by Will, 12/27/2006, 3:23 PM

It took forever, folks, but it’s up here. I’m not doing the usual write-up. We talked about the s&*# we normally talk about, yadda yadda yadda. You’ve got your new episode. Stop whining.

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1. Roger Rabbit spews:

Viva la Goldy podcast!

2. Roger Rabbit spews:

I posted #1 to annoy wingnuts who hate everything French.

3. hotfootharp spews:

Dear Goldy
Thanks for the new podcast. It has been a sorrow beyond tears without them. With hopes that they continue without interruption, I look forward to them all.

4. RightEqualsStupid spews:

I have an idea on how we can bring down the next GOP Presidential nominee – just bring him an under-age boy in a bathing suit and let GOP – gay nature take its course!

5. Will spews:

@ 3

I don’t know if we’ll be doing them with any regularity, but it’s nice to do them again.

6. Roger Rabbit spews:

The Dow is up over 100 points today as investors continue to enthusiastically endorse the Democratic takeover of Congress from the corrupt Republicans!

7. Facts Support My Positions spews:

I ran into some clown with a Bush 04 sticker on his truck today. I told him Bush will be locked up soon enough. I then asked him what the 100,000 plus dead in Iraq did to deserve to die. No answer. I also asked him where the WMD’s were. He said we found them. He told me I should watch something other than CNN. I told him CNN was too right wing for me. I listen to Air America, so I can find out what my government is really doing. I then asked him where Saddam’s re-constituted nuclear weapons program Cheney spoke about was. He had to walk away. No answer.

Hey righties. I got more. Far more than you can take.

As I walked away I asked him (with no answer) how he felt about arguing with the “reality based” people…..

8. N in Seattle spews:

It would have been better if you hadn’t dumped me at the last minute. I mean, really … Switzer and Nigel?

9. rob spews:

: At 7.Facts Support My Positions says:I listen to Air America, so I can find out what my government is really doing.

Rob Says: so you are the one listening to Air Enron, you do know they went bankrupt don’t you, right after they screwed the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club out of $800,000.

Thank for clearing that up though, I was wondering who it was listening to those crooks.

10. Daniel K spews:

What would be nice is if the MP3 link actually worked. A few of the other links are also bad (Switzer’s for example). URLs should have spaces in them either.

Thanks in advance.

11. Mark The Redneck KENNEDY spews:

Skagit invited me to call him at his place of work when he posted the following:

skagit says:
“…You truly need my help. Call me . . . 253-850-3371
12/24/2006 at 3:30 pm

I googled the phone number and found it was for the Education Station on Kent’s East Hill. The owner of the schools is someone named Emilie Bonney. Skagit may be Ms. Bonney or perhaps is an employee.

From the Education Station website,they have this mission statement:

Emilie Bonney’s mission with Education Station is to bring success, ease, and joy to her students. Students of all ages learn effective skills and strategies to apply to their work, school, recreation, and lives. By realizing their gifts and (for some) dissolving their learning and doing blocks, they become increasingly confident and happy.

In response to a post I made, skagit responded:

Ah, Mark, your testosterone is showing again. I can only hope you get a really big case of cancer, your kidneys go, and and it metastizes to the brain . . . you use us all your health account, you can’t work and you lose you income, and your kids and wife (as if anyone would even consider becoming your spouse) become homeless.
Yes, I find it very easy to wish that upon a misanthrope like you. You deserve it.

How many of you think skagit has “effective skills and strategies to apply to his work and life”? Is wishing sickness, death, poverty, and homelessness on others one of those skills?

How many of you think that skagit has a “doing block”?

I need you moonbats to weigh in on this: How many of you would send your kids to the Education Station on Kent’s East hill when one of the staff members there is so narrow minded that he can’t even discuss viewpoints that disagree with his. How many of you would want your kids to be taught be someone who wishes sickness, death, and poverty on those with whom he disagrees.

Are people like skagit who we want teaching our kids?

12. Mark The Redneck KENNEDY spews:

Here’s an oldie but goodie:

…The only way to battle the oil-paper-land casino is to opt out of it through micro-capitalism, localized production and consumption…
Commentby For the Clueless— 4/15/06@ 4:21 pm

13. RightEqualsStupid spews:

Hey Mark the cowardly redneck – I want skagit teaching MY kids – especially if skagit is smart enough to wish you dead and gone. Asshole cowards and traitors like you are a Cancer on this country. When you are gone, we’ll all be better off – so run along now – and take your inbred kin with you!

14. Bubba spews:


Hell yeah I want people like Skagit teaching Kids. They will grow up dumb and stupid and vote for liberals like me. If we can get enough of them maybe someone like me actually will win with more than 50% of the popular vote rather than 42%. Keep em coming Skagit.

15. Mark The Redneck KENNEDY spews:

For all you Jimmy “I Never Met a Dictator I Didn’t Like” Carter fans….

How many of you are going to advocate that Saddam not hang within the month?

I’m guessing it’s the same ones who will mourn Fidel when he’s worm food.

16. Mark The Redneck KENNEDY spews:

Another one of my favs:

Government exists to make private wealth possible.
Commentby Belltowner— 3/12/06@ 4:15 pm

17. Roger Rabbit spews:

9 No content, just whistling in the dark.

18. Roger Rabbit spews:

@11 Stuck on stoopid; same post over and over. Give it up Redneck, and pay your fucking gambling debt!

19. Al Franken spews:

Roger Rabbit says:

9 No content, just whistling in the dark.

Who is whistling in the dark? Did they get the lights back on at the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club? Oh wait, I get it. Nevermind.

20. Roger Rabbit spews:

16 Hey Red Dick: Explain how private wealth is possible without government? And you claim to have one or more college degrees? Pay your fucking gambling debt!

21. Roger Rabbit spews:

19 YOU are whistling in the dark, regardless of which screen name you post under. I hope somebody is paying you for this, because nobody is reading it.

22. Roger Rabbit spews:

I see in the news that homicides are up across the board in major U.S. cities. Less police on the streets ever since Bush (a) cut funding for Clinton’s program to put more cops on America’s beats, and (b) dumped unfunded homeland security mandates on America’s cities, taking even more cops off the beat. Way to go wingnut idiots! Your asinine ideology is making us less safe!

23. Al Franken spews:

Roger Rabbit says:

19 YOU are whistling in the dark, regardless of which screen name you post under. I hope somebody is paying you for this, because nobody is reading it.

Well it doesnt suprise me. No one listens to my liberal drivel on radio either. heheehe

24. Roger Rabbit spews:

However, we’ll be safer if some of these wingnut idiots get murdered.*

* Just kidding! Merely more Ann Coulter humor …

25. Roger Rabbit spews:

Speaking of which, I wonder if the Coulterbeast has been indicted for voting fraud yet? Should happen any day now.

26. Al Franken spews:


Hey I am all for more cops just as long as they dont profile. If we take down a bad guy I want to see a 80 year old Grandma going down with em.

27. Roger Rabbit spews:

God, talking about an ugly woman with an ugly Adam’s apple … Coulter looks anorexic. Here’s what her old pal David Brock said about her:

“Ann had come out of the same militant right-wing campus culture as the rest of us …. Ann and I reflected the bumper-sticker conservatism of the younger set. … Ann and I never had a serious conversation about politics, or anything else. Instead, we smoked, drank to excess–Ann seemed to live on nothing but Chardonnay and cigarettes–and vented our anger and cruelty by hurling all manner of epithets at liberals and the disadvantaged among us.” Brock, “Blinded by the Right, at p. 197.

28. Roger Rabbit spews:

Let’s talk about Republican economics! Here’s a few facts to get your head back into reality.

From Harding In 1921 to Bush in 2003:

Democrats held the White House for 40 years and Republicans for 42.5 years. During that time, Democrats created 75,820,000 net jobs, Republicans only 36,440,000. That’s an average of 1,825,200 per y for Democrats, compared to 856,400 for Republicans. Of the 9 Republican presidents during that period, 6 presided over a depression or recession. The Dow Jones average grew 52% more under Democrats, and GDP grew 43% more under Democrats.

Now let’s compare Clinton’s presidency with Reagan’s. Jobs grew 43% more under Clinton. GDP grew 57% more under Clinton. The Dow Jones average grew 700% more under Clinton. The NASDAQ grew 18 times more under Clinton. National income grew 100% more under Clinton. Personal income 110% more under Clinton. Federal spending grew 28% under Clinton, 80% under Reagan. The federal debt grew 43% under Clinton, 187% under Reagan. Federal deficits grew 112% under Reagan; Clinton turned deficits into surpluses.

SOURCES-Bureau of Labor Statistics (
Economic Policy Institute ( & World Almanacs from 1980 to 2003 (annual issues)

29. YOS LIB BRO spews:



30. Al Franken spews:

Now let’s compare Clinton’s presidency with Reagan’s. Jobs grew 43% more under Clinton. GDP grew 57% more under Clinton. The Dow Jones average grew 700% more under Clinton. The NASDAQ grew 18 times more under Clinton. National income grew 100% more under Clinton. Personal income 110% more under Clinton. Federal spending grew 28% under Clinton, 80% under Reagan. The federal debt grew 43% under Clinton, 187% under Reagan. Federal deficits grew 112% under Reagan; Clinton turned deficits into surpluses.

Reagan has some long coattails didnt he. Of course Reagan followed one of worst presidents ever to occupy the White House and a economic disaster.

31. Al Franken spews:

Of course you democrats always hand a receeding economy off to a republican to fix.

32. Roger Rabbit spews:

30 Clinton’s economy resulted from Reagan’s coattails? That’s a good one! Wingnuts will say anything to get a laugh. yuk yuk

33. Al Franken spews:

When will a democrat win a presidential election with over 50% of the popular vote? It has been over 30 years since that happened. And the last time it happened it was a disaster.

34. Roger Rabbit spews:

Mrs. Rabbit asked me what her autographed Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding book is worth, so I looked it up on Ebay, and told her she might get five bucks for it.

I gave her the book years ago as a Xmas present, after standing in line at Bon Marche for about 20 minutes to shake hands with Ah-nold and watch him sign the book.

Who woulda thunk that idiot would someday be a famous Republican woman-groper?

35. Roger Rabbit spews:

Hmmm. Well, yeah, after he turned Republican the rest was predictable.

36. Roger Rabbit spews:

33 Speaking of presidential disasters, W is setting records for corruption, incompetence, and criminal behavior that probably will never be equaled.

37. Roger Rabbit spews:

Only a few more days!


38. SeattleDan spews:

When will a democrat win a presidential election with over 50% of the popular vote? It has been over 30 years since that happened. And the last time it happened it was a disaster.

Well, this is just stupid. How about I ask when did we last elect a good Repbulican President? Not since Lincoln.

39. skagit spews:

Okay, Markie, time to put the choo choo away, hang up your engineer’s hat and go beddybye . . .

40. Yer Killin Me spews:


What, you didn’t care for Theodore Roosevelt? Dwight Eisenhower? They had their faults but they were much better than the crop of Republi-thugs we’ve had to put up with over the last 40 years.

I would suggest that Gerald Ford was a decent president, in spite of having pardoned Tricky Dick, but he of course was never elected President.

41. whl spews:

Maroon @ #33.

Damn. Pissed away almost an hour trying to find that 50 percent rule for winning the Presidential election in the Constitution. All I found was two very different funny, odd, ha-ha, very complex entries, about 100 years apart, discussing the “Electoral College.”

Oh well. It’s in the Constitution so how would a rethuglican know anything about it.

What the fuck . . . landslide Bush XLIII got 47.9 percent of the vote in 2000. Then he really kicked some ass in the Supreme Court recount with a whopping 55.5 percent.

42. whl spews:

Hello # 40 . . . got air conditioning in that sealed off cave you live in.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was no more a rethuglican than I was a 5-star general! John Welsh, founder & pro-genitor of the John Birch Society, labeled Ike a pinko, fellow-traveler, commie sympathizer. I thought Ike was the dude that told us about the “military industrial complex.” Hmmmmmmm.

T. Rex was almost a GOoPer. But then that thingy about, oh, what was that . . . ? Got it! Bull Moose Party. Have you heard of them, turdburger? Kind of like the rethuglicans only ABSOLUTELY NOT. Go get a library card. Take a hike to your nearby community college & enroll in, like, say, maybe . . . U.S. History 099–you know the remedial version.

Yup! T. Roosevelt & D. Eisenhower as “classic” GOoPerz. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. (I’d do the har-har, but Mr. Rabbit says it’s strictly circle c ranch stuff: ©.) Hey Rabbit . . . the netz are for kidz.

And General BullMoose says “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.”

43. N in Seattle spews:

SeattleDan and whl argue about good Republican presidents…

I’d suggest that TR was a good GOP president, and correct whl by noting that he was a Republican while in office. He didn’t create the Bull Moose party until 1912, and that was only after he failed to win the GOP nomination from William Howard Taft, the guy he’d handed the reins to after his second term. Seems that the Republican conservatives were even more out of touch with the country in 1912 than they are now — Taft, the incumbent, received only 23% of the popular vote and eight electoral votes. Meanwhile TR took 27% of the popular and 88 EV, but Democrat Woodrow Wilson was elected with 42% of the vote and an overwhelming 435 electoral votes. Oh, and Socialist Eugene V. Debs was the choice of almost a million voters, pulling in 6% of the popular vote. (source)

Then again, they both miss the man I consider to be the best Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt — Bill Clinton. Until not so very long ago, the standard Republican line was to Bubba’s left.

44. rhp6033 spews:

Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican when the Republicans were concerned about every business having a fair chance. That’s what the anti-trust legislation was all about. But then the party was taken over by the big railroad and steel interests, who wanted to make sure that the purpose of government was to protect their interests, not only against workers and consumers, but also against any outside competition. After that, Teddy Roosevelt had to run under the Bull Moose party label.

45. rhp6033 spews:

“Mark The Redneck KENNEDY says:

For all you Jimmy “I Never Met a Dictator I Didn’t Like” Carter fans….”

Obviously, MTR knows nothing about 20th century history, despite claiming to be a history student and having a couple of degrees in something or other.

During the first phase of the Cold War (roughly 1946~1975), every tin-horn dictator from Asia, Africa, and South America was trying to form an alliance with either the U.S. or the Soviets. They weren’t concerned about their neighbors, they wanted to make sure they weren’t overthrown by their own people. Lots of them simply gave the Americans bad intelligence which labeled dissident movements as “Communist insurgencies”, and then sat back and accepted lots of cash for weapons to “control” those movements.

Of course, when the U.S. sided with right-wing dictators, many genuine democratic movements in those countries were made illegal, forced to the far left, radicalized, and then they turned to the Soviets, Cubans, or Chinese for support. Some of the more obvious examples: Vietnam (when the U.S. reniged on WWII promises for an independent Vietnam in favor of continued French Colonialism), Nicaragua (what was that dictator’s name – Somoza?), and of course, the Shah of Iran, who was installed by the U.S. to replace a genuine Democratically elected government which we feared was not sufficiently anti-communist.

Now, you can only prop up dictators for so long, especially while the U.s. is going around the world, preaching the values of democracy and freedom. Eventually these guys are going to die or be overthrown. Cutting off their support is painful, like amputating a gangerous limb, or closing a money-losing business, but it has to be done eventually.

That was the position faced by Carter when he took office in January 1977. The Vietnam war was over, we lost. There was a “detante” between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, (sponsored by Nixon and Ford), relations were being opened with China. The cold war appeared to be over. Now was the time to dump the parasites. If the U.S. didn’t cut off these tin-horn dictators soon, we would find ourselves in another “Vietnam”, sending U.S. troops to fight and die to protect another unpopular dictatorship in Iran or Nicaragua.

So Carter cut off support for the Shah of Iran and the dictator of Nicaragua. They were about to be overthrown anyway, and he let it be known that U.S. troops and airpower would not be used to support those regimes. The best thing these dictators could do would be to find asylum in another country. At the same time Carter opened negotiations on the future of the Panama Canal, in the hope that a more economically strong Panama operating the canal for itself would be less subject to a communist insurgency.

But at the time, wingnuts like MTR absolutey SCORCHED Carter for these decision, accusing him of turning those countries over to the communists. They would have rather seen U.S. troops committed to fight against insurgent movements in Nicaragua, Iran, and Panama – three “Vietnams” going on at the same time, all in the late 1970′s.

So to criticise Clinton for allowing the Shah or Iran to fall, or for allowing the Sandanista’s to overthrow Somoza in Nicaragua, and then to claim that Clinton “never met a dictator he didn’t like”, I hereby nominate MTR for HA’s “Hypocrite of the Month Award”.

46. RightEqualsStupid spews:

Let’s see just how stooooopid we can make Mark The Cowardly Inbred Redneck look.

He says there’s no climate problem, but his daddy, George Bush, the Pretend President just said yesterday that there IS a problem and moved to protect Polar Bears. How’s that taste Marky? Do you like it when your pretend president makes you look like the stoooopid bitch you are?

47. Particle Man spews:

So is it now the case that I have to have itunes to listen to the podcast without all kinds of pppppppplay issues?

Also, it would be interesting to have a podcast where you had N, Ivan, Switzer on together. Sort of a hack attack. They might offer some additional depth to an examination of the up comming session.

48. Right Stuff spews:

@6 “Roger Rabbit says:

The Dow is up over 100 points today as investors continue to enthusiastically endorse the Democratic takeover of Congress from the corrupt Republicans! ”

Taking credit already for the great economy…..Just like Clinton did. Guess what? It was inherited. Try not to break it again.
And the CHRISTMAS retail spending, positive earnings, housing, and unemployement numbers had nothing to do with it…..


49. Will spews:


Don’t know what you are refering to.

Although having iTunes is good in any case.

50. Particle Man spews:

Well Will, I get a very rough feed when played on my media player when playing the pod cast yet no problem when playing sound files from other sources. I am not a Tech person but this issue is somwhat unique and since I am running windows and have a high speed connection it is likely that I am not alone in having this problem.

51. Right Stuff spews:

@28 according to Wikipedia

“Economic Policy Institute is a prominent liberal think tank whose research emphasizes interests of low-income and middle-income workers”

from “The Hill”
“Democrats have fewer allies, with less money. The Center on Budget & Policy Priorities has an annual budget of around $8 million; the Economic Policy Institute has a budget close to $5 million. ”

Democrats quoting democrat research and calling it independent non partisan.

52. Will spews:


Try downloading the file to your computer. Streaming it my be the problem.

As for N, Switzer and Ivan… if Washblog wants to have a podcast, I’m all for it.

53. YOU LIB BRO spews:

The Bush administration yesterday made one of its most significant concessions to date on the dangers of global warming, proposing protection for the polar bear, whose habitat is threatened by the melting Arctic sea ice.

The recommendation by the interior secretary, Dick Kempthorne, that the bears be added to the list of threatened species, marks a reversal by the administration from its reluctance to acknowledge the consequences of climate change.

It would bar US government agencies from any activity that would jeopardise polar bears or their hunting grounds, and could potentially require the administration to compel US industries to curb their carbon dioxide output.



54. SeattleDan spews:

Eisenhower? Didn’t he prove that we didn’t need a President? C’mon, he wasn’t a bad President, but he certainly wasn’t good.

I debated in my mind about TR. Remember that the Moguls took over the GOP during Grant’s administration…and that tendency had been there between the death of the Whig Party and the birth of the Republican. There was a tendency for better and freer competitive business in the GOP during the late 1800′s (witness the Mugwumps in the ’84 election who endorsed Cleveland over Blaine). And TR was a part of that tendency. TR did some good things: enforcing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the National Parks. But you should revisit the Kolko thesis that Big Business wanted regulation in order to make profits more secure as rampant competition had made business too cuthroat to be worthwhile. TR’s enforcement of the Anti-Trust laws were selective.

There was once a progressive tendency to the GOP. LaFollette. LaGuardia, who was basically an admitted Socialist.Those times are long gone.

55. Particle Man spews:

Will, when you say “As for N, Switzer and Ivan… if Washblog wants to have a podcast, I’m all for it.” you both wrongly tie them to Washblog and fail to see my point. First, none of them is affiliated and Switzer as well as Ivan have parted ways you both are established bloggers with a tested points of view. One from the eastern burbs and a good voice for pod and one active in the party on many levels and from the burbs west of Seattle. N is from Seattle and has much to add to the debate form both a present day and historic perspective.

As for the podcast and turf. Well, these are only my opinions. Here is another one. The DL podcast started by Goldy and now passed (at times) to others here at HA is a great and powerful educational tool. In between all the crazy fun, real time insight on current day issues and the range of opinions is of value. It is of more value when it is free from influence as it has been at the seattle DL events.
These podcasts CAN BE a place where elected officials or staff come to lay out policy and to answer questions about that policy. The HA/DL podcast was headed in that direction and my hope is that they returns to a more interesting and relevant format.
And by the way, I had your back over at washblog where I am only a poster myself and also have no time for dick comments. Peace and happy new year.

56. Will spews:

Damn, PM, you oughtta host it.

But serously, we are hindered more by techonology than format. We rely on Gavin and Richard to bring the gear. If they do, podcast. If they don’t, no-cast. We need some gear that’s OURS.

Thanks for having my back, dude, I was just teasin’.

57. Particle Man spews:

If you take up a collection for the set up, I will make a donation. How far would 10 $100 and 20 $50 donations get you? What would the set up cost in total?

58. Particle Man spews:

could the pod cast set up be time sharred between three blogs with one (HA) being the custodian?

59. Will spews:

A thousand bucks would go a long way to getting us there, for sure. Talk to Goldy about it.

It dends on how much gear and what kind of set up we want. To get the gear we currently borrow would be at least $2500.