treat made by Brown & Haley in Tacoma since 1912. It failed to pass.

Because… um… there isn’t anything more important to battle over in the coming legislative session.


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    NapkinRick spews:

    Aplets & Cotlets are like Mount St. Helens’ Ash was in 1980 – the best thing to do with them is to ship them out of state.

    Almond Roca Rocks!

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    Roger Rabbit spews:

    Blagoyevich Appoints Burris To Obama’s Seat

    Illinois Gov. Rod Blagoyevich has called a press conference this afternoon to announce he has appointed former state attorney general Roland Burris to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by President-Elect Obama.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said the Senate will refuse to seat anyone appointed by Blagoyevich, and has a letter signed by all 50 Democratic senators backing him up.

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    realitycheck spews:


    Jesus Christ if a Democrat did this bill you would call it an act of genius in propping up the Applet Cotlet industry. Over 60% of what the legislators do could be summarized as lacking in priority.

    This guy represents the district where this horrible candy is made. Good god where are your priorities don’t you have something more substantive to bitch about?

    Hey, I know….what about the Darcy Burner race where she got her ass kicked because of a conspiracy by the Seattle Times.

  4. 7


    Speaking of priorities, couldn’t people also ask why Horses Ass is using blog space for a Birds Eye View Contest when blind homeless children with AIDS are starving to death in the snow?

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    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    Aplets & Cotlets taste like shit – like most things that come from republican-controlled Eastern Washington. That’s why we bent over the GOP on Nov 4 and fucked em’ in the ass. They’re ideas taste like shit.

  6. 9

    Steve spews:

    I wonder why Troll would be posting here while blind homeless children with aids are dying in the snow. Shouldn’t he be out there saving them? Where on earth are his priorities? Has he no moral compass?

  7. 10

    John425 spews:

    #8 RE: Bent over the GOP… Fudgepacker! Where did you learn about that? Probably firsthand from your Dad, no doubt. BTW: You know what shit tastes like too?

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    2cents spews:

    It’s a 105 day session.

    What do you expect them to debate while waiting the other 104 days for a budget?

    Frangos should put up a fight, although my sentimental favorite is the Brown and Haley Mountain Bar.

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    Greg spews:

    Kids… come on… Official items keep Trivia buffs alive, and sometimes even add marketing punch…

    Like the Official Christmas Tree (so voted in 1925… it lives in California).

    As for Candy… Applets and Cotlets are better known to the youngest generation as Turkish Delight from the Narnia movie series. The confection is known as “Locoum” or “Rahat Locoum” or “Loukoumi”. It was the British who came up with the term “Turkish Delight” to give the product a more familiar name for the English-speaking markets.

    As for Almond Roca, Brown and Haley began making a confection known as the Mt. Tacoma bar in 1914. Today known as the Mountain Bar. Almond Roca was invented in 1923 and today is shipped to 63 countries.

    The biggest state candy hero might just be the Milky Way Bar. In 1911, Frank and Ethel Mars started the Mars candy Company in Tacoma. The Milky Way bar was invented there in 1923. Sadly, like another big NW company, they moved to Chicago in 1929.

    The most recognized national addition to chocolate is the Frango Mint, invented by Fredrick and Nelson and via a number of mergers and a family tale worthy of it’s own soap opera, ended up being sold nationwide via Macy’s…

    Maybe we need an official Confection, AND an Official Chocolate. That should keep Olympia buzzing long into the new year, not to mention the Dentists Association. Good luck to all.

  10. 13


    I say, GO FOR IT, Mike Armstrong! With the crowd currently in control in Olympia, every minute of committee or floor time spent debating things like “Aplets and Cotlets” vs. “Almond Roca” vs. “Mountain Bar” vs. “Milky Way” is one less bill that passes to increase regulations or take more money out of our pockets.

  11. 14

    ArtFart spews:

    I actually like Applets and Cotlets, although I find myself wondering what “modern” food constituents go into the gelatin goop nowadays.

    On the other hand, our family owes a debt of gratitude to Brown & Haley. One day, long ago, I bought a Mountain Bar, which had inside the wrapper a coupon that could be mailed in with a couple bucks to obtain a soccer ball. That ball was what got our first kid into soccer, and her passion for the sport similarly infected her younger brother. This led to many wonderful years of them playing with great elan as we parents stood shivering on the sidelines hollering “GOTOTHEBALL!!!!!”

    In the late 90’s I had the occasion to meet one of the owners of Brown & Haley. (I think it was the latest-generation Mrs. Haley, but I really don’t remember.) I related the story to her, and she said she’d jot it down and add it to their informal list of testimonials of good fortune the company’s products have visited on their customers.

  12. 15

    2cents spews:

    Hey Washington Media! Candy Fight!

    Pay no attention to the 6 billion pound budget gorilla over there.

  13. 16

    sarge spews:

    Hmmm… I like Almond Roca alot more than Aplets and Cotlets. But I think the only way to settle this fairly, is to have Almond Roca be the official candy of Western Washington, and Aplets and Cotlets be the official candy of Eastern Washington.

    And if it ads some prestige and has marketing, public relations & tourism value, I don’t see any problem with the legislature taking this up.

    Also, the best part about Cashmere isn’t Aplets and Cotlets, it’s Rusty’s Drive-in.

  14. 17

    ArtFart spews:

    5 It certainly has to suck to be Roland Burris at the moment. Who knows…he may have no connection with Blago’s conniving, and might actually be the best man for the job. Present circumstances being what they are, no doubt we’ll never know.

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    You should be happy this idea takes Gregoire’s $8 BILLION of spending increases in the past 4 years in the face of a recession off the frontpage for a day.
    Perhaps you can come up with something like naming HA the Most Vulgar, Obscene Atheist Progressive Blog in Washington???
    Maybe folks will focus on that rather than Gregoire’s HUGE Deficit.
    Maybe folks will focus on that rather than the massively underfunded State Retirement Fund…should be getting the 6/30/08 #’s soon.
    It was underfunded by $5.1 BILLION @ 6/30/07 and had $38 BILLION invested in Equities and Billions in Real Estate.
    Will probably be $7 BILLION UNDERFUNDED @ 6/30/08…and worse today.
    That’s ok…the Washington Democrats will leave this turd to the Children!!!

  16. 19

    correctnotright spews:

    @7: What is troll doing for

    “the blind homeless children with AIDS are starving to death in the snow?”

    This is the first time I have heard Troll mention anything about the homeless, the disabled or the sick. I guess troll wants to raise taxes to pay for their care, right? Troll must want universal health care and affordable housing too.

    What have you proposed to do, troll, for the blind, the homeless and the sick?

    Or are you just wasting our time by using them as an excuse?

  17. 20

    rhp6033 spews:

    I’ve never been a big fan of Applets & Cottlets, but I took serveral packages of them with me to Japan to give as gifts on my last trip there. When traveling, it’s traditional to give a gift, usually a small food treat, to your work colleagues, preferably one from your region. Anyway, they really like them over there. They tend not to like real sweet treats, like milk chocolate, and prefer lighter sweets or fruit instead.

    But I wonder – how is the chocolate covered cherry industry going to respond to this challenge? Anybody want to see a fight between the apple and cherry growers in the state?

  18. 21

    ArtFart spews:

    18 You’re a liar, Cyn. By your reasoning, all the life insurance companies are “underfunded” if too many people die all at once. Similarly, it’s not likely the retirement fund’s assets won’t ride right back up the next economic cycle (in however long that takes)….unless a buttload of state employees are laid off, and if for some reason they’re inspired to a sufficent degree of skepticism in the program’s viability that they all elect to cash out instead of waiting until they reach retirement age….like yours truly was enough of a dumbass to do when the UW laid me off in the late ’70s.

    Naturally, like all good dutiful little neocon idealogues, I have no doubt you’re just about getting egg in your shorts about the prospect of exactly that happening, or the fund being “privatized” like your tribe has wanted to do for years with Social Security, to hand it all over to the Wall St. geniuses who got us into this mess.

  19. 23

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    From the 9/23/08 Retirement Board Minutes:

    Matt Smith, Washington State Actuary, provided a presentation about the basics of actuarial funding. He stated that contributions plus investment earnings must equal benefits plus expenses; or what goes in equals what goes out.

    Washington State utilizes systematic actuarial funding, which prefunds benefits while members are working, with a goal of intergenerational equity. He noted that Washington State relies on investment returns to fund about 75 percent of the cost of plan benefits. Prefunding requires an actuarial projection. The projection estimates, for each active and retired member, when the benefit will start, the annual benefit amount and how long the member will receive the benefit. The grand total for each member, for every type of benefit, is called the “present value of future benefits.” The projection also includes future investment returns using an 8 percent statutory assumed rate of investment return. After calculating expected future benefits and investment Employee Retirement Benefits Board September 23, 2008 Page 3 return, the remainder comes from member and employer contributions, collected as a percent of salary. Mr. Smith noted that Washington’s employer contribution rates include the current year’s normal cost and an amortization payment for the unfunded liability in the Plan 1 programs.

    The Actuary monitors assumptions annually and makes adjustments when experience doesn’t match assumptions. The most common measure of the health of a plan is the funded ratio, which shows if the state and employer have set aside sufficient funds to pay for future benefits earned by employees to date. With the exception of TRS Plan 1 and PERS Plan 1, all of Washington State’s retirement plans have funded ratios over 100 percent.

    They are “assuming” an 8% Annual Return!
    They admit the major Plans are Underfunded.
    The 6/30/07 Annual Report shows the UNDERFUNDING to be $5.1 BILLION.

    You are a moron.
    Anything to deflect from the fact that SOMEONE, SOMEDAY will have to make up the UNDERFUNDING.

    Keep living in denial AF.

  20. 25

    Boogity spews:

    Cynical: Speaking of actuarial predictions, what are the chances that McCain would have died in his first term?

  21. 27

    Lysander spews:

    We should discourage politicians from doing things like this. It strokes their ego thinking that no issue is too small for them to solve. Liberal and conservatives alike should say no to official washington anything!

  22. 29

    proud leftist spews:

    I must agree with Sarge @ 116: ” . . . the best part about Cashmere isn’t Aplets and Cotlets, it’s Rusty’s Drive-in.”

    Having spent too many of my formative years in Wenatchee, which is the next town over from Cashmere unless you count Monitor as a town, a good burger has always counted more than candy, candy like Aplets and Cotlets. And, a good burger always could be found at Rusty’s.

  23. 30

    Puddybud, Very Sad Today... spews:

    I nominate Steve as Washington State’s official Live Goat Tester…

    Hey, Pelletizer brought up goats first today.

  24. 33

    Rick D. spews:

    Never heard of that candy either (applesex & cobblestones or wtf ever), but heard they’re the last candies left in the bowl because no one desires them.

    Sounds fitting for Washington state though.

  25. 34

    David spews:

    Aplets and Cotlets should be the state Fruit candies. Almond Roca should be the state almond candy. Mountain Bars should be the state candy bar.

    Everyone gets a little publicity boost.

  26. 35

    Piper Scott spews:



    “No man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”

    Anything that distracts those people from mucking about in our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor is OK by me.

    Besides…Applets and Cotlets are pretty good. And so is Almond Roca, a huge tin of which I’m about to crack open for a half-dozen or so.

    The HA Happy Hooligans can mock all they want, but those products do more to improve the state in a day than most of them will do their entire lives. Jobs created, quality product sold throughout the USA and the world, tax revenue generated, and simply all around good stuff.

    But these are factors so far beyond the ken of the Happy Hooligans that it’s Greek to them.

    The Piper

  27. 36

    The Guy With No Car spews:


    Actually, Aplets/Cotlets are apparently slightly different from Turkish Delight, although I don’t know what the differences are. I just know that Liberty Orchards markets both.

  28. 37

    headless lucy spews:

    re 35: Your bland assumptions about what is and is not beyond my ‘ken’ is what some Picts might have called a ‘moot’ question.

    When you run to Google to figure my meaning, you are doing exactly as I intended. If you don’t, you will be suffused with yet another misapprehension of what I do or don’t know.

  29. 38


    I wonder if Goldy knows that when he remains silent on issues, like if Caroline Kennedy is qualified to be a Senator, that he loses the respect of his readers?

    He just spent about two solid months of obsessing over Sarah Palin’s lack of qualifications. But now that the candidate has a “D” behind her name, he loses his backbone.


  30. 39

    RR spews:

    I grew up in Wenatchee (OK, East Wenatchee), haven’t lived there since 1976, but read the Wenatchee World online from time to time. Wenatchee is like the movie The Truman Show, a giant bubble that keeps reality out.

    Be thankful that this is the most important legislation offered by one of their politicians. It could be a lot worse……

  31. 40

    Puddybud, Very Sad Today... spews:

    WeBentOverTheGOP spews:

    Aplets & Cotlets taste like shit.

    From our resident Cindy McCain expert. I guess she made you eat her shit when you saw all of her humanitarian efforts huh byebyebooger? You can tell us. It really hurt to see how cheap you are huh?

  32. 41

    ArtFart spews:

    38 The United States Senate has 100 members. There’s only one President. The consequences of the holder of that office making a serious mistake whilst “learning on the job” are potentially at least 100 times greater than for a freshman(woman?) Senator.

    Are you righties really all that worried about another Kennedy becoming a Senator, or about another Kennedy someday winding up in the Oval Office?

  33. 42

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    39. RR spews:

    Wenatchee is like the movie The Truman Show, a giant bubble that keeps reality out.

    Really? So what does Seattle remind you of?
    The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight??

    PS–Play on the word ‘straight’ for our resident homo’s.

  34. 43

    ArtFart spews:

    “WeBentOverTheGOP”‘s moniker is really all wrong. The Republicans pretty much buggered themselves. Unfortunately, they they gave the entire country a thorough reaming in the process.

  35. 44

    Mr. Cynical spews:


    You cannot be serious.
    No one is worried about Caroline Kennedy becoming President dumbass. She is from another planet…privileged, guarded life.
    She can relate to no one.

  36. 45

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    43. ArtFart spews:

    Unfortunately, they they gave the entire country a thorough reaming in the process.

    Not me AF…I’m waaaaaaaaaaaay better off now than I was 8 years ago.
    You were too busy bitchin’ to capitalize on all the opportunities.
    Are you better off today AF??
    If not, why not?

  37. 46

    proud leftist spews:

    RR @ 39
    You nailed it on the head. Wenatchee is spooky in its refusal to join reality. I left in 1978 and haven’t been back except for accelerating through on Highway 2 one time.