Poll: 40% job approval for Mayor McGinn

The good news for Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is that only 34% percent of Seattle voters surveyed disapprove of his job performance thus far. The bad news is that only 40% approve of his performance… that according to a KING5/SurveyUSA poll of 500 Seattle voters.

Well, so much for the honeymoon.

Other tidbits from the poll: Seattle voters don’t seem overly anxious about replacing the 520 floating bridge, with only 23% ranking the project “very important,” and while 62% of respondents prefer a 6-lane bridge to a 4-lane one, there seems to be a modest preference toward dedicating the extra two lanes to light rail over HOV, 46% to 33%. Huh.


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    rhp6033 spews:

    Gee, he’s hardly hung his coat up, and they are already surveying job performance ratings? Pretty premature, if you ask me.

    I still think converting the HOV lanes to light rail on 520 isn’t going to pass anytime soon, and if we wait that long the prospect of getting federal money to rebuild the bridge will be gone.

    Ideally, I would like four general purpose lanes (two in each direction), two HOV lanes (two in each direction), plus light rail (two in each direction, or stacked on top of one another). If that isn’t possible immediately, go with what you’ve got – a six lane with HOV. Sometimes the lesser alternative is better than nothing.

    And as for the rich Montlake crowd which blocks every attempt to fix the 520 problem – go jump in the lake (literally). Just because you don’t need the bridge doesn’t mean you should be able to keep everyone else from having one.

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    Crusader spews:

    We don’t need to stinkin’ floating bridge. Left wing Seattlites can levitate across the lake!

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    Mr. Cynical spews:

    Wait until voters digest his “flip-flop” on cutting 200 unnecessary “management jobs”.
    McGinn spews fiscally responsible rhetoric…then immediately gets the brain sucked out of his head by our “public servants” and delays cuts because they have impacted morale!
    What a gutless idiot.
    Just more of the same staff-driven non-leadership.
    McGinn ought to quit now.
    He has no guts to make obvious changes for the benefit of taxpayers.
    Instead, McGinn is worried about 200 people’s “Morale”???????

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    Tlazolteotl spews:

    Maybe the low approval ratings are a result of the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of transparency or accountability in McGinn’s staffing choices. I mean, come on! A serial-lying, convicted felon? Yeah, that makes me trust McGinn’s judgment. Not.

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    Chris Stefan spews:

    My problems with the Western end of 520 really have little to do with the number of lanes and what they are for (though I’m glad it only 6 and two are HOV/transit lanes). I do have a big problem with the freeway ramps in the Arboretum, the loss of the Montlake Flyer stops, the lack of an Eastbound HOV exit ramp and a Westbound HOV entrance ramp at Montlake, the sheer number of cars this design inflicts on Montlake every day, the poor transit connections, the incredibly poor pedestrian and bike connections through the area, and the lack of attention to minimizing conflicts between cars and bikes or pedestrians. In short this makes a bad situation at Montlake worse. This isn’t just about the “rich Montlake crowd” it is about anyone who uses the Arboretum, or who tries to walk or bike through the Montlake area.

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    Chris Stefan spews:

    Not just a “serial-lying, convicted felon” but one who has been caught misrepresenting his educational background as recently as December 2009 and one who has been involved in key policy decisions particularly those having to do with City staffing.

    Chris Bushnell should be asked to resign ASAP.

    Read Publicola for more: McGinn advisor misrepresented his educational background

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    hmmmm spews:

    If Obama doesn’t have to fire Tim Geithner for telling AIG how to hide their 100% payoffs to counterparties via US bailout funds (in other words, a backdoor bailout of other institutions at 100 cents on the dollar in bad CDSs), then why should McGinn fire his lying advisor? After all, (us) leftys are willing to tolerate so much crap in our own house, out of fear of the (equally inept) GOP. So, as the Seattle’s urban design cult says, nothing to see here– oh wait, they aren’t saying anything, are they? Is that the sound of McGinn’s machine collapsing like the Kingdome?

    The fact that progressives allow people like this to advance so far in the ranks before calling bullshit is a sham. Shame on us. I bet the non-profit industry is full of these people.

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    sarah68 spews:

    Apparently nobody on here knows that McGinn’s top Strategic Advisor has “resigned” after news came out that he was an ex-felon (bank fraud) and he lied about his academic degrees. All of which McGinn knew when he hired him, as McGinn has admitted.

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    sarah68 spews:

    Well, I guess I should read the comments already on before I make on. But that would be either boring or painful.

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    Alki Postings spews:

    #4 It’s the eastsiders coming here you mean. This is where everything is….the airport, the train station, the ferry system, the zoo, the aquarium, the baseball stadium, the football stadium, the ballet, the symphony, the opera, the art museum, the gay bars, the hipster bars, the traveling Broadway shows, the conventions, etc, etc, etc. The eastside is a mall and where you go to sleep. ;-)

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    Thor spews:

    That question about HOV lanes in the KING TV poll on 520 was deeply flawed. It did not describe any of the proposal on the table accurately. It could have easily. But whomever wrote the question screwed up.

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    Puddybud spews:

    A serial-lying, convicted felon? Yeah, that makes me trust McGinn’s judgment

    Not just a “serial-lying, convicted felon” but one who has been caught misrepresenting his educational background as recently as December 2009 and one who has been involved in key policy decisions particularly those having to do with City staffing.

    Seems McGinn took his personnel hiring example from the progressive leader in the WA DC whitey house. Maybe he should rename the person a CZAR! Just another day in the hiring practices of local Dummocrapts.

    Nothing new here. Move along.

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    uptown spews:

    Why don’t we start charging tolls on 520 and see how much that cuts demand, before spending billions to create a new traffic bottleneck where it connects to I-5.

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    uptown spews:

    The first question should have been “Who is the mayor of Seattle?”. If they could answer that correctly, then they could continue with the rest of the survey.

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    Alki Postings spews:

    #17 ABSOLUTELY. These polls are usually bogus. What you really GET is whether people are generally anxious, upset, angry, etc…virtually nothing to do with the specific person. It’s all projection. I agree only one out of 20 people in this city could probably tell you who IS mayor. And he hasn’t really done ANYTHING yet (had a few news conferences) to make the public happy or sad.

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    lebowski spews:

    geez…can the idiots in seattle NOT elect a democrat slimeball crook for a change?…FFS…..pathetic

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    Max Rockatansky spews:

    once again, seattle takes the lead in electing fucked up crooked politicians….you would think that the crook Ron Sims would have taught them something

    and yes, I know crook sims was a county exec, but it was seattle that elected him – we property owners had no use for the pile of dung.

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    Right Stuff spews:

    Geez must be the water or something. Seems there is a growing problem with Washington liberals lying about their economics degrees…

    Did he have a “special field” too? (snicker)