Pridemore gets COPE sole endorsement

Very good news for state Sen. Craig Pridemore, running in WA-03 for the seat currently held by retiring Rep. Brian Baird, D-WA. (Props to Publicola.)

You kind of wonder if this will end the “Denny Heck is the frontrunner” stuff once and for all. What do I know, I’m just a sometimes-blogger, but you’d think Pridemore will be able to compete on the airwaves and also do the kind of grass-roots campaigning that wins elections.


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    Mary Plante spews:

    The COPE endorsement means union volunteers but it doesn’t guarantee big contributions especialy when IAM 751 separately endorsed Heck and gives more generously than most other locals. From what I’ve heard, JC 28 will also endorse Heck. That means there will probably be equal amounts of labor money in Pridemore and Heck coffers.

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    Doug M spews:

    This race is over, and Pridemore has won.

    Craig has locked up the netroots, labor, the environmentalists.

    Who is left to vote for Heck in the Democratic primary? All he is going to do is make our side spend a small fortune that is much better spent on the general election.

    Denny, you gave it a good try. But now you need to return the campaign contributions, and bow out gracefully before the June filing deadline.