Podcasting Liberally, 8/29/06

Man, us lefties sure are a bunch of pussies. Sure, we’re liberal. And yeah, most of us drink. But last night not a single one of us managed to get what the kids these days call Mike!™ McGavick drunk. (Or the popular shorthand: Drunk!™)

Joining me in an all too sober discussion of the issues of the day were Will, Mollie, Geov and Carl. Topics of discussion included the relatively warlike tendencies of the various world religions, the Katherine Harris crazy comments of Katherine Harris, what the hell the Democrats are going to do if they actually take back Congress, the human, political and military disaster that is Iraq, the human, political and non-military disaster that was Hurricane Katrina, the Seattle Weekly’s transition from Mossback to Wetback… and Republican US Senate candidate Mike!™ McGavick’s curious revelation that he once got pulled over for driving Drunk!™

The show is 51:33, and is available here as a 38.7 MB MP3. Please visit PodcastingLiberally.com for complete archives and RSS feeds.

[Recorded live at the Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally. Special thanks to Confab creators Gavin and Richard for producing the show.]


  1. 1

    Daddy Love spews:

    When I was 22 (kind of a long time ago now) I was arrested for DWI and blew a .19. I had been drinking all evening and had discovered a half-bottle of Jack Daniels Green in my car, which I sneaked into the bar and used to spike the plain Cokes I then began ordering. I was pretty hammered, started making out with my date’s sister while giving her a ride home (she was “too drunk to drive”), then she had to get home on her own once I was arrested. If Mike! blew a .17 he was hard core drunk. Little story.

  2. 3


    RHP @2,

    Sadly, nobody showed up with a breathalyzer.

    Clueless @3,

    I don’t know of anybody who truly thinks that McGavick fabricated his DUI. But he did attempt to use its revelation for political gain.

  3. 4

    For the Clueless spews:

    Oh I was so looking forward to Don Ward bragging about his new job as unofficial (un)SP undercover operative.

  4. 5

    For the Clueless spews:


    I’ve listened to this podcast and I didn’t catch where you and the gang implied or stated outright that Mike? faked or made up his DUI.

    Somehow Don Ward (see comment 106) thinks you came to this conclusion like Doug Parris did at thereaganwing.com.

    Oh. Sorry, my bad – “at least preemptively announced it as a devious ploy to gain sympathy from the electorate.”

    Way to hedge Don.

  5. 6

    Reporterward spews:

    For the Clueless,

    Didn’t see you Tuesday night. Of course I was busy yukking it up with Nobles and our beer swilling adversaries amongst the Progressive movement. Perhaps you slunk in and out of Montlake unannounced.
    As for hedges, don’t spend too much time trimming yours. You might slice off something useful. I know considering two conspiracy theories at once can be confusing.