Podcasting Liberally, school closure bitchfest edition

If you want to hear Mollie and me bitch about school closings, tune on in! If want to hear me yell at Will because he doesn’t recognize the charter school and voucher movement as an integral part of the religious right’s conspiracy to turn this nation into a Christian theocracy… this is the podcast for you!

Joining me, Mollie and Will in our phlegmatic efforts to get the CAC out of our throats were infamous potty-mouth Sandeep Kaushik, 45th Legislative District candidate Roger Goodman, and the mysterious "N". Topics of discussion included school closures, charter schools, school closures, vouchers, school closures and school closures. Oh yeah, we also talked about planning for global warming, providing health insurance to all our children, vote-by-mail, Russ Feingold’s visit to Seattle, and… school closings.

The show is 1:03:52, and is available here as a 41.1 MB MP3. Please visit PodcastingLiberally.com for complete archives and RSS feeds.

[Recorded live at the Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally. Special thanks to Confab creators Gavin and Richard for producing the show. Except for Gavin, who wasn’t there this week.]


  1. 1

    ChetBob spews:

    Again:What are the most useful things for people opposing the school closures to do when they are not connected with one of the individual schools?
    Write the school board?
    Letters to editor?
    Does writing Seattle politicians have any impact?
    Anything else?

  2. 2

    Richard Pope spews:

    If Darcy Burner attended one year of law school, and made straight A’s, don’t you think she could at least read the text of RCW 42.17.130 and be able to obey the law?

  3. 3

    Richard Pope spews:

    GOLDY – can you convince Darcy Burner to cancel her May 30, 2006 fundraiser at the Community Center at Mercer View? If you can get Darcy Burner to cancel this fund-raising event, and also to post a pledge on her campaign website that she will not campaign (or allow others to campaign on her behalf) in any way on any public property (including school property, city property, county property, state property, etc.), for the entire duration of her campaign (or November 7, 2006, whichever comes first!), then I will personally donate $100.00 to Darcy Burner’s campaign. I will even make this donation through NutRoots Endorsed if it will make you happier. :)

  4. 5

    Proud To Be An Ass spews:

    Boy, Mr. Cynical can sure turn the comment thread “sucky” in a hurry. Where do you suppose he got all that expertise?

  5. 6

    Richard Pope spews:

    And why isn’t Goldy criticizing Darcy Burner for her planned violation of RCW 42.17.130 next Tuesday, at least according to Goldy’s personal interpretation of RCW 42.17.130?

    Here is another interesting tid-bit I found on the 45th District Democrats website:

    Tuesday, May 30, 2006
    Darcy Burner Fundraiser
    Please Join

    Congressman Rahm Emanuel

    Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

    At a fundraising reception for
    Washington’s Democratic candidate
    in the Eighth Congressional District for the
    U.S. House of Representatives
    Democratic Strategy

    To Take Back Our Country

    $25 Bronze – $50 Silver – $100 Gold

    Community Center at Mercer View
    8236 SE 24th Street
    Mercer Island, WA


    The Community Center at Mercer View is owned and operated by the City of Mercer Island:



  6. 7

    Richard Pope spews:

    Goldy, I followed your link on Roger Goodman. It went to the Northwest Progressive Hypocrite Institute, the same folks who exposed the political activity of Reverendum Ken Hutcherson (gathering signatures for R-65 petitions) on the Lake Washington School District property that they rent for their weekly church services.

    “We look forward to seeing Roger join state Senate candidate Eirc Oemig in mounting a vigorous campaign to capture this seat and help turn our home district blue this fall. If you’re interested in meeting Roger and learning more about his candidacy, come to the next meeting of the 45th District Democrats.”


    I then followed the link that your liberal partner-in-crime Andrew provided for the 45th District Democrats, for people to attend their next meeting to support Roger’s candidacy for state senate.

    “Monthly Meetings
    We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM.

    Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center
    16600 NE 80th Street”


    Who own the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center, where the 45th District Democrats are going to be engaging in the political activity of support candidates for public office?


    The City of Redmond!

  7. 9

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    BTW, fuck off! -Commentby Harry Tuttle aka Voter Advocate— 5/25/06@ 5:51 pm

    Run out of coherent arguements, have you turtle?
    Still without anything of value to add to a conversation, eh?

    What does your gross inability to communicate even the simplest original thought say about you?… Of course, to communicate an original thought, you’d actually have to THINK one…

  8. 11

    Harry Tuttle aka Voter Advocate spews:


    Bullshit. Jefferson has been in the news for a least a month. JCH was ranting about it then. And the latestg iteration occured Friday.

    BTW, fuck off!

  9. 12

    Mr. Cynical spews:

    I’m proud to say I have yet to listen to one of your infamous podcasts. You suck enough on this Blog….and I have heard you suck on the radio….and of course, you suck in the newspaper as well. The last thing I need to do is go out of my way to hear you suck once again on some shoestring budget live suckfest!!

  10. 13

    Richard Pope spews:

    RCW 42.17.130 appears to make it illegal “to use or authorize the use of any of the facilities of a public office or agency, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of assisting a campaign for election of any person to any office or for the promotion of or opposition to any ballot proposition”.

    The definition of “agency” in RCW 42.17.020(2) is basically all-inclusive, and includes any state, county, or local government whatsoever. This includes cities, school districts, and any other kind of government set up under Washington law.


    You claim it violates RCW 42.17.130 for Reverendum Hutcherson to use facilities that his church rents from Lake Washington School District “for the promotion of .. ballot proposition” R-65.

    If you are correct, why isn’t it equally illegal under RCW 42.17.130 for the 45th District Democrats to use facilities they rent from the City of Redmond “for the purpose of assisting [the] campaign for election of” Roger Goodman to the State Senate?

  11. 14

    LeftTurn spews:

    In case any of you so-called conservatives are keeping track, Bush and his cabal have increased spending a whopping 42% since stealing office in 2000!

  12. 15

    Richard Pope spews:

    RR phonies up his regurgitation of posts he started making at 6:00 AM on the hutch petition drive, by referring to Roger Goodman.

    Commentby Harry Tuttle aka Voter Advocate— 5/25/06@ 4:21 pm

    I am RP. RR either got eaten by an aggressive tomcat, or done in by poisoned carrots in Stefan’s garden.

  13. 16

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    Oh whaa! whaa! turtle.. like liberals (YOU if your read the damned thread) never go off the topic reservation.

    Give me a break.

    And BTW, “tired old William Jefferson (D-Wall Street) crap”… happened THIS WEEK!

  14. 18

    Harry Tuttle aka Voter Advocate spews:

    Mr. Cynical starts off with a degree of truth, he refuses to follow the topic of the thread by listening to the podcast.

    RR phonies up his regurgitation of posts he started making at 6:00 AM on the hutch petition drive, by referring to Roger Goodman.

    Then Cynical barfs up the tired old William Jefferson (D-Wall Street) crap.

    Go screw up soundpolitics board with that spam.

  15. 19

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    go look for your Minnow talking points rather than attempt to think. -Commentby Harry Tuttle aka Voter Advocate— 5/25/06@ 4:06 pm

    Lead by example, sweetcheeks… come on we’re waiting.

  16. 20

    Harry Tuttle aka Voter Advocate spews:



    The site meter comments are the winger specialty, the straw man, site hits and thread lengths are like apples and oranges. Although, one would expect the site with more hits to have more conversation, too.

    But, you righties are such syncophants, you will go look for your Minnow talking points rather than attempt to think.

  17. 21

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    You know, that side by side sitemeter comparison is ALSO a metaphor for US politics – look at all those QUIET Conservatives voting for Sound Politics Conservatism with their keyboards!

    You libs like to think because you make more noise (and that the squeaky wheel gets the attention) that translates into WINNING… yet in blogs and in politics we know that isn’t the case.

  18. 22

    LeftTurn spews:

    Mission accomplished? That draft dodging chickenhawk coward Bush finally admits “mistakes were made” in Iraq. DUH!

  19. 23

    Observer spews:

    Sorry to point out another interesting change inb the polls, but:

    “16. If the election for United States Senate were held today and the candidates were Maria Cantwell, the Democrat or Mike McGavick, the Republican, whom would you vote for?
    Maria Cantwell 47%
    Mike McGavick 42%
    Undecided 11%”

    Stategic Vision Poll, 5-24-06

    Go ahead and poo poo it all you like, Assers, but the writing is on the wall for Ms. Ne’erdowell.

  20. 24

    LeftTurn spews:

    Mission accomplished? That draft dodging chickenhawk coward Bush finally admits “mistakes were made” in Iraq. DUH!

  21. 26

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    Must be pretty boring over at the Minnow’s sucky blog, so the suckers have to suck here. -Commentby Harry Tuttle aka Voter Advocate— 5/25/06@ 3:42 pm

    Must be pretty sucky to be lacking the intelligence to contribute to a conversation.

  22. 27

    Harry Tuttle aka Voter Advocate spews:

    Must be pretty boring over at the Minnow’s sucky blog, so the suckers have to suck here.

  23. 28

    Richard Pope spews:

    I see that Roger Goodman is an attorney. Maybe we should send someone with a video camera and record the next 45th District Democrats meeting. This should be at Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center, 16600 NE 80th Street, Redmond on Wednesday, June 7, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.

    If Goodman appears at this meeting and does anything to promote his candidacy for the State House, this is arguably a violation of RCW 42.17.130 — at least according to the learned attorneys of the Lake Washington School District and the liberal Democrat bloggers who are supporting Goodman.

    Technically, RCW 42.17.130 (allegedly) makes such conduct illegal only on the part of the City of Redmond, which owns the facility where Goodman may be campaigning, and the city officials who have authorized the 45th District Democrats to conduct campaign activities in this facility.

    However, Goodman would be complicit with such (allegedly) unlawful activity if he campaigned in this facility, with knowledge of its government ownership and the provisions of RCW 42.17.130. I am sure someone will notify Goodman of these particulars prior to the 45th District Democrats meeting.

    Hopefully, someone will catch Goodman on videotape promoting his candidacy for the State House. In that event, someone can file a complaint with the Washington State Bar Association against Goodman.

  24. 29

    Adam Smith spews:

    I am certainly sad to see KennyBoy Lay, a very close personal friend of George W. Bush, and one of the largest contributors to his presidential campaigns, found guilty of 4 counts of bank fraud.

    KennyBoy served on the Bush-Cheney Transition Advisory Committee and the Cheney Energy Commission. And now he will serve as the old man who picks the cockroaches out of the slop before he serves it to his new lover and cellmate “Bruno”.

    That is just the way the invisible hand of justice works. I expect the invisible hand will be very busy with the Republicans in Congress and the White House for the next few years.

  25. 30

    BOB from BOEING spews:

    Bob here – still flirting with the cute Latino guy at the grocery store.

    Getting the signatures—-

    This issue is really framed by the rental status of the property. When you rent, your conduct vis a vis free speech and worship and political anything —- those rights cannot be dictated by any landlord, or the state itself.

    And the admonitions about no campaigning are related to the school district itself — Not the tenant. Constitutional issues trump all the well intended agnst of people who don’t like Eyman or the fundies.

    Prediction, Goldy and gang are wrong. The Stranger is a rumor mongering rag sometimes and anybody can talk about and gather signatures of any petition to the government any where and any time they damn well fucking please.

    Ever the ugly minons of the Bad Rev. Hutch.

    Now, the task really is to cease all the parroting and posing and go to work to keep the anti discrimination law on the books. Send some money to Washington Won’t Discriminate, and…..

    Vote — yes, APPROVE Ref. 65……… in Nov.,

  26. 33


    “Observer” @ 15 would like you to believe that the recent GOPStrategic Vision poll (Cantwell 47%, McGavick 42%) shows something significant about the Senate race. “Observer” is apparently unaware that an earlier GOPStrategic Vision poll put the Senate race at Cantwell 46%, McGavick 38% … IOW, results indistinguishable from the current one.

    How much earlier was that poll? Try nine months ago … August 15,2005.

    Meanwhile, three weeks ago the Elway poll (Washington’s closest approximation to California’s Field poll … IOW, universally known to be the most accurate poll in the state) had the Senate race at Cantwell 52%, McGavick 23%.

  27. 34

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    you know slick, if you were to suddenly drop dead, it would do wonders for your marital shrew – she’d get the sympathy vote! Do your part slick, the shrew is waiting!

  28. 35

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    Sorry slick – I didn’t give a rip about you when you were in office and I don’t give a rip about you now… are you still even alive??? Too bad.

    What the heck was your VP’s book again… “Al Bore Unbalanced”?

  29. 36

    Bill Clinton spews:

    “Perhaps, instead of fixating on the past (election 2000)”

    Yes, why is my Presidency the wingnut answer to every new crime commited by the Bush administration?

    Wise words HCYBPTBAA, concentrate on the actual crimes we can do something about, not the sorry assed lies about my administration.

    That dog don’t hunt.

  30. 38

    howcanyoubePROUDtobeanASS spews:

    Perhaps, instead of fixating on the past (election 2000) you might want to concentrate on an idea or 2 to get a few voters to swing your way in the future…

  31. 39

    BushWentAWOL spews:

    “Lay was a campaign benefactor who President Bush nicknamed “Kenny Boy” when the two were up-and-comers in Texas. The Center for Public Integrity, a Washington-based nonprofit group, said the Lays had given $139,500 to Bush’s political campaigns over the years. Those donations were part of $602,000 that Enron employees gave to Bush’s various campaigns, making the company the leading political patron for Bush at the time of the company’s bankruptcy in 2001.”